The Ideal Order Helps You Sort Not Just Your LEGO Bricks, But Other Things That Matter To You As Well

the ideal order

I’ve been featuring numerous LEGO-themed books here in the blogsite for quite some time already – ranging from simple activity books intended for younger LEGO fans, to inventories and LEGO MOC building tips and design for older, fully engaged fans of the brick. Most of these books simply cater to the common interest that most of us have: a new LEGO set or subtheme that is set to be the most recent craze, new milestones about the LEGO Group, or simply for the sake of that exclusive minifigure or special LEGO parts that come along with the book.  However, this recent book entitled The Ideal Order by seasoned writer and LEGO fan Dr. Christoph Bartneck is kind of difficult to categorize because it is a class on its own. So if you think you have seen and known what all those LEGO books out there has to offer, then you may want to read on for the next  few minutes and see what The Ideal Order has in store. read more

This Upcoming LEGO Book New Edition Comes With An Exclusive Printed LEGO Brick

LEGO Book New Edition

Here’s another LEGO DK book to add to any LEGO fan’s library. Following the announcement of an updated LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, DK has announced another LEGO-themed book that offers a fresh, new perspective on everything that we love about the LEGO brick. The LEGO Book New Edition explores the story of the LEGO Group and its iconic products, just in time with the patented LEGO brick’s 60th anniversary, and the 40th year of the LEGO minifigure.  As an added bonus, LEGO and DK publishing is including an exclusive, printed LEGO brick that goes with the book. read more

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition Arriving in 2019

On the print media front, LEGO has done much to cultivate partnerships with several of publishing lines like Dorling-Kindersley or DK. Through them came a number of LEGO reference books, most especially the Visual Dictionaries that were handy info books for identifying sets and minifigures from various tie-in LEGO-licensed franchises. The fact that new LEGO sets and minifigures, and reissues of old ones, happen quite regularly, means  said visual dictionaries need updating every few years or so, and next on the revamp is the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary New Edition which is slated to arrive next year. read more

DK’s LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary Exclusive Minifigure Is The Yellow Lantern Batman

It’s the start of a new month, and it’s usually the best time for LEGO to make new revelations on what products they’ve teased earlier in the year. For instance, back in February, they previewed several new books on original LEGO themes and licensed franchises courtesy of Dorling Kindersley (DK). One of the books featured then was the LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary. And like many LEGO books, this one has an exclusive minifigure on the cover and we finally know what it is. DK’s LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary exclusive minifigure is none other than the Yellow Lantern Batman. read more

LEGO “Harry Potter” Activity Book from Scholastic to Include Harry Minifigure

Early last May, we covered the listing, on Amazon, of several LEGO activity books from famous publishing label Scholastic. Two are based on LEGO franchises and are expected to come out this August. One book is based on iconic Scholastic-published book series Harry Potter, and will become available in December. read more