LEGO City Become My City Hero (40302) Polybag Official Image + Building Instructions.

If you recall, we previously reported on a new LEGO City polybag that was spotted in Spain’s First LEGO Certified Store last December. The LEGO City Become My City Hero (40302) polybag went for sale at the said LCS, retailing for 4.99 Euros. As it seems, it is an add-on for LEGO City’s more recent Mountain Police subtheme. Now that we have its official image, we can now take a look at the finer details of this latest LEGO City polybag. Check this out. read more

Another LEGO Batman Movie Polybag: The Batshooter (40301).

Ok, let’s turn off the leaky faucet on the major LEGO set reveals (Infinity War, Star Wars Solo, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, CMF 18) for a while,   and see what other goodies are waiting for us out there in the next few weeks. Last week, we featured The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) as the latest LEGO Batman Movie polybag expected to be around this month. This time, it looks like LEGO still has another TLBM polybag under its sleeve, which can easily pass for another promotional. I’ve already seen its polybag packaging over on Instagram, but I thought it would be nice if we can all take a look at a clearer image. read more

2018 LEGO Unikitty Set Numbers, Release Date + Unikitty CMF Series Coming in June

With the Unikitty TV Series now airing on Cartoon Network, it was only time before the LEGO sets followed. You will begin to see sets in stores in June of this year. The five set numbers are listed below and a full series of collectible minifigures will also be released in June. read more