First Look At The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Silent Mary 71042 Box Art Images.

We’re roughly two months away before the 5th instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean sails into theaters in May, and to celebrate Disney’s successful movie franchise, LEGO has already unveiled its massive, exclusive set dedicated to the film. Coming in at 2,294 pieces, The Silent Mary (71042) is a LEGO Store exclusive retailing at $199.99. We’ve seen its official images, including its range of minifigures, and this time, thanks to Minifigure Price Guide, we now have a (a bit dark) glimpse of its official box art. Though the box art has shown what we already know about the set, it is interesting to see the rest of the elements and pieces that come with it. read more

LEGO Store April Calendar Now Up!

LEGO Store’s April Calendar has now been uploaded just in time for the introduction of new LEGO sets and products at Celebrating Friendship is the theme for this Easter month, and with it comes a handful of promotionals that all of us will surely enjoy. Check out what will happen at LEGO Stores on April. read more

The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042) Now Up at

During the height of last weekend’s New York Toy Fair, LEGO levelled up the excitement when it finally unveiled its humongous 2,294-piece pirate ship, the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042) and gladly, it was more than what we expected. It is packed with impressive details, and plenty of play features that are far from intimidating. read more

LEGO Minecraft, Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars 2017 Winter Sets Now Available for Order!

Yesterday, we gave a good, long look at this year’s first wave of LEGO Minecraft sets. We’ve already uploaded Stephen’s review of some of these sets starting with the LEGO Minecraft Mushroom Island (21129) and The Ice Spikes (21131). For those of you who are asking when will these sets be released, its good to hear that some of our Facebook friends are already reporting that they saw these  in certain stores. Though still hasn’t listed these sets as of this writing, they are now all available for order via Amazon, with a release date of February 17th. Check them out by clicking on the images and links below. read more

First Look At the LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag 30449.

Last month, LEGO has revealed its latest line of Marvel Superheroes sets in line with the upcoming release of the next Marvel Cinematic franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. With three sets to boot, we see the gang’s famed starship, the Milano, making a comeback in The Milano vs the Abilisk (76081) set. Now if you are one of those blessed souls that were able to have the 2017 LEGO Calendar with vouchers, then you probably know by now that a chibi, polybag version of the Milano will be available in May just in time for the films big screen debut. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag (30449) comes as a free gift for any minimum LEGO purchase of £50 or roughly $60 together with the voucher. The polybag comes in at 64 pieces, with its iconic orange and blue color scheme. read more