Brick Show’s Top 10 Marvel-Inspired LEGO MOCs!

Every now and then, we feature a top 10 Brick List that showcases the best, LEGO creations out there, and even those that we wish to see in the future. For this week, we would like to share our selection of the best Marvel-inspired LEGO MOCs, thanks to the efforts of our Brick List researcher and narrator James Hicks. In no particular order, this is our take on the best Marvel-themed MOCs around. read more

This 1,500 Piece LEGO UCS-Style Milano MOC is of Galactic Proportions!

What defines a superhero? Is it the clothes he wears, the gadgets that he wields, the awesome mix tape that he plays, or the sweet, sleek ride that he takes pride on? If you have a band of heroes as big the Guardians of the Galaxy, then it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of them all. Throw in some neat character builds, a retro music player and a 1,500-piece, LEGO UCS style Milano and you’re all set. read more

Is This How the LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Sets Will Look?

Since the release of the first, highly anticipated official teaser trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in April, many LEGO Star Wars fans (including us here at Brick Show) couldn’t help but wonder what particular sets LEGO has in the works for this 8th instalment in the Star Wars saga. We gave our own two cents, so to speak, with our take on seven possible LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets that we want to see, based on the film’s official teaser trailer. read more

Hey You Guyss! Meet the Latest Heroes of LEGO Dimensions Wave 8!

LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 is now available, and who is better qualified to introduce one of its heroes other than our swashbuckling, Excalibur-wielding, Dark Knight himself! In LEGO Dimensions’ most recent Meet That Hero episode over on YouTube, Excalibur Batman gives us a background on the Goonies and their (mis)adventures as they search for a secret pirate treasure to help save their hometown. Along the way they meet up with – as you may have guess – Sloth, and things become more exciting for our rag tag team of adventurous tweens. Check out the full video below. read more

More The LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets Official Photos Revealed!

Following the reveal of additional images about the much awaited LEGO City Jungle and Coast Guard themed sets,  Amazon France has released more official images of The LEGO Batman Movie summer sets slated to be released next month. We already saw their official box art when Dutch online retailer Sinqel posted them online last March. Amazon’s French website has now posted more images that give us a better appreciation for these sets. I particularly like how the Ultimate Batmobile (70917) is built, which is like having four different set vehicles combined into one. Click on the images for a closer look. read more