Possible Names of All the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 (71018) Revealed!

With the dust now settling from the excitement surrounding the sets that LEGO has unveiled during this year’s New York Toy Fair, let’s now get a closer look at each of these starting with the next line of LEGO’s collectible minifigures (CMF). The LEGO CMF Series 17 (71018) of the LEGO CMF has received plenty of mixed reactions from the LEGO fan community, but for every minifig completionist by heart, this is one series that you don’t want to miss.

The set itself contains 16 minifigures (with one still waiting to be revealed, though it is rumored to be a sort of a French Highwayman) and thanks to Robert8 over at Eurobricks, we now have a tentative list of names for each minifig in this series. We may not be able to see the entire figures yet, let alone see the confirmation of the names of these characters, but we will wait and see until LEGO releases their official press release and official images of their CMF Series 17. In the meantime, let see what these names are and what clues they can provide about the minifigs’ features and characteristics. The Brick Fan has also released a feel guide that can help you feel your way through their blind bags once Series 17 is out in stores on May of this year.


Surfer Boy


Gourmet Chef


Hot Dog Vendor 


Elf Maiden


Circus Strongman






Highwayman (?)




Butterfly Girl


Roman Gladiator


Corn Cob Guy


Retro Space Hero


Dance Instructor


Battle Dwarf


Rocket Boy




2017 LEGO Technic NYTF Set Images.

The latest wave of LEGO Technic sets is also on display at this year’s NYTF. Though some of their boxes were not put on display, just seeing these sets for the first time is just as exciting. Take a look.


42062 Container Yard




42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure


42064 Ocean Explorer


42065 RC Tracked Racer



42066 Air Race Jet


42068 Airport Rescue Vehicle


42069 Extreme Adventure


42070 6×6 All Terrain Tow Truck

2017 LEGO Friends Summer Set Images NYTF.

LEGO Friends also took the center stage at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. There’s a handful of Friends sets that made their public debut, and some that are still kept under wraps by LEGO. Check out these images.


41315 Heartlake Surf Shop


41316 Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter


41317 Sunshine Catamaran


41318 Heartlake Hospital


41322 Snow Resort Ice Rink


41323 Snow Resort Chalet


41324 Snow Resort Ski Lift


41326 Friends Advent Calendar

2017 LEGO City Set NYTF Images.

We now have our first look at the much awaited update on the LEGO City theme, including those under the Coast Guard and Jungle subthemes!


60153 People Pack – Fun at the Beach


60155 City Advent Calendar


60156 Jungle Buggy


60159 Jungle Half-track Mission


60160 Jungle Mobile Lab


60161 Jungle Exploration Site


60163 Coast Guard Starter Set


60164 Sea Rescue Plane


60165 4 x 4 Response Unit


60166 Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter













2017 NYTF LEGO Minecraft Images

We also have two LEGO Minecraft sets that made their debut here at the 2017  New York Toy Fair. However, LEGO seems to be holding back on the surprises since we haven’t seen yet the LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137). Keep tabs with us as we give you more updates later on.


21136 The Ocean Monument


21135 Crafting Box 2.0

2017 LEGO Creator Set NYTF Images!

The most recent LEGO Creator sets were also revealed at the NYTF. If you recall, they were already showcased at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany last month, and its great that we can finally see the sets up close.


31066 Space Shuttle Explorer


31067 Modular Poolside Holiday


31068 Modular Modern Home


31069 Modern Family Villa


31070 Turbo Track Racer

LEGO Star Wars NYTF images!

For all Star Wars fans out there, here’s what to expect from LEGO at this year’s New York Toy Fair!


75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack


75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack


75178 Jakku Quadjumper


75180 Rathtar Escape


75182 Republic Fighter Tank


75183 Darth Vader Transformation



75184 Star Wars Advent Calendar


75185 Tracker I


75186 The Arrowhead



75531 Stormtrooper Commander



75532 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike









LEGO 2017 Nexo Knights Sets Revealed! 

Yet another batch of Images from Toy Fair have now come out, those now coming from the 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights range!


70353 The Heligoyle


70354 Axl’s Rumble Maker


70355 Aaron’s Rock Climber


70356 The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction


70357 Knighton Castle 


70361 Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon



LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Reveal!

Next up on the list of many (many, many…) Photos from NYTF is the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042) pirate ship!

Here’s the press release and images:



This highly detailed Lego model with over 2,200 pieces features a hinged bow section, opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing, movable rudder, collapsible main mast and two further masts, long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast, tattered sails, detailed quarterdeck, plus a rowboat with two oars and an array of weapons and accessory elements. This model provides a rewarding build and play experience, and the integrated stand makes it suitable for display… Includes eight minifigures: Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos and the Silent Mary Masthead.