Agent Chase McCain Springs Into Action Once More in LEGO City Undercover 2017!

Warner Bros Games UK has just announced via its Twitter page that 2017 will mark the return of Agent Chase McCain as he leaps into action once more in a reboot of the 2013 video game, LEGO City Undercover. Originally released exclusively for Nintendo Wii platforms, it was considered one of the highly successful LEGO video games of the year. Here’s the announcement as WB Games UK describes it.

As mentioned, the LEGO City Undercover reboot will be available in Spring of 2017 and will be available for all major gaming consoles and systems such as the PS4, Xbox One, Steam for the PC, and the much talked about Nintendo Switch. No further info was given at the time of this announcement regarding exact release dates or pricing, but we can be pretty sure that there will be plenty of interesting gameplay involved here since the game itself will be ported to various platforms, each of which offering a unique gaming experience. Here’s the official promotional trailer of the LEGO City Undercover back in 2012 and see if you can remember the characters from the game.

If you recall, one particular LEGO City set due for 2017, High-speed Chase (60138) in particular, features a Chase McCain minifigure hinting at the possibility that the edge-of-your-seat Agent will have his time under the spotlight once more. Together with the announcement of having him added in the LEGO Dimensions multiverse in 2017, certainly gives you a reason to put that game face on once again.




Here’s a Wrap-up of the Latest LEGO Ideas Projects that Reached 10K Support.

It has been quite a while since the last time that we featured a LEGO Ideas project here at the Brick Show. With Savath_Bunny’s project – the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ‘The Bus’ LEGO Set – leading the pack of this third and last trimester of gathering support for this year, we now have four additional projects that won the nod of 10,000 LEGO community members. We’re still a couple of months away before the Third LEGO Ideas Review kicks off and by then, anything can happen. So before the curtain drops on this year’s LEGO Ideas shapers and movers, let’s take a look at the various sets that has made it thus far.


Hulkbuster UCS by Raychow


This proposed set is clearly a rehash of Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster as seen in The Hulk Buster Smash (76031). However, unlike the existing set, this UCS-like, 10K LEGO Ideas MOC turned out to be meaner, tougher, and closer to the real thing as seen in the MCU film Avengers: Age of Ultron. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Hulkbuster myself but in case this set turns out to be an official LEGO set, then I wouldn’t mind having this set adorning my shelf. According to Raychow,

Hulkbuster is a wonderful machine and he is so powerful. I decided to build one after the movie and also watched the hottoys show in HK this year. I spent nearly 2 weeks to design and build this lego model and used around 800 pieces to build that. I try my best to make it looks powerful. Since I also like Gundam so I believe I add some gundam design in the model accidentally.

1925004-o_19m8ageqvl2cgatalbsuvkfol-full 1925016-o_19m8al3vdcci10bg1m8b1s409sc14-full 1925019-o_19m8alc7c16a01tpl1oob10hs9bm19-full 1925022-o_19m8aljup10fi1557su01au053q1e-full



Boat Repair Shop by RobenAnne


If the saying that ‘lightning strikes twice’ is indeed true, then LEGO master builder Robert Bontenbal (aka RobenAnne) is in for a treat. After his Old Fishing Store has been selected and approved as the next official LEGO Ideas set to hit store shelves next year, Robert’s humble lakeside modular may soon be joined by one of his similar projects. The LEGO community has spoken, and somewhat like an add-on to the Old Fishing Store, Robert’s Boat Repair Shop eventually made it to this year Third Review Stage.

The building consists of roughly 2460 parts and a boat ramp with a crane, work floor, and storage- attic. I used the colors sand yellow and olive green for the building that gives it a realistic feeling. And Siding technique for the clapboards. The roof just sits on the recess so it’s easy to take off and put on.

2287149-o_1a9uv4v5e6hguhg19ujdllbfi9-thumbnail 2287155-o_1a9uv4v5efs010e81iulfd819i3b-full 2287164-o_1a9uv4v5u8pm1u4710v10tigsue-full 2287167-o_1a9uv4v5upgvrfb1nrv9pt1htif-full



Lego Store Modular Version by kashaka


This is one LEGO Store set that I surely want to happen. Indeed, we already have the LEGO Brand Retail Store (40145) promotional, but never have we seen it rendered in such modular beauty. From the exterior’s classic look, to kashaka’s ingenious design for storage space at the back, this is one set that we will surely root for.

From a long time ago, I wanted to build a Lego Store with a pick-a-brick section on a wall from the bottom to the ceiling. Finally, I built one based on the concept of a stand-alone Lego Store which is about to open after a long period of renovation work in an old building of New York.

2403974-o_1afkdqa2ia8uemkknm36s1liih-full 2404007-o_1afkdqa2jjtunub1fhh1nusnr8s-full 2403998-o_1afkdqa2j17lv1gjt80r199e8d0p-full 2404013-o_1afkdqa2jnsk114g12j71cu12cau-full



Red Dwarf Lego by Legobob32


This LEGO rendition of the 80s British cult sci-fi classic comedy, the Red Dwarf, will certainly have our inner geek excited. Following the success of the LEGO Ideas Big Bang Theory, comes another set that has the potential of being the next TV show-inspired set. Designed by Legobob32, the set is modeled on the bunk room shared by the shows’ main characters: Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer. It has minifigs of the four main characters, and two of their parallel-universe alter egos. As a bonus, there’s also the iconic Blue Midget one of the show’s ship-to-surface vessels.

My idea for a potential new Lego set is based on the cult sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. Set on board the mining ship of the shows namesake. My set features Dave Lister the last human being alive, Arnold Rimmer a Hologram of his dead bunkmate, CAT a creature that evolved from Lister’s pet cat Frankenstein, an Android named Kryten and finally the ships senile computer system Holly. As an added incentive, my set also features the shows two favourite recurring characters, Ace Rimmer and Daune Dibbley!

2475559-o_1ajpbgvjg6mqo8m12em1an1n3av-full 2475547-o_1ajpbgvjgtl41lnu1kds6oc3bar-full 2475550-o_1ajpbgvjg1go3q0qbndbgi1fdts-full 2475544-o_1ajpbgvjg549h7tfb19qkuv2q-full


The Second LEGO Ideas Review period for this year is now almost at its end. With 12 impressive projects vying for the title of being the next LEGO Ideas official set, and one of which, the classic Voltron-Defender of the Universe set by Lendy Tayag topping my list, waiting for January’s announcement seems like forever.

Detroit Steel and Ms. Marvel Gets The LEGO Treatment In These Official 2017 LEGO Marvel Superheroes Sets.

We knew since last September that LEGO has lined up a couple of Marvel and DC-inspired sets under its Superheroes theme, which includes a handful of new Marvel Mighty Micro sets and another that saw the debut of the Red Hulk in his bigfig form. It was also speculated at that time that Ms. Marvel, together with Iron Man’s rival, the menacing Detroit Steel, will also have their very own LEGO sets. These unconfirmed reports are now finally settled when Amazon Japan posted official images of 2017 LEGO Marvel Superheroes featuring the likes of super heroine Kamala Khan, SHIELD Agent Coulson, and Tony Stark’s adversary, Justin Hammer. According to Google’s rough translation, these sets are expected to be released to the general public by December 2 next week. The box art also indicates that the minifigure forms of Iron Man and Super Adaptoid sport a new power blast play feature.

We also have our first look at the official box art for the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hulk vs Red Hulk 76078 which made their debut during the San Diego Comic Con 2016 last July.


Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076)

Features Ms. Marvel, Pilot Captain America, and Super Adaptoid minifigures.

76076 76076-1


Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077)

Features Justin Hammer, Agent Coulson, Iron Man minifigures, and a brick-built version of Detroit Steel.

76077 76077-1


Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078)

Includes bigfig versions of Hulk and Red Hulk, plus She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk in their minifigure versions.

76078 76078-1


It is interesting to note that Brickset has already listed six sets featuring the highly anticipated MCU films Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost upon us, being a LEGO and Marvel fan has never been this exciting.

Bring the Wizarding World With You In LEGO Harry Potter – Now Available for Android!

With the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in cinemas this weekend, the wizarding world as conjured by J.K. Rowling is very much alive again – and thanks to LEGO, fans can now relive the magical experience with LEGO Dimension’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Story Pack (71253). Check out’s Jason review of this set right here.

However, if playing through the entire movie via your gaming console seems not enough for your usual Muggle fix, then you may want to check out this offering from Warner Bros International. Somewhat like a smaller cousin of the remastered LEGO Harry Potter video game collection, WB has also launched a corresponding mobile version of the game made available for Android users. Similarly named as LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Years 5-7, avid LEGO fans of the film franchise may now bring the game with them wherever they go. Head over to Google Play Store and search for these games, or simply click on the links below directly from your mobile devices.


LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4unnamed

Play as Harry, Ron, Hermione and many more as you explore Hogwarts and engage in countless hours of gameplay spread across 40+ levels based on the Harry Potter books and movies. Based on the first four Harry Potter books and movies, LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 1-4 builds on the foundations of previous LEGO® video games by offering a mix of fun, accessible gameplay and light-hearted humor – appealing to all ages. Players can explore the wizarding world and feel as though they are at Hogwarts.



  • The Events of Harry Potter’s First Four Years at Hogwarts – LEGO® style! – including the Triwizard Tournament, the Quidditch World Cup, the Basilisk battle in the Chamber of Secrets, the encounter with Aragog and the face-to-face confrontation with Voldemort himself.
  • Intuitive Touch-Screen Controls – take complete control over your character to explore, solve puzzles and duel.
  • An Authentic Harry Potter Experience, including iconic locations like Diagon Alley, the Forbidden Forest, the village of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle – a grand, immersive 3-D environment and one of the largest, most detailed LEGO® game locations ever built.
  • Play as over 100 characters – including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.
  • Attend Hogwarts – cast spells, mix potions, fly on broomsticks and complete hundreds of magical tasks to earn points.
  • Character Customization – using hundreds of different LEGO® Harry Potter pieces.
  • Classic LEGO® Humor – enjoy the characteristic comedic LEGO® ‘twist’ on events from the fiction.
  • Endless Replayability – use ‘Freeplay’ to discover areas of gameplay not accessible in Story Mode.
  • Collectables – pick up a huge variety of items throughout the game.

hp-y1_2 hp-y1_3 hp-y1_4 hp-y1_5


lego-hp2_1LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7

Continue the saga of the Boy Who Lived in this spell-binding adventure for wizards and Muggles alike. Experience Harry’s last years at Hogwarts™ and battle Lord Voldemort™ in the ultimate fight between good and evil. The creative LEGO® prowess unites with the expansive world of Harry Potter™ to deliver an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience that features lessons, spell-casting, dueling and much more for players of all ages!

Follow Harry’s heroic endeavors and encounter new faces, new lessons, new challenges and new spells.

Explore new LEGO gameplay settings including Grimmauld Place, the Ministry of Magic, and Godric’s Hollow as well as iconic locations like Diagon Alley and Hogwarts. Build, conjure and explore this multi-faceted LEGO world as you discover your inner wizard!


  • Stunning Graphics – Enjoy the game with full 3D game play.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Controls – Touch the screen to cast spells and target objects, use the interactive display to change characters and spells simply by touching their icons, and recreate iconic duels by casting and deflecting spells with your fingers tips.
  • Leader Boards – Complete the game to 100% in the fastest time and post your scores to the leader board. Compare your score against friends or the whole world!
  • Achievements – 25 achievements to unlock
  • Duelling Club Expansion – Add the Duelling Club expansion and master advanced duelling skills against a host of famous witches and wizards including Professor Snape, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Lord Voldemort and many more. Defeat each category leader to unlock them for use in Free Play mode.

lego-hp2_2 lego-hp2_4 lego-hp2_5 lego_hp2_6

WATCH: Latest LEGO Disney Frozen Northern Lights Trailer.

Disney has just released its official trailer for its next series of animated shorts, LEGO Disney Frozen Northern Lights. As mentioned by the Hollywood Reporter back in June, as a spin-off from Disney’s wildly popular 2013 film, Frozen, the animated short is based on a deluxe novelization that Random House published back in July ahead of an extended collection of books. The storyline is then given the LEGO treatment and retold into four animated shorts featuring the original characters and voice cast from the movie:  Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), and Josh Gad (Olaf). A new character, Little Rock, will also be introduced.

Here’s the official synopsis of LEGO Disney’s Frozen Northern Lights courtesy of Random House, followed by its official trailer.

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and their friends from Disney Frozen are helping Little Rock the troll earn his tracking crystal. Join them as they embark on a mountain adventure under the Northern Lights!



LEGO Disney’s Frozen Northern Lights will air on the Disney Channel starting December 9, at 8PM.

A First Look at the LEGO Creator Blue Express Train 31054.

Those who are into collecting LEGO train sets will probably be excited about this piece of news. Thanks to Zusammengebaut, we now how have official images of yet another LEGO Creator set to be released this winter of 2017. The LEGO Creator Blue Express Train 31054 follows the wave of 2017 LEGO Creators sets that we featured earlier, and also highlights a similar 3-in-1 function following a steam locomotive design. It can be changed into two kinds of locomotive, and a caboose. The set is expected to come in at 71 pieces and it is assumed that the train rails may come in printed on the inside part of the packaging which is pretty cool if that is the case. This is one set that will surely stand out among next year’s Creator line. Though the LEGO Blue Express Train is pretty neat, the only let-down is that in order to have a complete train system you must purchase two additional sets. However, my guess is that it will not be much of a problem, because regardless of the quantity, any true-blue LEGO train set fan will not mind picking up 2 or 3 of these.


LEGO Creator Blue Express Train 31054

31054 31054-2 31054-3

2017 LEGO Disney Sets Sport a New Box Art Design, LEGO Disney Moana’s Island Adventure 41149 Revealed.

Ahead of Disney Moana’s release this week on November 23, LEGO has revealed its next Polynesian inspired set along the previously unveiled LEGO Disney Moana’s Ocean Voyage (41150). Moana’s Island Adventure (41149) features Moana in a slightly different minidoll version which fits well in a provincial island setting, and a first look at the adorable pig Pau in its minifigure version. Additionally, what is interesting to note is that the box art of these latest LEGO Disney sets uses a neutral teal color as the Brick Fan noted. My guess is that LEGO would like to do away with the pink color scheme for its Disney sets, which has been criticized before for being gender biased. What do you think?


Moana’s Island Adventure (41149); 205 pieces

 41149 41149-1


Moana’s Ocean Voyage (41150); 307 pieces

41150 41150-1


Berry’s Kitchen (41143); 61 pieces

41143 41143-1


Petite’s Royal Stable (41144); 75 pieces

41144 41144-1


Anna’s Snow Adventure (41147); 153 pieces

41147 41147-1 41147-2


Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace (41148); 701 pieces

41148 41148-1 41148-2


Kudos to Kockashop and Hothbricks for sharing these images.

LEGO Technic Reveals Its Latest Jet Plane and More For 2017.

A few days back, we’ve featured the first wave of LEGO Technic sets that will debut next year, and the line-up is simply gorgeous. The Technic line has been producing the most impressive sets that we’ve seen so for the past three years, and their recent offerings don’t disappoint. We now have two additional sets that LEGO has revealed under the Technic line with the Air Race Jet (42066) and Telehandler (42061). I appreciate the slim and sleek design of the Air Race Jet that takes its cue from the newer F-35 planes which are capable of vertical take-off and landing. The Telehandler is another set that offers an alternative build.


Telehandler (42061)

 42061-1 42061-2 42061-3 42061-4 42061-5 42061-6  42061-8 42061-9



Air Race Jet (42066)

42066-1 42066-2 42066-3 42066-4 42066-5 42066-6 42066-7 42066-8 42066-9 42066-10


In case you missed it, we’re posting additional official images of the first wave of Technic sets that we announced last week. Thanks to Hoth Bricks and Kockashop for sharing these.


Ultralight Helicopter (42057)

42057_alt1 42057_alt2 42057_alt3



Stunt Bike (42058)

42058_alt1 42058_alt2 42058_alt3 42058_alt4 42058-1



Stunt Truck (42059)

42059_alt1 42059_alt2 42059_alt3 42059-1



Roadwork Crew (42060)

42060_alt1 42060_alt2 42060_alt3 42060_alt4 42060-1



Container Yard (42062)

42062-1 42062-2 42062-3 42062-4 42062-5 42062-6



BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (42063)

42063-1 42063-2 42063-3 42063-4 42063-5 42063-6



Ocean Explorer (42064)

42064-1 42064-2 42064-3 42064-4 42064-5 42064-6


RC Tracked Racer (42065)

42065-1 42065-2 42065-3 42065-4 42065-5 42065-6

A Closer Look At Some of the Latest LEGO Creator Sets for 2017.

A couple of days back we featured four LEGO Creator sets that are set for release in 2017. We showed you the box arts, and this time, thanks to Kockashop, we now have a closer look at the fine details of these sets, together with their 3-in-1 functions. Frankly, I am pretty much impressed with the Exploration Robots (31062) – I have a feeling, as the set’s name suggests, that this brick-built robot has something more under its sleeve (or arm, if you may). Able to transform to two, animal-like robotic figures, the set becomes even more awesome by LEGO’s inclusion of a cool light brick which is used as a part of the robot’s arm, eyes and sort of jet-pack. The azure blue color motif is very nice and gives the build an organic feel rather than being mechanical.

Though smaller than their modular cousins, the Beachside Vacation (31063) and Park Street Townhouse (31065) offers an introductory building experience for those who would like to test the waters of modular building. Based on these official images, set 31065 offers a deal of flexibility in coming up with various mini-modular builds which one can experiment with. I just wish LEGO has thrown in an actual dog and a bird element instead of coming up with brick-built animals to give the set a more natural feel.


Exploration Robots (31062)

31062-1-robot-felfedezo-large 31062-2 31062-4 31062-5 31062-6 31062-7


Beachside Vacation (31063)

31063-1-tengerparti-vakacio-large 31063-2 31063-3 31063-4 31063-5 31063-6


Seaplane Adventures (31064)

31064-1-repules-a-sziget-felett-large 31064-2 31064-3 31064-4 31064-5 31064-6


Park Street Townhouse (31065)

31065-1-kertvarosi-villa-large 31065-2 31065-3 31065-4 31065-5 31065-6 31065-7


Make Way for Sonic, Gizmo, ET and More as LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 Hit Store Shelves!

The long wait is finally over. Fans of the Blue Blur and the eighties Gremlins can finally have them in their minifigure forms (I guess for devout minifig collectors, playing the actual game is only secondary) now that LEGO Dimensions Wave 7 is finally out. Check out these official images courtesy of Brickset. You may also want to check out the links below both from Amazon and Not included here is the Marceline the Vampire Queen (71285) set which comes as a Toys R Us exclusive. Be sure to check out this nifty LEGO Dimensions Guide to see other previous sets that you may have missed. Jason also gives you a firsthand look at some of these sets with his unboxing video so be sure to check these out.


Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244) $29.99 – get it at or Amazon

71244_alt1 71244_alt2

The Blue Blur is ready for an adventure! Spin into action with Sonic the Hedgehog as he speeds through some of his most iconic locations including Green Hill, Emerald Coast, Labyrinth and many more. Build Sonic and use his Acrobat ability to swing off poles and avoid the Badniks, then use his famous grind rails move to make a quick escape! Travel in style by hopping into the Sonic Speedster or The Tornado, then rebuild them into the Blue Typhoon and Motobug, and the Crabmeat and Eggcatcher for extra-special abilities. Unlock the exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure World and Battle Arena.

71244_alt3 71244_alt4 71244_alt5 71244_alt6 71244_alt7 71244_alt8


Fantastic Beasts Story Pack (71253) $49.99 – get it at or Amazon

71253_alt1 71253_alt2

Take your adventure into the wizarding world with the all-new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack! Play the complete movie and help Newt Scamander find his escaped magical creatures in New York City across 6 action-packed levels of gameplay. Use a variety of spells, including Diffindo, Reparo and Lumos, and interact with creatures like the Niffler, Swooping Evil, Bowtruckle and more. You can even build the Niffler and then rebuild it into the Sinister Scorpion and Vicious Vulture. Customize the LEGO Toy Pad with the MACUSA gateway build, and unlock the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Adventure World and Battle Arena.

71253_alt3 71253_alt4 71253_alt5 71253_alt6 71253-1


E.T. Fun Pack (71258) $11.99 – get it at or Amazon

71258_alt1 71258_alt2

Take E.T. home and add him to the mash-up adventure of your favorite LEGO Dimensions characters! Build and place him on the LEGO Toy Pad to send him into the game with his Illumination and Fix-It abilities, or activate his special Stealth and Telekinesis skills to make your way around the multiverse. Unlock the exclusive Adventure World and Battle Arena and build E.T.’s iconic Phone Home device, then rebuild it into the Mobile Uplink and Super-Charged Satellite for additional in-game abilities.

71258_alt3 71258_alt4 71258_alt5 71258-1


Gremlins Team Pack (71256) $24.99 – get it at or Amazon

71256_alt1 71256_alt2 71256_alt3

Bring Gremlins to life in LEGO Dimensions with Gizmo and Stripe! Build the popular rivals on the LEGO Toy Pad and launch them into the multiverse. Use Gizmo’s Combat Roll and Dash Attack abilities to get him out of sticky situations but watch out for Stripe as he uses his claws with his Vine Cut ability. Unlock the exclusive Adventure World and Battle Arena and jump into the R.C. Racer, or grab the Flash ‘n’ Finish for some bright light fun. Rebuild the R.C. Racer into Gadget-o-matic and Scarlet Scorpion, and the Flash ‘n’ Finish into Rampage Record Player and Stripe’s Throne.

 71256_alt4 71256_alt5 71256_alt6 71256_alt7 71256_alt8 71256_alt9 71256-1


Fantastic Beasts Tina Fun Pack (71257) $11.99 – get it at or Amazon

71257_alt1 71257_alt2 71257_alt3

Explore more of the LEGO multiverse with Tina Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Build and place Tina on the LEGO Toy Pad to send her into the game where she can cast Aguamenti to help solve puzzles and Protego to keep her safe from enemies. Unlock the Adventure World and Battle Arena and build the Swooping Evil if you need a rescue, then rebuild it into the Brutal Bloom and Crawling Creeper.

71257_alt3 71257_alt5 71257-1