LEGO Turns ‘The Hands Of Time’ With Its Latest 2017 Ninjago Sets.

We had a teaser of what lies ahead for our teenage Ninjas during this year’s San Diego Comic Con last July, and with LEGO hinting at the gang’s next adventure with its new season entitled ‘The Hands of Time’, we now have a clearer idea on how their next story will unfold. Thanks once again to Hoth Bricks, we now have our official images for LEGO Ninjago’s 2017 sets and they look super sleek together with their latest bunch of slithering baddies. I suspect that LEGO has thrown in a little bit of time travel in this Season 7 of Ninjago which focuses on the lives of Kai, Nya, and their parents. With what seems to be an assortment of jungle-dwelling vermillion creatures in their ancient armor designs, these latest sets may suggest that our heroes are off in a different time period. The nefarious and intimidating look of their latest nemesis as seen in the Dawn of Iron Doom 70626 set is pretty spot on. This is one set that will enter my wishlist for next year. Let’s have a look at the rest of the sets.


The Vermillion Attack (70621)

70621 70621_alt1 


Desert Lightning (70622)

70622 70622_alt1


Destiny’s Shadow (70623)

70623 70623_alt1


Vermillion Invader (70624)

70624 70624_alt1


Samurai VXL (70625)

70625 70625_alt1


Dawn of Iron Doom (70626)

70626 70626_alt1


Dragon’s Forge (70627)

70627 70627_alt1

Dumbledore… I Mean, Gandalf, Welcomes Another Wizard Into The Fray.

The LEGO Dimensions is all set to welcome another wizard into the portal, and who is best to qualify to do so other than Gandalf. We’re not sure if he accidentally cast an identity switching spell of some sorts upon himself, but it seems that the folks over at Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are having a hard time being convinced that he is not Dumbledore. Watch LEGO Dimensions latest ‘Meet That Hero’ video featuring none other than the hero of the wizarding world on this side of North America, Newt Scamander. He is the latest hero placed under the LEGO Dimensions spotlight following the likes of Gizmo, B.A. Baracus, and E.T. In this video, Gandalf narrates how Newt ends up causing quite a commotion in New York City, where his fantastic beasts ran loose and were causing a lot of trouble among the locals. With help from his friends and a dash of LEGO humor, retrieving these fantastic beasts can prove to be a great and fun adventure.

Newt comes together with the LEGO Dimensions Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Story Pack (71253) where fans can get to play the whole movie as uniquely told by LEGO. This set follows LEGO Dimensions’ first offering of Story Packs with the 2016 rehash of the Ghostbusters. If you wish to know more about the different packs that falls under Waves 6 and 7 of LEGO Dimensions, you may want to check out this handy visual guide for your reference.

You may also want to check out this pre-order deal from Amazon just in time before the actual film is released in US theaters next week, November 18. I just hope that Dumbledore… ahem, Gandalf finds his way back to Middle Earth.

LEGO Dimensions Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Story Pack (71253) – get it via Amazon.



LEGO Technic Fans Will Receive A Commemorative 40th Anniversary Beam In Each 2017 Technic Set.

This year marks four decades of the LEGO Technic theme, and similar to how LEGO celebrates its 10th year of modular building with the Assembly Square (10255), TLG have come up with a special way of remembering the Technic line in each of its upcoming 2017 set. We’ve seen the first wave of LEGO Technic sets slated for 2017, and with it comes a 40th anniversary commemorative 1×3 beam with the numbers “40 1977-2017” and the iconic gear wheel element.



Each 2017 Technic set will have this exclusive piece, and will be prominently shown on its box. Take a look at the Stunt Truck 42059 for example, and see if you can spot the logo on the box, and the actual commemorative beam on its build.



There are still a handful of 2017 LEGO Technic sets waiting to be revealed and I hope that LEGO will also come up with a kind of a special, commemorative set to mark the occasion. It will be great if they can re-launch one of their vintage sets from the 70s – that is one great way of celebrating one of LEGO’s longest themes. Well, the AFOL in me can only wish.

2017 LEGO Creator and LEGO Junior Official Images Now Availalble Online.

LEGO seems to be gearing up for the holiday seasons since these official images from the 2017 LEGO Creator and LEGO Juniors theme has been recently uploaded to their servers hinting at the possibility of their availability just in time for Christmas via Hot off of the heels of their 2017 LEGO Friends, Technic, Nexo Knights, and City reveals, LEGO now gives us a peek on their latest 3-in-1 Creator sets, and several LEGO Juniors sets, that are equally impressive. I personally prefer the Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) and the Fire Patrol Suitcase (10740) over the rest of the sets, but given that there is still a lot that TLG has to reveal, I am willing to hold on to my horses for a while.


2017 LEGO Creator

Green Cruiser (31056)

31056_alt1 31056_alt2 31056-1 31056_alt4 31056_alt3


Air Blazer (31057)

31057_alt1 31057_alt2 31057-1 31057_alt3 31057_alt4


Mighty Dinosaurs (31058)

31058_alt1 31058_alt2 31058-1 31058_alt3 31058_alt4


Sunset Street Bike (31059)

31059_alt1 31059_alt3 31059_alt4 31059-1 31059_alt2


Airshow Aces (31060)

31060_alt1 31060_alt2 31060_alt5 31060_alt4 31060_alt3 31060-1 31060_alt6



2017 LEGO Juniors

Demolition Site (10734)


10734_alt2 10734_alt3 10734_alt4 10734_alt5 10734_alt6  10734_alt10 10734_alt910734_alt1


Police Truck Chase (10735)

10735-1 10735_alt4 10735_alt2 10735_alt6 10735_alt1


Fire Patrol Suitcase (10740)

10740-1 10740_alt4 10740_alt2 10740_alt6 10740_alt8 10740_alt1

More 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights Images!

LEGO unloaded a huge stash of upcoming sets slated to be released in the first half of 2017. Coming from various themes such as Friends, Technic, Nexo Knights and City, there has been a lot of buzz recently on the merits and features of these much talked about sets and now, thanks to Hoth Bricks, we have more images to share particularly from the kingdom of Knighton. Truth be told, there has been several leaked images a couple of days ago regarding these sets but it is only now that we get a closer and much detailed look at their official images.

Another first for our Knights, it’s seems that our heroes get an upgrade from Merlok along with a handful of awesome battle gears, vehicles, and a new way to combine and utilize Nexo Powers. Well, it doesn’t come with a price though, because in the realm of Jestro, a new nemesis rises and they come with a menacing, purple streak. This is one exciting, edge-of-your-seat year for LEGO Nexo Knights!


King’s Guard Artillery (70347); 98 pieces

70347-1 70347-alt1 70347-alt2


Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348); 216 pieces

70348-1 70348-alt1 70348-alt2


Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349); 208 pieces

70349-1 70349-alt2 70349-alt1


The Three Brothers (70350); 266 pieces

70350-1 70350-alt2 70350-alt1


Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351); 523 pieces

70351-1 70351-alt1 70351-alt2


Jestro’s Headquarters (70352); 840 pieces

70352-1 70352-alt2 70352-alt1


Lance vs. Lightning (70359); 257 pieces

70359-1 70359-alt1


Battle Suit Clay (70362); 79 pieces

70362-alt1 70362-1


Battle Suit Macy (70363); 66 pieces

70363-alt1 70363-1


Battle Suit Aaron (70364); 80 pieces

70364-alt1 70364-1


Battle Suit Axl (70365); 88 pieces

70365-alt1 70365-1


Battle Suit Lance (70366); 83 pieces

70366-alt1 70366-1

This Is What We Know So Far About All The LEGO Batman Movie Sets That We’re Revealed.

February seems to be a long wait before our brick-built, black and yellow superhero returns to the big screen. Fan hype is steadily building around the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie, together with the impressive sets that have been revealed alongside the film. So before we swoon over at almost 20 sets and CMF series to be released under this theme, lets pause for a while and look back at what has been revealed so far, and what we can expect further from LEGO before the LEGO Batman Movie comes full swing in February next year.

There has been seven sets, and a polybag that was revealed so far, with the latter not been officially announced yet.


The Joker Balloon Escape (70900)



Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901)



The Batmobile (70905)



The Joker’s  Notorious Lowrider (70906)



The Scuttler (70908)



Batcave Break-In (70909)



Arkham Asylum (70912)


As of to date, there are still around 13 sets waiting to be revealed, plus a LEGO Batman Movie CMF series that is rumored to include several DC characters (both heroes and villains) since the classic days of Batman that were alluded in the film. Director Chris McKay made it clear that Warner Bros’ brick-built film will feature a lot of Easter eggs that will showcase almost all key characters from the Batman comicverse.


We are also getting a brick-built version of Clayface in Clayface Splat Attack (70904) and it is interesting to note that Brickset has tagged it as a ‘brick-built figure’. Though we don’t have any official images at this point, it is pretty safe to assume that Clayface may look similar to his theatrical version as seen below. We are also getting a bigfig version of the Killer Croc and it seems that he comes in a different color scheme and print as compared from how he looks like in Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash (76055).


It also seems that it is not just Will Arnett’s Dark Knight, who is getting a lot of battle ready vehicles, but also some of his rogue villains. We already saw the Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906) and Penguin’s ‘Duck and Cover’ ride as seen in the Batcave Break-In (70909) set.  Other villains (and villainess) are also getting their own hot wheels such as Catwoman in the Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902), the Riddler in The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903) and the posh Penguin’s Limo (70911).

There is also a polybag set that was revealed quite prematurely a few weeks back with the Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522). It features Batman in his new black and yellow minifigure form together with a robot-like contraption. As per request of LEGO, we’ve removed any reference to the said image, assuming that the polybag may have something to do with an important plot in the film. We do not have any information yet on how devoted LEGO Batman fans may obtain this polybag. We expect that this will be a hot item since this is definitely one of the cheapest ways of obtaining your own LEGO Batman minifigure.


This is so far what we know regarding the LEGO Batman Movie sets and we’ll keep you posted for other news and updates regarding this next LEGO movie hit. The LEGO Batman Movie will land on theaters worldwide starting February 10, 2017.

First Look At 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights, Technic, and Friends Sets!

A few minutes ago, Brickset has just revealed a huge load of upcoming 2017 LEGO Friends, Nexo Knights, and Technic sets all for our viewing pleasure. These sets have been initially mentioned in one more of our previous posts, but this is the first time that we are getting official images. I certainly dig the newest LEGO Nexo Knights sets with all the new characters (baddies in particular) that are introduced, and the possibilities of combining Nexo Powers. The latest wave of Technic sets focus more on sports vehicles, throwing in some pullback action among selected sets. The Friends theme now gets another wave of pet store mania, with impressive small builds and new pieces. Take a look.


2017 LEGO Nexo Knights

King’s Guard Artillery (70347)70347-1


Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348)70348-1


Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349)70349-1


The Three Brothers (70350)70350-1


Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351)70351-1


2017 LEGO Technic Sets

Ultralight Helicopter (42057)42057-1


Stunt Bike (42058)42058-1


Stunt Truck (42059)42059-1


Roadwork  Crew (42060)42060-1


Container Yard (42062)42062-1


BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (42063)42063-1


Ocean Explorer (42064)42064-1


RC Tracked Racer (42065)42065-1


2017 LEGO Friends Sets

Puppy Championship (41300)41300-1


Puppy Parade (41301)41301-1


Puppy Salon (41302)41302-1


Puppy Playground (41303)41303-1


Puppy Treats & Tricks (41304)41304-1


Emma’s Photo Studio (41305)41305-1


Mia’s Beach Bike (41306)41306-1


Olivia’s Inventor Lab (41307)41307-1


Stephanie’s Bakery (41308)41308-1


Andrea’s Show (41309)41309-1


Heartlake Gift Delivery (41310)41310-1


Heartlake Pizzeria (41311)41311-1


Heartlake Sports Centre (41312)41312-1


Heartlake Summer Pool (41313)41313-1


Stephanie’s House (41314)41314-1


Want to Have the Coolest LEGO Batman Movie Sets Around? LEGO ReBrick Shows You How.

A few moments ago, LEGO ReBrick has launched its latest contest inviting budding animators and builders to come up with their meanest and funniest brick film featuring their favorite LEGO Batman villain causing chaos and havoc. For 15 to 30 seconds, your chosen DC or Batman villain, or even your own personal creation, must be highlighted in the video causing a lot of trouble for our Caped Crusader. The best part of it is, if your entry has been chosen to be one of the three grand prize winners then you’ll have the ultimate bragging rights of having your video included in The LEGO Batman Movie Blu-Ray edition PLUS 13 – yes 13 – LEGO Batman Movie sets that were revealed for the first half of 2017. This is certainly one of the biggest contest that ReBrick has embarked on. Deadline of submission of entries is until January 5, 2017. Read on for more details of the contest.



The villains are on the loose in Gotham (again)! Create a brick film that shows a legendary villain from LEGO Batman’s rogues gallery or your own original villain causing chaos. 3 winners will get the ultimate bragging right — their brick film included in a special extra feature on the LEGO Batman Movie DVD + some amazing LEGO Batman Movie sets and special gifts!

Your brick film can be minimum 15 seconds and maximum 30 seconds, but before you begin please check out the RULES for everything you need to know to get started.

Entry deadline
Submit your entry no later than January 5th 2017 at 10:00 am EST.
If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in here’s a time zone converter.

A panel of judges from Warner Bros. and THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE design team will select 3 grand prize winners and 3 runner-ups. They will judge entries upon:

  • 25%: LEGO Batman humor
  • 25%: Creativity in LEGO Builds
  • 25%: Attention to LEGO Batman and villain story line
  • 25%: Focus on the overall look and feel of the movie

Winners will be contacted on the email address associated with their LEGO ID no later than January 23rd 2017. Grand prize winners will be required to send their video in the following specs: Codec: ProRes 422 or ProRes 422HQ, Resolution: 1920x1080p, Framerate: 23.976 fps, Color Space: Rec 709, Audio: Embedded 2.0 LT/RT.

Winners will be announced once we have received all signed winner’s documents, at the latest on January 30th.

Now for the sweet prizes. If you look closely at the Prizes tab of the LEGO Batman Movie ReBrick page, you’ll see that the box art for several upcoming LEGO Batman Movie sets are revealed. The box art featured in several of the contest prizes includes The Batmobile (70905), The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906)Batcave Break-in (70909), and Arkham Asylum (70912). These sets have been a part of the first wave of reveal, with 70905 and 70906 making their debut during this year’s San Diego Comic Con, while 70909 and 70912 were revealed in conjunction with the New York Comic Con last October.


Here are the rest of the prize details.

Grand Prize Winners

3 grand prize winners will receive:
– The ultimate bragging right of having their brick film featured on the LEGO Batman Movie DVD
– THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 1HY Full assortment (13 LEGO sets)
– Exclusive plate with Batman™ Minifigure and Will Arnett autograph
– Exclusive plate with The Joker™ Minifigure and Zach Galifianakis autograph

Runner Ups

3 runner-up winners will receive:
– The Batmobile, The Joker™ Notorious Lowrider, Batcave Break-in and Arkham Asylum LEGO sets
– Exclusive plate with Batman™ Minifigure and Will Arnett autograph
– Exclusive plate with The Joker™ Minifigure and Zach Galifianakis autograph


This is one contest that we will surely follow. The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters worldwide on February 10, 2017. For more The LEGO Batman Movie news and updates, be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!



More LEGO City 2017 Sets Revealed!

We saw the first wave of LEGO City 2017 sets last week with its predominantly Police-themed builds. This time, thanks to Hoth Bricks, we now have a glimpse of its next wave of sets, focusing on more varied themes on both land and sea particularly on sporting activities. It is not all sports though, because LEGO is still focusing on life in the neighborhood with its Pizza Van and Sweeper & Excavator truck. Love that yellow pizza van! Take a look.


Race Plane (60144) @ 89 pieces

60144 60144_alt1


Buggy (60145) @ 81 pieces

60145 60145_alt1


Stunt Truck (60146) @ 91 pieces

60146 60146_alt1


Fishing Boat (60147) @  144 pieces

60147 60147_alt1


ATV Race Team (60148) @ 239 pieces

60148 60148_alt1


4×4 with Catamaran (60149) @ 198 pieces

60149 60149_alt1


Pizza Van (60150) @ 249 pieces

60150 60150_alt1


Dragster Transporter (60151) @ 333 pieces

60151 60151_alt1


Sweeper & Excavator (60152) @ 299 pieces

60152 60152_alt1

We still have a handful of LEGO City 2017 sets that are waiting to be revealed so stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more news and updates!

REMINDER: LEGO Nexo Knights Monster TRU Building Event is on November 12.

Just a quick reminder to add this to your calendar. The Toys R Us Toy Book 2016 has already been released and with it the announcement of another LEGO promotional. A LEGO Nexo Knights Building Event is slated to take place on November 12 next Saturday from 12PM to 2PM at all TRU stores nationwide. The said building event allows children 6 years old and above to build and take home a FREE LEGO Nexo Knights monster and a chance gather several Nexo Powers inside the store through the Merlok 2.0 app.


If you recall, a similar promotional happened across TRU stores in Germany, where we saw the polybag’s pretty neat building instructions in its booklet form. The TRU LEGO Nexo Knights monster comes in at 58 pieces and its build bears close resemblance to a battle-ready LEGO Mixels Infernite that may easily pass as Burnzie’s smaller cousin. 70322_alt8


Remember, like any other promotional, this free LEGO Nexo Knights monster set is only available while supplies last. Plus the fact that this TRU build and take home event is only for 2 hours, expect that this set will immediately be out of stock.