LEGO Officially Unveils The LEGO Disney Castle (71040)!

Following our report on some of the things that we love about the much-awaited LEGO Disney World Cinderella Castle, LEGO has finally unveiled this 4,080-piece magical set with its official name as the LEGO Disney Castle (71040). We’ve described much of it already a couple of days ago, so we’ll just let these high-resolution photos speak for themselves, including LEGO’s official press release.

LEGO Disney Castle (71040)

Here’s a more detailed look at some of the rooms within the LEGO Disney Castle walls.

LEGO Disney Castle (71040) LEGO Disney Castle (71040)


71040 The Disney Castle

Ages 16+. 4,080 pieces.
US $349.99 – CA $399.99 – DE 349.99€ – UK £289.99 – DK 2999.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Welcome to the magical Disney Castle!

Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with The Disney Castle. This highly detailed LEGO® model with over 4,000 pieces offers a rewarding build and play experience, and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions. The intricately detailed facade and towers replicate the iconic Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle, and each accessible castle room includes special features inspired by some of Disney’s greatest animated feature films, providing endless play possibilities with the included minifigures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell, or other characters from your collection.

Includes 5 minifigures: Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo, Minnie Mouse with red dress, Donald Duck with classic outfit, Daisy Duck with pink skirt, lavender colored shoes and a bow, and Tinker Bell with wig element, skirt, wings and a magic wand.

The Disney Castle features a detailed facade with a stone bridge, clock, wide arched entrance, ornate balconies, spired towers, plus a four-story main building and a five-story, golden-spired main tower, both containing rooms with assorted Disney-inspired features and elements.

Castle main building first floor features the main hall with large arched doorway, mosaic floor tiling, ornate chandelier, suits of armor, shield-decorated walls, grandfather clock, floor-standing vase with buildable flower elements, magic carpet and a golden lamp.

Castle main building second-floor room features buildable dark-blue curtains with curtain pole, ornate buildable candelabra and rose, and glass case elements.

Castle main building third-floor room features a chest with book of spells, mop and bucket elements, and access to the main tower second-floor room.

Castle main building fourth-floor bedroom features a detailed bed with decorative golden headboard elements.

Main tower first-floor kitchen features a large redbrick-patterned stove, workbench, buildable broom and pumpkin, plus pots, pans and assorted kitchen and food elements.

Main tower second-floor room includes a spinning wheel and access to the castle main building third-floor room.

Main tower third-floor room features a chest containing brush, scissor and lock of black hair elements, plus a balcony with 2 stud shooters for a firework-display function.

Main tower fourth-floor room features a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase elements.

Main tower fifth-floor room features a window bench and an arched window.

Also includes 2 frogs and a golden crown element.

Remove part of the roof section to discover the glass slipper element and fairy-tale book element with printed cover.

Launch the fireworks and let the magic begin!

Combine with other LEGO® minifigure characters for endless adventures!

This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 12 and over.

This set includes over 4,000 LEGO® pieces.

The Disney Castle measures over 29” (74cm) high, 17” (44cm) wide and 12” (31cm) deep.

Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning September 1, 2016

With the LEGO Disney Castle 71040 comes five minifigures: Donald and Daisy Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and the latest Disney character to be added to LEGO’s Disney Collectible Minifigures 71012, Tinker Bell. Except for Donald Duck, the rest of these minifigures sport a different costume. For example, Daisy’s attire is quite different now as compared from her first minifigure debut in set 71012. Another one is the pair of Minnie and Mickey, where both of them have a new outfit to flaunt.

LEGO Disney Castle (71040)

This is one set that we will surely watch out for in September!  So what do you think of the LEGO Disney Castle? Share your thoughts at the comments section below, or visit our Facebook page to join in the discussion.

We Now Have Our First Look At The LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040 – And It’s Magically Awesome!

News on the LEGO front was a little bit quiet recently during this past week. Other than LEGO’s recent announcement of its latest line-up of LEGO Marvel Superheroes and DC Comics Mighty Micros and Hulk VS Red Hulk set to be introduced during the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con from July 21 to 24, all were relatively calm.

But unexpectedly, like that magical moment when Disney surprises us with something so great that we just can’t help but stare in awe, we have our first images of the of the much anticipated LEGO Disney World Cinderella Castle 71040 courtesy of Walt Disney World News Today. The set was widely discussed among LEGO forums when some close-up images were released by Popsugar, and was even believed to be the next exclusive Shop@Home set alluded to on LEGO’s August Store Calendar where LEGO VIP members will be given early access to this set during the 2nd half of next month. Here’s a look at this magnificent set.


As reported by WDW News, 71040 will retail at $349.99 and consists of 4,080 pieces, definitely one of the largest sets that Disney ever made, just behind TLG’s more recent offering  – the LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253 which is clocked at 4,163 pieces and the LEGO Tower Bridge 10214 with its mammoth piece-count of 4,287 elements. The LEGO Disney World Cinderella Castle comes with tons of play features and is a fitting tribute to some of the most loved Disney titles of all time such as, of course, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Brave, Fantasia, Snow White, Aladdin, and so much more.


It also comes with a new set of Disney minifigures, namely that of Tinker Bell, Daisy and Donald Duck, and a Minnie and Mickey Mouse sporting a new costume design. You will surely love to add these minifigs to your collection, alongside the 2016 LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 71012. Here are some close-up images of set 71040, which highlight the Disney movies that we mentioned above. These photos were courtesy of some LEGO fans who managed to take some screenshots of the LEGO Disney World Cinderella Castle from Popsugar’s website. The said pictures are no longer available at the said website, though.

71040_07 71040_06 71040_05 71040_04 71040_02 71040_01

It’s just a matter of time before we hear the official announcement for this much awaited set, considering that August is just around the corner. Do you think LEGO will make the big reveal during SDCC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or drop us a note over our Facebook page.


LEGO Marvel Superheroes Hulk VS Red Hulk To Be Introduced at SDCC 2016.

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reveals that the Red Hulks will be on LEGO’s spotlight when San Diego Comic-Con 2016 officially kicks in on July 21. The set will be shown during the SDCC but will not be available for purchase until January next year. We do not have a set number or official LEGO description yet, but according to THR it contains 375 pieces, including bigfig versions of Hulk and Red Hulk, and minifigure renditions of She-Hulk and her counterpart, Red She-Hulk. Each pair of figures also comes with their respective vehicles. Here’s LEGO’s official announcement via their Facebook page.

The Hulk VS Red Hulk set is priced at $59.99 which is a bit pricey given the cost per piece, but the inclusion of two bigfigs may perhaps justify the price. Quite frankly, the main catch of the set are the bigfigs and minifigures that goes with it, especially the Red Hulks. The vehicles are a bit of generic, save for the color scheme that matches with the figures that goes along with them.

LEGO Hulk VS Red Hulk figures

As it seems, LEGO is investing heavily on Marvel and DC sets considering their earlier reveals regarding the latest Marvel Superheroes and DC Comics Mighty Micros sets which will also be offered next year.

So what do you think about the Hulk VS Red Hulk set? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below, or via our official Facebook page.


LEGO Technic Wheel Excavator 42055 Now Listed At Amazon Japan and France.


Last May, we showed you some of the pretty cool LEGO Technic summer sets that are expected to be released sometime during the second half of the year. One of the awesome Technic sets that fans are looking forward to is the gargantuan LEGO Technic Wheel Excavator (42055). Coming in at an astounding 3,927 pieces, it is by far the largest Technic set that LEGO came up with, and it surely shows in the size of its build, with the mini cabin and mining truck giving it a human scale so to speak that lets you imagine how the Wheel Excavator can be massive in real life. Such set is practically targeted towards older LEGO builders and AFOLs, with several power functions that allow you to control the conveyor belt and rotating bucket excavators. Though it is quite limited in its play value, building this set using almost 4,000 parts will prove to be an enticing challenge for any experienced builder. Plus the host of new Technic parts may prove to be useful as well.

Watch this video from Hobby Media for a closer look at the functions of the LEGO Technic Wheel Excavator 42055.

For Technic fans that are raring to have their try on the 42055, it is great to know that Amazon Japan and Amazon France have already listed this largest LEGO Technic set over at their websites with a release date of August 5 and August 2 respectively. There is no official release date mention as of to date at but given the timing of its release, and the debut of another Technic release, the LEGO Technic Volvo EW160E (42053), as mentioned in LEGO’s August Store Calendar, we’re pretty confident that we’ll be seeing the Wheel Excavator anytime soon.

What do you think about this largest LEGO Technic set ever made? The retail price may be quite hefty, but do you think it’s worth adding to your collection? Share your thoughts and tell us what you think.

WATCH: Classic Batman-Themed, Gotham Theater Showdown Diorama.

batman mosaic

Most of us will probably agree that at 2,526 pieces, the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052) is one of the most impressive sets that LEGO has ever released in tribute to our crime-fighting caped crusader. But looking at how Paul Hetherington recreates the classic DC superhero as he squares off with his archenemy the Joker in this 1950s-themed Gotham Theater Showdown makes you want to wish that LEGO came up with this set. This latest MOC from Paul (aka LegoBrickbaron over at YouTube), is an offshoot from his LEGO Batman Joker’s Funhouse creation from two years ago. Other than its power functions and play features, Paul’s LEGO Batman VS Joker Gotham Theater Showdown brims with so much detail that it perfectly captures the classic art deco of the time. Paul’s ingenious way of using those brown, gold and tan elements in creating the pattern for the theater’s outside decor is absolutely wonderful. Even the logo and the background skyscrapers are so reminiscent of the 50s design that you will notice that it is made up LEGO bricks. Look at the finer details of this MOC as seen from this close up shots.

classic batman showdown classic batman showdown 04 classic batman showdown 02 classic batman showdown 03

Paul also provided a video about the several power functions of his MOC, which he took inspiration from the 1927 4,000-seater Marbo Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Here’s how he describes his set.

I thought it would be cool to create my own version of a vintage 1950’s BATMAN comic book cover in LEGO. Here is the setup for my story…..

Once again that Mad Harlequin of Hate, The Joker, brings menace to the citizens of Gotham. Beware as the Streetcar named Destruction advances into Gotham, and the Joker’s henchmen unleash horrible Joker Gas! Listen to the eerie dreadful laughing — has the Joker taken control of everyone?!? Wait — look above — that symbol of justice descending from the sky — The Batcopter! Piloted by the plucky Robin, The Boy Wonder and the courageous Batman! Are the tornado team of crime crushers in time to oppose the Grim Jester in the gripping tale of — Gotham Theater Showdown!!

Be sure to give Paul a note or two over at his Flickr account if you were also amazed by his original LEGO creation. Thanks to Brothers Brick for pointing us to Paul’s excellent work.

WATCH: Behind The Scenes With The LEGO Minecraft Challenge – Classic Tales.

LEGO Minecraft Classic Tales 02

Last April, LEGO launched its first Minecraft Competition dubbed as Classic Tales. The idea behind the contest is for LEGO Minecraft fans to stretch their building creativity and problem solving skills to help Alex and Steve to escape a tight spot or a challenge that they find themselves in. Participants are encouraged to build their own solutions or models, snap a photo, and upload their entries via the contest’s Facebook page. Running for four weeks in a row, the team of designers behind the LEGO Minecraft series will determine the most creative contribution and will co-create exciting stop motion stories out of these.

LEGO Minecraft Classic Tales

The winning contributions were rendered in four LEGO Minecraft stop-motion animations which were featured on LEGO’s YouTube channel on April 18 and 29 respectively. We’ve compiled the LEGO Minecraft – Classic Tales videos right here in case you missed them last April.

After a long overdue promise to fans, the LEGO Minecraft design team finally came up with a behind-the-scenes video highlighting the creative process that went through in making the Classic Tales episodes. From painstakingly combing through all the entries, choosing the best and most creative solution, and then brainstorming for the most entertaining storyboard, the LEGO Minecraft design team came up with the most creative solutions for Alex and Steve that uniquely carries LEGO’s brand of fun and humor. Watch their mini-documentation here.

The winners for the contest each received the shop@home exclusive LEGO Minecraft The Village (21128) coming in at 1,600 pieces and features 11 minifigures, the set retails at $199.99.


The LEGO Minecraft Challenge – Classic Tales may long be over, but the endless opportunities for creative problem solving fun will always be around. After all, this is what LEGO is all about as this latest LEGO promotional video exemplifies.

Take A Look At Our Review Of The LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Escape From Ra’s al Ghul 76056.


Last May, we had our first look of the official images of the latest set under the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes line, the Batman: Escape From Ra’s al Ghul 76056. We’re simply excited for the set considering that we have three new minifigures that will debut together with 76056: for a price point of just $29.99, you’ll get 257 pieces worth of bricks, a set with 4 awesome play features, and new minifigures of Ra’s al Ghul, Thalia al Ghul, and Desert Batman. Here’s LEGO’s official description of 76056 for our reference, followed by Stephen’s review:


LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman: Escape From Ra’s al Ghul 76056

Pieces: 257; Price: $29.99

Break out Robin™ from Ra’s al Ghul’s secret headquarters!

Take the enemy by surprise and crash Desert Batman’s Buggy through the gates of Ra’s al Ghul’s hideout. Draw your sword as you duel with Talia al Ghul™ at the top of the staircase! Evade Ra’s al Ghul™ jumping out of the Lazarus Pit and rescue Robin™ from the cell—but watch out for the swinging axe trap!

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Desert Batman™, Ra’s al Ghul™, Robin™ and Talia al Ghul™.
  • Features Ra’s al Ghul’s secret headquarters and Desert Batman’s Buggy.
  • Secret headquarters features 2 opening gates for Desert Batman’s Buggy to smash through, a winding staircase with a green diamond-style element and lever-operated swinging axe trap, Lazarus Pit area with translucent-green liquid-style element, a catapult to launch Ra’s al Ghul into battle, and a prison cell for Robin™ with exploding door function.
  • Buggy features 2 stud shooters and weapon holders for Desert Batman’s Batarang and sword.
  • Weapons include Desert Batman’s sword and Batarang, Talia al Ghul’s sword, Ra’s al Ghul’s sword, Robin’s fighting stick and an axe.
  • Accessory elements include Desert Batman’s mask and cape, Ra’s al Ghul’s cape and a black scorpion.
  • Also includes a comic book!
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for children ages 6-12.
  • Ra’s al Ghul’s secret headquarters measures over 3” (10cm) high, 7” (20cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.
  • Desert Batman’s Buggy measures over 2” (6cm) high, 5” (13cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.

As pointed out by Stephen in his review, the Escape From Ra’s al Ghul set is definitely worth the buck. Considering the play features that come in a small to medium sized set such as this, and with minifigures that will eventually be popular among minifig collectors, LEGO as it seems, did a great job in balancing cost and excellent features. From the Desert Batman Buggy, a staircase with a swinging axe trap, exploding prison cage, allowing Robin to escape, and the Lazarus Pit with catapult functions, the 76056 is one cool play set. It is already up and available over at, and at all LEGO Stores with plenty of stocks to go around as of today. If you’re a LEGO VIP and are planning to get this set eventually, I suggest you take advantage of LEGO’s July’s promotional with its free exclusive LEGO Classic Knights set 5004419 which can be yours for a minimum purchase of $50 and more. You might have to hurry with this one because this exclusive will only be available until July 10 next week or until supplies last.


So what do you think of the LEGO DC Superheroes Batman: Ra’s al Ghul set? Will you consider getting one for yourself? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

LEGO Birthday Buddy 40226 Found At LEGO Servers.


LEGO servers at have been recently updated with a new set of building instructions that point out to a delightful party treat that everyone will surely enjoy. Named as the LEGO Birthday Buddy 40226, the set comes in 133 pieces and presumably in a boxed packaging. It resembles a chocolate cupcake with a candle on top, with a build reminiscent to that of the LEGO Mixels theme. It’s kind of cute and frankly speaking, and if you’re familiar with Nintendo’s pink puffball Kirby, then you’ll probably get the idea.

The Birthday Buddy is a birthday party themed set that is a good companion from last year’s similarly themed exclusive, the LEGO Birthday Table Decoration 40153. This popular seasonal set comes in 120 pieces and has a price of $9.99, featuring a pop-up jester minifigure and buildable numbers from 1-99 – a suitable birthday gift for any LEGO fan both young and old.

40153_main 40153_alt1

Given the price per piece of the 40153, the LEGO Birthday Buddy 40226 may perhaps be a boxed set similarly priced at $9.99. We might also see the 40226 posted later on at, at any LEGO Certified Stores, and at LEGOLAND parks. These are just assumptions though, so we’ll keep a close eye for more news about this set so stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more LEGO news and updates!


Thanks to Promo Bricks for the heads up!


Star Wars The Force Awakens Director JJ Abrams Gets The LEGO Treatment!

jj abrams minifigure

Warner Bros Interactive and TT Games’ latest LEGO video game LEGO Star Wars – The Force Awakens has been out since last week and with it comes tons of bonus game features such as more than 150 playable characters spanning across the entire Star Wars saga. In a touch of LEGO brand humor, game developers included another character that will add a little more fun in an already awesome game. In case you haven’t unlocked him or have seen the walkthrough videos yet, you might be surprised to know that TFA director JJ Abrams gets his own LEGO minifig version and is now playable as one of the characters in the game. Watch this video from TT Games courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

As you can see, JJ Abrams’ minifigure rendition comes with a camera mounted on his back, a blaster and what seems to be a grappling gun on the side. It’s kind of cool how LEGO was able to transform the acclaimed director in this minifig version, including all the fine details such as his clothes, hair style and eye glasses. The camera piece he carries is a giveaway clue in case gamers can’t still figure out the semblance, though it is yet to be seen if that camera is of any use to JJ Abrams playable character.

JJ Abrams LEGO minifig

As noted by THR, Abrams is one of the two real-world characters that were included in the game, together with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy. “The presence of both executives was kept under wraps until after the game’s release as a surprise for those who dived into the block-build version of the popular movie,” Graeme McMillan of THR wrote.

Director JJ Abrams and Producer Kathleen Kennedy gets the LEGO treatment!
Photo courtesy of Disney.

Unlike Finn, Rey, Hans Solo and the rest of The Force Awakens cast whose original dialogues were featured in the game, the JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy minifigures does not feature any voice acting. Nevertheless, the director and producer both gave their thumbs up approval for their inclusion in the roster.

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens is now available via Amazon and playable across all major gaming platforms. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you might want to check out our first wave of video walkthroughs courtesy of Brick Show’s in-house master gamer, Brian.

Relive the galaxy’s greatest adventure in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ for mobile! Play as heroic characters from the movie, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and BB-8, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ immerses fans in the new Star Wars™ adventure like never before, retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens. Additionally, players will experience previously untold story levels that explore the time leading up to Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.


  • LEGO Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ introduces exciting gameplay mechanics never before available in a LEGO game including: Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles and enhanced flight sequences.
  • Choose from multiple building options with the new Multi-Builds system to solve puzzles, or just to have fun. All actions advance the experience in different ways.
  • Leverage your surroundings as cover and engage in intense Blaster Battles to drive back the relentless First Order and emerge victorious.
  • Experience the thrill of high-speed, action-packed flight like never before, including arena-based aerial battles and dogfights.
  • Enjoy all new levels and characters with the purchase of the All Content Season Pass. Exciting content will be rolling out through the year.

Here’s A Look At The Official Images Of LEGO’s Exclusive July Promotional – The Classic Knights Set 5004419.


We have another reason to be excited this month of July, especially after LEGO published its July Store Calendar.  Starting June 30 until July 10, LEGO VIP members will be treated to an exclusive promotional for purchases of any LEGO sets worth $50 and above. This is one exclusive that is expected to run out fast since it is quite rare that LEGO releases some of its classic collections, similar to their previous Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) promotional back in 2014, and the Classic Pirate Minifigure in 2015.

This year, LEGO brings back another classic, coming straight from the medieval times – the LEGO Classic Knights Set 5004419. LEGO has uploaded the official images for this retro-themed set at, which gives us a closer look at this impressive promotional. The box itself is exquisitely impressive that it is good enough to be a collectible. It even pays tribute to the older LEGO System by adding a touch of nostalgia with its box design and logo.


5004419 comes with a Classic Knight minifigure reminiscent from the early 80’s as you can see from the free collectible stickers that comes bundled with it.

5004419_04 5004419_03

For a promotional price point of $50, this is one extremely good catch considering the many exclusives that LEGO will be releasing starting this month like the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto 1 & Ecto 2 (75828) and the LEGO Creator Big Ben (10253) just to name a few. You may also check out on Stephen reviews of the 75828 and 10253 over at our YouTube channel.


So what do you think of this month LEGO Store promotional? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.