LEGO DC Super-Villains Teaser Trailer Released

Following the cryptic, and troublesome graffiti left over on social media last week by dubious, LEGO characters, LEGO has just released a teaser trailer that officially announces the arrival of the LEGO DC Super-Villains video game. True to form, the teaser trailer underscores the chaotic rampage caused by villainous characters in the heart of Metropolis, irreverently defacing even the statue of the Man of Steel himself. At the same time, the mysterious WB Games website also updated its landing page by including the video of the said teaser trailer. read more

The LEGO Incredibles Video Game Will Include Secret Playable Disney Pixar Characters

We’re just three weeks away before the release of LEGO’s and Disney’s biggest, super powered family both on the big screen and gaming consoles. And now we have some piece of news that hints on the possibility of having not just the members of the Parr family as playable in-game characters, but also some of Disney Pixar’s most popular animated characters as well. read more

New Gameplay Video of “Crime Wave” Missions for “LEGO Incredibles” Videogame

Much has been made to the latest LEGO videogame by Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive, based on The Incredibles. It is after all the first LEGO game for the Disney-Pixar property, and they made sure to throw as many extras for its release, like a minifigure of Edna Mode. read more

Bear Parker of Traveller’s Tales Makes Tribute LEGO Intro of Sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” In Wake of Fox Cancellation and NBC Renewal

The five seasons that Brooklyn Nine-Nine enjoyed ever since premiering on Fox in 2013 shows that there’s still a significant audience for police procedural sitcoms. One of these fans is Bear Parker, Community Manager for TT Games Global. So upon hearing of the show’s cancellation, he was spurred to act. read more

Walmart Accidentally Listed LEGO DC Villains Video Game – Rumored to Have a Free Lex Luthor Minifigure

Last January, we mentioned that a rumored LEGO and Warner Bros Interactive collaboration is now on the works featuring the infamous villainous characters of the DC universe. Aptly titled, LEGO DC Villains, the said rumored project will put into the spotlight the characters of Joker and the rest of his mean posse and will feature a host of DC baddies in one video game package. read more