LEGO Acknowledges Ideas Numbering Error on Steamboat Willie (21317), Plus Set Signing Events at Disney Parks in April

While it’s not going to be available until April 1, we already got our first good looks at the new LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie set (21317) this week. There might have been an element of April Fools’ with the preview though, when one looks at the numbering.


By that we mean the LEGO Ideas sequential numbering in front of the box. It says this is the 24th Ideas set released. Not true. That was the LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) released at the start of this month. LEGO was quick to pick up the buzz and issued this apology for the accidental misprint.

Due to our excitement to get the Steamboat Willie set into the hands of LEGO fans around the world as quick as possible, an error was made on the packaging relating to the sequential set number. It was mistakenly printed as #24 and it should have been #25.

This will be corrected in future sets.

Of course what that means it that the early-run LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) set boxes will eventually become collectors’ items for the typographical flub. In the future we might be looking at inflated prices for 21317 boxes with #24 being hawked online. Hilarity ensues.

In other Steamboat Willie-related news, there are signing events lined up for LEGO Ideas 21317. Obviously they’ll be held in Disney theme parks, but the featured signatory will be the original Ideas designer Máté Szabó. American and European Disney-goers take note of these important dates:

LEGO Store at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Orlando, Florida

April 3, 5PM – 8PM


LEGO Store at Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

April 6, 10AM – 1PM

Rare Unnumbered LEGO Exclusive Set Found at Singapore Changi Airport T3 LEGO Store

The thing about exclusive LEGO products is that you might need to be an international traveller to collect them all. That perhaps, or have online friends living where the exclusives are found. Among these uncommon LEGO products are the Architecture set (40199) of Billund Airport in Denmark, available only in their departure lounge LEGO Store.

Speaking of airports, there’s an unnumbered exclusive LEGO mini set that’s available for purchase only at the Terminal 3 LEGO Store of Changi Airport in Singapore. The packaging is pretty barebones: transparent sealable bag with instruction sheet and hand-packed LEGO pieces to build a scale model of Changi’s Airport Tower.


Information on this unnumbered LEGO bag set was provided to German LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, such as that the model was developed by LEGO Certified Builder Nicholas Foo. It has just enough bricks and pieces to form three main components – square base, tower shaft and control deck – that assemble to form the Changi Airport Tower.

The item was promoted on a Changi T3 LEGO Store flyer, which states that it’s free with any minimum LEGO purchase of 80 Singaporean Dollars. Each customer is also limited to 2 redemptions per day. Minimalist packaging hints that quantities are extremely limited.


The chances of this LEGO exclusive becoming available anywhere else is pretty slim. Thankfully the instruction sheet has been shared by Zusammengebaut, including a piece and element list that can be ordered from LEGO if so desired.

LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie Set (21317) Officially Revealed

Last week, LEGO Ideas put out a teaser for the reveal of a new upcoming set, Disney’s Steamboat Willie (21317). This Monday, March 18, the wait ended and LEGO Ideas’ Steamboat Willie set was unveiled. It’s everything that original creator Máté Szabó/szabomate90 envisioned, with LEGO adding some nifty extras too.

LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie (21317) is a beautiful rendition of the cartoon river vessel that catapulted Mickey Mouse to legendary stardom. It also demonstrates some nifty non-Technic mechanics. There are hidden wheels under the hull to facilitate the steamboat “steaming” along any surface. As the wheel turns, the paddles turn and the twin smokestacks alternately rise and fall, like in the animation.


Anyway, just as with the 1928 cartoon short directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks the whole set’s in black, white and grayscale, with the only colors in the packaging. The new Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigures included are truly special with touches of silver added to their color schemes.

Other features of the famous steamboat include an adjustable crane; articulated rudder wheel and brick-built bell in the bridge; “1928” tile; props like a pennant, potato bin, parrot figure, and Minnie’s guitar and musical score.


In addition, there’s also a commemorative brick plaque with the Mickey symbol and another “1928” year tile. This can serve as a standup display or a floor plate for the Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigs. The instruction booklet will also include a section detailing the history of the “Steamboat Willie” cartoon short, plus info on both the Ideas creator and the LEGO design team that made the product idea official.

One last detail: LEGO news source and online set guide Brickset, to whom we owe these official set images, also noticed a printing error on the Steamboat Willie (21317) box. It identifies this product as the 24th Ideas set when it’s actually number 25 in sequence. The real 24th was the previous Ideas set, Flintstones (21316), which came out on the first day of this month and is still freshly available.


Fans of LEGO and totally classic Disney can expect the Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) to arrive this April 1; and that’s no April Fools’.

“LEGO Hidden Side” Game App and Tie-In Sets Guaranteed to Continue Until Next Year at Least

Before and during the 2019 New York Toy Fair last month, LEGO previewed a new mobile game app that boasts interaction via augmented reality with a new line of sets coming out this year. This is “LEGO Hidden Side,” a fun if horror-themed AR game experience for gadget-using LEGO fans.

LEGO has announced that “Hidden Side,” both in terms of app and tie-in sets, will not arrive until the middle of the year. But the game’s Senior Product Lead Murray Andrews, in interview with Brick Fanatics, reveals that aside from the first batch of Hidden Side tie-ins, more sets are already planned for next year.

“The range is launching in August but we already have plans to release new sets next year,” says Andrews. He adds naturally that nothing can be revealed yet, but promises that more info on the sets, game app and in-universe history of “LEGO Hidden Side” will be shared in time.

Game-related LEGO products have been attempted before. One might recall the console title “LEGO Dimensions” from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales. Launched in 2015, it ran alongside regular releases of “packs” with special LEGO minifigures and props, until the product line was cancelled in 2017.

“LEGO Hidden Side” follows two friends (controlled by players) who transfer to a school that transforms into a haunted nightmare town at night. Using a strange phone app, they must contain the ghosts that show up in-game and change the spooky buildings back into their regular forms; the tie-in LEGO Hidden Side sets do transform between mundane and haunted looks.

Murray Andrews assures LEGO fans that the “Hidden Side” game app will also be regularly updated to add more gameplay features and activities, even as more tie-in sets are released. We can see this for ourselves when LEGO Hidden Side arrives later on August 1.

Problems with Misalinged Coloring of Printed Pieces in some LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) Sets

When the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) came out on March 1, it was positively received by car enthusiasts and collectors. Anyone who did as little as look at the set’s preview images, would agree that it’s a sweet brick-built model. But days after release, some clouds have appeared in the LEG Mustang’s horizon.

Our fellow LEGO news source from Germany, Promo Bricks, has noticed that the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) they got for review have noticed some inconsistency in the pieces with color prints. For one, the white stripes on the sides of the car aren’t in a straight line from brick to brick (as seen above). The same goes for the hood’s blue central stripe.


Promo Bricks contacted LEGO customer service in Denmark itself regarding the badly-aligned printed pieces. Their response wasn’t very encouraging; they say the misaligned stripes across the consecutive bricks in the assembly were not actually misprinted.

LEGO Customer Service has however presented the problem to their Quality Department according to their reply to Promo Bricks. No actual solution has been given yet, though they have proposed a possible reprint of pieces with straight stripes and even stickers to cover the earlier bad coloring job. The company has promised to publicly announce an update to the situation on their website, but nobody knows how long to wait.

Many of the commentators at Promo Bricks have expressed some frustration at their printed set pieces for the Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) too. For now the only “solution” they have was swapping and rotating parts to achieve the greatest level of alignment they could. Hopefully an official answer to this problem will come soon.

Teaser for LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) Released Less than a Month after Passing Review

It can be amazing how fast LEGO can work sometimes to take a LEGO Ideas review passer and turn it into an official set. Last month, the winners of the Ideas Second 2018 Review Stage were announced. Close to a month later, LEGO is already teasing one of those sets.

Then again, it’s understandable since despite being a fan-submitted product idea, the set’s also a major franchise licensed to LEGO. LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317), based on the design by Máté Szabó/szabomate90, was teased in a sweet Twitter animation short.

Said video depicts a LEGO tile mosaic being put together, grey and black on a white background. Then the whole thing gets animated into a familiar page-flipping motion, showing Mickey Mouse at the wheel of the titular Steamboat Willie. Disney movie viewers might recognize this as the current logo art for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Then the animated Mickey drawing fades into a minifigure version, still in black and white.

Choosing the classic 1928 Disney animated short “Steamboat Willie” to make an Ideas set out of was natural for Máté Szabó, who works as an animator. While technically not the first animation to feature Mickey Mouse, it’s the first that he showed up in with synchronized sound. In keeping with the aesthetics, the Steamboat Willie product idea was in black, white and gray LEGO pieces. LEGO would probably follow suit.

The other winner of the Second 2018 Review Stage alongside Steamboat Willie (21317) is the Central Perk Café from “Friends,” which has no teaser yet. Similarly, of the two First 2018 Review Stage winners, only “The Flintstones” (21316) has been revealed, not the Tree House.

LEGO BrickHeadz 2019 Seasonal Easter Chick (40350) Available Now; Also Spotted at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin

One great thing about LEGO is that sometimes, they don’t let fans wait too long for some upcoming great release. When we first showed the official images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) last January, we expected it to arrive, if early, at the end of February.

Well it didn’t release at the end of last month, but this past weekend’s still very much ahead of the Easter season. That was when LEGO finally made the LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Chick (40350) finally available for interested figure collectors.

As is the norm with the BrickHeadz line, the set contains some quirky LEGO elements and pieces that are used to form plants on the figure’s surroundings. The cool part was how these pieces were repurposed, like the “faceless” minifigure heads serving as the flowers’ pistils. LEGO BrickHeadz sets are great sources of pieces for making model plants and flowers.

The seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) is priced at $9.99 and is available at both stores and Shop@Home online. Interestingly, while it hasn’t been listed at the German Shop@Home, BrickHeadz 40350 has already been spotted on shelves at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Sony Center, Berlin. According to German LEGO news source Promo Bricks, it’s priced at €9.99, similar to the US despite value discrepancies.

“Gift With Purchase” Promotional LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower Set (40334) First Seen in Spain LEGO Store Flyer

Moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers have moved out of their New York HQ (formerly Stark Tower) after the events of “Age of Ultron.” Nevertheless, that sleek skyscraper remains the iconic image of a home for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the MCU.

It’s therefore fitting then that, for the upcoming LEGO tie-ins to “Avengers: Endgame” and the conclusion of the MCU franchise’s 10th Anniversary period, a set depicting Avengers Tower be featured. First sightings of the set were on a LEGO Store flyer in Spain, as later shared via Instagram to the German LEGO news source StoneWars.


The LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower set (40334) looks to be an Architecture-lite micro-scale rendition of the Avengers’ first MCU base. It’s got the basic shapes, contours and decals down, and even comes with a micro-build Quinjet (suspended in takeoff via clear element). There’s also a new Tony Stark minifigure (depicted in the middle of being suited up with his Mark 43 “Age of Ultron” armor).

The Spanish LEGO Store flyer from which the images were lifted, notes that the Avengers Tower (40334) is a promotional “gift with purchase” item. In LEGO Spain that amounts to a €79.99 minimum LEGO purchase. We’ve yet to know if that holds for all Europe, and when it’ll come out in North America and elsewhere.

Captain Marvel” of the MCU is show now in cinemas. “Avengers: Endgame” arrives April 26.

LEGOLAND California Has New LEGO Pod – “Creative Rings” (853922) for Customizing Accessories with Decorative Studs

No sooner have we caught word that LEGO was releasing a seasonal costumed minifigure in a pod (confirmed now too), than another pod set from them has been spotted. Shoppers at LEGOLAND California Resort has found this item in their LEGO Shop. No minifigures or brick constructs in it; rather, its contents are accessory-making stuff.

This LEGO pod, numbered 853922, doesn’t seem to have a name on its packaging. But based on the building elements it contains, online sources have dubbed it “Creative Rings.” That’s because the pink-colored pod has a number of plastic ring elements and a wide selection of plastic studs for “gems.”

For a small set that’s apparently marketed for girls, the Creative Rings (853922) seems smartly put together. It’s got a number of plastic rings (open-ended to easily facilitate finger size) with pegs on top to attach decorative pieces to. A lot of them are stud-pieces you might find in other sets – flowers, crystals, heart- and star-shapes. They even include colored circular bases that can go over the ring pieces. And the lid of the pod has a mirror on the inside for posing hands at.


Considering the packaging and the LEGOLAND logo at the back, we surmise that the LEGO Creative Rings pod (853922) is a LEGOLAND Resort exclusive that will (primarily) be available only at the LEGO Stores of the theme parks in question. Priced at $8.99, it’s about the same range as other LEGO pods already out there.

Judging from this and the upcoming Seasonal Easter Chicken pod (853958), it seems LEGO is putting a renewed focus on using the pod concept for more than minifigures and accessories. We’re curious as to what other LEGO pod products will come out in later days.

Official Images Released for All “Avengers: Endgame” Tie-In Sets Named Thus Far

We did say it was only a matter of time. Finally, after initial reveals and unconfirmed product descriptions all cards are on the table, so to speak. LEGO has released the official images for all its tie-sets to Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame.” That includes the product boxes with all the details.

As German LEGO news source Promo Bricks discovered, the official images were first added to the relevant LEGO Marvel product listings on Amazon Germany. As can be seen below, the Reddit descriptions for 76125 and 76131 were spot on. In fact, let’s stop talking about it for now and get right on to the photos.

  • Captain America: Outriders Attack (76123) – 167 pieces; Avengers Battle-Motorcycle model with disc-launchers, includes Captain America and Outrider (x3) minifigures


  • War Machine Buster (76124) – 362 pieces; War Machine Buster mech-armor with articulated limbs and stud-launchers everywhere; includes War Machine, Ant-Man and Outrider (x2) minifigures


  • Iron Man Hall of Armor (76125) – 524 pieces; Tony Stark’s armor gallery with Mk.1, Mk.5, Mk.41 and Mk.50 variants (all minifigures with optional Stark head and hair); features computer workstation and armor-assembly platform; also includes Outrider (x2) minifigures plus buildable figures of Dum-E robot arm and “Igor” piloted armor


  • Avengers Ultimate Quinjet (76126) – 832 pieces; customized Avengers-use Quinjet model with combat tricycle model stored in rear hangar bay; both equipped with stud-launchers (Quinjet has stud Vulcan cannon); includes minifigures of Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Rocket and Chitauri (x2)


  • Avengers Compound Battle (76131) – 699 pieces; Avengers compound building with combat jeep and helicopter models; stud-launchers on both vehicles and Avengers HQ, the latter also features bolt-launchers; includes minifigures of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Nebula and Outrider, plus Ant-Man microfigure and big-figs of Hulk and Thanos


Now, according to the Amazon Germany listings, these LEGO Avengers tie-in sets will become available there on April 1. That likely applies to other outlets and Shop@Home too, barring a bad case of April Fools’.

Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” arrives in cinemas April 26, so the April 1 release makes sense. But first, we have “Captain Marvel” premiering Friday, and it’s got a tie-in also.