LEGO Ideas “Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night” (2133) Revealed, Coming June

“The Starry Night” by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous late-19th Century paintings. This artwork catches the eye with whimsically swirling sky patterns and brightly glowing moon and stars. But those same patterns have been interpreted as visualizations of Van Gogh’s lifelong inner turmoil. As a masterpiece painting, “The Starry Night” has featured in pop culture. Don McLean sang about it in his 1971 song “Vincent”. A 2010 “Doctor Who” episode on BBC featured the artist in monologue while imagining the night sky like his painting. And now LEGO’s getting its own interpretation of it.

After months of collectors knowing it was coming, LEGO has officially listed Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night (21333). This brick-built rendition of the named painting arose from a LEGO Ideas submission by Truman “legotruman” Cheng. “The Starry Night” bursts out of the frame via LEGO-brick relief. At the foot of the frame is a Van Gogh minifigure at his easel with a mini-version of the scene. This is sure to be a sought-after LEGO Ideas product as soon as it launches next month according to Brickset. Now let’s check out some more product info:

Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night (21333)

Age 18+| 2,316 pieces |1 minifigure | $169.99 | Coming June 1

  • 3D LEGO® brick art model (21333) of a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece – Recreate the timeless beauty of Van Gogh’s 1889 painting, The Starry Night, with this LEGO Ideas build-and-display set for adults
  • Capture Van Gogh’s colors and brushstrokes – Discover clever building techniques to mirror the swirling clouds and rolling hills of the original artwork
  • Adjustable display arm for the Vincent van Gogh minifigure – Display the minifigure holding his paintbrush and palette in front of an easelwith a printed mini version of The Starry Night painting
  • Creative collaboration – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is proud to join with the LEGO Group and the fan designer to share this project with art lovers around the world

Other LEGO Creator Expert Sets Due Later in 2022

We just took a good look at the highly-anticipated LEGO set for Optimus Prime (10302), from Hasbro’s “Transformers” franchise. It’s but the latest entry to the Age-18+ LEGO Creator Expert (or LEGO for Adults) line this 2022. Starting with the Boutique Hotel (10297), we’ve been blessed with awesome sets for grown-up LEGO builders. And this unprecedented collaboration between LEGO and Hasbro for a brick-built Optimus isn’t even the last for the year. They’ve got more Creator Expert/Adult sets awaiting launch. Some are throwbacks to old LEGO sets, some are new, and others are annual releases. Stone Wars gives us further info on these upcoming releases.

Surely you still recall the LEGO Castle set numbered 10305 that’s been a favored subject of rumor. The last word puts its launch this coming August. But before that, according to Stone Wars, we’ve got an apparent follow-up to the 2018 Creator Expert Roller Coaster (10261). This set, numbered 10303, is said to launch in July. And that’s not all. Here’s a listing of what else to come from Creator Expert before the year’s out.

  • Optimus Prime (10302) – Due June 1; see our feature on it
  • Roller Coaster (10303) – 3,756 pieces; €349.99; July
  • Chevrolet Camaro (10304) – 1,456 pieces; €159.99; summer or autumn
  • Castle (10305) – €349.99; August
  • Atari 2600 (10306) – €169.99; August
  • Eiffel Tower (10307) – €629.99; November
  • Winter Village 2022 (10308) – €99.99; Holidays 2022
  • Botanical Collection: Succulents (10309) – 771 pieces; €49.99; May

Yeah, the numbering order doesn’t necessarily reflect the release order. Botanical Collection: Succulents is Creative Expert set number 10309, but it’s available now. Also, set 10301, supposedly a space set, has yet to be revealed itself. For now, the above list has concrete info for the sets, but LEGO’s yet to tell us more.

LEGO Optimus Prime (10302) Revealed; Launching June 1 for Creator Expert Line

The beauty about LEGO and its licensed-IP products is that they’ve been real good at getting so many. Media franchises have long made up a solid portion of LEGO sets: films, TV series and more. Over the years their scope for licensed IPs has expanded. Whoever thought doing Nintendo’s “Super Mario” in LEGO could turn out so good. But one thing LEGO hasn’t quite done was do a LEGO product depicting something from their toy-brand competitors. At least, that was the case until this year. There’s no denying it now. LEGO has partnered with rival Hasbro to give us this sweet 18+ set…that also transforms.

Brickset gives us this epic news of confirmation for LEGO Creator Expert’s take on Optimus Prime (10302) from Hasbro’s “Transformers.” We get a kit of 1,508 pieces to assemble into the most iconic Cybertronian Transformer of all. And just like with the original toys from Hasbro (and Japan’s Takara), you can transform our Autobot leader. Fully built, Creator Expert Optimus (10302) can change as-is from robot to truck mode and back. We also get weapons options and accessories like a jetpack, energon cube and the Matrix of Leadership. This is a must-have for LEGO-and-Transformers cross-brand fan. They’ll certainly be waiting for its launch June 1st.

Optimus Prime (10302)

Age 18+ | 1,508 pieces | $169.99 |Coming June 1

  • Build a Transformers icon – Enjoy quality time crafting all the details of this LEGO® Optimus Prime (10302) model
  • Converts from robot to vehicle – Just like the much-loved original, this LEGO® Optimus Prime replica switches between a robot and a truck

  • Authentic accessories – Relive Transformers sagas with accessories that include the ion blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, an Energon axe, Energon cube and jetpack

  • For Transformers fans – This LEGO® Optimus Prime collectible model is designed especially for adults looking for their next immersive project
  • Display with pride – Includes a display plaque so you can pay tribute to your passion for Transformers
  • 19 points of articulation – Explore all of Optimus Prime’s movements. Open the chest chamber to store the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

That’s only under a month left before “Transformers” fans can transform and roll out with LEGO.

Here’s How To Build Your Own Custom LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime!

LEGO has just announced its latest LEGO set in the form of one of the most iconic Autobot in the franchise.  And though we need to wait until the end of this month to get our hands on it, builders can start building their own custom LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime even sooner with these neat building instructions from Build Better Bricks.

If you’ve been following our articles here in TBS, you’ll notice that a significant portion of our blogs is dedicated to the unique creations of the LEGO fan community. And as a fan of Generation 1 Transformers, I’m just excited to see this official LEGO version of Optimus, together with other brick-built renditions of some of the most memorable characters of the G1 era. Talk about having Soundwave and Devastator in all their LEGO glory and you’ll get the picture.

And this time around, Build Better Bricks is giving us a treat by letting us create our own custom LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime while we wait for the release of the official LEGO version on June 1.


With only a third of the parts needed to build the actual LEGO Optimus, B3’s custom brick rendition of Prime only requires less than 500 LEGO pieces to put together, making it a great way to jump back and reminisce about the G1 Transformers era without investing too much in new LEGO parts.

While B3’s version of the Optimus’ G1 version may not be at par with the actual 10302 set in terms of scale, this original creation from LEGO Masters Champion Tyler Clites still boasts some nifty features like 24 points of articulation, full transformation to his Semi Truck Mode, and his iconic ion blaster and Matrix of Leadership accessories. Do take note, however, that Build Better Bricks only offers the building instructions to create this custom version of Prime. You’ll have to provide the needed LEGO parts.

LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime

And if you want to give this a try, B3 is offering the building instructions to this for a minimal amount of $8. You’ll get high-quality instructions in PDF format, a parts list, and file that lets you easily import the model into Bricklink to get the parts you need if ever some of them are not available in your collection.

Let me know what you think about this B3 offering, and be sure to visit their website to know more about their custom LEGO Transformers build. While you’re at it, make it a point to see the rest of the custom LEGO builds that B3 has put together.

LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) Now Listed, Coming August

For LEGO builder-collectors who love real-life buildings and structures, LEGO Architecture’s been a godsend theme. Nothing quite beats how the Architecture design team can encapsulate famous structures in remarkable scaled-down detail. Be it solo structures or building collections like city skylines, LEGO Architecture sets never fail to wow. Since the LEGO Architecture Singapore (21057) set launched in January, the wait has been on for the next entry of the line. Rumors over the past few months stated that it’ll be an ancient historical build this time. We can now confirm via that we can expect the arrival of LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) anytime soon.

We can expect LEGO Architecture’s Great Pyramid of Giza (21058) to be available beginning August 1. The interesting thing about this set is its presentation of the above structure. Rather than the now-familiar weathered brown appearance, LEGO recreates how the pyramid may have looked circa 26th Century BC. Ancient contemporary sources described it as being white with a golden peak. So it is in this set. We also get a recreation of the smaller companion pyramid and temple complex at the nearby Nile. Great Pyramid (21058) demonstrates why the real thing was named a Wonder of the Ancient World. But enough of that; here’s the blurb:

LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza

LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058)

Age 18+ | 1,476 pieces | $129.99 | Coming August 1

  • A time-travelling building project for adults – This LEGO® Architecture model (21058) lets you experience how the Great Pyramid of Giza and its surrounding area might have looked in ancient times
  • Cross-section model – Lift off the outer shell to reveal the stone-moving system that may have been used during construction. View from the back to see the King’s and Queen’s Chambers and main tunnels
  • Detailed landscape – A section of the Nile river with 2 LEGO® brick versions of feluccas (ancient boats), 2 small pyramids, 2 mortuary temples, Sphinx statues, a workers’ village and an obelisk

LEGO Jurassic World 2022 Sets Now Available via Amazon

There’s much to anticipate in the upcoming LEGO Jurassic World Dominion film, now that we’re just counting the weeks before the franchise’s final installment is released in theaters on June 10.  And to ramp up the excitement, LEGO has officially released its LEGO Jurrasic World 2022 tie-in sets over at its home shopping portal, with some of these sets made also available on Amazon.

I have to say that LEGO did a great job coming up with this wave of LEGO Jurassic World 2022 sets, and with an 18+ set particularly designed for those who grew up with the franchise, LEGO has solidified its Jurassic World theme as one of its most popular and endearing sets for almost a decade.

In case you want to get your LEGO fix over at Amazon, you may want to consider checking on the following affiliate links below. To be completely transparent, any purchase that you’ll make via these affiliate links will be helpful in helping us keep our blog site up.

Let’s take a look.

LEGO Jurassic World 2022 Sets

T. rex Dinosaur Breakout (76944)

140 pieces; minifigures include Owen Grady, Zia Rodriguez, Wildlife Guard, and T. Rex bigfig

LEGO Jurassic World 2022


Atrociraptor Dinosaur: Bike Chase (76945)

169 pieces; minifigures include Owen Grady, Rainn Delacourt, and Atrociraptor bigfig

LEGO Jurassic World 2022


Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture (76946)

181 pieces; minifigures include Rainn Delacourt, Maisie, Beta, and Blue bigfig


Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush (76947)

306 pieces; minifigures include Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Kayla Watts, and a Quetzalcoatlus bigfig

LEGO Jurassic World 2022


T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout (76948)

466 pieces; minifigures include Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Rainn Delacourt, Soyona Santos, with T. Rex and Atrociraptor bigfigs


Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack (76949)

810 pieces; minifigures include  Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Kayla Watts, Dr. Henry Wu, with Giganotosaurus and Therizinosaurus bigfigs

LEGO Jurassic World 2022


Some of the sets included in this 2022 LEGO Jurassic World sets are still yet to be listed on Amazon, most notable among them is the Instagram-worthy, 18+, T.rex Breakout (76956) set.


As of press time, this buildable display set is temporarily out of stock over at so let’s hope that it can find its way to Amazon soon enough.

New LEGO Duplo 2022 Sets Coming August 1, Now Listed on

The start of a new year and the holiday season are both primetime launch periods for LEGO sets. It’s the same deal for the beginning of summer, which falls smack-dab in the middle of the year. Specifically, that would be anytime from May to August if dividing a year into three. Already this week we’ve been getting word of the many LEGO sets making their debut on June 1. The reveals have been for all ages as expected. Speaking of ages, that rating would apply to the youngest builders too. So of course we’re getting new LEGO Duplo 2022 products headed our way.

Promobricks would have it that no less than nine Duplo sets are due to launch in mid-2022. According to them, this wave of new LEGO Duplo 2022 products also boasts a new color scheme for their box packaging. Now the new primary coloring has changed from green to white. In our opinion, the color change works great as it gives a “clean” look. One can also notice a common theme in the upcoming Duplo. Save for one set from early-age Marvel animation “Spidey and his Amazing Friends,” the rest feature animals. Duplo really rocks at depicting brick-buildable animals, as these listings show:

LEGO Duplo 2022

Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure (10963)
Age 2+| 41 pieces | 4 Duplo figures | $59.99 | Coming August 1

  • Marvel action for little Super Heroes – Fans of the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Marvel TV Show on the Disney+ channel will love the LEGO® DUPLO® Marvel Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure (10963) set
  • Iconic characters – This activity-packed playset includes buildable fairground activities and 4 LEGO® DUPLO® figures from the Marvel Universe: Spidey, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin
LEGO Duplo 2022
Wild Animals of Africa (10971)
Age 2+| 10 pieces | $9.99 | Coming August 1

  • Open-ended play – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Africa (10971) gives preschoolers endless, hands-on, developmental fun with 2 baby animals in their natural environment
  • Toddler-friendly figures – The colorful playset includes a baby elephant and giraffe that are easy for toddlers to pick up and place, flowers, a tree and a 3-dimensional woodland playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972)
Age 2+| 32 pieces | $19.99 | Coming August 1

  • Open-ended ocean fun – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the Ocean (10972) gives fish-loving preschoolers endless, hands-on developmental fun with sea creatures in their natural habitat
  • Hands-on play – The colorful playset includes an adult and baby whale, tropical fish and a turtle, which are all easy for toddlers to pick up and place, plus a 3-dimensional undersea playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of South America (10973)
Age 2+| 71 pieces | $54.99 | Coming August 1

  • Jungle animals and activities – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of South America (10973) takes little explorers into a jungle bustling with play possibilities
  • Wide variety of wildlife – The colorful playset includes a crocodile, 2 monkeys, a sloth, baby jaguar, toucan and alpaca, plus trees, rocks waterfall and a 3-dimensional jungle playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of Asia (10974)
Age 2+| 117 pieces | $89.99 | Coming August 1

  • Explore Asian wildlife – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Asia (10974) is a detailed recreation of Asia’s natural habitats, with a cast of native animals, plants and trees as well as realistic sounds
  • Captivating creatures – The set features adult and baby elephants, pandas and tigers, a monkey, 2 birds and 2 red pandas, as well as bamboo and cherry blossom trees and a 3-dimensional playmat

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of the World (10975)
Age 2+| 140 pieces | $129.99 | Coming August 1

  • The natural world in a playset – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of the World (10975) helps preschoolers discover and learn about the world’s wildlife and natural environments
  • 22 animals – Meet pandas in Asia, lions in Africa, deer in Europe, an alpaca in South America, a bear in North America, a koala in Australia, penguins in the Antarctic… and lots more

LEGO Duplo 2022

My First Puppy & Kitten (with Sound) (10977)
Age 1½+| 22 pieces | $39.99 | Coming August 1

  • Pets for preschoolers – LEGO® DUPLO® My First Puppy & Kitten With Sounds (10977) provides playful learning opportunities for pet-loving toddlers
  • Cat and dog learning toys – The playset includes a buildable kitten and puppy that make realistic sounds for a variety of situations, plus a pet play hoop
  • Build developmental skills – Toddlers put 2 bricks together to make each pet, then care for them, play with them and listen to their needs

LEGO Duplo 2022

Wild Animals of Europe (10979)
Age 2+ | 85 pieces | $69.99 | Coming August 1

  • Explore nature – LEGO® DUPLO® Wild Animals of Europe (10979) provides preschoolers with endless, hands-on, play-and-learn opportunities among the wildlife of Europe
  • Toddler-friendly animals – Features 11 toy animals in their natural habitat: 2 adult deer, a baby deer, bear, fox, wild pig, bird, rabbit, duck and 2 squirrels

One LEGO Duplo 2022 set, Gingerbread House with Santa Claus (10976) is yet to be listed with official images. Do keep watching this space for updates.

LEGO Iron Man Armory (76216) Official Reveal, Coming this June 2022

Just as LEGO looks towards the future with all-new sets, it continues to look back at the past too. Plenty of “new” sets announced by LEGO every year might be remakes of previous ones. How many LEGO Star Wars sets from years ago received a UCS revision already? And for LEGO Marvel, how many times did they reinterpret Tony Stark’s Iron Man armory across different sets? Around 2019-20 we got the Iron Man Hall of Armor (776125) and Iron Man Armory (76167), now both retired. And this 2022 LEGO’s giving that MCU locale yet another spin with the LEGO Iron Man Armory, as reported by Brickset.

Here we go again with a LEGO Marvel Iron Man Armory set, only this time numbered 76216. If you thought the armor slots from previous sets were limited due to being one level, try this version. It has two stacked rows for eight Iron Man armors, plus a workstation, tools, assembly pedestal, and sportscar. This set packs a Tony Stark/Iron Man minifig, accompanied by Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, War Machine, and “IM2” baddie Whiplash. The new Iron Man Armory (76216) is themed to the LEGO Marvel Infinity Saga line for set-piece compatibility. Here’s the official listing:

LEGO Iron Man Armory

Iron Man Armory (76216)

Age 7+ | 496 pieces | 8 minifigures | $89.99 | Coming June 1

  • Iron Man headquarters – Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with the LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Armory (76216), packed with authentic details, features and minifigures
  • Marvel characters – Includes 8 minifigures: MK3, MK25 and MK85 Iron Man suits, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, War Machine and Whiplash
  • Realistic details – Familiar items from the movies include a sports car with Stark Expo model-map, a robot assistant arm, a work area with tools and loads of authentic accessories

It’s funny that LEGO revealed this set early this May, only to launch it next month.  Still, which LEGO and MCU fan could say no to a new brick-built armor gallery for Tony Stark?

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206) Set Revealed

LEGO Art is just the theme for LEGO collectors who love art, primarily of the 2D form. Sets from the LEGO Art line don’t really take up that much space. Assembling the tile-mosaic designs is also fun, especially if the set offers variations on imagery. Recent LEGO Art products range from superhero comic-book artwork to tributes to legendary musical artists. In the latter category, we’ve heard rumors from back in March about the imminent arrival of a LEGO Art Rolling Stones set featuring the legendary rock band. Unlike February’s Elvis Presley “The King” (31204), this one doesn’t actually feature the artist/s. But it’s still cool.

Brick Fanatics tells us that LEGO’s confirmed LEGO Art “The Rolling Stones” (31206) via a product listing. It’s no tile-art of Mick Jagger and crew, but instead a 22-in x 18.5-in brick-built rendition of the band logo. This massive LEGO icon, unconstrained by the fixed square/rectangular frames of previous LEGO Art, looks great on a wall. Perhaps that non-conventional design might explain the now-confirmed $149.99 price, despite having only 1,998 pieces. It also appears to be 3D in texture, compared to the painting-style convention of past LEGO Art sets.

The Rolling Stones (31206)

Age 18+ | 1,998 pieces | $149.99 | Coming August 1

  • Celebrate rock & roll – Explore the facets of The Rolling Stones’ logo as you build this LEGO® Art The Rolling Stones (31206) wall set in 3D as a tribute to the band’s 60th anniversary
  • Made for display – This immersive 1,998-piece LEGO® passion project includes 9 brick baseplates, a Rolling Stones signature tile, brick-built frame, brick remover and 2 hanger elements
  • Designed for rock fans – Pay tribute to the classic talent of The Rolling Stones, and their 60th anniversary, by creatinga LEGO® art piece of the band logo to hang with pride on your wall
  • Explore the music – Enter a state of inspired musical focus with the Soundtrack, which immerses you in unexpected details as you produce this wall art project

Apparently, the set also has a QR code for listening to an online Rolling Stones soundtrack. That sounds great for when assembling LEGO Art Rolling Stones (31206). Expect this set to launch on August 1, what with the Rolling Stones celebrating a-rockin’ 60 years.

LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter Professors of Hogwarts (40560) Officially Revealed

Even today, the Wizarding World created by J.K. Rowling and adapted into a film by Warner Bros. remains an active franchise. Last mid-April even saw the premiere of “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” This prequel continues chronicling the Wizarding World’s saga leading to World War II and the rise of Dark Lord Grindelwald. But for many fans of the franchise, the original “Harry Potter” books/films remain the best. It can be seen perhaps in the continuing parade of merchandise for the adventures of Harry Potter in Hogwarts. For example, LEGO just revealed a massive upcoming four-character set in the likes of the LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter Professors of Hogwarts (40560) set. now lists the LEGO BrickHeadz “HP”-related Professors of Hogwarts set (40560). Indeed, four Hogwarts faculty members from the Potter-verse have been translated into adorable BrickHeadz form. We have wise Professor McGonagall, nasty Professor Snape, crazy-cool but mysterious Professor Moody, and frizzled Professor Trelawney. Moody’s weird left eye features are among the unique BrickHeadz elements to get in this set. You thought twofer LEGO BrickHeadz sets were big? Professors of Hogwarts (40560) is double even that. LEGO Shop hasn’t specified what date of this year it’ll come out, but it’s soon. Check this out.

Professors of Hogwarts

LEGO BrickHeadz Professors of Hogwarts (40560)

Age 10+ | 601 pieces | $39.99 | Coming soon

  • Gift for Harry Potter™ fans – LEGO® BrickHeadz Professors of Hogwarts™ (40560) presents buildable models of Professors Snape™, McGonagall™, Moody and Trelawny for young witches and wizards aged 10+
  • Authentic details – Snape wears his black cloak; McGonagall has a green dress, witch’s hat and golden feathers; Moody has a weird and wonderful eye; and Trelawny sports a colorful headband
  • Designed for play and display – The 4 characters stand over 3 in. (8 cm) tall and come with individual baseplates for easy display. Give as a birthday present, holiday gift or surprise treat