Just In! 2016 LEGO City Set Images

A bunch of the 2016 LEGO City set images have popped up on the LEGO servers. Enjoy below!

These will be available in store and online to purchase on December 1st!

Fire ATV (60105)

lego 60105

Fire Starter Set (60106)

lego 60106

Rally Car (60113)

lego 60113

Race Boat (60114)

lego 60114

4×4 Off Roader (60115)

lego 60115

Ambulance Plane (60116)

lego 60116

Garbage Truck (60118)

lego 60118

Prison Island Starter Set (60127)

lego 60127

Police Pursuit (60128)

lego 60128


LEGO Angry Birds Movie Sets Update

Just a few details that have surfaced on Eurobricks regarding the coming LEGO Angry Birds sets

  • All six sets will include catapults, which mimics the popular game and the same style we saw in the K’Nex Angry Birds sets.
  • Bird minifigures that will be included are Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella and Matilda.
  • One of the sets will feature the pirate ship belonging to the bad piggies. Below is a picture of this ship. This is a screenshot from the Angry Birds movie trailer (seen below).


Watch the Trailer!

LEGO Ninjago Poster Reveals Artwork / Sets for 2016


As you see in the above LEGO Ninjago poster some more artwork is revealed for the coming sets and TV series. You’ll see more on the pirates that the Ninjago team will be taking on in the animated series. In addition, you can see some flying vehicles in the distance which gives us some visuals for the coming 2016 LEGO Ninjago sets.

No Sets Approved for First 2015 LEGO Ideas Review Stage

Today, the LEGO Ideas team announced the no sets would be approved this time around, despite 13 projects being up for review. Those projects included:

  • Science Adventures
  • The Discworld
  • Medieval Market Street
  • Disney Princess Frozen Elsa’s Ice Castle
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Bricksauria/Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • International Space Station
  • The Golden Girls Living Room and Kitchen Modular Set
  • Legend of Zelda: King of Red Lions Play Set
  • RMS Titanic
  • 1969 Corvette
  • Small Yellow
  • Daft Punk


Personally, I would have liked to see the International Space Station become a set.

Here is the official video: