LEGO Star Wars NYTF images!

For all Star Wars fans out there, here’s what to expect from LEGO at this year’s New York Toy Fair!


75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack


75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack


75178 Jakku Quadjumper


75180 Rathtar Escape


75182 Republic Fighter Tank


75183 Darth Vader Transformation



75184 Star Wars Advent Calendar


75185 Tracker I


75186 The Arrowhead



75531 Stormtrooper Commander



75532 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike










LEGO 2017 Nexo Knights Sets Revealed! 

Yet another batch of Images from Toy Fair have now come out, those now coming from the 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights range!


70353 The Heligoyle


70354 Axl’s Rumble Maker


70355 Aaron’s Rock Climber


70356 The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction


70357 Knighton Castle 


70361 Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon



LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Reveal!

Next up on the list of many (many, many…) Photos from NYTF is the new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Silent Mary (71042) pirate ship!

Here’s the press release and images:



This highly detailed Lego model with over 2,200 pieces features a hinged bow section, opening skeleton hull with decay and destruction detailing, movable rudder, collapsible main mast and two further masts, long bowsprit with crow’s nest and mast, tattered sails, detailed quarterdeck, plus a rowboat with two oars and an array of weapons and accessory elements. This model provides a rewarding build and play experience, and the integrated stand makes it suitable for display… Includes eight minifigures: Captain Jack Sparrow, Henry, Carina, Lieutenant Lesaro, Captain Salazar, Officer Magda, Officer Santos and the Silent Mary Masthead.

LEGO DC Superheroes Girls Images.

Another batch of images from NY Toy Fair has come in! This time around, we have all of the DC Superheroes Girls Images! Anyone who’s tired of just seeing LEGO Batman Movie sets recently will definitely be excited for these!


41236 Harley Quinn Dorm


41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker


41238 Lena Luther Kryptonite Factory


41239 Eclipso Dark Palace

LEGO 2017 LEGO Batman Set Images!

Our first batch of long-awaited images from New York Toy Fair have come in! First up is the The LEGO Batman Movie Images. I won’t talk too much since I know why we’re all here, so let’s get to it:


70917 Ultimate BatMobile


70916 Batwing


70915 Two-Face Double Demolition 


70914 Bane Toxic Truck Attack

First Look at the New First Order Stormtrooper from Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

We’ve reported that Star Wars Force Friday II has been confirmed, where Disney and Lucasfilm have partnered for the second time around with leading manufacturers to create an awesome Star Wars experience for fans across the world in preparation for the theatrical debut of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Though this huge promotional is still seven months from now, the legion of Star Wars faithful is already looking forward to the event.

To add to the excitement, Episode VIII director Rian Johnson recently shared a tidbit of a teaser to whet the appetite of those looking forward to see what’s in store in the 8th instalment of the gargantuan movie franchise. We saw that Rey will be sporting a new look in The Last Jedi, and this time it’s the iconic foot soldier of the ominous First Order that will get a bit of a rehash. Johnson took it to Tumblr to share this photo of the new First Order Stormtrooper that will make their debut in Episode VIII as you can see from the image below.

Frankly, at first glance, there is not much of a difference between this newer version of the Stormtrooper to that of 2015’s version in The Force Awakens. It may not be noticeable for the casual observer, but a hardcore SW fan will be quick to point this out. Movie news website Slashfilms compared images of the 2015 and 2017 First Order Stormtrooper and noticed some very subtle differences between the two, particularly with their helmets. The one on the left is the Stormtrooper from TFA while the one on the right is from the upcoming TLJ.

According to Slashfilms, “It’s barely noticeable, but the black nose ridge that runs arches across the lower part of the helmet [of the Episode VIII Stormtrooper] appears to be slightly thinner than the older design. The eyes are slightly more triangular as well.” Other than the helmet, there seems virtually no difference between the rest of the trooper’s armor and accessories. The sleeker helmet design from the latter seems to give a more, villainous and indifferent look to these apathetic foot soldiers.

If you recall, the LEGO minifigure version of the First Order Stormtrooper as they debuted in The Force Awakens has a helmet design which is very similar to the image above.

Now, the question in every LEGO Star Wars fan is, will or has LEGO included these minute details in its upcoming Star Wars The Last Jedi sets? Other than the new look that we saw from Rey, will the First Order Stormtrooper be getting the same treatment? Though it highly unlikely that we will know the answers at the LEGO Booth in the New York Toy Fair, our best bet of confirming this is when Force Friday II begins in September.

So what do you think brick fans? Is this something that you’ll look forward to among the upcoming LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi sets? Let us know in the comments below and join in the discussion on our Facebook page.



Credit: Slashfilms via ITM.

WATCH: See What Happens When You Bring Together the Creative Genius of the LEGO Technic Designers and BMW Motorrad Engineers.

Yesterday, we featured the story behind the creation of LEGO’s first ever partnership with motorcycle maker, BMW Motorrad to come up with the impressive 2-in-1 LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (42063). The Technic set is a faithful rendition of the popular BMW motorcycle that was revealed last year, given with a futuristic twist. The set itself can be rebuilt into a Hover Ride, which was later used by BMW Motorrad engineers to replicate a life-sized concept hover vehicle. I have to admit that at first, the news fell off from my radar when the LEGO set was revealed last November. Not until I heard of the unique story behind its creation, and the collaboration needed to pull it through, that I started to follow its journey.

To make sure that they’ll be able to convey the joy and subtle excitement of the LEGO Technic team in creating the 42063, LEGO has uploaded a video that shows the creative genius of both the LEGO Technic and BMW Motorrad designers. Watch the documentary below, and you find out more about the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (42063) by clicking on this link.

What happens when you put together a team of LEGO Technic designers and a BMW Motorrad engineer? Watch this short documentary and immerse yourself in the journey of the two teams from recreating the iconic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure to pushing the limits and transforming the alternative LEGO Technic model into a real life size BMW Motorrad Concept Hover Ride.


This Is What To Watch Out For From LEGO at the 2017 New York Toy Fair.

We’re all set for this year’s grandest toy fair in North America, and while Jason and the team is getting packed up and ready to go to the New York Toy Fair, LEGO Systems Inc. just recently issued a press release giving us a glimpse of what to expect from LEGO at Booth #1635, Hall 3B of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center starting tomorrow, Saturday until Tuesday next week.

With more than 300 LEGO sets to debut over the course of the fair, it’s great to confirm what sets will LEGO reveal in the course of the NYTF. According to the press release, some of the never-before-seen building sets that will be revealed include those coming from The LEGO Ninjago Movie, Nexo Knights, LEGO Minecraft (including the Ocean Monument 21136 and the Mountain Cave 21137), 30 new sets from LEGO Star Wars, and the highly anticipated Spiderman: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok sets.


The new and supercharged building and coding set, LEGO Boost, will also be in the spotlight, as well as LEGO’s newest social app for children, LEGO Life, will also be heavily promoted.


However, it is quite odd that there was no mention at all of the rumored LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) and the Disney tie-up LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Silent Mary (71042). Perhaps LEGO is still holding back a few surprises under its sleeve and we just have to wait for the first footages to come in, once Jason and the Brick Show team enters the gates of the Convention Center.

You may read LEGO’s complete press release below. Be sure to check with us throughout the course of the weekend for our up-to-the minute coverage of the all the happenings in the 2017 New York Toy Fair.


LEGO Systems, Inc. Unveils Hundreds of Building Sets and Complimentary Digital Experiences to Champion Imaginative Play in 2017

-More than 300 New LEGO Building Sets Unveiled at North American International Toy Fair Offer the Best of Physical Play and Key Digital Enhancements-


NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — NORTH AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR, LEGO Systems, Inc. celebrates the intersection of classic construction play with digital experiences to accelerate imagination as it unveils more than 300 new building sets at this week’s American International Toy Fair. From the youngest of builders to the savviest teens, the company offers a LEGO solution for every builder of any age, building skill and interest, for any play occasion. New LEGO® BOOST and LEGO Life digital experiences inspire endless physical play potential. LEGO BrickHeadz offers a new style of mini character building catering to kids’ growing interest in collectibles. All the most popular LEGO themes, such as LEGO CITY, LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars™, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and LEGO Creator, expand with new building sets. Two major feature films starring the LEGO brand also get the building sets treatment: the recently released The LEGO® Batman Movie and the September 2017 release, The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie. New LEGO building sets are displayed at booth #1635 in Hall 3B of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from February 18-21.

“We inspire kids to be creative, innovative and imaginative. In today’s world, where media and technology are as much a part of the family unit as physical toys, it’s critical for us to take a thoughtful approach to extending the value of analog play to the digital space,” said Skip Kodak, senior vice president, LEGO Systems, Inc. “Our new collection gives breadth and depth, offering the classic LEGO play opportunity, plus innovative enhancements targeted to today’s generation of digital natives. Whether kids build a LEGO movie storyline at home after enjoying it at the theater, or they safely share their original creations online with a social community of peers who like to build, we provide the means by which their imaginations can be endlessly built to life.”

Younger Builders (Age 1½+)
LEGO DUPLO introduces children as young as 18 months to LEGO building with blocks that are twice the size of a classic LEGO brick. Twenty-four new DUPLO sets offer classic themes like Family House and My First Number Train, along with licensed preschool property DC Batman. Sets range from $4.99 to $59.99.

The first step in classic LEGO brick building, LEGO Juniors provides modular pieces, such as solid walls and archways, and step-by-step instructions to help builders as young as 4 years old to gain confidence in their ability to build. Popular LEGO themes are available through the collection, including LEGO City and LEGO Friends, and DC Batman.

Classic and Themed Building (Ages 5+)
LEGO Classic offers open-ended, “no instructions” building, including four new color-specific creativity boxes (blue, red, green, yellow) for $4.99 each. Every LEGO Creator set ($4.99-$69.99) provides hours of building and re-building fun with 3-in-1 models of creatures, structures and vehicles, such as new Mighty DinosaursBeachside Vacation and Sunset Street Bike.  

LEGO City builds the adventures of everyday heroes with detailed models and action packed scenarios. Thirty new building sets reflect themes including PoliceTownCoast GuardJungle and Great Vehicles, ranging from $6.99 to $119.99.

LEGO® Friends introduces over 20 new building sets featuring the girls of Heartlake City. Builder can explore hobbies, like Emma’s Photo Studio and Olivia’s Creative Lab, and new parts of the city such as Heartlake Hospital or Heartlake Sports Center. New subthemes include Show Dogs and Summer Fun, the new Snow Resort offers a lodge, ski lift and ice rink. Sets range from $4.99 to $89.99.

The LEGO NINJAGO™ saga continues with seven building sets inspired by 10 new episodes airing on Cartoon Network. Premiering in September 2017, The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie will bring the beloved ninja to the silver screen – and starting in August–new building sets based on scenes from the movie will be available.

Eight new building sets ($9.99 to $69.99) create the next chapter of LEGO Elves. Heroine Emily must rescue her sister, Sophie, from the Goblin King, as told through a Netflix series.

Five knights who “download” special powers to take on the evil Jestro return in 19 new LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS building sets, including Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster and Jestro’s Headquarters. The story continues in two new seasons of episodic content on Cartoon Network and a free digital gaming app, Merlok 2.0 that enhances the building fun. Sets range from $9.99 to $129.99.

Seven LEGO Speed Champions sets let builders recreate some of the fastest vehicles in the world, such as the new Mercedes-AMG GT3Bugatti Chiron, Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H, 2016 Ford GT, 1966 Ford GT40, Ferrari FXX K, and Mercedes AMG Petronas. Sets range from $14.99 to $99.99.

Advanced builders get 13 new LEGO Technic sets this year, including 2-in-1 models like BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and Ocean Explorer, with intricate elements and features like gears, beams, pulleys, actuators and pneumatics. Sets range from $19.99 to $289.99.

Licensed Building (Ages 8+)
LEGO Minecraft™ returns bringing the virtual creative building experience of the best-selling video game to life through physical LEGO brick building. Eight new sets, priced $19.99 to $109.99, allow children to create and enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring familiar characters, biomes and unique items from the game.

Licensed Building – The Walt Disney Company
Eight new LEGO Disney sets feature beloved characters and movie scenes including Disney’s Frozen Anna, Elsa, and Disney Princess characters Ariel and Cinderella. Two sets feature new heroine, Moana, and her adventures, including Moana’s Ocean Voyage. Sets range from $5.99 to $79.99.

DUPLO sets for younger builders feature properties include Mickey Mouse and Minnie MouseCinderella, Disney·Pixar’s upcoming Cars 3, along with LEGO Juniors sets inspired by Disney and Disney·Pixar’s Cars 3.

LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes brings classic Marvel Avengers and upcoming films, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok to LEGO building. Mighty Micros, containing a Super Hero and a villain plus their vehicles, such as Iron Man vs. Thanos. Sets range from $9.99 to $49.99.

Over 30 new building sets join the best-selling LEGO Star Wars collection. Sets are inspired by the Star Wars saga films, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, plus Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the STAR WARS: THE FREEMAKER ADVENTURES and Star Wars Rebels™ television series. Popular characters also appear in buildable figure form with nine new sets.

BrickHeadz from the MARVEL Universe and Disney will launch March 1 for $9.99 each.

Licensed Building – Warner Bros. Consumer Products (Ages 5+)
Inspired by the animated adventure The LEGO® Batman Movie, starring DC’s iconic Super Hero, a collection of 18 building sets will be available so that fans can recreate their favorite scenes from the film. Builders can help Batman save Gotham City from The Joker’s hostile takeover with sets including Batcave Break-in and Catwoman Catcycle Chase. Sets range from $15.99 to $179.99.

LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls brings the powerful and diverse roster of renowned DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and their action-packed adventures to LEGO building. Ten building sets will feature 11 iconic characters including: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, Flash, Eclipso, Lena Luther, Lashina and Mad Harriet. Sets are priced from $14.99 to $99.99.

LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes returns for a sixth year with new Mighty Micros, each featuring a DC Super Hero and a DC Super-Villain and their vehicles, including Superman vs. Bizarro. Additional sets tied to theatrical releases of the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman and Justice League feature films will be revealed later this year for children to build exciting scenes form the big screen. Sets range from $9.99 to $129.99.

Collectibles (Ages 5+)
Fans of all ages will be able to collect 52 never-before-seen LEGO® Minifigures™ from three new series launches, including a series focused solely on the characters from The LEGO® Batman Movie. Each blind bag includes one figure each for $3.99.

LEGO BrickHeadz introduces a new way to collect and build LEGO versions of iconic characters and Super Heroes out of classic LEGO bricks and elements. Twelve BrickHeadz, including four characters from The LEGO® Batman Movie, the MARVEL™ Universe and more, will launch March 1 for $9.99 each.

Original designs from fans continue to pour into the LEGO Ideas platform, where they can gather community support to possibly become real LEGO building sets, such as the new Adventure Time™ buildable character set ($49.99). Other designs to be announced this year.

More of the world’s most iconic landmarks and structures build to life in the expanding LEGO Architecture collection, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum®, while the skylines of Chicago, London and Sydney also get a “brick-over.” Sets range from $29.99 to $79.99.

LEGO Exclusives, available through and LEGO Stores, give skilled builders a more challenging and complex building experience, such as the new LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square ($279.99).

Build, Code, Play (Age 7+)
Announced recently at Consumer Electronics Show 2017, LEGO® BOOST is a new supercharged building and coding set that lets children bring LEGO creations to life by adding sound, movement and personality. Using familiar LEGO elements and simple coding language and techniques, LEGO BOOST delivers quick success and an intuitive approach. Children are introduced to coding through a free, downloadable app for iOS and Android that contains the guidance, building instructions and coding commands to master five LEGO creations, one at a time, including Vernie the robot, Frankie the cat, a guitar, a rover and an Bot Factory. Much like building with LEGO bricks, children build behaviors and actions by linking digital coding blocks in an easy-to-understand horizontal layout. The set launches in the second half of 2017 at a suggested retail price of $159.99.

LEGO® Life (Ages 8+)
Launched January 31stLEGO® Life is a safe social network for children that inspires them to build and share their stories through the visual language of LEGO bricks. The LEGO Life app brings a social, digital experience to LEGO play allowing children to gain inspiration from each other to fuel their creative building. The LEGO Life app is free to download for iOS and Android.

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