Another LEGO Batman Movie Polybag Spotted!

It seems that LEGO is really cranking things up a notch with its ridiculously zany take on the many different Bat costumes around. Coming in hot from the previous reveal of two new LEGO Batman minifigs in the polybag promotional LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman and Tears of Batman (30607), comes another polybag that seems to look like a mashup between Pokemon and Batman in his party suit. Spotted by LEGO insider Delta Customs, this unnamed polybag seems to be an Asian exclusive promotional and comes in at 24 pieces featuring a new Batman minifig in a yellow striped tuxedo, encased in a pod or vault-like shell together with several accessories. Check out Delta’s Instagram post below.

Now this is just an afterthought, but I couldn’t help but think that this new LEGO Batman Movie minifigure bears a striking resemblance from a still that has been shared by Entertainment Weekly last Christmas Eve. The said photo still may not be that crucial to the overall plot of the film, but since director Chris McKay has already been quite frank about the various cameos that the LEGO Movie spin-off will allude to, I guess having a wittingly new costume to don our black and yellow hero will hardly be a shocker.

There is no news yet on the serial number of the said polybag, much more on how it can be obtained. We’ll keep you posted once more info comes in so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!



Our First Look at Yet Another Seasonal Set with the LEGO Easter Egg Hunt 40237.

Hot on the heels of the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) comes another set that seems to define the direction LEGO wishes to take with its 2017 seasonal sets. The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt (40237) has been revealed via Bouwsteentjes where we have our first look on its impressive box art.

Same as with the Romantic Valentine Picnic, the Easter Egg Hunt also follows a similar vignette-style of build, and comes with a lovely packaging that is intended to be a gift box as well. It features two minifigures, a chicken element, and a bunch of farm/garden-related pieces. I hope LEGO will continue to offer similar seasonal builds in 2017; it will be a great idea to build a sort of a yearly ‘seasonal’ diorama around this theme with all the year’s events captured in lovely, brick-built snapshots.

There’s no word yet about 40237’s piece count, however, for $9.99, we can assume that it may be around 120 to 140 pieces as well. It is expected to hit store shelves and at either March or April next year.


Thanks also to Hoth Bricks for pointing this out.

JUST IN: LEGO Chess 40174 Spotted.

After the reveal of the LEGO Brick Calendar 40172, Hoth Bricks has just shared an image of what seems to be another brick-built, board game by LEGO. Thanks to a tip by one of their readers, we now have this box art image of LEGO Chess 40174. Frankly speaking, and as far memory serves me right, this is the first LEGO chess board that follows a more purist approach in playing the game. All previous LEGO chess sets such as the Vikings Chess Set from 2006, the Castle Chess Set (852001) from 2007, the Castle Giant Chess Set (852293) from 2008, and last year’s Pirates Chess Set (40158) all comes with play features that definitely has a LEGO twist (and tons of minifigures as well). Though it may not be that appealing to many LEGO board game fans, the traditional black and white color scheme and design of the brick-built pieces make a great centerpiece of sorts. Based on the image below, the set is said to retail for 54.99 Euros or roughly $55 USD in the United States.

Since we can assume that this photo was snapped in a legit LEGO store or one of its affiliates, we can also expect to see this set make its official debut in most LEGO stores and at anytime soon.



Krypto Gets His Own Polybag in the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves the Day 30546.

It looks like there will be plenty of polybags to go around LEGO’s most recent active themes in 2017, and this one is a very welcomed addition to the LEGO DC  Super Hero Girls line. According to LEGO insider CM4Sci over at Reddit, collectors who are eyeing on having the super pup Krypto in his minifigure form now has the opportunity to own one with the recent reveal of the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves the Day (30546) polybag. It should be noted that one way to have Krypto is through the Lashina Tank (41233) set, and in case that you are not interested in owning the entire set, then the polybag is a good alternative.

Other than an eBay listing of this latest polybag, we do not have much detail regarding 30546’s availability. Coming in at 55 pieces, it features the Super Dog Krypto on his own jet vehicle, battling out against a nefarious Kryptomite that also happens to have his own glider-type ride as well. Based on its packaging art, both vehicles are equipped with stud-shooting cannons that also highlight the set’s main play feature.

We have no news yet with regards to this polybag’s availability, but my best guess is that it will be released alongside the rest of the DC Super Hero Girls sets (Lashina Tank 41233, Bumblebee Helicopter 41234, Wonder Woman Dorm 41235) slated for January 1. Whether it turns out to be a free promotional or as a separate purchase around the $4 margin, most DC Superhero fans will definitely keep a close eye on this. Be sure to check with us for more updates only here at the Brick Show.

LEGO Star Wars U-Wing Fighter 30496 Polybag Spotted.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is still going strong in theaters with its performance in the local and international box office now almost topping at $300 million USD since its opening last Friday. Though generally considered as a spin-off, LEGO understands very well how big Rogue One is going to be, with its intriguing storyline, and all new characters, creatures, terrestrial vehicles and starships. Now that the LEGO Rogue One sets have been revealed, it comes as a pleasant surprise that LEGO has thrown in a polybag to mark the success of the film. Thanks from an anonymous tip from a certain Reddit user, it seems that we will have our very first LEGO Rogue One polybag anytime soon.

According to Promo Bricks, the LEGO Star Wars U-Wing Fighter (30496) polybag has been reportedly spotted in LEGOLAND California. We’re not sure as of the moment if this is a LEGOLAND exclusive, or if it will make its way soon as a LEGO Store promotional. Coming in at 55 pieces, this replica of the much larger Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155) features the Rebel Alliance starfighter in its landing and take-off form. You may also want to check out Stephen’s review of set 75155 right here.

As a gunship and troop transport, the Rebel U-Wing Fighter played a very crucial role in the Rebellion’s fight in obtaining the blueprints of the Death Star. It is only but fitting that it gets the LEGO treatment, whether in a form of a large set or even a polybag. Interestingly, the U-Wing is one of the starships featured in Rogue One that LEGO first promoted during the second half of this year, and perhaps not-so-coincidentally, is also the first Rogue One vehicle to have a polybag version.  We’ll keep you posted regarding this piece of news as more info comes in, so be sure to keep tabs with us here at the Brick Show.


Thanks to Promo Bricks for the heads up.

LEGO Offers an Early Seasonal Valentine Treat With the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic 40236.

Here’s an early treat for all you love struck, brick fans out there. If you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead, and you’re thinking as early as now on what could be the perfect gift to that very special someone in your life, then this latest seasonal themed set from LEGO may just be the perfect gift. Moving forward with its successful seasonal sets, comes another one that will surely be a hit among vignette collectors – and just in time for Valentine’s Day. has now listed the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) slated for release on January 1st of 2017. Set 40236 comes in 126 pieces (including a pair of minifigures of course) and will retail at $9.99. Here are the rest of the details.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: a boy and a girl, plus a bird figure.
  • Features a blooming tree, heart-shaped lawn, bouquet of flowers, red balloon and various buildable accessories and elements, including a picnic blanket, 2 sandwiches, cakes, table, 2 glasses and a bottle.
  • Measures over 3” (9cm) high, 4” (12cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.

As a fan of these seasonal vignettes, I cannot overemphasize how much I love this set (shall I count the ways?). It’s a great contrast to other seasonal sets that features a day in the life of our minifigure couples such as the Valentine’s Day Dinner (40120) and the Thanksgiving Feast (40123).




For me, these vignettes are excellent snippets of the simple joys in life rendered in LEGO bricks, and I hope LEGO will consider releasing more of these soon.

Welcome 2017 With A LEGO Brick Calendar 40172.

This may not come as breaking news for most of us, considering that brick-built calendars have been around for quite some time. But this latest offering from LEGO may try to aim for aesthetics rather than function. Instagram user margaret_bricks posted this image of the LEGO Brick Calendar (40172) which she found in an undisclosed LEGO Store. As of this writing, has not yet listed this particular set, and has not yet appeared in any LEGO store in the US.

Based on this image, we can see that set 40172 is consisted of five distinct parts: four numerical brick dice, a tray, and an office guy minifigure holding what seems to be an envelope accessory. Since it is intended to be a brick calendar, it is more of a tabletop or office desk accessory. I am not personally thrilled or excited about this set, and I’m not the type to diligently stick on a schedule to move those brick-built dice on a daily basis. However, it is quite appealing to have this set adorn your home or office shelf for the sake of its looks. I’m just glad that LEGO didn’t make a complementary, minute-per-minute, brick clock to go with this. I might go crazy moving its minute hand manually. What do you think?


Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the tip.

LEGO Launches Wave 1 of Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers 70372.

LEGO Nexo Knights fans have something to look forward to in 2017. After the reveal of some of the newest LEGO Nexo Knights sets slated for release on New Year’s Eve and the roll out of Merlok 2.0’s latest update available both in Google Play and the App Store, LEGO has announced its polybag offering with Wave 1 of the Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers (70372).

To help us figure out where the Combo NEXO Powers fits in Knighton lore, the description provided together with the latest update of the Merlok 2.0 app gives a picture of what to expect from these knightly abilities. I do not actually play the Merlok 2.0 app and I know it has been around for quite some time, but since I am fond of collecting stuff and information with regards to LEGO, I took a particular interest on the myriad of shields and NEXO powers that each character posses. Seeing how LEGO developed the Nexo Knights storyline and the new things to be expected from the app, I now have serious thoughts of giving it a try.


The evil Monstrox and his Stone Army is attacking Knighton in search for the Forbidden Powers that will awaken an unspeakable force of darkness. Our NEXO NIGHTS heroes must build and use their arsenal of NEXO Powers to rule the battlefield and save Knighton.


There is only one way to stand a chance against the enemy’s Forbidden Powers – NEXO COMBO POWERS! By combing three single NEXO Powers you accomplish an unmatched COMBO POWER – a key to victory. Strategize and find the right powers to help build the strongest combo you can think of. Scan it into the game and see if you can beat the Forbidden Powers.


The tech-knights have new gear; collect blueprints for the Battle Suits so you can control them yourself in all-new missions.


Use NEXO Scan to collect awesome battle skills in the real world. The more NEXO Powers you collect, the more powerful you become. Collect, battle and save Knighton!

What’s New in Version 2.0.0


Based on the app’s description, it seems that the Nexo Knights are in for more challenges not only from Jestro’s new baddies in the form of the Stone Army, but also from another nefarious source of power which are enigmatically called the Forbidden Powers. This new enemy and their source of power seems to be so formidable that the only way to have a chance against is to effectively use all of the resources available to them, including an upgrade in the form of new battle suits (70362, 70363, 70364, 70365, 70366) a handful of new weapons and rides (70348, 70347, 70351), and a new way of combining three separate NEXO Powers to come up with a winning power combo. These power combo NEXO powers are activated by placing them all together in a distinct, tri-shield element. Depending on the probable interaction that these NEXO powers may have with each other, some combos may unleash a torrent of overwhelming power that can turn the tide of battle and effectively counter Jestro, Monstrox, and their formidable Stone Army.

Consequently, LEGO intends to expand the range of the NEXO Knight’s arsenal by adding more NEXO Powers into Merlok’s database where gamers may now have access to these powers through the LEGO Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers blind bags. Since LEGO has specifically announced that this is the first wave of blind bags that highlights the new NEXO Powers, we’re not sure at this point if LEGO will follow its previous strategy of offering other shields coming from various sources. To activate or unlock the NEXO Power in-game, one must simply the scan the shield using their device’s QR scanner and see what it does.

Thankfully, just2good uploaded a video where we can see Wave 1’s Nexo power checklist and see what new abilities it offers. I noticed that some of the NEXO Powers included in the list have already been released, while there are some that are new. For reference, also provides a wealth of information on all known NEXO Knights Powers and continually updates it once new powers or shields have been discovered. You may use Spyrius’ database to compare and check out each shield’s ability. For convenience, I’ve included each image of Wave 1’s shields and a description of it (whenever possible) as consolidated from Spyrius, and some from just2good’s blind bag opening.


NEXO Shield Powers of Clay

003 – Stronghold of Resolution

Description: Knights must have the spirit and courage to battle!

Effect: Summon magical hawks that circle around you and damage nearby enemies.



018 – Veil of Concealment

Description: If your enemies can’t see you, you’re safe!

Effect: Turn invisible. Enemies won’t attack you until you reappear.



019 – Zap Zap

Description: If your enemies can’t see you, you’re safe!

Effect: Turn invisible. Enemies won’t attack you until you reappear.



027 – Cool Creation

Effect: Lego bricks fall from the sky and form a tower. The tower explodes and does heavy damage to all enemies nearby. Damage is high, but range is short.




046 – Hornblower





047 – Ice Cream





049 – Iron Dragon






NEXO Shield Powers of Aaron

109 – Time Breach

Description: Time flies when you’re having fun.




110 – Swift Sting

Description: Aaron Fox embodies this power!




120 – Mouse Trap

Description: Can this also catch a Globlin?

Effect: 5 pieces of cheese and 5 mouse traps drop to the ground in a circle around you.  Each piece of cheese will heal you (a very small amount) and each mouse trap will inflict damage to one enemy, then disappear.


125 – Serpent of Anti-Virus





135 – Blast Mask





154 – Tone of Power





??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Aaron





NEXO Shield Powers of Lance

310 – Boomerang

Description: They always return to sender.

Effect: Throw a boomerang that attacks most enemies on-screen for high damage (about 3000 dmg each).



311 – Thunder Blaze

Description: Blind enemies with thunder and lightning!




321 – Pinball Magician
Description: Reach for that high score!

Effect: Release a giant pinball that ricochets back and forth across the battlefield, doing damage to every enemy it hits.



327 – Daring Deliverance





353 – Mammoth





355 – Metal Minotaur





??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Lance





NEXO Shield Powers of Macy

201 – Rushing Strike

Description: In war hit first and ask questions later.

Effect: Rush in one direction. Destroy just about every normal enemy you run into and do heavy damage to bosses (damage numbers do not display, so amount of damage inflicted is unknown).  At the end of your rush, you get frozen for about 8 seconds – cannot move, cannot attack.​


214 – Glory of Knighton

Description: The king rewards every knight who defends the kingdom.




218 – Anvil of Trouble

Description: Even the strongest anvils can shatter.




233 – Sparrow Tornado

Description: A flock of sparrows can be very dangerous.

Effect: Just like the other Tornado powers, create a tornado of birdies that randomly wanders across the screen and inflicts heavy damage to any enemies it touches



250 – Silver Pegasus





253 – Swiss Cheese





??? – Unnamed NEXO Power for Macy





NEXO Shield Powers of Axl

410 – Raging Rally

Description: A knight can always push himself to the limit.




412 – Power Plant

Description: Some plants have flowers, others have teeth!




433 – Wasp Missile

Description: Never disturb a wasp hive.




429 – Might of the Magician

Effect: Auto-targeting magical flamethrower. Even if you completely let go of your phone/tablet, once Might of the Magician is triggered, your character automatically turns to find more enemies to roast.



452 – Spirit Fox





457 – Toad





459 – Touchdown






Here’s a list of some of the Forbidden Powers that have been released so far. I have to say that they seem to have a pretty nasty effect of some kind.

061 – Corrupting Crush; NEXO Shield Power of Clay (Forbidden Power)

Description: You will be stuck between a rock and a hard place because of this Power. Want to get thin? This is the most unpleasant way of doing it.



065 – Thundering Thrash; NEXO Shield Power of Clay (Forbidden Power)
Description: Something brand new, lovely and pristine will be ripe for the scrapyard after being hit by this Forbidden Power. And it’s loud, too.




160 – Devastating Decay; NEXO Shield Power of Aaron (Forbidden Power)
Description: A second cousin to Ravaging Rot and Aging Antilife, this Power will speed up the natural breakdown of organic material. Freshness begone!




259 – Wrecking Wrath; NEXO Shield Power of Macy (Forbidden Power)
Description: Can a Forbidden Power be angry? This one is as it stares down its target which falls to pieces right in front of it.




368- Horrible Hunger; NEXO Shield Power of Lance (Forbidden Power)
Description: Not like a diet. Much, much worse. And your stomach will be rumbling with hunger so your ears may hurt too.




464 – Malicious Melting; NEXO Shield Power of Axl (Forbidden Power)
Description: Useless on a warm sunny day, but during winter it can melt snow faster than you can say Frosty the Snow man.




465 – Volcanic Vengeance; NEXO Shield Power of Axl (Forbidden Power)
Description: Cold feet? Not with this power. The floor will literally be made of lava, with volcanic scorching hot magma and molten rocks flying through the air.




The LEGO Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 (70372) is slated for release on January 1, 2017 both in-store and at, and will retail at $3.99 per blind bag.


A Look At Possible LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer Sets.

We have two days to go before we jump into hyperspace once more and experience Star Wars all over again with its first anthology film Rogue One. We saw an impressive line-up of LEGO sets dedicated to the spin-off film, and expect much more as 2017 kicks in. We previously mentioned some of these sets last September and it’s great to see that these predictions were quite accurate. So before we hit the theaters on Friday to see Rogue One on the big screen, let’s pause and take a look at the recent developments on this highly successful theme. Thanks to some kind souls over at Eurobricks and Reddit, we now have an idea how these next wave of LEGO Star Wars sets will be like, as it due for release this Summer of 2017. Here’s how they are in a nutshell.


75144 Snowspeeder

Based on vehicles used in Hoth and presumably part of the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, this UCS may roughly be based on its similarly named, smaller cousin, 75049.


75166 Battle Pack(EP VII)

Predicted to be from Episode VII The Force Awakens, the minifigs included in this set are 2 First Order Stormtroopers, 1 Flametrooper, and 1 Officer.


75167 Battle Pack (Bounty Hunters)

This one is a sure win for those elite few of Star Wars fans who have learned to admire the exploits (or mishap) of these legendary Bounty Hunters. This battle pack is rumored to include Dengar, IG-88, 4-LOM and Zuckuss.


75178 (Jakku Quadjumper)

Remember that starship preferred to by Rey and Finn over the hulking Millennium Falcon in TFA?

Though too bad it didn’t get more than a minute of airtime when J.J. Abrams decided it’s better off as pyrotechnic material, it is good to know that it may get the LEGO treatment that it deserves very soon. Minifigures for this set include Rey, Finn, BB-8 and a First Order Stormtrooper.


75179 Rebel Hangar

Possibly from Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The set is said to include an A-Wing and a rebel base hangar. Minifigs expected to be with this set are Lando, a Rebel Pilot and a Crewman.


75180 (Rathtar Escape)

A highly dangerous tentacled predator that first appeared on the big screen in The Force Awakens, the Rathar is also fortunate enough to be immortalized in a LEGO set.


Perhaps it may bear some semblance with the same tentacled creature (Dormammu?)  as seen from Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum 76060. Minifigures include Chewbacca, Han Solo, 2 more figures, possibly as members of the Guavian Death Gang.


75182 Republic Fighter Tank

Back in 2008, LEGO came up with a set under its Star Wars The Clone Wars subtheme named as Republic Fighter Tank (7679). This time, LEGO may have plans to rehash the set and throw in some newer versions of the following minifigures: Aayla Secura, a Clone Commander and 2 Battle Droids.


75183 Darth Vader Transformation

Another seemingly rehashed set, this expected LEGO Star Wars summer set takes hint from an earlier one from 2005 bearing the same title (Darth Vader Transformation 7251).

Based on that final epic scene where Palpatine takes into his custody the broken  and wounded body of Anakin which he later transformed to become Darth Vader, the set is said to include a Battle Damaged Anakin, Darth Vader, and  Emperor Palpatine.


75185 Tracker I

Other than being a part of the Freemaker subtheme, we have no other details about this set except for another minifig version of Emperor Palpatine and Rowan.


75186 Arrowhead

The Freemakers has a penchant for naming their creations based on their primary features, and this one is no exception. Though the set’s name is not yet final, we may expect the minifigures of Mon Calmari, RO-GR, and Mr. & Mrs. Freemaker to be a part of this set.


75191 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring

Hinting at an Episode II Attack of the Clones reference, set 75191 may feature the looks of a Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter mounted on its Hyperdrive Booster Ring similar to the one used by Obi Wan as he chases Boba Fett across a field of asteroids. This is also one of the coolest space dog fights that I ever saw in a Star Wars film. Click here to watch its video.

Included in this set are the minifigure versions of the younger Obi Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, and an Astromech. It is interesting to note that since a hyperdrive docking ring was mentioned (as we see it on that epic space dogfight in Episode II), will it be possible that the set will come with a smaller version of the Slave 1 as well?


There are still a handful of LEGO Star Wars sets waiting to be revealed next year – 25 to be exact as listed by Brickset. Given the attention that Star Wars and Disney licenses are getting from LEGO, we can expect that LEGO still has a lot of surprises in store for us.

LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets and Rumors.

A few moments ago, we were delighted to see The LEGO Batman Movie’s first extended TV spot trailer featuring Joker’s best villain posse ever. With plenty of new minifigure characters – both from Batman’s rogue gallery and JLA’s Super Friends , most of us has been wondering already, what will the five remaining summer sets be?

Thanks once again to LEGO insider Delta Customs, we now have a pretty good guess on how these final wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets will be like.

  • Bane set with Bane, Mutant Leader, and Batman.
  • Small Scarecrow Plane/Helicopter with Scarecrow and Batman.
  • Two Face truck/car including but not limited to, Two Face and Batman.
  • LEGO Batman Movie Summer Set that includes:
    • Big Batmobile that splits into a Batwing, a Batcycle, and still functions as a Batmobile with all those removed.
    • Features a big bat signal
    • Figures include Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred in a different costume, and the villains of the set, none other than the Wicked Witch and two Flying Monkeys.
  • Fifth LEGO Batman Movie Set includes:
    • Batwing (as seen in trailers)
    • Figures include Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn
    • Comes with a cannon build

As it seems, one particular set is dedicated to Bane himself and so far, based on the trailers, we haven’t seen any other rendition of Bane other than his bigfig version. So for those who are clamoring for the bigfig version of the villain that have ‘broken the Bat’, this could be the set that you’ve all been waiting for.

Scarecrow seems to be on a roll since another set is rumored to be released featuring him on a smaller plane or a chopper of sorts. This is another set apart from the Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910). We also assume that Scarecrow’s minifigure will feature his typical straw getup as seen below.

One of the key elements in The LEGO Batman Movie is the presence of the villains’ cool rides such as the Joker’s Notorious Lowrider (70906), the Penguin’s Arctic Roller (70911), and the Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907). Delta teases on another ride where the infamous Two Face enters the fray with his very own truck.



Finally, the last two sets that Delta predicted focus on a rather different version of the Batmobile as compared to that of 70905. It is a hybrid of sorts where this Batmobile is capable of splitting into three, smaller vehicles including a Batwing, a Batcycle, and a smaller Batmobile. My guess is that each of the smaller vehicles is intended to be piloted all at the same time by Batman, Robin and Batgirl since their respective minifigures are also included in the set. Same as with the others, a villain is thrown in together with this set, and in this case it is the Wicked Witch (probably that from LEGO Dimensions, since the animated film is expected to be a crossover of sorts) and two Flying Monkeys minifigs as you can see from the images’ backgrounds below.

The fifth and presumably final set has the Batwing on the spotlight as it is seen in the trailers. The set is said to feature a cannon-like build and will also include the minifigs of Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn. It was hinted on by The Brick Fan that this version of Harley may resemble closely the version that was seen on the banner at New York Comic Con.

The last wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets is expected to be released by summer, 2017. We hope to get some official set images anytime soon, considering that we’re just two months away before the movie makes its debut in the US on February 10 next year.