LEGO Dawn of Justice Batmobile Polybag Image, Price and Details

Toys ‘R Us will be getting the LEGO Dawn of Justice Batmobile (30446) polybag as it has been listed on their website. It comes with 63 pieces and priced at $3.99 each. No details yet on release date.

LEGO Dawn of Justice Batmobile Polybag

LEGO Dawn of Justice Batmobile Polybag




2016 LEGO Star Wars Microfighters, Series 3 Official Images

This german website posted some of the series 3 LEGO Star Wars Microfighters for 2016.

Update: We added the remaining two of the series 3 Microfighters.

Resistance X-Wing Fighter (75125)




First Order Snowspeeder (75126)


The Ghost (75127)



TIE Advanced Prototype (75128)



Wookie Gunship (75129)



AT-DP (75130)



More New 2016 LEGO City Sets Official Images

We have more official images for the 2016 LEGO City sets. This time we have the larger sets. Which do you want to build next?

Fire Ladder Truck (60107)

lego 60107

Fire Response Unit (60108)

lego 60108

Fire Boat (60109)

lego 60109

Fire Station (60110)

lego 60110

Fire Utility Truck (60111)

lego 60111

Fire Engine (60112)

lego 60112

Tire Escape (60126)

lego 60126

Police Patrol Boat (60129)

lego 60129

Prison Island (60130)

lego 60130

Crooks Island (60131)

lego 60131