All LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Sets Finally Revealed!

Following the reveal of two of LEGO Star Wars’ newest sets, now comes the release of more playsets and buildable figures that celebrates the anthology film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. LEGO has now pulled off the veil from its much talked about (and leaked) Rogue One sets via its Facebook page. With a total of five sets based on Rogue One’s vehicles, and three buildable figures to boot, it is expected that these latest additions will hit store shelves by September 30 as part of Force Friday’s highlights. Click on the images below to have a closer look.


LEGO Star Wars Sergeant Jyn Erso Buildable Figure (75119)

75119_01 75119_02


LEGO Star Wars K-2SO Buildable Figure (75120)

75120_01 75120_02


LEGO Star Wars Imperial Death Trooper Buildable Figure (75121)

75121_01 75121_02


LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152)

75152_01 75152_02

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker (75153)

75153_01 75153_01


LEGO Star Wars TIE Striker (75154)

75154box 75154_01


LEGO Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155)

75155box 75155_01


LEGO Star Wars Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156)

75156box  75156_01

Two LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Sets Finally Revealed!

Earlier this month, LEGO Star Wars fans were in a frenzy once again when Amazon France listed the much talked about Rogue One sets including their official images. However, the LEGO Group was quick to shoot its laser blasters, having the listing and images removed from Amazon’s sites since it was quite premature to reveal them.

However, just a few hours ago, LEGO seems to have finally lifted the veil (aka embargo) on some of these Rogue One sets and has now been featured by USA Today in connection with Disney and Star Wars’ release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to hit theaters December 16. Since the Amazon leak early this August, we already have an idea on how these LEGO Rogue One sets look like. Now that two of these have been officially released, we can be pretty sure that the rest will be unveiled by LEGO anytime soon.

Take a look at these first two offerings from the LEGO Star Wars Rogue one line:


Imperial Assault Hovertank 75152

This set comes in 385 pieces, including the awesome blind warrior Chirrut Imwe and two Imperial Hovertank Pilots. The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Hovertank is expected to retail at $29.99.




Rebel U-Wing Fighter 75155

If you have seen the Rogue Trailer already, it’s difficult not to notice one of the Resistance’s major starships. As we can surmise from the trailer video, the Rebel U-Wing Fighter will probably make an appearance on certain key plot lines. It’s kind of cool for LEGO to include this in the roster of its Star Wars sets. Set 75155 comes in a total of 659 pieces, with five minifigures to boot: the space monkey Bistan,  Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, a Rebel Trooper and U-Wing Pilot. The set is expected to retail at $69.99





We’ll keep you posted once the rest of the Rogue One sets are revealed, hopefully before September 30’s Force Friday event. What do you think about these? Are you excited to have them?

LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 Lands on the Page of the October LEGO Store Calendar.

After the “unofficial” unveiling of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 at the Arundel Mills LEGO Store in Maryland, the much talked-about UCS set now graces the cover of LEGO’s October Store Calendar. Found via Reddit, the said calendar states that the said rehash of the famed 2008 version of the LEGO Death Star will be exclusively available beginning September 30 at all LEGO brand stores and Here’s the full cover of the October Store Calendar followed by some of its highlights that we know as of the moment. We’ll update this page as soon as hi-res images are made available via LEGO servers.


October 1: Both the LEGO Star Wars Death Star (75159) and the LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train (10254) will be available for purchase for the general public. These D2C sets will also be offered earlier to VIP members on September 15.

October 1-25: FREE Exclusive Holiday Countdown Calendar with purchases of $99 or more, while supplies last. Build and rebuild 24 new sets as you count down to the holidays.

October 1-31: For the whole of October, LEGO VIP members can enjoy double points for all purchases.

October 1-31: Join in the LEGO Nexo Knights Shield search and find, and earn exclusive power-ups to use in the app game.

October 4-5: The LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Model build is the Werewolf (40217). Registration starts on September 15.

October 14 & 28: Family Game Night at LEGO Brand Stores.

October 15: Exclusive VIP Building event for fans of LEGO Friends at all LEGO brand stores.


We’re still waiting for LEGO’s official press release about the LEGO Star Wars UCS Death Star 75159. It’s sure interesting on how The LEGO Group will describe this set. Stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more LEGO news and updates.

LEGO Mixels Will Come To An End In 2017.

It might be another piece of sad news for LEGO fans. After the recent curtain call for one of LEGO’s longest running original theme which is LEGO Bionicle, Brickset has reported that another of LEGO’s theme sets may also be axed by next year. According to Jordan Reichek, Supervising Producer for Cartoon Network, the LEGO and Cartoon Network collaboration will finally come to an end, with its last episode to premiere next month.



Though the conclusion of the Mixels TV show does not necessarily indicate or confirm that LEGO’s line of themed tribes will also be put to an end, it should be noted, however, that The LEGO Group has not offered any new series under the Mixels line after the debut of its Series 9 last February during the New York Toy Fair. Frankly speaking, the Mixels line was not as popular as compared to LEGO’s other themed sets. Perhaps due primarily to the fact that the TV series is viewed more like a comedy, slapstick kind of show, its corresponding LEGO sets were also viewed and treated similarly as a collection of weird brick-built oddities. I guess looking back, the Mixels line may have been welcomed differently by the LEGO community if they were given a different perspective or sort of ‘personality’.

mixels 2

To be fair, LEGO Mixels are one of those collectible themes that offer great value for your money. Being a price friendly brick-built collectible, it offers plenty of unique pieces that kids and AFOLs may find pretty useful. I also find its complimentary website as a very helpful springboard in encouraging young builders to explore the limitless possibilities of coming up with his/her own unique builds and have it shared with the rest of the online community. Personally, I love the fun creativity of these sets which offers the most number of options for creating your own ‘Mix’ or ‘Murp’.

mixel tribes

Like any other LEGO themes that were put to an end, we hope that the LEGO Mixels will be replaced by another equally fun, and low-cost collectible sets. We’re certain that LEGO has something in store for us so we have to wait and see a little longer.

How do you feel about this news? Are you disappointed as well? Do you think it’s a good judgment call for LEGO to pull the plug on its Mixels line? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below, or join in the discussion via our Facebook page.

All Four Toys R’ Us Exclusive Minifigure Collection Pack Images

Earlier today we wrote about the coming TRU exclusive Musician Minifigure Collection. Now, we have images for all four of the collection thanks to CM4Sci.

Warrior Minifigure Collection Pack


Athletes Minifigure Collection Pack


Cops & Robbers Minifigure Collection Pack


Musicians Minifigure Collection Pack


LEGO Store In Maryland Unveils The LEGO UCS Star Wars Death Star 75159.

Ever since Promo Bricks’ controversial description of the much rumored LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 a couple of weeks ago, discussions have been thick regarding how the set actually looks like. Fan reactions were on a broad spectrum so to speak, from those who are hopeful that LEGO has a surprise under its sleeve, to downright disappointment thinking that LEGO did not bring anything new to the table.

Now in a rather unexpected turn of events, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 was ‘officially’ unveiled recently at the Arundel Mills LEGO Store in Maryland. According to Brickset and photos shared by CM4Sci via Reddit, a visitor at the said LEGO Store was quick to take notice of the 75159 being built by one of the store’s staff in full public view. With snapper at hand, the wide-eyed visitor was quick with the shots, eventually sharing these images through social media. Now we’re not quite sure if the staff in question is a Bothan in disguise, or simply a kind soul completely unaware of the ramifications of her actions, but we’re certain that LEGO has not revealed any particular details or hi-res images of the said rehashed set.

75159 at store

Now that the much protected plans and schematics of the Empire’s deadliest weapon is finally out, every Rebel faction in this side of the LEGO galaxy has taken their war of words over at fan forums and sites. Most noticeable about the new LEGO Star Wars Death Star is the fact that there is essentially nothing new at all. Confirming what Promo Bricks have reported, 75159 appears to be largely similar to 10188 Death Star, the one from 2008.

75159 at store 2

What could be a somewhat redeeming factor for set 75159 is the fact that it offers a total of 25 minifigures, unlike our previous report of 24. We’ve also mentioned that some of the minfigs have an improved look like Hans Solo sporting a new hair piece, and Grand Moff Tarkin having a new look and is accompanied by two Imperial Officers not included in the original LEGO Death Star. Here’s a closer look at the minifig breakdown of 75159 as printed on the side of the box.

75159 at store 3


Brickset has written an excellent preview and comparison of the Death Star 75159 and the older version 10188 which you might be interested to look. Given its huge piece count, it is expected that the LEGO Star Wars 75159 will be a kind of UCS, with LEGO releasing it to the general public by October 1, and to VIP members by mid-September.


What are your thoughts on the 75159? Drop us a note in the comments section below.

LEGO Minecraft Skins Official Images Revealed!

If you recall, LEGO Minecraft has announced last July that it will be releasing a new line of collectible minifigures of skins based on the hit video game. This time, we now have official images of these exclusive collectibles recently uploaded via LEGO servers that allow us to better look at how these minifigs look.

First off is the LEGO Minecraft Skin Pack 853609 which contains four minifigures and several Minecraft elements such as a buildable TNT box, torch, and an apple. Each minifigure comes with its own accessory, with one having a Creeper-like costume.

Next is the LEGO Minecraft Skin Pack 853610 which is more of a science-fiction pack that includes four minifigures, two of which seem to have taken inspiration from the Star Wars movies – I particularly like the Hans Solo and Boba Fett look on some of these minifigures. Similarly, each minifig comes with an accessory and several other elements such as a carrot, flower, and a brick-built stone-like piece.

It is expected to debut next month starting September 1 via LEGO Stores and In the meantime, here’s LEGO’s model presentation video for 853610. We’ll keep you posted as more news comes in so remember to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!

LEGO Ideas Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder Flies Its Way To The Next LEGO Ideas Review Board As It Reached 10K Support.


Speeding its way to the next LEGO Ideas Review Board comes Aaron Fiskum’s rendition of the famous Star Wars hovercraft used by Luke Skywalker, the LEGO Ideas UCS X34 Landspeeder as seen in Episode IV: A New Hope. Just a few moments ago, the speedy land vehicle has achieved the needed 10k thumbs up from the LEGO Ideas community making it the 9th entry to be included in the roster of potential LEGO sets that qualifies for the Second 2016 Review Stage next month.

LEGO Ideas UCS X34

It was quite a long journey for this LEGO Ideas Project since its inception last January of 2015. However, it gradually took off as fans took notice of Fiskum’s impressive build which previously earned him the title of Best Land Vehicle in Brickworld 2015. It didn’t take long until Beyond The Brick also took notice, and eventually featured Fiskum’s creation during Brickworld Chicago 2016.

Here are Aaron Fiskum’s thoughts on his LEGO Ideas Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder.

I’ve always wanted a hovercraft or floating/flying car, who wouldn’t?  Since we’ve seen numerous flying crafts in the Star Wars UCS line and a minimal showing of land vehicles, I’ve often thought about what Luke Skywalker’s X34 Landspeeder might look like if it were brand new off the assembly line from the Sorosuub Corporation (via Lego) in UCS scale.  This is my “Idea” for a UCS x34 Landspeeder at 2798 pieces including the stand.  It measures 22.5 inches in length, 15.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches high with the stand.

1748584-o_19bfo8mig1htu1kt6f3t5cq5tp10-full 1748609-o_19bfog69fqop124c1ou43779cr28-full 1748629-o_19bfpsk601goq1kv6ubkdal1a737-full 1748615-o_19bfoitic1ifs1lur1s7m1f0df512i-full

I reviewed pictures of Landspeeder toys, images on the web, watched snippets of “A New Hope”, and read over schematics on Star Wars wikis for vehicle statistics.  In collaboration from those sources, what you see here is the final build.  I went through 6 different revisions in LDD looking for something acceptable and fairly accurate in proportion.  The stand is modeled after a combination of the Lego UCS 10175 and 10134 stands.  Although different from the orange and brown of the original craft, I decided that Lego Dark Red and Brick Yellow/Tan would be best based on piece availability in specific colors.


This project has been a lot of fun to create and I was completely engrossed in it.  I welcome any comments or critiques (don’t be shy) as everyone has a different take in design and how things should look.  If you like this “Idea”, I encourage you to support this project and follow my updates to it as time goes on.



Our warmest congratulations to Aaron in getting all the needed 10k votes, and the success of his UCS X34 Landspeeder. We hope to see his LEGO Ideas project get a LEGO official set number as hit store shelves in the not-so-distant future. Joining the Star Wars UCS X34 Landspeeder for the second wave of LEGO Ideas Review are the Women of NASA, Voltron – Defender of the UniverseSpaceballs – Eagle 5The Addams Family Mansion, the Merchant’s House, the Large Hadron ColliderLEGO Observatory – Mountain View, and Modular Construction Site.

Not too far off from the coveted 10k support are the LEGO Ideas Project Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and Lovelace and Babbage. We’ll definitely keep a close eye on these two.