LEGO Ideas Contest Winner Gift-w/-Purchase Set “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) Found in Croatia

Over a year ago, a certain challenge was held for members of LEGO Ideas. The winner of the “LEGO Moments in Space” would’ve had his creation be turned into an official LEGO set that is “gifted with purchase.” The winner was announced in March 2018, though the actual set production won’t be until this year.

Just when it seemed like Ideas member and challenge Grand Winner mjsmiley’s coin-operated “Cosmic Rocket Ride” may have been forgotten, the official set’s finally been spotted. German LEGO news source Promo Bricks originally reported last month that the LEGO “Space Rocket Ride” (40335) may have surfaced in a Croatian LEGO Certified Store. Now however, they have tangible proof of it.

Promo Bricks has gone to Croatia and actually gotten one of set 40335 from there, as seen in their Instagram page. Interestingly, they made no mention of it supposedly being a gift with purchase. Perhaps they actually bought it over-the-counter?

As can be seen between the original contest build by mjsmiley, and the official set numbered 40335, LEGO expanded on the design. The Space Rocket Ride has a bigger platform base. While likely still operated by a crank in the back, the base also includes a “functional” coin slot to insert LEGO coin elements in.

If this isn’t a region exclusive then hopefully collectors outside Europe can soon find LEGO Space Rocket Ride (40335) on their Shop@Home or local shop. Maybe then we can have definitive knowledge on whether or not it’s a GWP promo or a conventionally purchasable set.


Can’t Get Special LEGO Star Wars Vader Bust (75227) Set? LEGO Releases Official Parts List and Building Instructions

The arguable summit of fandom celebration for the “Star Wars” franchise within a year will take off in full force next week, as Chicago plays host to the annual Star Wars Celebration. There will be plenty of media panels for all existing and upcoming “Star Wars” media, not to mention exclusive merchandise for avid collectors.

As we already know, LEGO has its own stake in the exclusive merch. This is the special LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227). Only a select number of these will be acquirable by lottery during Star Wars Celebration, while the rest of the limited numbers will be made available only to Target REDCard members.

But what about those who can’t make it to Chicago bon April 11-16 or don’t have a Target REDCard? LEGO can help with that. The 327 pieces that are assembled to form the Vader Bust (75227) are mostly common LEGO. So what if you only need to know which pieces are needed, and steps on how to put them together?

As of now, the official parts list and instructions sheet has been made available by LEGO. That’s event ahead of the LEGO Star Wars Vader Bust (75227) set coming out on the Star Wars Celebration Chicago event and Target RedCARD.

The official instructions are rendered in PDF form and hosted on LEGO’s website, we know of this courtesy of our fellow LEGO news source The Brick Fan. We salute them.

Introducing New LEGO Education Brick-Digital Product: SPIKE Prime

It’s already said that LEGO products make for potentially helpful teaching aids at times. But the brand also has a focused line just meant for that: LEGO Education. The Education product lines are non-retail, available only on LEGO’s online portal. We’ve featured several of these sets before, and LEGO has a new one to introduce.

A number of the more recent LEGO Education specialized sets have been geared towards introductory coding and programing. The new LEGO SPIKE Prime is no different. With over 500 Technic-like mechanical pieces and an electronic hub, it’s a fantastic new building system allowing for coding to articulate and drive constructs.


The digital aspect of LEGO Education’s SPIKE Prime is, as usual, a downloadable app for mobile devices that can develop programs using Scratch coding language. These programs are then transmitted to the electronic hubs on any SPIKE Prime build, to perform the desire motion or animatronic effect according to instructions.

SPIKE Prime will be getting its first major test as an educational tool with LEGO packing it along with other Education products in a “Confidence in Learning” toolkit. These kits will be provided by LEGO to select schools around the world, to establish LEGO Education and SPIKE Prime as valuable aids in a hands-on education.

For schools in the US interested in trying LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, they can already preorder the system on the Education portal of LEGO’s official website. It will become generally available later on August 2019.

Quick Roundup of New LEGO Star Wars Sets Available on Shop@Home Starting this April

Refresh. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars product line, just as the final segment of the Sequel film trilogy and the Skywalker family saga concludes with “Episode IX.” The two decades of LEGO making “Star Wars” sets might be overshadowed by other celebration developments, if not for their latest offerings.

We got a good look at these sets months ago, both of the “new for 2019” variety and the special 20th Anniversary Collection. After weeks of waiting they’re now listed as available on LEGO Shop@Home. It’s shaping up to be another great year for LEGO Star Wars collectors, tiding the excitement until “Episode IX” releases.

20th Anniversary Collection

  1. Slave I – 20th Anniversary Edition (75243)
  2. Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition (75258)
  3. Snowspeeder – 20th Anniversary Edition (75259)
  4. Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary Edition (75261)
  5. Imperial Dropship – 20th Anniversary Edition (75262)

New for 2019

  • Sequel Trilogy – the current films in the spotlight; “Episode IX” premieres this December 20
  1. Duel on Starkiller Base (75236)
  • Action Battle Series – not just play, but an actual target-shooting game with fun damage effects
  1. Endor Assault (75238)
  2. Hoth Generator Attack (75239)
  3. Echo Base Defense (75241)
  • Star Wars Resistance – first season completed on Disney Channel, with a second already green-lit
  1. Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter (75240)
  2. Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242)

LEGO Releases Official Product Info on Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” Tie-In Sets, Available this April 1

March is nearly done, and come April we’ll be in the endgame. By that we mean Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” which will conclude the first 10 years of the MCU franchise. Merchandise-wise, we already know that LEGO has tie-in sets coming for the movie, spoiled earlier this month by Amazon Germany.

The Amazon listing said the LEGO Avengers: Endgame sets will be released April 1. We can now confirm that neither them nor LEGO is pulling an April Fools’. At the start of the month, they will be available. And now LEGO’s giving us the official low-down on their “Endgame” sets.


76123–LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes Captain America: Outriders Attack

167pieces | Age6+


Available April 1st

Build Captain America’s bike and attack the Outriders!

Take on 3 Outriders with Captain America’s bike! Fight back with the Captain America shield shooters. Then jump out of the cockpit, detach the blasters, and battle those enemy Outriders one on one!


  • This Captain America playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: Captain America and 3 Outriders.
  • Captain America’s bike features a minifigure cockpit, 2 Captain America shield shooters, front wheel with detachable non-shooting blasters, attachment points for minifigures, fold-down bike stand, headlight element and an exhaust flame element.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Detach the blasters and put them in Captain America’s hands ready for battle and imaginative play.
  • This superhero playset includes Captain America’s new-for-March-2019 helmet element and Avengers team suit decoration.
  • Recreate thrilling action from the Marvel Avengers movies with this awesome LEGO® construction toy.
  • Captain America’s vehicle measures over 2” (7cm) high, 8” (21cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide.


76124–LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes War Machine Buster

362pieces | Age7+


Available April 1st

Overpower the Outriders with the War Machine Buster mech model!

Emergency! Ant-Man is under attack by the dangerous Outriders. Fly to the rescue with the mighty War Machine Buster! Fire the 6-stud rapid shooter and the flick missiles. Grab an Outrider with the massive mech’s powerful hands. Then detach the stud-shooting cannons and battle the enemy on the ground with War Machine!


  • This buildable superhero playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: War Machine, Ant-Man and 2 Outriders.
  • War Machine Buster mech features an opening minifigure cockpit, 6-stud rapid shooter, 2 detachable stud-shooting cannons, 2 flick missiles, posable arms and legs, gripping hands and an opening storage compartment for extra ammo.

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  • Detach the stud-shooting cannons and place in the War Machine minifigure’s hands and on his shoulder.
  • The War Machine and Ant-Man minifigures in this LEGO® building set for kids feature new-for-March-2019 Avengers team suit decoration.
  • Recreate thrilling action from the Marvel Avengers movies with this creative construction toy.
  • War Machine Buster mech measures over 6” (17cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.


76125–LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes Iron Man Hall of Armor

524pieces | Age7+


Available April 1st

Build an Iron Man lab and test different Iron Man armored suits!

Join Tony Stark in the Iron Man Hall of Armor and experiment with new tech! Make a smoothie in the kitchen. Work at the desk and get suited up using the robotic arms. Lift heavy objects in the Iron Man lab wearing the massive Igor Suit. And if your experiments go wrong, get the robot to put out fires with the fire extinguisher. But watch out—an Outrider is trying to break in so grab a weapon and capture this dangerous invader! You can rebuild this awesome Hall of Armor in loads of different ways, so the action never stops!


  • Includes 5 Marvel Universe minifigures: Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, Iron Man MK 50 and an Outrider.
  • This buildable superhero toy features an Iron Man lab with detachable modules that can be combined and stacked in many different ways to create alternative play experiences.

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  • Iron Man lab includes: a rotating podium with 2 posable robotic arms; desk with translucent-blue screen, minifigure chair and cup elements; kitchen module with a buildable smoothie maker and cup element; weapon storage module with a stud shooter, power-up jetpack and energy beam element for the minifigures; tool storage module with a wrench; modules to store Iron Man suits; radar dish; safety barrier elements; fire extinguisher and 2 flame elements.
  • Connect modules into a circle to create a screen room or a prison for the bad guys.
  • This superhero playset also includes an Igor Suit mech, featuring an opening minifigure cockpit and posable arms and legs, and a posable robot on wheels for imaginative play.
  • Accessory elements include Tony Stark face and hair elements to attach to the Iron Man suit minifigures.
  • Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5 and Iron Man MK 41 minifigures are new for March 2019.
  • Recreate exciting action from the Marvel Avengers movies with this cool LEGO® building set for kids.
  • Iron Man lab measures over 5” (13cm) high, 13” (35cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep with modules in standard formation.
  • Igor Suit measures over 3” (9cm) high, 1” (5cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide.


76126–LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

838pieces | Age8+


Available April 1st

Create the Ultimate Quinjet and battle the Avengers’ enemies!

Get set for battle against the Chitauri with the Avengers Ultimate Quinjet! Prepare the weapons with Rocket and Thor in the passenger compartment. Jump in the cockpit with Black Widow and take off. Fire the stud shooters and the 6-stud rapid shooter. Make a smooth landing and continue the fight on the wings. Then surprise the enemy with the stud-shooting trike!


  • This buildable superhero playset includes 6 new-for-March-2019 Marvel Universe minifigures: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rocket, Thor and 2 Chitauri.
  • The Marvel Ultimate Quinjet model features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 stud shooters, opening passenger compartment with 2 minifigure seats and weapon racks, openingrear compartment with fold-out 6-stud rapid shooter and trike, adjustable wings and spinning rotors.

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  • Trike features a minifigure seat and 2 stud shooters.• Weapons include Black Widow’s 2 energy sticks, Hawkeye’s bow & arrow, Rocket’s gun and Chitauri’s 2 blasters for imaginative play.
  • Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rocket and Thor LEGO® minifigures feature new-for-March-2019 Avengers team suit decoration.
  • Recreate exciting action from the Marvel Avengers movies with this superhero toy building set.
  • Ultimate Quinjet measures over 4” (12cm) high, 15” (40cm) long and 11” (28cm) wide


76131–LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes Avengers Compound Battle

699pieces | Age8+


Available April 1st

Construct the awesome Avengers HQ and fend off intruders!

Team up with Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Nebula and Ant-Man and defend the Avengers’ compound! Make plans in the office and grab weapons from the table’s secret compartment. Monitor Thanos and the Outrider’s approach to the Avengers HQ with the radar, then speed into action. Activate the rooftop defense system. Target the Outrider with the offroader’s dual stud shooter, then launch the Avengers’ helicopter and fire its rapid shooter!


  • This buildable superhero playset includes 4 Marvel Universe minifigures: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Nebula and a 4-armed Outrider, plus posable Hulk and Thanos big figures and an Ant-Man microfigure.
  • This construction toy features the Avengers compound with a 2-level office building, helipad, garage, plus a helicopter and offroader for creative play.

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  • The office building features: 2 Avengers ‘A’ logo elements on the exterior wall; rotating, tilting spring-loaded shooter on the rooftop; lower level with an entrance, buildable rotating computer and a ‘laser-beam’ safe; and an upper level with a meeting room, table with secret compartment, rotating door leading to the helipad and accessory elements including 3 chairs, 2 guns, 3 cups and a jug.
  • The compound also features: a helipad with 2 dual stud shooters and bridge to the office building; garage for the offroader with a ramp, opening barrier and a rotating, tilting radar dish; and toolracks with crowbar, wrench, welder and circular saw elements.
  • Helicopter features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 spinning, tilting rotors and a 6-stud rapid shooter.
  • Offroader features a minifigure cockpit and rotating turret with dual stud shooter and standing room for a minifigure.
  • Weapons include Nebula’s sword and Thanos’s buildable, double-sided battle axe.
  • Accessory elements include Captain Marvel 10 Power Bursts for imaginative play.
  • The Iron Man minifigure and Thanos and Hulk big figures are all new for March 2019, and the Nebula minifigure and Ant-Man microfigure each feature new-for-March-2019 Avengers team suit decoration. • Recreate exciting scenes from the Marvel Avengers movies with this action-packed superhero toy building set forkids.
  • Avengers compound measures over 6” (17cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.
  • Helicopter measures over 3” (9cm) high, 5” (14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.
  • Offroader measures over 2” (7cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide.

Don’t forget that “Avengers: Endgame” premieres on April 26, over three weeks after these tie-ins are officially released.

Celebrate 80 Years of Batman with Anniversary-Edition LEGO Batman Sets

In 1939, the creative tandem of Bob Kane and Bill Finger created a new character for the flagship anthology series of Detective Comics Inc. Debuting in issue 27 on March (dated May on print), the Batman became a runaway hit character, and one pillar of its publishing company that would later be called DC Comics.

Eight decades have passed since then. Batman too and his supporting cast have been through plenty of characterization changes. But his core story – a victim of tragedy that became a crusader of justice – remains the same. It’s this 80-year legacy that’s being celebrated this year.

And we can count on LEGO to be part of the Batman milestone celebration too. “LEGO Movie” and sequel? “LEGO Batman Movie” and planned sequel? They’re very invested on the Caped Crusader/Dark Knight too. That’s why they’ve announced some new LEGO Batman sets coming soon. These sets are all Batman, and everything he stands for:

  • Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle (76118) – $19.99


  1. 200 pieces to assemble Bat-quad-cycle and Mr. Freeze’s snowmobile; quad-cycle can separate into two Bat-cycles for Batman and Robin
  2. Includes minifigures of Batman, (fifth) Robin (Damian Wayne) and Mr. Freeze (all new for 2019)
  3. Accessories range from stud-shooters and (non-firing) Freeze Gun, to Batarang, grappling-hook launcher and Robin’s sword; accessories can either be attached to Bat-quad-cycle or handheld
  • Batmobile: Pursuit of The Joker (76119) – $29.99


  1. 342 pieces to assemble Batmobile; armed with fold-out stud-shooters
  2. Includes Batman and Joker minifigures (new for 2019), with Batarang and stud-shooting Joker gun
  3. Assorted Bat-elements for customization
  • Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76120) – $49.99


  1. 489 pcs to assemble Batwing (with 2x tile-shooters and 2x tile-or-stud shooters), Riddler-copter (with 2x flick shooters, chain with hook and stolen safe with valuable contents) and GCPD police car (with removable roof)
  2. Includes new-for-2019 minifigures of Batman, Riddler, Commissioner Gordon and SHAZAM! Character props range from Batarang, non-firing gun, crowbar and SHAZAM! Power bursts
  3. Additional action pack elements for customization
  • Batcave Clayface Invasion (76122) – $99.99


  1. 1,038 pcs to build epic Batcave set and Bat-tank vehicle
  2. Plenty of new-for-2019 minifigures: Batman, Bruce Wayne, Batwoman, (fifth) Robin, Catwoman and Two-Face; also includes buildable Clayface figure
  3. Batcave consists of computer room with rotating chair; exercise corner; tech lab; trophy zone with iconic past case mementos; armory; jail and “transformation tower” to switch between Bruce Wayne and Batman minifigs
  4. Accessories include Batman- and Batwoman- use Batarangs, Catwoman’s whip and Two-Face’s (non-firing) gun, plus assorted Action Pack and Bat Family elements for customization
  5. Batcave jail rooftop has landing pad for Batwing from Batwing and The Riddler Heist (76120)
  • Batman vs. The Riddler Robbery (76137) – $9.99; 4+ set


  1. 59 pcs to assemble Batmobile, Riddler skateboard and ATM machince
  2. Includes minifigures of Batman and Riddler, the latter new for 2019; props range from Batarang to dynamite and crowbar, plus 2x 100 bills
  • Batman and The Joker Escape (76138) – $39.99, 4+ set


  1. 171 pcs to assemble Arkham Asylum façade, Bat-copter, Harley’s motorcycle (with chain) and Joker’s double-catapult (can be attached to chain)
  2. Minifigures of Batman, Arkham Asylum guard, and new-for-2019 Arkham inmates Joker and Harley Quinn
  3. Props include catapult bombs, guard radio, Harley’s baseball bat, and Arkham-confiscated villain accessories (Penguin’s top hat, Scarecrow’s fear-gas tank, and Mr. Freeze’s gun

Possible release for these sets is June 2019, judging from official product info. Whether you’re humming the campy 60s theme, the dark instrumentation of Danny Elfman, or  even LEGO Batman’s metal soundtrack while you play, LEGO Batman’s 80th Anniversary sets are all must-haves.

Epic Exclusive for Star Wars Celebration Chicago and Target RedCard – LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227)

When Lucasfilm held an event to celebrate the release of the first Star Wars prequel film in 1999, that one-off occasion became a regular fixture of Star Wars fandom. This year, the Star Wars Celebration will be happening in Chicago, and LEGO’s going to be there, with panels for media and merchandise in store. Speaking of merchandise, we’ve got a nice LEGO press release regarding a particular set appearing in the Star Wars Celebration. It’s a representation of the space opera franchise’s most iconic Sith Lord. The LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227) consists of 327 pieces, very much similar to the designs from our good ol’ folks in Build Better Bricks.


Here’s the official LEGO set blurb:

LEGO®Star Wars™

75227– Darth Vader™ Bust

327 pieces | Ages 14+$39.99 (USD)

Available April 11, 2019 through Star Wars Celebration and Target REDcard

Turn to the Dark Side with the LEGO® Star Wars™ 75227 Darth Vader™ Bust! This exclusive Star Wars Celebration building set features incredible dome and faceplate details, including a brick-built respirator encased in iconic black armor. Vader’s helmet is adorned with raised ridges and studs, which adds to the dramatic effect, and the instantly recognizable Dark Lord of the Sith will always strike fear in his enemies.Darth Vader Bust Star Wars building set measures 262mm long, 282mm wide, and 59mm high.


Regarding the availability of this LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Bust (75227), limited quantities are going to be raffled off via lottery during the Star Wars Celebration Chicago, which runs next month, from April 11 to 16. The rest of them will be available only through Target’s RedCard program starting on the same date, and will last while supplies do. Needless to say, expect this to be a prize collector’s item among LEGO Star Wars fans.


An Early Look at the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far from Home Sets

It’s a general rule of thumb that when a movie that LEGO has rights to produce merchandise of is coming up, we can expect the tie-in sets to arrive well before the actual premiere date. Not only does it help with promotion, the sets can tantalize LEGO fans with spoilers regarding the film’s possible plot. Case in point, this July we’re up to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, the first segment of the new “Phase 4” of the MCU franchise. From trailers, Marvel Comics readers might already have a handle on the supporting cast and villains. Now, casual MCU fans will get the low-down too. Actually, this isn’t a scheduled LEGO reveal. The official images were posted onto the Ukrainian online toy site Playzone (which seems to have been removed already as of this posting). In a well-worn story, the items couldn’t be taken down fast enough and the photos were saved by for all to see. So MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD: here’s an early look at the set images of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far From Home sets grabbed by French LEGO news source Brick Heroes.


Molten Man Battle (76128)

As can be seen from its number, the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far From Home Molten Man Battle (76128) goes right after the Captain Marvel tie-in, Skrull Attack (76127). It consists of 294 pieces, expected to retail for $30 USD. Minifigures of Spider-Man (in black, Spider-Man Noir styled costume), Mysterio (with energy hands) and NPC firefighter (with fire extinguisher accessory).


Hydro-Man Attack (76129)

The LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far From Home Hydro-Man Attack (76129) contains 471 pieces, and includes a brick-built Venice bridge setting and Hydro-Man’s watery platform. Minifigures include: Peter Parker (with web-props), Michelle “MJ” Jones (with gondola and pole), Mysterio and Hydro-Man.



Stark Jet and Drone Attack (76130)

The LEGO Marvel Superheroes Stark Jet and Drone Attack (76130) includes 504 pieces to build the Stark Jet and two attack drones (all with stud shooters). Jet has room for a pilot and two passengers, plus a hidden compartment with chemical canisters that open to store or drop like bombs. Minifigures of Spider-Man (with web-line), Nick Fury (with gun accessory), Happy Hogan and Mysterio (with energy hands).


Its kind of interesting to see how close these LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Far From Home sets are to our initial predictions when the first trailer dropped last January. It only proves further how LEGO Superheroes sets are mostly based on the initial trailers that are usually released by Disney and Marvel. It also looks like that three sets are enough for this subtheme, but we’ll probably know only with an official LEGO preview whether these are all the Far From Home tie-ins or if there will be more. We have no confirmed release date yet, but we may well assume that these will be available sometime in June before Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres in theaters July 5, 2019.

LEGO Acknowledges Ideas Numbering Error on Steamboat Willie (21317), Plus Set Signing Events at Disney Parks in April

While it’s not going to be available until April 1, we already got our first good looks at the new LEGO Ideas Disney Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Willie set (21317) this week. There might have been an element of April Fools’ with the preview though, when one looks at the numbering.


By that we mean the LEGO Ideas sequential numbering in front of the box. It says this is the 24th Ideas set released. Not true. That was the LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) released at the start of this month. LEGO was quick to pick up the buzz and issued this apology for the accidental misprint.

Due to our excitement to get the Steamboat Willie set into the hands of LEGO fans around the world as quick as possible, an error was made on the packaging relating to the sequential set number. It was mistakenly printed as #24 and it should have been #25.

This will be corrected in future sets.

Of course what that means it that the early-run LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (21317) set boxes will eventually become collectors’ items for the typographical flub. In the future we might be looking at inflated prices for 21317 boxes with #24 being hawked online. Hilarity ensues.

In other Steamboat Willie-related news, there are signing events lined up for LEGO Ideas 21317. Obviously they’ll be held in Disney theme parks, but the featured signatory will be the original Ideas designer Máté Szabó. American and European Disney-goers take note of these important dates:

LEGO Store at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Orlando, Florida

April 3, 5PM – 8PM


LEGO Store at Disney Village, Disneyland Paris

April 6, 10AM – 1PM

Rare Unnumbered LEGO Exclusive Set Found at Singapore Changi Airport T3 LEGO Store

The thing about exclusive LEGO products is that you might need to be an international traveller to collect them all. That perhaps, or have online friends living where the exclusives are found. Among these uncommon LEGO products are the Architecture set (40199) of Billund Airport in Denmark, available only in their departure lounge LEGO Store.

Speaking of airports, there’s an unnumbered exclusive LEGO mini set that’s available for purchase only at the Terminal 3 LEGO Store of Changi Airport in Singapore. The packaging is pretty barebones: transparent sealable bag with instruction sheet and hand-packed LEGO pieces to build a scale model of Changi’s Airport Tower.


Information on this unnumbered LEGO bag set was provided to German LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, such as that the model was developed by LEGO Certified Builder Nicholas Foo. It has just enough bricks and pieces to form three main components – square base, tower shaft and control deck – that assemble to form the Changi Airport Tower.

The item was promoted on a Changi T3 LEGO Store flyer, which states that it’s free with any minimum LEGO purchase of 80 Singaporean Dollars. Each customer is also limited to 2 redemptions per day. Minimalist packaging hints that quantities are extremely limited.


The chances of this LEGO exclusive becoming available anywhere else is pretty slim. Thankfully the instruction sheet has been shared by Zusammengebaut, including a piece and element list that can be ordered from LEGO if so desired.