LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2 (43108) Might Only Appear in Branded LEGO Stores

At the start of 2021 LEGO launched a new interactive product experience for kids: LEGO Vidiyo. Jumping on the music video-sharing trend spearheaded by TikTok, LEGO developed a child-safe alternative. Combining a mobile app with unique sets and minifigures featuring scan-able components, Vidiyo promised MV-making fun with AR-SFX aplenty. Too bad the theme floundered with kids so much that LEGO put Vidiyo on hiatus. At least the first-wave sets have until 2022 before retiring. One product however, the Bandmates minifigure series (43108) got left in a sort of limbo, with no confirmation on when it’ll hit shelves. Some sobering confirmation comes to us from overseas. has it that the unfortunate Series 2 of LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates (43108) might not become available at retailers. This comes after some dealers revealed that LEGO has cancelled retail preorders of this minifigure set. They originally planned to release 43108 by July. When LEGO announced their intent to shelve the Vidiyo line for revamps until 2023, they at least assured the Bandmates minifigs will arrive in October. Come the first of the month, no Vidiyo Bandmates series 2 (43108). Even LEGO Shop@Home lists it still as “Coming Soon.” Maybe it got cancelled after all?

LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2

In Stores Only

While there may still be a chance that Vidiyo Bandmates (43108) may become available on Shop@Home, retailers are out. As Stonewars tells it, only Branded LEGO Stores could end up carrying the series. If things get worse, perhaps it won’t even be all LEGO Stores. Vidiyo had such potential too. Now, even its supposedly newest product release may not even come out.

Each Vidiyo Bandmate pack costs $4.99 and contains one minifigure with three “Beatbit” printed tiles. The Vidiyo app can scan Beatbits to unlock new AR visual effects for video recording. Series 2 (43108) boasts 12 bandmate minifigs and a total 36 Beatbit tiles.

First Image of LEGO Titanic Set (10294) Leaked Ahead of Supposed November Release

You’d be surprised at the number of MOCs by dedicated LEGO builders featuring vehicle disaster scenes. You get no points in guessing that these particular builders love replicating the doomed passenger liner the Titanic. Some Titanic MOCs from years back are absolutely humongous. Then earlier this year a rumor arose of LEGO planning to release a Creator Expert Titanic set. The news sparked collector interest particularly due to its size, at 9,090 pieces. It makes this LEGO Titanic (10294) the second-largest LEGO set ever put out. While LEGO has kept mum on this set’s existence, now some images have been leaked to technically confirm it.

German LEGO news source notes that local retailer, may have released the earliest image of the RMS Titanic (10294) set. We now have an idea for the box art, showing the ocean liner in its red-black-white-gold livery. The foreshortened angle of the image nicely sells the size, even if the “largest set” rumors already got “debunked.” LEGO even put a scale measurement of the ship in the box’s upper-right corner. Converting a 269.1-meter ship into a 1.23-meter brick-built scale model gets its LEGO designers much praise from us.

Other info

Promobricks also gleaned some further details about the LEGO Titanic (10294). While already understood to be too small-scale for minifigures and microfigures, the set could be disassembled into segments. That allows for a display of the interior layout, which also depicts floor furnishings and facilities in some detail. Furthermore, this is not a licensed-IP set. It carries no marks from Titanic’s former company, White Star Line. The line merged with their rival Cunard Line in 1934, with Cunard itself now part of Carnival Corporation. Surely Cunard itself might have contacted LEGO about the set. Anyway, LEGO Titanic (10294) might be released next month, November 1 (October 20 for LEGO VIPs). That bit of info remains rumor until LEGO confirms it.

August-Released LEGO Marvel Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) Possibly Based on Unfinished “What If…?” Episode Now In Season 2

Back in August and September several LEGO Marvel products came out, based on the Disney+ streaming series “What If…?” The premise of this animated anthology centered on various alternate timelines created by divergent events from the canon MCU. This was reflected in the Minifigures Series (71031) plus the Captain Carter and HYDRA Stomper (76201). One set however stands out; more so now that “What If…?” has only one episode left. Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) doesn’t seem to fit with any of the alternate storylines featured. When in the series does it fit, then?

Again, Brick Fanatics has the possible answer: the Sakaarian Iron Man belongs to a “What If…?” episode that was moved to season 2. They cite an August interview with the series executive producer Brad Winderbaum on Collider. Winderbaum notes that the series would comprise of 10 episodes for its inaugural season. The pandemic however affected production so much that one episode got pushed back. “What If…?” premiered August 11 so this info didn’t seem too important. But now that episodes 8 and 9 turn out to be a connected story, it suddenly became relevant again.

Episode 8 “What If…Ultron Won?” ended in a cliffhanger this past September 29. It suddenly didn’t seem feasible that the series finale could feature a storyline on Sakaar with Tony Stark. Therefore, the Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) likely features in the episode that’s now in “What If…?” season 2. Tony Stark and Valkyrie’s minifigures being accompanied by series narrator the Watcher here did seem strange. We feel how unfortunate that is. The Hulkbuster-sized Iron Man armor that transforms into a racecar would have been cool to watch on streaming. “What If…?” concludes season 1 on Disney+ this coming October 6. No date’s confirmed yet for the premiere of season 2.

LEGO to Repack Baseplates in Paper with New Numbers Starting March 2022

Long aware that its plastic bricks potentially contribute to global garbage, LEGO takes its environmental sustainability initiatives seriously. In their recent 1HY-2021 Financial Results report, the company announced the success of their paper packaging trial period. LEGO thus plans to increase implementation of paper-bag packaging for their products from 2022 to 2025. Eventually the familiar plastic polybags will be phased out for sustainable paper material. Now there are certain ancillary LEGO products that would be packed in paper sooner than others. As The Brick Fan would have it, paper packs may become the norm for LEGO baseplates by next year.

For LEGO builders who want their constructs, particularly structures, to stay put, baseplates are essential. Four baseplate colors will not only be repackaged in paper this coming 2022, they will be renumbered as well. Here’s a list for convenient reference.

  • Green Baseplate (10700) will become (11023)
  • Gray Baseplate (10701) will become (11024)
  • Blue Baseplate (10714) will become (11025)
  • White Baseplate (11010) will become (11026)

LEGO deems this announcement necessary because the old plastic-packed baseplates with old numberings will be “retired.” That of course would only make way for the new paper-packed baseplates with updated numbers. So we can nip any panic that “LEGO’s stopped making brick baseplates” in the bud. Worry not; a new sustainably-packaged line of LEGO baseplates will be arriving by March 2022.

LEGO Harry Potter Gryffindor Dorms GWP Set Confirmed in Latest Store Calendar

With LEGO, what was once old and simple can become new and intricate several years later. In the early days of LEGO Harry Potter, something like Gryffindor House (4772) was already a big deal. A lot can be done already with a bedroom-study room combo and two minifigs. That set however comes up short at a time when LEGO Harry Potter is already 20 years old. There arose rumors last week of a new LEGO HP set depicting the Gryffindor Dorms as a GWP for October. We can now confirm those rumors thanks to LEGO.

As Brick Fanatics tells us, the October 2021 LEGO Store Calendar features this new LEGO Harry Potter set. Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms (40452) reimagines the rather ancient Gryffindor House (4772) from decades ago with magical detail. Harry and Ron minifigures share a modular-built bedroom setup with a bunk bed, trunk and plenty of miscellaneous accessories. But check out the back wall of the bedroom. It looks like a display space for LEGO tiles depicting the in-universe Wizarding World trading cards. These tile cards are collectible in 20th-Anniversary LEGO HP products. Even the in-store GWP Hermione’s Study Desk polybag (30392) has them.

By the way, we mentioned the modular nature of the Hogwarts Gryffindor Dorms (40452) set. It makes perfect sense considering the modularity prevalent in the more recent LEGO Harry Potter releases. You can add the Gryffindor Dorms to mix and match with Polyjuice Potion Mistake (76386) and its fellow sets to customize your Hogwarts Castle interior. Remember, this GWP comes free with every total LEGO Harry Potter product purchase above $100. Catch it from October 25 to November 7, both in-store and on LEGO Shop@Home.

More Images of LEGO Bricktober 2021 Sets on Asian TRU Stores, Including Number 4: “Alice in Wonderland”

The LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315) is a retired set now. However its spirit lives on, sort of, in the 2021 Bricktober sets exclusive to Toys R Us. Well, make that the TRU stores in the Asia-Pacific region anyways. The three fairytales depicted in the original Ideas set became three separate micro-builds atop LEGO books. This year’s Bricktober series even has a fourth set with all-new story. We were able to get nice images of three of the Bricktobers on TRU Singapore’s website. The fourth set however has gone un-depicted, until images of it popped up on social media.

Shanghai-based LEGO fan dylanchow just shared new images of the LEGO Bricktober sets on Instagram. Among them is the fourth set that wasn’t listed yet on Toys R Us Singapore when we checked. Said set refers to “Alice in Wonderland” and depicts the table in the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Given this Bricktober set’s lack of presence in a TRU website, there’s a possibility that it might become available with another retailer. Supposedly this Alice Bricktober set comes out October 15 to 31. Therefore, as that date approaches next month we may have concrete details on the set’s availability.

Each LEGO Bricktober 2021 set showcases a fairytale diorama assembled atop a brick-built book. In addition to building instructions they will also have fold-up storybooks with abridged versions of the stories. The Bricktobers come free with every purchase of LEGO sets $69 and up on TRU stores and online. There is still no word on where and how the series will be available outside Asia.

LEGO Bricktober Sets Coming to Asia Toys R Us Stores Next Month Revealed

With September just about ready to wind down, LEGO fans and collectors look forward to next month’s release period. We already know that many highly-anticipated sets are due to come out on the first of next month. But one other special LEGO product line that appears every October is Bricktober. These mini-sets and minifigure collections are a fixture of Toys R Us. Perhaps unfortunately, they’re only available as promotional items in Asian TRU stores. Anticipation for these new LEGO-TRU collectibles has been building since the first teaser from LEGO Japan. Now, Toys R Us stores like in Singapore have them officially listed on their websites.

As can be seen from the above Japanese teaser, fairytales are the theme for LEGO’s 2021 Bricktober sets. There will be four mini-sets, depicting scenes from iconic fairy stories, though only three have been revealed thus far. The sets are ultra-micro builds with perhaps a few one-piece microfigures. And the dioramas stand on brick-built hardcover books for that classical feel. We’ve listed the Bricktober 2021 sets known to be coming, with release dates.

  • Alice in Wonderland (Not yet listed on TRU SG, October 15-31)
From the Toys R Us Singapore product info:


This LEGO 2021 Bricktober [set name] is your FREE gift with purchases of $69 and above on LEGO product(s).*

A minimum purchase of $69 on any LEGO products, at any Toys“R”Us store and in a single original receipt entitles each participant to one (1) of LEGO 2021 Bricktober [set name].

LEGO 2021 Bricktober [set name] is valid at Toys”R”Us [country]. Offer valid from [start date-end date] or while supplies last only.

The 2021 LEGO Bricktober sets come in sealed bags, containing an envelope with building instructions and accompanying storybook. The completed sets look like and stripped-down versions of the Ideas Pop-Up Book (21315). Again, TRU Asian stores carry these, so collectors elsewhere might have trouble acquiring these ones.

LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) Has One (Secret) Replicated Level to Reveal

From a week before, we got the first look at the most surprising LEGO Super Mario set released yet. Initially teased as just a big yellow question-mark block, it was actually an encapsulated tribute to “Super Mario 64.” The Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) was a diorama of several levels from the 1997 Nintendo 64 “Mario” title. They unfold for display from the box then fold back inside for storage. Ten microfigures populate the four “Mario 64” levels depicted in the set. Or at least that was what the official promotion fluff and LEGO online product listing say.

As Brick Fanatics puts it, LEGO has pulled a fast one on its Super Mario set collectors. Recall those four “Mario 64” levels displayed on the promotional pictures? They were actually missing one, a fifth level from the N64 game. Actually, if one looks at some of the pictures closely, like below, they might have realized this. See that curious partly-open flap in front of the question-mark block, while the other game levels are opened? Brick Fanatics confirm excited reports from early reviewers of this LEGO Super Mario set. The front of the block opens to reveal a buildable King Bowser, Mario’s bad guy. And the flap underneath reveals the fifth featured “M64” game level.

Unlike the earlier four (Peach’s Castle, Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool Cool Mountain, Lethal Lava Trouble), this is a boss level. That explains why Bowser is present to open it up. His buildable form easily towers over the 10 microfigures included in the set (especially the 3-piece micro-Mario). We thought the initial reveal of Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) surprised everything out of us. We were wrong. Bravo, LEGO. You’ve generated some sure-fire “must-buy” frenzy for this “Super Mario” set when it releases this October 1.

LEGO Santa’s Visit (10293) Seasonal Set Now VIP-Available Ahead of October Release

October 1 is the next big date in 2021 for LEGO collectors. Quite the number of new and sought-after sets will be debuting next-next-next Friday. For some the wait is already bordering on unbearable. Then again, some lucky LEGO buyers might even get early access to some of those October 1 releases. You know them as the VIPs, and joining the program is one of the greatest benefits for LEGO shoppers. Last week we featured the Holiday seasonal set LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293). A LEGO VIP won’t have to wait for October 1st. He can get it now.


Indeed, the VIP mark is on at the LEGO Shop@Home listing for the Santa’s Visit set (10293). Its availability on the LEGO VIP program started September 16. And at $99.99 it’s a sweet and early deal. A Christmas-themed house to add to a LEGO winter village with four minifigures is a go for seasonal collectors. With a nicely laid-out interior and a chimney big enough to fit a Santa Claus minifig, the house of LEGO Santa’s Visit (10293) is one seasonal set that mustn’t be missed. It’s available for LEGO VIPs now, and for everyone else this coming October 1.

LEGO Shop@Home Puts Up Listings for Santa’s Sleigh (40499) and Mini Disney Castle (40478)

Last week we got the first glimpses of two LEGO sets, one seasonal and the other licensed. The Christmas seasonal set, Santa’s Sleigh (40499) was spotted on a Malaysian online retailer. The licensed set, LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) was first seen clearly in full via promotional images from LEGO Stores Mexico. Just over a week later, both sets now have filled-up listings on LEGO Shop@Home. We can thus finally learn their respective prices and common release date. Indeed, these two are part of the October 1 product blitz. Collectors aiming for them won’t have to wait for very long.

Santa’s Sleigh (40499) – Christmas seasonal set

343 pieces | $36.99 | Coming soon on October 1

Get a guaranteed visit from Santa! LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh (40499) is the perfect pre-Christmas present to bring festive cheer to homes. Kids and grown-ups alike will love building and displaying the ornate sleigh, which comes with 4 reindeer figures. The sleigh is loaded with gifts including a guitar, a pair of skis and a teddy. Naturally, Santa has a list to see who’s been good this year! Kids can even challenge their friends to a treasure hunt. Will they discover the hidden Christmas treats?

  • LEGO® Santa’s Sleigh (40499) brings a splash of brick-built festive cheer to homes. Fun to build and display, this pre-Christmas gift is guaranteed to delight.
  • Includes a Santa minifigure, 4 reindeer figures with removable, decorated saddles, 8 buildable, ‘wrapped’ gifts, plus a guitar, a pair of skis and a teddy bear.
  • Santa’s sleigh, including reindeer train, measures over 3 in. (8 cm) high, 11.5 in. (30 cm) long and 2.5 in. (7 cm) wide.
Mini Disney Castle (40478) – mini-scale version of LEGO Disney Castle (71040)

567 pieces | $36.99 | Coming soon on October 1

Celebrate the Walt Disney World® Resort’s 50th anniversary with this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mini Disney Castle (40478) set! Fans of Disney’s flagship Magic Kingdom® Park can recreate the iconic Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle, complete with pearlized golden tower tops, opalescent blue rooftop cones and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse minifigure. This unique display piece makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or other celebrations.

  • Disney fans of all ages will love this beautiful miniature of the flagship Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle attraction from Disney’s Magic Kingdom® Park in Florida, and a vintage-style Mickey Mouse minifigure.
  • A great gift idea for ages 12 and up, this 567-piece building set makes a unique addition to any Disney collection.
  • Measuring over 8 in. (21 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide and 5.5 in. (13 cm) deep, this LEGO® ǀ Disney Mini Disney Castle makes a striking display piece standing on a mantelpiece or shelf in your home or office.