LEGO Minecraft, Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars 2017 Winter Sets Now Available for Order!

Yesterday, we gave a good, long look at this year’s first wave of LEGO Minecraft sets. We’ve already uploaded Stephen’s review of some of these sets starting with the LEGO Minecraft Mushroom Island (21129) and The Ice Spikes (21131). For those of you who are asking when will these sets be released, its good to hear that some of our Facebook friends are already reporting that they saw these  in certain stores. Though still hasn’t listed these sets as of this writing, they are now all available for order via Amazon, with a release date of February 17th. Check them out by clicking on the images and links below.


The Mushroom Island (21129)


The Nether Railway (21130)


The Ice Spikes (21131)


Jungle Temple (21132)


Witch House (21133)


Secret Waterfall Escape (21134)


Those who are waiting to have their hands on all of the Winter 2017 LEGO Marvel sets will be happy to know that they are also available as well, just in time before the New York Toy Fair kicks in this weekend. Click on the links and images below to know more.


Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076)



Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes (76077)



Hulk vs. Red Hulk (76078)


Ravager Attack (76079)


Ayesha’s Revenge (76080)


The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081)


Lastly, we also have two of the more recent Star Wars sets that will make their debut on shelves and online: the LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter (75168) and Battle on Scarif (75171).


Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter (75168)


Battle on Scarif (75171)


Speaking of NYTF, be sure to stick around with us this weekend as we deliver you the latest scoop on what’s happening at the LEGO booth at the 2017 New York Toy Fair. Jason and the rest of the team are all packed up and ready to go, and will deliver you the freshest images and video straight from the grandest Toy Fair in the face of the planet. Tom and I will also be around to update our blog page to share with you all the latest sets that LEGO will reveal at NYTF, so be sure to stay tuned here at the Brick Show!


First Look At the LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag 30449.

Last month, LEGO has revealed its latest line of Marvel Superheroes sets in line with the upcoming release of the next Marvel Cinematic franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. With three sets to boot, we see the gang’s famed starship, the Milano, making a comeback in The Milano vs the Abilisk (76081) set. Now if you are one of those blessed souls that were able to have the 2017 LEGO Calendar with vouchers, then you probably know by now that a chibi, polybag version of the Milano will be available in May just in time for the films big screen debut. The LEGO Marvel Superheroes GOTG Vol. 2 Milano Polybag (30449) comes as a free gift for any minimum LEGO purchase of £50 or roughly $60 together with the voucher. The polybag comes in at 64 pieces, with its iconic orange and blue color scheme.

As I understand it, the 2017 LEGO Calendar with vouchers was widely distributed in Europe. However, those in the US need not worry because we can expect that the Milano polybag will likely be offered as an in-store and online promotional most probably during the spring months, also within the same price point.


Thanks to Brick Heroes for sharing this image.

First Images of the LEGO BrickHeadz Pirates of the Caribbean Surfaces Online!

Disney’s upcoming adventure-in-the-high seas franchise is set off to sail once more this spring with its fifth film, Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales. With LEGO poised to offer another direct-to-consumer set (rumored to be Salazar’s ghost ship, the ghastly Silent Mary) to celebrate the release of the film, it seems that TLG is adding more buzz to the film by including two of the main characters in the POTC franchise in its latest collectible sets. Thanks to an eBay post, we now have a clear idea on what’s next with the LEGO BrickHeadz line.

As you can see, at the back of the box of the Belle and Beast LEGO BrickHeadz are images of two additional Disney characters in their collectible brick-built versions: Captain Jack Sparrow (41593) and Captain Armando Salazar (41594), both of which are numbered 9 and 10 respectively. According to just2good from Eurobricks who pointed out the eBay listing, it is expected that this two new sets will retail at the same price of $9.99 same as that of the other LEGO BrickHeadz sets. The release date is rumored to be in April along side with the release of the D2C set that was mentioned earlier.


So what do you think ye brick mateys? Will you fancy yourself with this booty?



LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Now Available for Pre-Order Via Amazon.

LEGO has already unveiled its full collection of LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Packs, and here’s your chance to pre-order them via Amazon and have them right at your doorsteps once they are released on May 9. Click on the links below to know more about Amazon’s promos on this latest wave of LEGO Dimensions packs.


LEGO Dimensions Chase McCain Fun Pack (71266) – $11.99 via Amazon


  • Help stop crime in the LEGO Dimensions multiverse with LEGO City’s Chase McCain.
  • Build and place Chase on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring him to life in the game.
  • Use his LEGO City Detective Scanner to track down bad guys and change his disguise to unlock more abilities.
  • Unlock the LEGO City Adventure World to explore new areas like Blackwell’s moonbase and the LEGO City Police Department, and the Battle Arena to compete with up to 4 of your friends.
  • Build Chase’s Police Helicopter to fire off bolts, then rebuild it into the Police Hovercraft and Police Plance for additional in-game abilities.
  • Includes Chase McCain and Police Chopper.


LEGO Dimensions The Goonies Level Pack (71267) – $29.99 via Amazon


  • Help Sloth and Chunk escape the Fratelli hideout and join the rest of the Goonies on their search for One Eyed Willy’s treasure.
  • Make a break from the Fratelli family as they chase you through the pirate ship, but don’t forget to dodge the traps!
  • Build Sloth and use his Super Strength to smash through walls.
  • For extra fun, play as Chunk and use his infamous Truffle Shuffle.
  • Hop on to One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship when you need a ride or play the Skeleton Organ to make your way out of the caves.
  • Rebuild One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship into Fanged Fortune and the Inferno Cannon, and the Skeleton Organ into Skeleton Jukebox and Skele-Turkey for added game play.
  • Explore Mikey’s House, Inferno Cove, and the Goon Docks in the Goonies Adventure World, and compete with up to 4 of your friends in the Goonies Battle Arena.
  • Includes Sloth, Skeleton Organ and Pirate Ship.


LEGO Dimensions Hermione Granger Fun Pack (71348) – $11.99 via Amazon


  • Continue your wizarding adventures in LEGO Dimensions with your very own Hermione Granger Fun Pack.
  • Build and place Hermione on the LEGO Toy Pad to bring her to life in the game where she can cast Wingardium Leviosa to levitate objects and Lumos to light up dark places.
  • Unlock the Adventure World to explore locations in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, and the Battle Arena to play any of the 4 Battle Modes.
  • Build Buckbeak and use his Stomp Attack to smash Silver LEGO bricks, then rebuild him into the Giant Owl and the Fierce Falcon for additional in-game abilities.
  • Includes Hermione and Buckbeak.

Take a Look at These The LEGO Batman Movie Building Events Slated at Walmart and Toys R Us Stores Nationwide.

TLBM fever is now on its peak! With UK fans being treated to an early preview of the film over the course of the weekend ahead of its worldwide release on February 10 as reported by Brickset, US residents are also prepped and ready with Walmart and Toys R Us rallying the crowd.

The two retail giants team up with LEGO and Warner Bros for simultaneous building events that will happen today and next week Saturday. Walmart stores across the US will be hosting a The LEGO Batman Movie building event scheduled today, February 4, 2017 from 11:30AM until 4PM local time. This event is intended for children ages 6 and up, and you can find the list of participating Walmart Stores by heading over at their Facebook page. FBTB took the extra mile of organizing these Walmart stores by state for easy search and reference. We don’t have any details yet on what Walmart has in store as it’s TLBM give away, but if you’re eager to find out, be sure to check their list of participating stores and pay them a visit this morning.

Even after the world premiere of The LEGO Batman Movie, Toys R Us still has plenty of TLBM stuff to share to its loyal patrons. TRU will be hosting a Make & Take Home TLBM Building Event on February 11, at all TRU stores nationwide. Children ages 6 and above will not just get a chance to participate in the Arkham Asylum Breakout Hunt, but will also get to bring home for FREE Emmet’s Bat-car. Similar to other TRU LEGO events, this building event is only for 2 hours, from 1PM to 3PM and all giveaways and event materials are available while supplies last.

Have a Bat-tastic weekend everyone!

Take A Closer Look At LEGO’s Next Seasonal Set – The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt 40237.

Those of you who are into collecting LEGO’s vignette style, Seasonal sets may find their next offering too lovely to pass – especially that we now have a batch of official images to gaze on. The seasonal LEGO Easter Egg Hunt 40237 has already been teased since December. This time, has now listed and uploaded 40237’s official images for us to fully appreciate.

The LEGO Easter Egg Hunt (40237) comes in at 145 pieces and is expected to retail at $9.99. Here’s the set’s full description followed by more images.

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt (40237)

Search high and low with the LEGO® Easter Egg Hunt!

Discover seasonal treasure with the LEGO® Easter Egg Hunt, featuring 2 minifigures in search of hidden Easter eggs. Includes a henhouse with an opening door, flower garden with mailbox and a vegetable garden—all with fun hiding places! Also includes a wheelbarrow, magnifying glass, rooster, eggs and a basket. Makes a great seasonal gift for LEGO fans.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: an adult and a child.
  • Features 3 locations, each with a fence panel: a henhouse with an opening door and rooster, flower garden with 2 lamps and mailbox, and a vegetable garden with a secret compartment, plus various buildable accessories and elements, including a wheelbarrow, magnifying glass, 3 eggs and a basket.
  • Measures over 2” (6cm) high, 7” (18cm) wide and 5” (11cm) deep.

LEGO March Store Calendar Now Up!

There is still plenty more to expect this February at the LEGO Store, specially the launch of the highly celebrated LEGO Batman Movie with all its freebies and perks. To add more fun to the excitement, LEGO has now published its LEGO Store March Calendar, celebrating the release of its next wave of Star Wars sets and the newest, blockiest theme in town – the LEGO BrickHeadz. Rumor has it that a D2C exclusive will also launch in March celebrating the return of the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales. Check out these LEGO March Store Calendar events.


March 1-15: FREE LEGO City Police Helicopter (30351) with any LEGO purchase of $35 or more, while supplies last.

March 4 & 11LEGO Disney Beauty and the Beast Building Event. Visit the LEGO Store during these dates for an opportunity to meet and build with other LEGO Disney Beauty and the Beast fans. You’ll also get a chance to build and take home a mini version of Belle’s castle. This event has limited space so better sign up early.


March 6-16: Double VIP Points are back for VIPs on any purchase. If you’re holding back on particular set which will be available in March (such as the Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076) or the Star Wars Rebel Trooper Pack (75164)), then you may want to take advantage of these Double VIP points.


March 7-8VIP Promotional Monthly Mini Build is the Platypus (40241). To reserve a spot, visit starting February 15.


March 12-14: Bring in your little one for LEGO Duplo building inspiration. Drop into the LEGO Store before 1PM during these dates for 10 minutes of DUPLO inspiration. Just for attending, visitors will receive a special DUPLO set and inspiration guide.


March 16-31FREE LEGO DUPLO My First Fish (30323) with any DUPLO purchase, while supplies last. Limited one per customer only.


March 17-31: VIPs get early access to an exclusive LEGO set that were teased a couple of days ago in China’s LEGO March Store Calendar. It is expected that this D2C set will be a pirate ship based on LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (71042). The sweet deal is that the calendar announcement seems to hint on more than one exclusive direct-to-consumer set so this is something that we will keep our eye on.


March 18 & 25: Join the LEGO Life Meeting where LEGO Life users may share their building skills with other like-minded builders and learn how to build April mini-model. This event has limited space with a registration fee of $10 per child. Open to all kids ages 6-14 and registration begins February 1.


March 14, 21 & 28: Technic Tuesdays. Visitors and guests have a chance to learn and build a Technic set together with a Brick Specialist. By participating in this event, store visitors are eligible to receive 10% off on one LEGO Technic set retailing at $49.99 or more. Plus, you’ll get a cool, complimentary Technic poster for free.


Here are Other promotional events that you may want to keep tabs with your local LEGO Store.

February 27-April 23: Build a LEGO City police car and catch the crooks at the LEGO Store. The image suggests that this may also be a build and take home activity, though this is just an assumption. We’ll share more details as new info comes in.


February 15 and March 1: LEGO BrickHeadz, LEGO’s latest line of brick-built collectibles, will be available for early VIP access starting February 15, and March 1 for the general public.


LEGO Sets that will be available beginning March include the LEGO Classic Green Creativity Box (10708), LEGO Marvel Superheroes Captain America Jet Pursuit (76076), LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (75164), and the LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS Adventure (42063).




The LEGO Halloween Set 40260 Is The Next Seasonal Vignette.

It seems that LEGO’s next seasonal offering further confirms this year vignette collection. While most of us are warming up for Valentine’s Day and may have probably set aside a box or two of the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic 40236 for that special person in mind (you may want to check out Stephen’s review by clicking on the link above), and others have already grabbed their LEGO Easter Seasonal Set 40237, LEGO has now revealed its upcoming seasonal vignette slated most probably for October.

Thanks to Eurobricks member LegoLeroy, he was kind enough to share this image of the next LEGO Seasonal set which he found at the back of the building instructions of the Easter set which he and his wife purchased from their local LEGO Store.

Brickset has listed this next seasonal set as the LEGO Halloween 40260 which features two minifigures – a skeleton and a male, Bruce Wayne-like minifig – and a spooky castle gate of some sort with some great pieces like the pumpkin head, spider, and a cauldron for cooking a rather nasty meal. The gate seems to lead outside, against an orange sky that gives it a three-dimensional depth. Needless to say, the set comes with very interesting pieces that builders will surely want to have. The color scheme is predominantly black, but unlike 2015’s Trick or Treat Halloween (40122), this year’s Hollow’s Eve set comes with various unique elements that are pretty useful for builders. I particularly like how this year’s sets are designed, especially when it highlights the simple joys of celebrating the holidays with others – even if it is just an animated skeleton.

Our best guess is that there are still two seasonal sets waiting to be revealed just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. What do you think about this year’s LEGO Halloween 40260 set? Will you be picking this one up?



LEGO February Store Calendar Now Up!

There are plenty of great things to expect from LEGO at the start of this year, and it seems that LEGO is on a roll even until next month with its LEGO Store promotions and events. Thankfully, we now have the LEGO February Store Calendar posted online so we look closely at its highlights. Check this out.

February 1-15 – Free LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves the Day (30546) polybag with any DC Super Hero Girls purchase. We mentioned in an earlier post that the wonder dog will be featured in his own LEGO polybag and as it turns out, this comes as a free promotional. So it’s a good thing if you somehow managed to resist that itch on heading to eBay to get this set for a ridiculous, higher price.


February 1-26 – Free The LEGO Batman Movie Posters with any purchase. From February 1-5, get a free Harley Quinn poster, Batman from February 6 to 12, Batgirl from February 13 to 19, and Robin from February 20 to 26.


January 2 – February 26 – Find all of Batman’s suit variants inside the LEGO store and get The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack for FREE. As confirmed by some of our Facebook friends, the TLBM Accessory Pack promotional is primarily offered to younger LEGO fans and children, but AFOLs may also have a chance to grab one by participating as well (or if you ask the Store Manager nicely). There is also another in-store activity set on these dates where store visitors can help build up the iconic Gotham City out of LEGO bricks. We’re not sure if there is any complimentary gift to be given out by participating in this event, but it is definitely a fun building experience for the entire family.


February 7-8 – VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will be a Raccoon. Remember to register online starting January 15 at to reserve your slot.


February 10 – The LEGO Batman Movie is in theaters. The long wait is finally over! Will LEGO do a repeat of its freebies same to what they offered in 2014 with The LEGO Movie Pyjamas Emmet and Radio DJ Robot minifigures? Let’s cross our fingers and see.


February 11 – Kids VIP Valentine’s Day Building Event is for a Rose. VIP members may visit any LEGO Store to meet and build with other LEGO fans and have a chance to bring home a LEGO rose mini model just in time for Valentine’s Day. Limited seats are available so be sure to see a Brick Specialist and register as early. Registration has started since January 1.


February 14 – Adult Building Night from 6-8pm. For the first time ever, LEGO Stores will be offering a unique building event for AFOLs. Visit any LEGO Store on this date to meet other LEGO-loving adults and build a Valentine’s themed mini model to take home for FREE. This activity is mainly for adults age 18 and above and early in-store registration is required. While you’re at the store, be sure to purchase the lovely seasonal vignette, Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone.


February 15-28 – VIPs get Early Access to a new exlusive LEGO theme. We first saw them at San Diego Comic Con last year, and this time, VIP members can now have the chance to bring home the blockiest guys in LEGO town with the LEGO BrickHeadz collection. To complement the theme’s release, LEGO has released a virtual reality app LEGO BrickHeadz Builder VR which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.


February 18 and 25 – LEGO Life Meeting. This monthly building challenge is open to all children ages 6 to 14 with a registration fee of $10 per child. Registration begins January 1.


February 20 – Minifigure Swap Monday. Get 1 Free minifigure when you buy a Build-a-Minifigure 3 pack.


2017 LEGO Sets Now Available!

Happy New Year to everyone! As we celebrate the start of 2017, why not check out the entire range of LEGO sets now available online at The full range of LEGO Batman Movie sets slated for the first quarter of the year is now available, including the latest sets under the DC and Marvel Superhero theme, Ninjago, Nexo Knights, Creator, Ideas, and much more. The exclusive D2C LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255) is now up and live as well. This is not a full listing of all the 2017 sets that are currently available and if you want to check these out, you may head over at and filter your search results to include all the new ones. Alternately, you may also click on the links below which will bring you right away to the set of your choice, either at LEGO’s online store or Stephen and Jason’s review of these sets (whenever available).


LEGO Ideas

Adventure Time (21308) ||


LEGO Creator Expert

Assembly Square (10255) ||


The LEGO Batman Movie

The Joker Balloon Escape (70900) ||
Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901) ||
Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902) ||
The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903) ||
Clayface Splat Attack (70904) ||
The Batmobile (70905) ||
The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906) ||
Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907) ||
The Scuttler (70908) ||
Batcave Break-In (70909) ||
LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71017) ||


LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

Batgirl Batjet Chase (41230) ||
Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231) ||
Super Hero High School (41232) ||
Lashina Tank (41233) ||
Bumblebee Helicopter (41234) ||
Wonder Woman Dorm Room (41235) ||


LEGO Superhero Mighty Micros

Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro (76068) ||
Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Killer Moth (76069) ||
Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday (76070) ||
Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Scorpion (76071) ||
Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos (76072) ||
Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto (76073) ||


LEGO Ninjago

The Vermillion Attack (70621) ||
Desert Lightning (70622) ||
Destiny’s Shadow (70623) ||
Vermillion Invader (70624) ||
Samurai VXL (70625) ||
Dawn of Iron Doom (70626) ||
Dragon’s Forge (70627) ||


LEGO Nexo Knights

King’s Guard Artillery (70347) ||
Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348) ||
Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349) ||
The Three Brothers (70350) ||
Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351) ||
Jestro’s Headquarters (70352) ||
Battle Suit Clay (70362) ||
Battle Suit Macy (70363) ||
Battle Suit Aaron (70364) ||
Battle Suit Axl (70365) ||
Battle Suit Lance (70366) ||
Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 (70372) ||


LEGO Creator

Blue Express (31054) ||
Red Racer (31055) ||
Green Cruiser (31056) ||
Air Blazer (31057) ||
Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) ||
Sunset Street Bike (31059) ||
Airshow Aces (31060) ||
Robo Explorer (31062) ||
Beachside Vacation (31063) ||
Seaplane Adventures (31064) ||
Park Street Townhouse (31065) ||



ATV Arrest (60135) ||
Police Starter Set (60136) ||
Tow Truck Trouble (60137) ||
High-speed Chase (60138) ||
Mobile Command Center (60139) ||
Bulldozer Break-In (60140) ||
Police Station (60141) ||
Race Plane (60144) ||
Buggy (60145) ||
Stunt Truck (60146) ||
Fishing Boat (60147) ||
ATV Race Team (60148) ||
4×4 with Catamaran (60149) ||
Pizza Van (60150) ||
Dragster Transporter (60151) ||
Sweeper & Excavator (60152) ||


LEGO Technic

Ultralight Helicopter (42057) ||
Stunt Bike (42058) ||
Stunt Truck (42059) ||
Roadwork Crew (42060) ||


LEGO Architecture

Sydney (21032) ||
Chicago (21033) ||
London (21034) ||