LEGO February Store Calendar Now Up!

There are plenty of great things to expect from LEGO at the start of this year, and it seems that LEGO is on a roll even until next month with its LEGO Store promotions and events. Thankfully, we now have the LEGO February Store Calendar posted online so we look closely at its highlights. Check this out.

February 1-15 – Free LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves the Day (30546) polybag with any DC Super Hero Girls purchase. We mentioned in an earlier post that the wonder dog will be featured in his own LEGO polybag and as it turns out, this comes as a free promotional. So it’s a good thing if you somehow managed to resist that itch on heading to eBay to get this set for a ridiculous, higher price.


February 1-26 – Free The LEGO Batman Movie Posters with any purchase. From February 1-5, get a free Harley Quinn poster, Batman from February 6 to 12, Batgirl from February 13 to 19, and Robin from February 20 to 26.


January 2 – February 26 – Find all of Batman’s suit variants inside the LEGO store and get The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack for FREE. As confirmed by some of our Facebook friends, the TLBM Accessory Pack promotional is primarily offered to younger LEGO fans and children, but AFOLs may also have a chance to grab one by participating as well (or if you ask the Store Manager nicely). There is also another in-store activity set on these dates where store visitors can help build up the iconic Gotham City out of LEGO bricks. We’re not sure if there is any complimentary gift to be given out by participating in this event, but it is definitely a fun building experience for the entire family.


February 7-8 – VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will be a Raccoon. Remember to register online starting January 15 at to reserve your slot.


February 10 – The LEGO Batman Movie is in theaters. The long wait is finally over! Will LEGO do a repeat of its freebies same to what they offered in 2014 with The LEGO Movie Pyjamas Emmet and Radio DJ Robot minifigures? Let’s cross our fingers and see.


February 11 – Kids VIP Valentine’s Day Building Event is for a Rose. VIP members may visit any LEGO Store to meet and build with other LEGO fans and have a chance to bring home a LEGO rose mini model just in time for Valentine’s Day. Limited seats are available so be sure to see a Brick Specialist and register as early. Registration has started since January 1.


February 14 – Adult Building Night from 6-8pm. For the first time ever, LEGO Stores will be offering a unique building event for AFOLs. Visit any LEGO Store on this date to meet other LEGO-loving adults and build a Valentine’s themed mini model to take home for FREE. This activity is mainly for adults age 18 and above and early in-store registration is required. While you’re at the store, be sure to purchase the lovely seasonal vignette, Romantic Valentine Picnic (40236) to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone.


February 15-28 – VIPs get Early Access to a new exlusive LEGO theme. We first saw them at San Diego Comic Con last year, and this time, VIP members can now have the chance to bring home the blockiest guys in LEGO town with the LEGO BrickHeadz collection. To complement the theme’s release, LEGO has released a virtual reality app LEGO BrickHeadz Builder VR which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.


February 18 and 25 – LEGO Life Meeting. This monthly building challenge is open to all children ages 6 to 14 with a registration fee of $10 per child. Registration begins January 1.


February 20 – Minifigure Swap Monday. Get 1 Free minifigure when you buy a Build-a-Minifigure 3 pack.


2017 LEGO Sets Now Available!

Happy New Year to everyone! As we celebrate the start of 2017, why not check out the entire range of LEGO sets now available online at The full range of LEGO Batman Movie sets slated for the first quarter of the year is now available, including the latest sets under the DC and Marvel Superhero theme, Ninjago, Nexo Knights, Creator, Ideas, and much more. The exclusive D2C LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255) is now up and live as well. This is not a full listing of all the 2017 sets that are currently available and if you want to check these out, you may head over at and filter your search results to include all the new ones. Alternately, you may also click on the links below which will bring you right away to the set of your choice, either at LEGO’s online store or Stephen and Jason’s review of these sets (whenever available).


LEGO Ideas

Adventure Time (21308) ||


LEGO Creator Expert

Assembly Square (10255) ||


The LEGO Batman Movie

The Joker Balloon Escape (70900) ||
Mr. Freeze Ice Attack (70901) ||
Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902) ||
The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903) ||
Clayface Splat Attack (70904) ||
The Batmobile (70905) ||
The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906) ||
Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907) ||
The Scuttler (70908) ||
Batcave Break-In (70909) ||
LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures (71017) ||


LEGO DC Super Hero Girls

Batgirl Batjet Chase (41230) ||
Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231) ||
Super Hero High School (41232) ||
Lashina Tank (41233) ||
Bumblebee Helicopter (41234) ||
Wonder Woman Dorm Room (41235) ||


LEGO Superhero Mighty Micros

Mighty Micros: Superman vs. Bizarro (76068) ||
Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Killer Moth (76069) ||
Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday (76070) ||
Mighty Micros: Spider-Man vs. Scorpion (76071) ||
Mighty Micros: Iron Man vs. Thanos (76072) ||
Mighty Micros: Wolverine vs. Magneto (76073) ||


LEGO Ninjago

The Vermillion Attack (70621) ||
Desert Lightning (70622) ||
Destiny’s Shadow (70623) ||
Vermillion Invader (70624) ||
Samurai VXL (70625) ||
Dawn of Iron Doom (70626) ||
Dragon’s Forge (70627) ||


LEGO Nexo Knights

King’s Guard Artillery (70347) ||
Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348) ||
Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349) ||
The Three Brothers (70350) ||
Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351) ||
Jestro’s Headquarters (70352) ||
Battle Suit Clay (70362) ||
Battle Suit Macy (70363) ||
Battle Suit Aaron (70364) ||
Battle Suit Axl (70365) ||
Battle Suit Lance (70366) ||
Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 (70372) ||


LEGO Creator

Blue Express (31054) ||
Red Racer (31055) ||
Green Cruiser (31056) ||
Air Blazer (31057) ||
Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) ||
Sunset Street Bike (31059) ||
Airshow Aces (31060) ||
Robo Explorer (31062) ||
Beachside Vacation (31063) ||
Seaplane Adventures (31064) ||
Park Street Townhouse (31065) ||



ATV Arrest (60135) ||
Police Starter Set (60136) ||
Tow Truck Trouble (60137) ||
High-speed Chase (60138) ||
Mobile Command Center (60139) ||
Bulldozer Break-In (60140) ||
Police Station (60141) ||
Race Plane (60144) ||
Buggy (60145) ||
Stunt Truck (60146) ||
Fishing Boat (60147) ||
ATV Race Team (60148) ||
4×4 with Catamaran (60149) ||
Pizza Van (60150) ||
Dragster Transporter (60151) ||
Sweeper & Excavator (60152) ||


LEGO Technic

Ultralight Helicopter (42057) ||
Stunt Bike (42058) ||
Stunt Truck (42059) ||
Roadwork Crew (42060) ||


LEGO Architecture

Sydney (21032) ||
Chicago (21033) ||
London (21034) ||

Here Are Several LEGO Polybag Promos to Watch Out For Beginning January, 2017.

LEGO continues to be in a festive mood this Christmas season with these very much welcomed promos slated for the first two months of 2017. Though initially revealed through a LEGO Store flyer distributed in Germany, it will not be long until we see these same promos landing in LEGO brand stores and in the US. Please bear in mind that the flyer is written in German so I don’t claim to understand the language, but thankfully we have Promo Bricks to help us make sense out of this exciting LEGO promotional. Let’s take a look.

The journey continues for our young heroes from Knighton as they face off with new enemies and gain new abilities. The cover of the flyer puts the LEGO NEXO Knights back into the spotlight which features their new found ability of combining their NEXO powers. If you recall, LEGO alluded to this new way of combining NEXO powers in Wave 1 of Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers (70372) set to help fend off the forces of the Stone Army.

Moving on, the above pages highlight some of the new sets (more than 180 sets, in fact) that are slated to hit stores in the first quarter of 2017. Notable among these are some of the new sets to be released under LEGO’s DC Super Hero Girls such as Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231), LEGO City’s Mobile Command Center (60139), LEGO Friends Hearlake Summer Pool (41313), LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308), LEGO Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom (70626), and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulk VS Red Hulk (76078).

Here’s the fun part. We mentioned before that LEGO has thrown in another polybag promotional with the LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman, Tears of Batman (30607) set. At that time, we had no info yet on when and how you may obtain this polybag which has shown to be a potential must-have set since it will feature not one, but two Batman minifigs that are not found on LEGO Batman Movie set. It now seems to be set in stone since LEGO has announced that the said polybag set will be offered as a freebie for every single receipt purchase of 55 Euros (or roughly around 50-60 USD) of any LEGO products (both in-store and online) beginning February 6 to 26 just in time of the film’s theatrical debut. There seems to be no qualifying purchase of any kind other than price point mentioned so this is something that most LEGO Batman enthusiasts will definitely look forward to.


As mentioned earlier, the LEGO Nexo Knights opens a new chapter in their adventures with the introduction of new tech and skills to ward off the sinister threat of Monstrox and his evil Stone Army. This new chapter also unveils LEGO’s latest Nexo Knights sets scheduled for release in 2017 including a new polybag to go along with it.

The LEGO Nexo Knights Shrunken Headquarters (30378) polybag features a Stone Army soldier and a roller-drawn catapult. Fans that will purchase a LEGO NEXO Knights set anytime between January 3 to February 5 will get to bring home this polybag for free. There is no word yet on the minimum qualifying purchase amount to be entitled for this polybag, but given previous LEGO promotionals, we can assume a purchase threshold of anywhere between $50 to $60.


And of course, last but definitely not the least on the LEGO Store flyer’s A-list is the massive modular set, the LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square (10255). In celebration of LEGO’s 10th modular brick-building year, the Assembly Square is scheduled to be released on New Year’s Day both via LEGO Brand Stores and at as a direct-to-consumer exclusive, priced at $279.99.



Hats off once again to Promo Bricks for helping us make sense out of this flyer.

Double VIP Points Available On All LEGO Purchases This Weekend.

If you’re reading this, then you’ll be pleased to know that you still have a chance to rake in those VIP points. Throughout this weekend and for a VERY limited time, LEGO has announced that its offering Double VIP Points for all purchases at all LEGO Brand Stores and at

This is good news, especially if you’re not done yet with your LEGO Christmas shopping list. However, you only have until today to enjoy this opportunity so be sure to make the most out of it. On the other hand, if you’re eyeing for that eye candy of a minifigure which is the LEGO Seasonal Gingerbread Man (5005156), then you might need to wait until tomorrow Monday for this exclusive promotional to start.  For those who missed him together with the rest of the LEGO CMF Series 13, this is your chance to have him for FREE for any LEGO purchases of $50 and above. If you also time it just right (which I can still see from my end as of this posting), you can still have the privilege of FREE SHIPPING for orders $35 and above, and a FREE LEGO 2017 Coloring Wall Calendar.



So if you still have time for some last minute Christmas shopping, be sure to take advantage of these exclusives and freebies. So, what LEGO set do you still want to buy?

Here’s Your Chance to Dunk the LEGO Gingerbread Man Minifigure (5005156) In Your Shopping Basket This December

If you’re keen in following various LEGO Store promotionals, then you’ll probably recall that the LEGO December Store Calendar comes with another minifigure freebie that is hard to ignore. This month, starting December 12 until 18, LEGO Store shoppers (both in-store and online) will receive a FREE LEGO Gingerbread Man (5005156) minifigure for purchases of $50 and above.

Gingerbread Man Minifigure


LEGO has already uploaded images of this promotional via its servers and it confirms that the said minifigure exclusive will be offered in a packaging similar to that of TRU’s LEGO Chicken Suit Guy minifigure (5004468) promotional. Take a closer look.

Gingerbread Man Minifigure

If you missed on the little guy when he first made his appearance back in 2013 under LEGO’s Collectible Minifigures Series 11 (71002), this is your chance to definitely have him without feeling your way at any blind bag. Though it’s a nice touch to wrap him in a cardboard gingerbread house, I would be happier if LEGO took the extra mile by including his witty ‘Dunk Me’ mug accessory. They were able to add a sword accessory in TRU’s earlier promotional back in October which is a LEGO Ninjago Stone Armor Cole (5004393) minifigure so I guess it will not be difficult to do the same again. Nevertheless, it’s the holidays so having the little Gingerbread Man minifigure back again for FREE is a much-welcomed gift.


Now is also a good time to finish that Christmas LEGO shopping list that you’ve been working on especially that from December 12 to 20, LEGO will be offering FREE express saver shipping on any order of $35 and more. Take note that December 20 at noon is the last time to place an order online if you wish to have it arrive just in time for Christmas. Check for full details.

LEGO January 2017 Store Calendar Now Up!

LEGO definitely intends to begin 2017 with a blast with the recent release of its January Store Calendar. With none other than DC superheroes and heroines taking on the center stage, LEGO pushes through with its promise of releasing more sets under its most popular themes such as The LEGO Batman Movie, Ninjago, and DC Superhero Girls. Take a look at some of the highlights of next month’s LEGO Store Calendar.

lego-january-calendar_1 lego-january-calendar_2

December 27 to January 15

Free The LEGO Batman Movie Mini Batwing (30524) polybag with purchases of $35 or more. It seems that we’ll be getting another promotional that goes well with previous polybags that were earlier revealed – Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522) and The Joker Battle Training (30523).  This promo includes a FREE LEGOLAND Child Ticket Offer.



January 1 

The LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255) will become available for purchase both online and in –store starting January 1st. The 10255 marks the celebration of LEGO’s 10th year into modular building.



January 16 to 31 

FREE LEGO Nexo Knights Knighton Rider (30376) polybag with a Nexo Knights purchase. Our best guess is that it doesn’t come with any amount threshold as long as it belongs under the LEGO Nexo Knights theme. Similarly, this promo also includes a FREE LEGOLAND Child Ticket Offer.



January 3 to 4 

The VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will be a Narwhal. Same as before, be sure to register ahead starting December 15 since there are very limited slots available.



January 14 

Winter Igloo Building Event. LEGO Store visitors and VIP members get a chance to build and bring home a LEGO Igloo (40061). Similar to other MMB events, participants must be ages 6-14 and a VIP member to sign up. This is only a one-time event so better mark your calendars for this one.



January 17 and 24 

Technic Tuesday. Here’s a chance for LEGO Technic fans to build a store-featured Technic set, or race prebuilt vehicles against their friends and a Brick Specialist. Technic Tuesday is a more advanced building experience and is recommended for participants ages 8 and above.



January 21 and 28 

LEGO Life Meeting. The LEGO Store organizes its very first LEGO Life Meeting where users of the LEGO Life app can share their building skills, build the January mini model and learn more about LEGO’s newest app. This exclusive event has limited space, so it’s recommended that you sign up early. Registration starts on January 1 with a minimal registration fee of $10 per child (ages 6-14 only). There is no info yet on how the registration will commence but we’ll keep you posted once more news comes in.  Head over to LEGO Life’s website for more details.



LEGO has also slated to roll out its first wave of 2017 sets starting next month, so be sure to keep an eye on them.


LEGO Disney Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace (41148)

41148_alt1 41148-1


LEGO Creator Robo Explorer (31062)

31062_alt1 31062-1


LEGO Friends Heartlake Sports Center (41312)

41312_alt1 41312-1


LEGO Ninjago Vermillion Invader (70624)

70624_alt1 70624-1


LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-In (70909)

70909_alt1 70909-1


LEGO Nexo Knights Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351)

70351_alt1 70351-1


LEGO DC Superhero Girls Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231)

41231_alt1 41231-1


LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308)

30570519033_eb5007313a_b 31008726860_d475312804_b

Amazon Introduces Find the Golden LEGO Brick Sweepstakes Promo PLUS More than 30% Discounts on Great Star Wars Sets.

Amazon has just announced its latest promotional that will send LEGO fans on a great digital, treasure hunt. Coined as the ‘Find the Golden LEGO Brick’, the sweepstakes gives you the chance of winning a LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Tumbler (76023), and the entire LEGO Star Wars Rogue One collection from 2016, including all five sets (75152, 75153, 75154, 75155, 75156) and three buildable figures (75119, 75120, 75121) among others. The contest will only run for this week which started last December 4 until 10, where LEGO fans can navigate through Amazon’s LEGO retail pages in search of the elusive Golden Brick which you can find somewhere on the set’s product information. It should look something like this.



After clicking on the Golden Brick, you will be directed to a page that confirms your find similar to what you see below.

LEGO Find the Golden Brick Sweepstakes

Congratulations! You’ve found the Golden Brick! Submit below for a chance to win one of four prizes.


We will randomly award four (4) prize packages as follows:

  • Prize one: LEGO Super Heroes the Tumbler building Set
  • Prize two: LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Complete Collection
  • Prize three: LEGO Brick-Built 18” Tall Doctor Who Figure custom built by LEGO master builders
  • Prize four: One (1) prize package which consists of a trip for one (1) winner and up to three (3) guests to visit either the LEGOLAND California Resort or LEGOLAND Florida Resort

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS SWEEPSTAKES. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Must be a legal resident of the 50 United States or D.C., 18 or older. Sweepstakes ends 12/10/16. Limit one entry per person and account. Please read these rules before entering the Find the Golden LEGO Brick Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”). You agree that, by submitting an entry, you will be bound by these Official Rules and you acknowledge that you satisfy all Sweepstakes eligibility requirements. See Official Rules at for details and alternative method of entry.


Bear in mind that you have to be a US resident to be eligible to join. You may check out the complete contest rules and guidelines right here.

In other news, you might be pleased to know that several LEGO Star Wars sets are now on sale at Amazon for as much as 30% off. It is noteworthy to mention that aside from these Star Wars sets, we also have the massive SHIELD Helicarrier (76042) for less than $50 of its original price, which is the lowest offering so far for this 3,000-piece set. Check these out by clicking on the links below.

LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Speeder (75099)$19.99 $12.79 (36% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana (75139)$59.99 $35.19 (41% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars Resistance Trooper Battle Pack (75131)$12.99 $8.31 (36% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars First Order Battle Pack (75132)$12.99 $8.31  (36% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars Finn (75116)$24.99 $13.19 (47% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren (75117)$24.99 $15.19 (39% off at Amazon)

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137)$24.99 $16.79 (33% off at Amazon)

LEGO Marvel Superheroes SHIELD Helicarrier (76042) $349.99 $299.99 (14% off at Amazon)

LEGO Shop@Home Brick Friday Deals Are Now Up!

Brick Friday is officially on! The long wait seems to be forever but thankfully, has finally revealed its sets that are now currently on sale with awesome discounts. Though there have been previous reports of certain sets that will be listed in today’s Brick Friday sales until Cyber Monday, it was only moments ago that LEGO’s online store has now listed these and made it official.

On top of this, LEGO sweetens the deal with exclusive freebies such as the seasonal Snowglobe (40223) for qualifying LEGO purchases of $99, a limited edition 2017 LEGO Coloring Calendar, and literally free shipping for all online orders. Check out these bricktastic deals that will run only today until Cyber Monday or while supplies last. Same as before, we are offering you the option of checking other Black Friday retailer deals such as those from Amazon and Toys R Us in case you want to take a look. Prices and item availability are valid at the time of this writing and while supplies last. Generally speaking, Amazon seems to offer the best deals while TRU also offers free shipping for qualified purchases. However, if you’re eyeing on the exclusive collectibles that were mentioned above, then the LEGO Store is the only place to be.


LEGO Star Wars

75106-1    75092-1

Imperial Assault Carrier (75106) $129.99  $103.99 at || $86.00 at Amazon || $90.99 at TRU

Resistance Troop Transporter (75140) $69.99  $55.99 at || $48.99 at Amazon || $48.99 at TRU

TIE Advanced Prototype (75082) $39.99  $31.99 at || $38.78 at Amazon || $44.99 at TRU

First Order Snowspeeder (75100) $39.99   $31.99 at || $28.79 at Amazon || $39.99 at TRU

Naboo Starfighter (75092) $49.99  $39.99 at || $37.99 at Amazon || $52.19 at TRU

Droid Escape Pod (75136) $24.99  $19.99 at || $19.99 at Amazon

The Ghost (75127) $9.99  $7.99 at || $9.39 at Amazon || $10.99 at TRU

AT-DP (75130) $9.99  $7.99 at || $7.99 at Amazon || $10.99 at TRU



60080-1 60095-1

Police Pursuit (60128) $24.99  $19.99 at || $17.99 at Amazon || $17.99 at TRU

Prison Island Starter Set (60127) $9.99  $7.99 at || $6.39 at Amazon || $10.99 at TRU

Tire Escape (60126) $6.99  $5.59 at || $4.99 at Amazon || $7.99 at TRU

Deep Sea Exploration Vessel (60095) $119.99  $95.99 at || $83.99 at Amazon || $119.99 at TRU

Spaceport (60080) $119.99  $95.99 at || $80.87 at Amazon || $119.99 at TRU

Police Station (60047) $99.99  $79.99 at || $81.99 at Amazon || $119.99 at TRU

Deep Sea Starter Set (60091) $9.99  $7.99 at || $6.69 at Amazon || $9.99 at TRU

Deep Sea Submarine (60092) $39.99  $31.99 at || $25.59 at Amazon || $39.99 at TRU

Prison Island Accessory Pack (853570) $14.99  $11.99 at || $23.75 at Amazon


All LEGO Mixels Series 9 (41572 to 41580) cost per set $4.99  $3.99 at


Selected LEGO Minecraft sets up to 30% discount over at Amazon.


LEGO Elves The Precious Crystal Mine (41177) $29.99  $23.99 at || $19.99 at Amazon ||  $29.99 at TRU

LEGO Elves Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon (41171) $9.99  $7.99 at ||  $7.99 at Amazon

LEGO Friends Pop Star Limo (41107) $24.99  $17.49 at

41107-1   41110-1

LEGO Friends Birthday Party (41110) $19.99  $15.99 at || $14.99 at Amazon ||  $14.99 at TRU

LEGO Disney Treasure’s Day at the Pool (41069) $5.99  $4.79 at ||  $4.73 at Amazon ||  $6.99 at TRU


These deals are expected to be up until Cyber Monday on November 28 so be sure to check with us for more updates.

Here’s the Best LEGO Deals at Amazon Ahead of Black Friday – More than 30% Off On Selected Sets!

Unless you’re living like a hermit deep inside a cave or something, then it’s hard not to notice all the scurrying going on brought about by Black Friday. Though it may not have officially kicked in, some online retailers – such as Amazon – have already begun their deals as early as the start of this week. A few days back, we have posted information on a few LEGO sets that are rumored to be on LEGO’s Brick Friday list. Though we understand that LEGO doesn’t usually post this info earlier ahead of Brick Friday (LEGO wishes to somehow level the playing field), it is fun and perhaps helpful to speculate what sets will make it to the list. Last year, we saw a total of 45 sets offered for as much as 40% discount, with most of them offered at 30% off on the average. Similar to 2015’s LEGO promotional of the Gingerbread House (40139), fans can expect another seasonal set for this year as a free give-away for every single receipt purchase of $99 and above. The Snowglobe (40223) may be availed only from November 25 to 28 or until supplies last so expect some stiff competition to get this one.

While waiting for this year’s insiders’ list to appear again, we took the liberty of selecting the best LEGO deals that we found over at Amazon. Though this may seem to be unnecessary given the prominence and obvious advantages of most Black Friday deals, it should be noted however, that Amazon usually gives pieces of clues on what these items are. Like cookie crumbs scattered on a pathway, Amazon somehow ‘teases’ about these ahead of Brick Friday’s holiday shopping spree. If our theory is somehow correct, then these LEGO sets that we extracted from Amazon may likewise be included on LEGO’s Brick Friday list. This is just speculation though, but given that most customers have patiently waited for these promos, and that Amazon have already lowered the prices of certain LEGO sets – as much as 30% and more to be exact – then we are pretty sure that it is not far-fetched to consider that the online retail giant will either retain their prices or lower it further.

So with that of the way, here are some LEGO sets that you may find appealing, especially that they are listed for as much 30% off. Just click on the links below to bring you over at the Amazon page of that particular set or you may also check with and compare their prizes.

40223_alt1 40223_alt2

To sweeten the deal, LEGO is giving away the exclusive, limited-edition Snowglobe (40223) for every qualifying purchase of $99 and more both in-store and online.  We’ll be happy to receive your feedback just in case you have any Brick Friday info to share.


LEGO Juniors Marvel Superheroes Iron Man vs. Loki (10721) $12.99 $7.51 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO City Train Station (60050) $64.99 $40.29 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train (60051) $149.99 $104.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO City Cargo Train (60052) $199.99 $136.99 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO City Exploration Vessel (60095) $119.99 $83.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO City Volcano Crawler (60122) $39.99 $25.49 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO City Airport Air Show (60103) $89.99 $57.59 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO CITY Police Patrol Boat (60129) $49.99 $31.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO CITY Fire Boat (60109) $79.99 $52.79 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO CITY Fire Station (60110) $99.99 $63.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO CITY Ferry (60119) $29.99 $19.99 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO Friends Amusement Park Space Ride (41128) $19.99 $12.79 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Friends Pop Star Recording Studio (41103) $14.99 $9.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Friends Pop Star Dressing Room (41104) $29.99 $18.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van (41129) $29.99 $19.19 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Friends Horse Vet Trailer (41125) $39.99 $25.59 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage (41105) $39.99 $27.99 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO Nexo Knights Chaos Catapult (70311) $9.99 $7.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Nexo Knights Moltor’s Lava Smasher (70313) $19.99 $13.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Nexo Knights Clay’s Rumble Blade (70315) $39.99 $27.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Nexo Knights General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom (70321) $49.99 $31.99 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle (75104) $119.99 $83.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137) $24.99 $16.79 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Star Wars Resistance Trooper Battle Pack (75131) $12.99 $8.31 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Alliance Battle Pack (75133) $12.99 $8.31 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Star Wars Senate Commando Troopers (75088) $12.99 $9.17 @ Amazon||check at


LEGO Creator Propeller Plane (31047) $19.99 $11.99 @ Amazon||check at

LEGO Creator Adventure Vehicles (31037) $24.99 $17.50 @ Amazon||check at

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Europe’s Largest LEGO Store Is Now Open!

Just a few moments ago, London’s first, and Europe’s largest LEGO brand store has finally opened its doors to the LEGO faithful. Though this piece of news is thousands of miles away from where we are, the excitement of the occasion is pretty contagious. For those of us who can’t make it physically at the LEGO London Store, we are thankful that groups such as the LEGO Collectors Club (LCC), The Brothers Brick (TBB) and Promo Bricks  are there to witness firsthand the events as they happen, giving us an inside look at what the largest LEGO store in this side of the world has to offer. In case you missed it, LEGO also had a live broadcast of the events both inside and outside of the store via their Facebook live feed.

Visitors were also glad to know that one of the latest LEGO Architecture Skylines sets slated for 2017 has been released in the LEGO London store ahead of January next year. Well, I guess it’s kind of obvious what set this is.

Photo courtesy of Promo Bricks.

Other than the exclusive launch of the LEGO Architecture London 21034 at the LEGO London Store, the much talked about Lester minifigure has also been given away in a form of a raffle. Though not without complaints and issues with regards to the way it is made available (through a mystery scratch card that buyers will receive upon reaching a certain amount of purchase), there’s only a total of 275 minifigures of Lester that were officially given away so expect that this highly valued collectible minifig will be a prized possession for any LEGO fan.

Photo courtesy of Promo Bricks.

Here’s LEGO’s official press release of the store’s opening together with some images courtesy of Sophie from LCC, The Brothers Brick, and Brick. Thank you for sharing these images for all LEGO fans to enjoy.


LEGO® London Flagship Store Opens Offering Unique Experiences for Fans of All Ages

The world’s largest LEGO Store opens with a focus on inspiring creativity through new experiences and fun, interactive workshops.


17 November 2016: Today The LEGO Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials, has officially opened its new UK flagship store in central London’s popular tourist hot-spot, Leicester Square.

The Leicester Square store is the 131st LEGO store globally and is pushing the boundaries with many unique LEGO® firsts. The largest LEGO store in the world boasts exciting new experiences, such as a ‘Mosaic Maker’ which offers LEGO fans of all ages the opportunity to purchase their very own, one of a kind, personalised LEGO mosaic portrait. The machine captures your image and in under ten minutes printed instructions and the bricks required to complete the LEGO portrait are supplied to the customer. The London store is the first in the world to make this unique experience available.


Image courtesy of LCC.
Photo courtesy of LCC.

John Goodwin, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the LEGO Group said: “We are excited to have finally opened the doors to the world’s largest LEGO store here in London. We want to inspire and develop children through creative play experiences – and this store is all about that. Here, parents and children can explore the many different LEGO products while at the same time getting a truly immersive experience of the LEGO brand.”

Inspiring creativity and developing the builders of tomorrow is a central theme for the store and this is encouraged with unique hands-on interactive brick experiences. These include ‘Master Builder Playtables’, where children will be free to build whatever they can imagine – inspired by iconic London landmarks and a range of exciting LEGO themes. There will also be a timetable when Certified LEGO Master Builders will visit the store sharing tips and tricks to help visitors build LEGO models and help inspire children to think outside the box when building their creations.

Photo courtesy of LCC.
Photo courtesy of LCC.

Through a partnership with Transport for London LEGO has created a life-sized London Underground tube carriage. The tube is the largest LEGO build in the store, is made up of 637,903 bricks and took 3,399 hours to build. The carriage offers fun photo opportunities and will be a must see for all the family.


Other highlights within the new London LEGO Store include:

  • Build a Minifigure Tower with Talking LEGO Minifigures – includes four different talking LEGO Minifigures including Lester, Royal Guard, Bobby the Policeman and Sherlock Holmes.
  • LEGO Minifigure Scanner – an interactive experience available from outside the store where people can find out which LEGO Minifigure they are.
  • Digital window display – state of the art screens that will show LEGO movies and clips.
  • Lester’s room housing a model of store mascot Lester for photo opportunities both inside and outside the store.
  • Brickadilly corner – an interactive information centre informing shoppers including in-store event schedules and highlighting retail experiences within the store.
  • Digital endless isle – a digital experience allowing shoppers to browse a digital catalogue of all LEGO sets available in store. It also calls for assistance by sending a message to the smart watches of store staff (photos courtesy of LCC).

lego-store-london-grand-opening-155 lego-store-london-grand-opening-153

“Our LEGO® Brand Retail stores are a lighthouse for the LEGO brand and an inspirational shopping channel for LEGO products. We offer a unique brand experience and supplement the combined offer for consumers alongside our trusted retail partners and online retailers. The new Leicester Square store is the 14th LEGO Store in the UK,” says Glenn Abell, Vice President and General Manager, Direct-to-Consumer EMEA.

LEGO Store London Facts and Figures

  • The LEGO® Store in London’s Leicester Square is the company’s 14th brand retail store in the United Kingdom and the 37th in the world
  • It is the biggest LEGO Store at 914 sqm
  • The project commenced in late 2014, took almost five months to build and opened on 17th November 2016
  • A custom-made Terrazzo floor brings the LEGO yellow colour to life throughout the store
  • There are over five tonnes of LEGO big build models displayed within the store, utilising a total of over 1.7 million bricks including:

Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)

Photo courtesy of Promo Bricks.
  • The 1:15 scale model stands at two floors high, 6.5 metres
  • Comprises 344,020 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 1,035 kgs
  • Took six model builders 2,735 hours to build
  • Features a working, backlit clock which chimes with a replica sound of the real bell, Big Ben

London Underground Train Carriage (Tube)

Photo courtesy of Promo Bricks.
  • The model stands at 2 metres high and 5 metres long
  • Features a seated William Shakespeare LEGO figure amongst other LEGO models
  • Comprises 637,902 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 2,126 kgs
  • Took 3,399 hours to build

Telephone Box (photos courtesy of LCC).

lego-store-london-grand-opening-146 lego-store-london-grand-opening-139

  • The full sized replica of an iconic red telephone box stands at 2.6 metres tall
  • Comprises 220,470 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 698 kgs
  • Took 883 hours to build

Brickley the LEGO Dragon (photos courtesy of LCC)

lego-store-london-grand-opening-135 lego-store-london-grand-opening-091

  • Brickley winds his way along the length of the Swiss Court window and is three separate builds
  • Comprises 250,785 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 792 kgs in total
  • Took 725 hours to build

LEGO Store Entrance Archway

Photo courtesy of LCC.
  • A LEGO Leicester Square London Underground roundel sign sits between two street lamps to create an impressive 4.2 metres high archway in the entrance to the store
  • Comprises 81,000 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 370 kgs (in total)
  • Took 438 hours to build

London Underground Map Mosaic


  • Comprises 16,500 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 90 kgs
  • Took 90 hours to build

Lester Minifigure Statue


  • Lester is the LEGO minifigure mascot for the Leicester Square store
  • The statue stands at 1.2 metres tall on a 30 cm high customised plinth
  • Comprises 24,500 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 57 kgs (in total)
  • Took two builders 90 hours to build

Royal Mail Post Box

  • Stands at over a metre tall
  • Comprises 20,700 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 73 kgs
  • Took 105 hours to build

Skyline Mosaic

Photo courtesy of LCC.
  • Adorning the wall of the store staircase, this large-scale mosaic comprises 265,557 LEGO bricks
  • Weighs 57 kgs
  • And took 90 hours to build


Thanks again to the folks over at LCC, TBB and Promo Bricks for sharing with us the fun and excitement of the LEGO London Store’s opening.