LEGO Creator Mini Piggy Bank (40251) Promotional Now Available!

The second half of this month’s LEGO Store promotional is now up, particularly the limited edition, 3-in-1 LEGO Creator Mini Piggy Bank (40251). As mentioned in the July LEGO Store Calendar, this set is free for every minimum purchase of $75 starting today July 10 until July 31, EST both in-store and online via while supplies last.

This set comes in at 248 pieces, valued at $15 USD. If you prefer a different build, you can change it to either a panda or a polar bear. This limited edition Mini Piggy Bank joins the rank of other exclusive promotionals, including last year’s seasonal gift, the LEGO Snowglobe (40223).

As a side note, I hope you were able to sign up for July’s Monthly Mini Build which will start tomorrow July 11 until 12. This month’s Mini Build is a blue Octopus, with articulated tentacles and cute, googly eyes. Personally, I find this build better than the other MMBs offered during the previous months. I like how the tentacles can be posed, and the funny looking eyes that add character to the build.


LEGO Store August Calendar Now Available.

Scanned images of the LEGO Store August Calendar are now making rounds online, and we now have a glimpse of the various sales and activities that will happen across LEGO stores in the US next month. Though the official PDF version of the calendar is still yet to be released, we can still have a closer look on what is in store in August. Check this out.


It seems that LEGO is investing a considerable amount of effort in promoting its latest robotics offering, the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox (17101). The set is now available for pre-order both at and via Amazon, and will debut to the general public starting August 1. Additionally, another exclusive D2C set is slated to arrive in August with the highly anticipated LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258). The iconic red bus will be available exclusively at all LEGO Stores and at starting August 1.

August 10-31: Free exclusive Caveman & Cavewoman minifigures (5004936) with a purchase of $50 or more.

LEGO’s latest minifigure promotional was first spotted in LEGO Europe Summer Store Calendar last month, and as it seems, minifigure collectors in North America will also have the same opportunity of bringing this home. Referred to as the Iconic Cave set (5004936), this set comes with two rehashed collectible minifigures of a Caveman and Cavewoman, both of which were originally released under LEGO’s CMF Series 1 and Series 5 respectively. This follows LEGO’s past minifigure promotionals such as the Gingerbread Man and Chicken Suit Guy.

August 20-31: Free Build to Learn Pack with a purchase of $25 or more.

A perfect gift to the budding LEGO enthusiast, this free set contains several Duplo pieces, sticker sheet, and pages of building activities designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

August 1-6 & 14-20: Sign up for the LEGO Boost workshops.

Here’s a chance to sign-up for a one-on-one workshop on how to get the most out of the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox (17101) set. Participants will learn how to code using the tech savvy set, with several demonstrations on how the LEGO Boost is the next big thing in brick-built robotics.

August 8-9: Free VIP Monthly Mini Model build (MMB) will be a Fish.

Registration to avail this free MMB starts on July 15. To reserve a spot, visit

August 16-31: LEGO VIPs get Early Access to a new exclusive set.

As we previously reported, the next direct-to-consumer, VIP set will be the LEGO Ninjago Movie Ninjago City (70620) available for early VIP access starting August 16 to 31, and will be available to the general public beginning September 1.

August 19 & 26: LEGO Life Meeting.

Join a LEGO Life Meeting at your nearest LEGO Store and get the chance to build the August mini-model. Registration has started already (for children 6 to 14 years old only) with a minimal fee of $10 per child.

August 30: VIP Cinderella’s Castle mini build event.

During this free event, you’ll get to build and take home a micro scale version of Cinderella’s iconic castle. Registration has already begun for participants age 6 to 14. You may visit your local LEGO Store and inquire with a Brick Specialist.


So, what do you think of these activities and promotionals? What are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks to The Brick Fan for the tip.



LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Florida 500 Final Race (10745) Revealed.

Following the release of Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 last June, and a wave of LEGO Juniors sets released last May, comes another surprise from the LEGO Juniors line. LEGO Shop@Home has recently updated their listing to include another Cars 3 set that features the return of McQueen’s ever reliable race and road crew in his bright red LEGO form. Mack gets the LEGO treatment once again in LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Florida 500 Final Race (10745), making this the second LEGO set (excluding those from the Duplo line) that includes the red, gentle giant. The first of which is Mack’s Team Truck (8486) released in 2011.

The Florida 500 Final Race (10745) comes in at 266 pieces selling at $49.99, and will be available at and other retailers starting August 1. Here are the rest of the set’s details and official images.


LEGO Juniors Cars 3 Florida 500 Final Race (10745)

Race with Disney Pixar’s Lightning McQueen for the trophy!

Start your engines and take part in the exciting Florida 500 Final Race from Disney Pixar Cars 3, featuring an Easy to Build crew chief’s stand with raising red and green race flags and Start/Finish line arch, trackside barriers and a winners’ podium with checkered flags and a trophy. Includes a simple guide to build and play, and bigger pieces help build confidence in younger kids. LEGO® Juniors is an age-appropriate build and play experience for ages 4-7. Includes 5 LEGO Juniors characters.

  • Includes 5 characters from Disney Pixar Cars 3: Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Guido and Mack.
  • Features a crew chief’s stand with room for Guido, a race monitor and raising flag bars, plus a Start/Finish line arch and trackside barriers.
  • Also includes a winners’ podium and gas and air pump elements.
  • Mack can carry 2 cars inside the trailer.
  • Open Mack’s back to unload the cars at the racetrack.
  • Head to the gas pump to fuel up before the race.
  • Accessory elements include a trophy, tools, 2 checkered flags and red and green race flags.
  • Includes Easy to Build models with bigger pieces and a simple guide to get kids building and playing quickly.
  • Lightning McQueen measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  • Cruz Ramirez measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  • Jackson Storm measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  • Guido measures over 1” (4cm) high, 1” (5cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.
  • Mack measures over 3” (8cm) high, 9” (25cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.
  • Crew chief’s stand excluding flags measures over 2” (6cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 3” (8cm) deep.
  • Start/Finish line arch measures over 4” (11cm) high, 6” (16cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep.




A Closer Look at the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087).

A couple of days ago, LEGO has released the official images of its latest Super Heroes sets based on the upcoming Zack Snyder film, Justice League. However, the reveal was somehow incomplete since we never get to see that the rest of the official images of the largest set among the three which is the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087).

Thanks to a recent update at, we now get to see the rest of 76087’s images, including a nice close up on the minifigure versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the resurrected Man of Steel himself. It seems that LEGO was intentional in giving some ‘spoilers’ about Superman’s return in Justice League even if we’re still months away from the films theatrical release on November 17. Speaking of minifigures, though the Flying Fox is the largest among the three JL sets and with the most number of minifigs – the other two sets being the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack (76086) and Battle of Atlantis (76085) – LEGO would have us buy all three of them if we’re planning to complete all the Justice League heroes. The Flying Fox comes in at 955 pieces, retails at $129.99 and will be available in-stores and online starting August 1. Here are the rest of the set’s official images.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack (76087)

Unleash the Batmobile from The Flying Fox!

Team up with the Justice League against Steppenwolf™ and the Parademons to claim the precious Mother Box, in this exciting LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack set. The Flying Fox features a 2-minifigure cockpit with a lift-off canopy, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 2 stud shooters and space inside for the Batmobile with an opening cockpit, 3 stud shooters and adjustable wings. Includes 6 minifigures with weapons—including Cyborg’s attachable stud-shooting arm—plus a Steppenwolf big figure.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: Cyborg™, Batman™, Wonder Woman™, Superman™ and 2 Parademons, plus a Steppenwolf™ big figure.
  • The Flying Fox features a dual minifigure cockpit with lift-off canopy and translucent-red windshield, 2 spring-loaded shooters, 2 stud shooters, ramp to drive the Batmobile inside, and 2 rear boosters with translucent-orange elements.
  • The Batmobile features an opening minifigure cockpit, 3 stud shooters and adjustable front and rear wings.
  • Also includes the Mother Box.
  • Weapons include Cyborg’s attachable stud-shooting arm, Batman’s Batarang and grappling gun, Wonder Woman’s sword, the Parademons’ handheld stud shooters and Steppenwolf’s axe.
  • Accessory elements include Wonder Woman’s shield and the Parademons’ foil wings.
  • The Flying Fox measures over 5” (13cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and14” (37cm) wide.
  • Batmobile measures over 1” (5cm) high, 6” (17cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide.
  • Mother Box measures under 1” (1.6cm) high and 1” (1.6cm) square.





Climb Aboard the Majestic LEGO Creator London Bus (10258)!

After hinting at its arrival via the most unlikely places and leaving a trail of bread crumbs across social media, LEGO has finally pulled the curtain to reveal its latest addition to its exclusive LEGO Creator Expert series. A fitting tribute to one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, the LEGO Creator London Bus (10258) is now making waves not just across London but the entire LEGO fan community. Without a doubt, this set is off to become one of the most sought after sets this summer.

Set 10258 is a brick-built, faithful representation of the brightly colored London Bus and hailed as the largest set among the Creator Expert vehicles followed by the Volkswagen Beetle (10252), Volkswagen T1 Camper Van (10220), Mini Cooper MK VII (10242), and the Ferrari F40 (10248). The London Bus (10258) comes in at 1,686 pieces and will be available for an early VIP release on July 17, and to the general public starting August 1.

As we reported previously, it is now confirmed that all five LEGO brand stores in London will exclusively have the set for sale as early as today, July 1. So if you’re around London as you’re reading this and you want to add this awesome set side by side with last year’s Big Ben (10253) and Tower Bridge (10214), be sure to drop by and check out the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258) at the LEGO store nearest you.

Here’s LEGO’s official description of the London Bus followed by a designer video featuring master builder Morten Graff-Wang, plus an interview with him and fellow designer Jamie Berard broadcasted earlier from the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London.

LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258)
US $139.99 – CA $179.99 – DE 119.99€ – UK £109.99 – DK 999.00 DKK

Celebrate iconic design with this charming double-decker London Bus, featuring a wealth of authentic details, including a bright-red color scheme, panoramic windshield, specially made standard-tread tires, destination sign, and an open rear boarding deck with a hand pole, ticket bin, fire extinguisher and a half-spiral staircase that leads to the upper sightseeing deck. Functions include an opening hood with engine, detailed driver’s cab with a sliding door, and a removable roof and upper deck for access to the detailed interior with worn look seating and additional authentic details, including a forgotten umbrella, newspaper, empty beverage can and discarded chewing gum. Reversible transit advertising posters are also provided as printed labels with a 1950s or present-day London promotion. This LEGO® Creator Expert model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience with a touch of nostalgia and charm.

Enjoy a nostalgic journey with this highly authentic reproduction of the iconic London Bus, featuring classic curved bodywork, panoramic windscreen, specially made standard-tread tires and a detailed interior.

  • The London Bus comes with an array of brick-built features and details, including large windows, bright red curved bodywork, panoramic windshield, reversible transit advertising posters provided as printed labels, specially made standard-tread tires and a destination sign. It also has an opening hood with engine, detailed driver’s cab with sliding door, and a removable roof and upper deck for access to the detailed interior.
  • Interior details include worn look seating, open rear boarding deck with a hand pole, ticket bin, fire extinguisher and a half-spiral staircase that leads to the sightseeing deck. Additional authentic detailing includes a forgotten umbrella, newspaper, empty beverage can and discarded chewing gum elements.
  • Choose your favorite decade with the miniature, reversible transit advertising posters, featuring a 1950s or present day London promotion.
  • Remove the roof and upper deck for full access to the detailed interior.
  • Slide open the driver’s door to access the detailed cab with panoramic windscreen.
  • Lift the hood to access the engine.
  • Special elements include a new-for-August-2017 tire with standard tread, quarter bows and arches in red, and 1x1x1 A2/3 bricks with vertical studs.
  • This model includes more than 1,680 pieces.
  • This model is scaled for shelf display alongside other models in the LEGO® Creator Expert vehicle series.
  • Measures over 7” (18cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide.


Another SDCC 2017 Exclusive LEGO Set Has Been Revealed: the LEGO BrickHeadz DC Supergirl and Martian Manhunter (41496).

Following yesterday’s reveal of the SDCC 2017 LEGO Brickheadz Marvel Spider-Man and Venom (41497), another pair of superheroes has been given the BrickHeadz treatment, drawing inspiration from CW’s rendition of these DC characters. As reported by, the LEGO BrickHeadz DC Supergirl and Martian Manhunter (41496), both numbered 13 and 14 respectively, will be exclusively available at this year’s SDCC from July 21 to 23. Here’s a peek at what you can expect from the set.

LEGO® BrickHeadz construction characters bring you a brand new way to collect, build and display iconic characters from your favorite movies, TV series, games and comics.

Buildable Supergirl and Martian Manhunter LEGO® BrickHeadz construction characters feature authentic detailing, uniquely decorated BrickHeadz eyes, and a display baseplate. Each LEGO® BrickHeadz construction character comes with its own buildable collector’s baseplate, featuring series number and BrickHeadz icon.

This exclusive LEGO BrickHeadz set comes in at 234 pieces and will retail at $40 when purchased at the LEGO Booth at SDCC. This is a much better offer as compared to aftermarket prices which can soar up to more than a hundred dollars. Same as with last year’s lottery system, those who are interested to buy this set and other SDCC LEGO BrickHeadz exclusive must first visit the Pavillion Terrace to enter a random drawing which will begin at 6AM on July 21. Once your ticket has been selected, you can then proceed to the LEGO Booth to make your qualified purchase.

For those who cannot attend the SDCC (including myself), you still have the chance of having your very own SDCC LEGO BrickHeadz set by following LEGO’s official Twitter account and the hashtag #LEGOSDCC. Both and Brickset have confirmed the said contest, so be sure to follow LEGO on Twitter and other social media sites for the full mechanics and details.



First Look at the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258).

A couple of weeks ago, we received information that the next LEGO Creator D2C set will pay tribute to one of London’s iconic attractions. The LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258), also referred to as the Double Decker Bus, is July’s exclusive direct-to-consumer set which will be available for early VIP access from July 17-31, as teased in LEGO’s July Store Calendar, and LEGO fans in China and London may have the privilege of seeing this set earlier.

Based on our brick intel, a special event in all of 5 LEGO Stores in London within the M25 area is slated to take place on July 1 this Saturday, with the unveiling of the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus as its highlight. According to our sources, all 5 LEGO Stores in London will offer the abovementioned set retailing for £109.99 that also comes with a free gift upon purchase. Set 10258 is said to be at a minifig scale so it is interesting to see how this set will turn out.

Speaking of how it looks like, it seems that we don’t need to assume any longer. Promobricks recently reported that an image of a LEGO Store flyer in China for the months of July and August, 2017 is now making rounds over at Reddit. The image was shared by dylanchow over the anonymous file/image sharing platform. According to the Reddit post, the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258) will come in 1,680 pieces measuring at 18 cm. in height, 34 cm. long and 13 cm. wide. It is reported to be at a minifigure scale, so this is one model that will perfectly house your minifigure passengers and tourist. Also seen on the flyer is the largest LEGO Minecraft set to date – The Mountain Cave (21137).

Since July 1 is just around the corner, we can expect LEGO’s official press release and images of the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus (10258) to be up anytime soon. This D2C set is expected to be available to the general public starting August 1 retailing in the US for $119.99.





We Finally Get To Meet All of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigures!

We saw the first half of the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF yesterday, and today the reveal has finally come full circle when LEGO unveiled the rest of its collectible minifigures line for its next big, brick-built film. Revealed via social media, the second half of the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF also highlights the rest of the film’s characters, plus some of the villains under Garmadon’s command. Speaking of Garmadon, it’s interesting to see that LEGO has thrown in three variants of the film’s main antagonist in one CMF series, and having his ‘battle version’ included in the series is a great way to have him without breaking the bank. Pair him up with Lloyd and you instantly have a winning combo collection of both father and son. Other than the pajama donned, Volcano Garmadon, we also get to see another version of Garmadon as teased by LEGO last Father’s Day. I’m curious to see how the Flashback Garmadon fits into the overall plot of the film. Will it appear in the film, and if so, could it mean somehow that Garmadon wasn’t all that ‘evil’ in the past? After all, being ‘Ninjago’s #1 Dad’ would still mean something.

Here’s the final instalment of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure Series. I’ve also included a nifty thumbnail below where you can find all the minifigs in this series in one go. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to drop us a note at our official Facebook page.


N-POP Girl



Flashback Garmadon

Kai Kendo

GPL Tech

Shark Army Angler



Shark Army Octopus


The LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigures



First Half of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigures Makes Their Debut!

The reveals are now in full swing with LEGO’s latest brick-built film, the LEGO Ninjago Movie. Following the official announcement of its retailer exclusives now comes the exciting line of the film’s collectible minifigures. Announced via LEGO’s Facebook page earlier today, the first half (10 out of 20) of the LEGO Ninjago Movie CMF includes some of the film’s lead characters, and common folks of Ninjago City. It also offers a few, never before seen elements such as the sushi roll and oriental bowls. I personally dig the Jay Walker minifig with its smartphone and scarf accessory, and will look great on the Hiker (71013) minifigure from Series 16. The second half of the film’s CMF line will be revealed tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Volcano Garmadon

Master Wu


Spinjitzu Training Nya


Lloyd Garmadon


Sushi Chef




Jay Walker


Shark Army Great White


Shark Army General #1


Gong & Guitar Rocker



More Official Images of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets!

After officialLEGO’s reveal of its massive Ninjago City (70620) and other LEGO Ninjago Movie sets yesterday, comes another round of crisp images that give us a closer look at some of the theme’s highly detailed mechs. We also get to see which sets are exclusive to other retailers, particularly from Walmart, Target and TRU. Read on for further details.


Green Ninja Mech Dragon (70612)

Outwit the Green Ninja’s evil father Garmadon with this mighty mech featuring articulated snapping jaws, poseable body, wheel-activated swooshing tail, 2 leg-mounted stud shooters, hidden pop-out thrusters, 4 minifigures with assorted tools- including The Green Ninja’s sword and Garmadon’s laser-style pointer.

$49.99; 544 pieces

Available at specialty and mass retail stores, LEGO brand retail stores and



Destiny’s Bounty (70618)

Construct Wu’s huge training base in this highly detailed set featuring 3 modular levels and a double-headed dragon, wind-up-and-release anchors, training dojo, bathroom and Wu’s bedroom in the hull – not to mention many hidden secrets.

$159.99; 2,295 pieces

Available at specialty and mass retail stores, LEGO brand retail stores and



Flying Jelly Sub (70610)

Join Jay in battle against the shark army and protect Takuma’s boat from flying Jelly Sub attacks. Sub features minifigure cockpit, boat, rotating legs, flick-fire missiles, swinging tentacles and 4 minifigures with assorted tools to add to the battle role-play options.

$29.99; 341 pieces

Available at Walmart stores nationwide



Garma Mecha Man (70613)

Help Lloyd protect civilian Pat from attack by Garma Mecha Man, featuring spring-loaded shark blaster, opening cockpit for Garmadon, ammo belt and fish tank.

$59.99; 747 pieces

Available at Target stores nationwide



Ice Tank (70616)

Help Zane save Patty Keys and Torben from the shark soldiers using this cool vehicle featuring an opening minifigure cockpit, big tracks, ice cannon with 6-stud rapid shooter, and a rotating ice container.

$79.99; 914 pieces

Available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide