Here’s Some Of The Great LEGO Star Wars Deals Happening At Toys R Us Starting This Week.


Toys R Us in the US is having a truck load sale of their LEGO Star Wars sets starting this week, and the sets that they’re putting on sale are great deals that offer more value for your money. With 20% discount on these 20 LEGO Star Wars sets spanning across all episodes of the Star Wars saga, there’s something that will surely catch your fancy. Click here for more info.

These are some of the LEGO Star Wars sets that caught our attention, both for their value for your money and excellent build.

LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber (75137) from $24.99 to $19.99


LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (75102) from $84.99 to $67.99



LEGO Star Wars Rey’s Speeder (75099) from $19.99 to $15.99



LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana (75139) from $59.99 to $47.99



LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter (75101) from $69.99 to $55.99



LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel (75093) from $84.99 to $67.99



LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader (75111) from $32.99 to $26.39



In addition to these Star Wars sets being on sale, there are other LEGO sets outside of the Star Wars theme that TRU is also offering at great, discounted prices. Some of these are:

LEGO Super Heroes The Hydra Fortress Smash (76041) from $39.98 to $23.98



LEGO Creator Forest Animals (31019) from $19.99 to $11.99



Finally to cap it off, Toys N Bricks reports that starting June 19th until 25th, Toys R Us is also giving away a free LEGO City 30346 Prison Island Helicopter polybag with purchases above $30. The promo is currently an in-store deal and will likely run until supply lasts.




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Here’s A Look At The LEGO Store August Calendar With The Exclusive Mini London Bus 40220 And Other Great Promos.

LEGO August Calendar_01

LEGO recently released its August Store Calendar and with it comes a great selection of promos, freebies, and a promise of a new exclusive D2C set. Let’s take a close look and see what is has to offer.

LEGO August Calendar_01LEGO August Calendar_02

From August 1 to 15, the perfect companion for the LEGO Creator Big Ben 10253 will arrive exclusively from the streets of London, to recreate the splendor of the iconic British landmark. The LEGO Creator Mini London Bus 40220 will be given for FREE for every any single receipt purchase of any LEGO merchandise worth $75 and above. What’s cool about it other than its smooth, overall design is that in comes in a pretty neat box rather than in a polybag as previously reported. Though the price point to get this promotional is a bit pricey compared to other previous offers, the Mini London Bus is a collectible that will not disappoint.

LEGO August Calendar_01

As previously announced, the latest LEGO direct-to-consumer set offering will be available to the public beginning August 1 – the LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252. The first day of August also marks another opportunity to earn double points for VIP members when they purchase the most recent Ninjago sets such as the Salvage M.E.C. 70592 and The Green NRG Dragon 70593. The month of August also offers a lot of great finds coming from other themes such as Duplo, City, Marvel Super Heroes, Friends, Elves, Nexo Knights, and Technic.


70592-1   70593-1

Fans of the summer loving snowman will be delighted to know that they can bring home Olaf for free for every with every qualifying LEGO brand Disney Princess purchase. Olaf’s Summertime Fun 30397 is a promotional polybag exclusive that will run from August 1 to 31 or until supplies last.

LEGO August Calendar_01

VIP members will also get the chance to bring home LEGO’s monthly mini model which is the Apple 40215 from August 2 and 3. Registration for this event begins on July 15 on a first come, first serve basis and is open to all LEGO VIP members/builders ages 6 to 14.


The build your own LEGO City Race Ramp Competition will speed its way into all LEGO Stores from August 8 to 12 and 22 to 26. You’ll get a free LEGO City activity booklet for joining this build and race event.

August 13 also marks another exclusive building event open to all LEGO Disney Princess fans. You can take part in this fun event and even bring home your very own creation. Plus, you also get to bring home a special Disney Rapunzel set. This LEGO Store event has limited space so don’t forget to register ahead starting July 1st.

logo-lego princess

Finally, the much awaited and rumored next LEGO D2C set will be available for early VIP access from August 17 to 31. There has been a lot buzz among the LEGO fan community that this will be the LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040 that comes with a great selection of never-before-seen Disney minifigures.


So what do you think about these August events and promos? Are you all set for this one? For one, were particularly excited for the August D2C reveal, and we surely expect it to be the LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle 71040. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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More Than 150 LEGO Sets Now On Sale At Amazon.

amazon lego sale

It seems that Amazon is seriously making room for LEGO’s wave of summer sets by clearing out some shelf space. This means that we can now take advantage of discounts of as much 30% or more on great LEGO finds and deals on their site. Click here to choose from more than 150 LEGO sets from their Star Wars, Super Heroes, City, Creator, Friends, Technic themes and many more.

For one, I find these sets as one of the better picks both for their playability and value for your money.


LEGO Minecraft The Cave (21113) – with as much as 30%  off from the original list price.



LEGO Ninjago Master Wu Dragon (70734) – marked down for as much as 30% off from original list price.



LEGO City Town Square (60097) – with discounts of as much as 40% off from original price.




LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory (21302) – discounted for as much as 24%.



LEGO Friends Emma’s House (41095) – marked down for as much as 30% off from original list price.




LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Jokerland (76035) – with as much as 24% off from original list price.



I’m pretty sure you can find more LEGO sets that will suit your fancy, and at great discounted prices. Be sure to take this opportunity since there is no info yet from Amazon until this promo will be up.


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LEGO Opens World’s Largest Flagship Store in Shanghai, China

Last Wednesday marked the opening of the world’s largest LEGO store in Shanghai Disney Resort in China with the hope of attracting more customers once the Disney theme park opens in June. According to LEGO Shanghai store’s General Manager Jacob Kragh, China had been one of the best performing markets last year that saw an increase of more than 30% of sales in LEGO products. LEGO’s presence is keenly felt in this part of China, especially considering that the company has plans of setting up its first factory in Jiaxing, which is expected to be operational by 2017 employing 2,000 personnel. Construction of the factory has already begun since 2014.

The massive two-storey, 1,000 square-meter Lego store features models ranging from a giant dragon, well-known Disney and Marvel characters, and the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. Here’s a look at some of the sights in and around the world’s largest LEGO Store courtesy of Reuters and China News.

A lion dance performance is carried out during the opening ceremony for a Lego store, the company's largest retail store in the world, near the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai Tourists visit a Lego store during its opening ceremony, the company's largest retail store in the world, near the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai Tourists take pictures at a Lego store during its opening ceremony, the company's largest retail store in the world, near the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai People visit a Lego store during its opening ceremony, the company's largest retail store in the world, near the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai A boy plays at a Lego store during its opening ceremony, the company's largest retail store in the world, near the Shanghai Disney Resort in Shanghai

Considering the amount of attention LEGO is giving to the Chinese market, it will not take long before we see other LEGO Stores setup in the country. This might be a good way of counteracting the selling and distribution of certain Chinese-made, LEGO-like knock-offs, especially if LEGO can lower the costs of their sets within the area. Here’s a look of some of the promotions as seen from the store’s May and June calendar, as uploaded by a local LEGO Store visitor Capitalism Village (I hope Google Translate got this right).


The store’s calendar didn’t hold back in its promotion, featuring some of the larger sets that LEGO has just released recently, including this year’s LEGO Star Wars UCS Attack on Hoth (75098), 2015’s LEGO Star Wars UCS Tie Fighter (75095), and  Imperial Assault Carrier (75106). It also featured sets from different names such as the DC Comics Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave (76052), Ninjago Temple of Airjitzu (70751), and Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (75827). There’s also a promotion for what seems to be some Nexo Knights and Friends polybags, plus a corner for the LEGO Nexo Knights Merlok 2.0 app.

So what do you think about this development? Are you excited to pay this LEGO Store a visit? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Master The Force with These Building Instructions for TRU’s Build and Take Home LEGO Micro Millennium Falcon

May the 4th may well be over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t relive the fun in building our own piece of LEGO Star Wars history. So in case you missed out on LEGO Store’s May the 4th “Escape the Space Slug” exclusive, you’ll be happy to know that you can build one on your own through these building instructions shared with us by Promobricks.

On a similar note and as their share of joining in the Star Wars Day festivities, all Toys R Us stores in the US launched a LEGO Build and Take Home exclusive last Saturday May 7, a week later after TRU stores in Canada launched a similar event. The exclusive 44-piece LEGO build to be taken home for qualifying participants (children ages below 14) is a mini-build of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. It’s a pretty simple build consisting of relatively common pieces, but considering that this is given away for free (and of course It’s LEGO), the appeal is irresistible. Understandably, it doesn’t come in a polybag but TRU was kind enough to throw in a Star Wars booklet and a poster.

LEGO-Star-Wars-Toys-R-Us-Event-May-7-2016-Flyer-640x689 s-l500 tru-millennium-falcon-micro-event-2016


If you are into mini or micro-scale building, then you will also be happy to know that the building instructions for this Millenium Falcon is now available to download, thanks to the folks over at Hoth Bricks. Coming at 44 pieces, this particular rendition is quite easy to build, and everything that you need for this mini-build may already be stashed underneath your pile of bricks. These will also come in cheap over at Bricklink if you want to replicate the model exactly as it is. Here’s a scanned image of the building instructions as shared by Hoth Bricks. You may also download a higher resolution copy from the site’s Flickr page.

TRU_LEGO Millenium Falcon Building Guide

For the uber serious collector who will only settle for the original as they were given away in TRU, you may always head over at eBay in case someone will list these exclusives up for grabs.



Thanks Hoth Bricks for the tip.



It’s a season of great discounts over at Amazon for some of LEGO Minecraft’s sets plus LEGO Ideas Big Bang Theory. With as much as 30% on a Minecraft sets, this offer doesn’t come that often. Here’s a list of all the Minecraft sets on sale at Amazon.


LEGO Minecraft – The Ender Dragon (21117)  30% off

The Ender Dragon



LEGO Minecraft – The Farm (21114)  30% off

The Farm



LEGO Minecraft – The Cave (21113)  21% off

The Cave


LEGO Minecraft – The Snow Hideout (21120)  20% off

Snow Hideout


LEGO Minecraft – The Nether Fortress (21122)  20% off

Nether Fortress


LEGO Minecraft – The Desert Outpost (21121)  19% off

Desert Outpost


LEGO Minecraft – The End Portal (21124) 19% off

The End Portal


LEGO Minecraft – The Jungle Tree House (21125)  19% off

Jungle Tree House


LEGO Minecraft – Crafting Box (21116)  18% off

Crafting Box


LEGO Minecraft – The Wither (21126)  18% off

The Wither


LEGO Minecraft – The Iron Golem (21123)  16% off

Iron Golem


LEGO Minecraft – The First Night (21115)  15% off

First Night


On a similar note, Amazon is dropping the price as much as 24% for LEGO Ideas Big Bang Theory (21302) from its original price $59.99 to $45.67.

Big Bang


Regardless if you’re a fan of these series, seeing such price drops doesn’t come too often.  Though there seems to be a proliferation of Minecraft and Big Bang sets recently as noted by FBTB, now is a good time to take this advantage of these offers.




We reported last February that LEGO will be giving away an exclusive Classic Batman Mr. Freeze (30603) promotional polybag beginning April 1 for every single purchase and transaction worth $75 and more thru and all LEGO Stores. True to their word, Mr. Freeze is now up for grabs until April 15 or until supply last. As of this writing, the Classic Batman Mr. Freeze is still available via Take note that this is a promotional exclusive and that LEGO has not listed the Mr. Freeze minifigure for separate purchase.

Mr. Freeze 2




Mr. Freeze 1


If you’re eyeing for this exclusive offer to add to your classic Caped Crusader collection like the Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave, now is the best time to do so, together with some of the best deals that LEGO has to offer this month.

April Lego Store April Lego Store 2

April 1 – we’ll see the debut of new LEGO sets based on the Angry Birds Movie, together with LEGO Juniors Lost Temple (10725), LEGO DC Comics Superheroes: Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase (76053), LEGO Elves: The Water Dragon (41172), and LEGO Minecraft: The End Portal (21124).

LEGO_10725_box1_in_1488 LEGO Batman Chase LEGO Elves LEGO Minecraft

April 5 to 6 – The Monthly Mini Model Build features a Bumblebee.

02 April-2016-LEGO-Monthly-Mini-Build-1024x918

April 11 to15 – The LEGO Ideas Maze Competition every 5pm onwards. Brick fans will get a firsthand look on LEGO’s new Ideas- based product (21305)

lego maze competition


April 18 – Minifigure Swap Monday on all LEGO Stores.


April 25 to May 8 – LEGO Elves: Sira’s Adventurous Glider goes for FREE with a Friends, Elves, or LEGO Brand Disney Princess purchase of $35 or more.


Remember, the Classic Mr. Freeze minifigure polybag is only available until April 15 and as long as supplies last. We hope that LEGO has plenty to go around since for sure, this is one minifigure that is too cool to ignore.



Quick Link to Amazon to Save 30%

box mystery machine

From Bricks to Bothan shared this useful tip to all those bargain hunters and collectors out there. Fans of the adorable and brave (?) Great Dane will surely get a kick out of this because LEGO Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine 75902 is out on sale for as much as 30% off via Amazon and Walmart, making it yours for just $20.99. Any Scooby Doo collection will not be complete without this LEGO rendition of the gangs’s iconic van.

mystery machine mystery machine 2 mystery machine 4 mystery machine 3

You can avail of the discount over at Amazon if you are a Prime member, while Walmart offers free delivery for purchases of $50 and above. The LEGO Scooby Doo Mystery Machine comes with the Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, and Zombie minifigures. Here’s a complete description from LEGO.

Solve the Zombie mystery with The Mystery Machine! Escape from the Zombie and the spooky tree in The Mystery Machine with spy glass, computer screens, camera and a giant sandwich. Escape from the spooky forest with Scooby-Doo, Fred and Shaggy! Avoid getting trapped in the branches of the spooky tree and jump into The Mystery Machine to get away. Read the clue and open up the back of the vehicle to use the computer screens, spy glass and other mystery-solving equipment. Work out the real identity of the Zombie who is secretly operating the tree then celebrate with a giant sandwich!

Includes 3 minifigures: Fred, Shaggy and Zombie/Zeke, plus Scooby-Doo (standing version). The Mystery Machine features a driver’s cabin with steering wheel and space for 2 minifigures, removable roof and foldout sides for easy play, stove, sink and spigot and assorted accessory elements including: spy glass, camera, torch, tape recorder, 2 computer screens, special brick with a mystery clue, gem, mug and a giant sandwich.


In case you’ve been bitten by the collector’s bug and is itching to complete the rest of the gang, don’t fret because you can get Daphne’s and Velma’s minifigures, including the entire set of the LEGO Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion 75904 for 16% discount also via Amazon.

Scooby Doo 75904_

scooby doo haunted mansion



Here’s how the entire gang looks like in their LEGO minifigure versions.




Happy mystery solving!


Milano Spaceship Rescue Only $49.99 (33% OFF), Retiring Soon

This could best your last chance to get the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Milano Spaceship Rescue (76021) at this great price as it soon will be retired. Amazon has the set at $49.99 which is 33% off. This almost seems to me a clearance price so head over and pick it up if you’ve had your eye on it. This will soon be retired and then you’ll be paying close to$100 pretty quick.