Issue 31 of UK LEGO Star Wars Magazine Includes a Mini-Sized Kylo Ren Shuttle

LEGO as a brand has long since transcended their original toy products to become a prominent presence on a multimedia scale. Aside from the animated TV series, the direct-video movies and the cinematic blockbusters, LEGO has a good run in the print media as well. read more

Did the Latest Issue of LEGO Life Magazine Dropped a Hint on Old Man Luke?

We’re just less than a month away before Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi debuts in theaters worldwide, and with the first wave of LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi sets out already, there is still one nagging question in every LEGO Star Wars fan: will old man Luke Skywalker ever make an appearance in any particular LEGO Star Wars TLJ set? read more

Latest LEGO Life Magazine Shows Off the New Nexo Knights Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006).

One of the new themes that LEGO introduced last year was the rather quirky Nexo Knights line, which depicted a blend of medieval aesthetics and futuristic technology (sort of LEGO’s attempt to create a Castle and Space theme). The adventures of a band of knights guided by a digital wizard defending the kingdom of Knighton against Jestro and the Book of Monsters Monstrox have also been chronicled in a 3D animated series that has been running on the Cartoon Network for four seasons. read more

Top Off Your LEGO Ninjago Movie Experience With Blocks Magazine Issue #36!

Blocks Magazine Issue #36 is now on shelves, and this month’s issue explores the inner workings of The LEGO Ninjago Movie (now on its third day of screening across the US and North America), together with their hands-on review of the many cool, LEGO sets that comprise the theme. It also features an exclusive interview with Hollywood star Dave Franco, the voice behind Lloyd Garmadon, as he details some of the incredible, behind-the-scenes prep that goes on in the making of the film. Check out Blocks Magazine’s press release below. Issue #36 is now available both in digital and print formats. Visit for more details on how to subscribe. read more

Blast Off With Blocks Magazine Issue #35 Featuring the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V and More of LEGO Star Wars.

Blocks Magazine Issue 35 is now available and this month, special attention is given to the highly sought after (and not to mention, elusive) LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) plus several LEGO Star Wars inspiration. In this latest issue, we get a closer look at how LEGO Star Wars designers craft their iconic sets and even get to share some building tips on how to recreate the opening scenes from Episode 6 The Return of the Jedi. read more