Mega Construx Series 3 Minifigures for “Halo Infinite” Now Available in The Brick Show Shop

Microsoft Xbox game franchise “Halo” and Mega Brands’ Mega Construx have been a marketing match made in heaven. With the former’s latest installment coming December, tie-in Mega Construx products have arrived early. This year saw the release of several “Halo Infinite” Mega Construx Series 3 microfigures. And it just so happens that our Brick Show Shop has eight of them listed for “Halo” figure collectors. All come from the Mega Construx Series 3 microfigure mystery packs, and not a one costs over $10 too. The catch: we’ve got limited units in stock! So take a gander at our offerings below:

The Brick Show Shop guarantees all items are new. Check out our collection right now, before they all run out! “Halo Infinite,” from 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios, releases on December 8. Catch the game on Windows, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

Mega Construx Will Launch its Own Brick-Built Fender Stratocaster

In a rather perplexing turn of events, rival building bricks company Mega Construx has now made it official that it will be launching its own version of the iconic Fender Stratocaster. In a recent tweet by the company, it has announced to the world that it has collaborated with Fender, and will be having a pre-sale from February 13-14 this weekend.

I really don’t know if there will be any IP-related issues or conflicts that might arise from this one, considering that LEGO has now made it official that it will also release its LEGO Ideas Legendary Stratocaster. But from the looks of it, Mega Construx has the advantage of an early release considering that they’ve already announced their pre-order offers. Mega also opted to give a sort of teaser image of what we can expect from this set, which is quite impressive actually. The scale and other fine details of this set and how the Stratocaster’s curves have been emphasized are spot-on.

Though Mega Construx has plenty of third-party licensed IP sets under its belt such as its line of buildable Pokemon, Call of Duty, and Halo sets, I am still looking forward to seeing LEGO’s own version of a brick-built Stratocaster.  Not really sure about the legalities of it all but it begs the question, is it really possible to have two brick-built versions of the same branded musical instrument offered by two rival companies? If that is the case, then will it be possible to see a line of LEGO Nintendo Pokemon sets in the future? It’s enticing to reflect on this question considering that we have seen that a LEGO-Nintendo collab is entirely possible with the introduction of its LEGO Super Mario sets. And now that LEGO and Mega Construx has somewhat agreed to offer their own version of the Fender Stratocaster, then it might be possible in the future that they may agree on the release of other similar titles or IPs. Well, we can only speculate at this point.

The LEGO Ideas Legendary Stratocaster is one of the seven (7) approved product ideas that the LEGO Ideas Team is currently working on. These include soon-to-be-revealed sets such as Seinfeld 30th Anniversary, The Earth Globe, Home Alone – McCallister’s House, Typewriter, Winnie the Pooh, and the recently announced Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone, and Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night. 

Special thanks to Stone Wars for the tip.

Mega Construx Halo Heroes Mini Figures Series 10: A Closer Look

Hailed as the “killer app” for the original Microsoft Xbox upon its 2001 release, the first-person shooter game “Halo: Combat Evolved” would become the first entry in a videogame series that would span nearly two decades, branching out into other gameplay genres and exploding into a larger multimedia franchise including books, comics, live-action web-series, anime and, quite naturally, toy lines. Microsoft has long relied on Mega Bloks (now Mega Brands, a Mattel subsidiary) to bring some of the sweetest “Halo” toys ever for collectors. While Mega has had its Bloks line specialize in replicating “Halo” vehicles, they have also branched out into producing action mini-figures via Mega Construx. This is reflected in their new Mega Construx Halo Heroes Series 10 characters.

The Mega Construx “Halo Heroes” Series 10 mini-figures bring together a choice selection of characters across the sci-fi FPS franchise. UNSC Master Chief PO John-117, his fellow Spartan super-soldiers, his trusty AI companion Cortana and a variety of hostile extraterrestrial threats from the Covenant and Forerunners are included in this tenth series of figures on the Mega Construx line.

The new “halo heroes” figures

Appropriate for being Series 10 of “Halo Heroes,” this batch of Mega Construx figures features 10 individual characters. They each come with their own handheld equipment/accessories and standing base with a gold-colored nameplate. The figures included in this batch are:

Mega Construx Halo Heroes


Mega Construx Halo Heroes


Mega Construx Halo Heroes








While you can get them individually, Mega Construx is also offering “Halo Heroes” Series 10 mini-figures in a collector’s case. This features multiple copies of the characters in the set to a total 21 figures.

These new easy-to-assemble figures have been available since early this month, and are selling like hotcakes online. So we at The Brick Show are also offering these Series 10 Mega Construx Halo Heroes on our online store.

Our big thanks to Amazon, Toy Wiz and Reddit for the accompanying images.

A Look at the Latest Mega Construx ProBuilder Series.

For those of you who have been following my blog posts for quite some time now, you are probably aware that I rarely (or perhaps, never) featured anything here in our blogsite anything other than my love and passion for the LEGO brick. I always seek to feature anything that either builds up, or complements LEGO as THE iconic building set that there is ever will be. However, it should also be noted that other names are slowly leaving their mark in the brick building community that is worth looking into. One such name I believe is Mega Brand’s (formerly Mega Bloks) Mega Construx series. For one, Mega Construx is not a newbie in terms offering themed building sets, which they prefer to call as ‘Worlds’ instead. It has been around for several years already and has been an active partner and licensee of notable titles such as Pokemon, Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name some of them. Brick Show Brian also reviewed one particular Mega Construx World, particularly the Pokemon Mega Construx sets that the company released a few months ago. You may watch Brian’s review of these buildable Pokemon sets right here.

Just recently, Mega Construx has launched a new theme or world with the creation of their Mega Construx ProBuilder Series. For their initial offering, they have two sets, particularly geared towards advanced builders: the Space Rover Expedition (FPH87) and Viking Longship Raid (FPH88).

These two sets stand out among the rest of the Mega Construx Worlds for their particular appeal brought about by the suggestions and feedback of the Mega Construx community. In terms of their ‘collectability’, these sets features highly detailed designing and craftsmanship that is on a different scale as compared to what we see from standard LEGO sets. Check out what they have to offer based on their official product description as mentioned in their website.


Space Rover Expedition (FPH87)

No. of Pieces: 706; retails for $49.99

Explore the mysteries of Mars and beyond with an authentically detailed space rover!

Inspired by modern space exploration advancements, this rover explores our deepest curiosities, peering into the future to travel beyond the known. Push past your technical limits when you build this authentic space rover, complete with true-to-life detailing and features. Discover Mars’ mysteries when you ready your crew, manning each member at the rover’s robotic arm, comm system, and drone. This is one giant leap – and giant building experience – for mankind!

Ideal for ages 10 and up.


  • Buildable, authentic space rover
  • 6 rolling wheels
  • Opening cockpit and side door, robotic arm, and solar panel communication system
  • Buildable, independent front and rear suspension
  • Connectible trailer with retractable ramp
  • Buildable soil-extracting drone vehicle with rolling treads
  • 3 highly detailed, super-poseable astronaut micro action figures with display stands: Pilot, Commander, and Engineer
  • Figure accessories include shovel, pickaxe, tablet, and buildable storage crate that opens
  • 706-piece, advanced-level build to challenge Beyonders!
  • Combine with other Mega Construx™ construction sets and create your own custom builds
  • Build like a pro, and Build Beyond™!


Viking Longship Raid (FPH88)

No. of Pieces: 995; retails for $79.99

Lead a historic raid across the sea and beyond in an iconic Viking warship!

Created as a multi-purpose vessel for exploration, trade and commerce, the Vikings’ iconic ships were best known for riding them into glorious battle! Now you can set sail for the ultimate conquest when you build this authentic Viking longship, complete with historically accurate details and features. Man the crew at their posts, raise the retractable sail, and set off for your next great raid – and next massive building experience!

Ideal for ages 10 and up


  • Buildable, authentic Viking longship
  • Dragon head bow and dragon tail stern
  • Ship features ropes and pulleys, retractable cloth sail and tent cover, side rudder, storage compartments, 14 shields, and 14 moving oars
  • 6 highly detailed, super-poseable Viking warrior micro action figures with display stands: Holuman, Hand, Helmsman, Journeyman, and Skipper.
  • Figure accessories include a spear, helmets, swords, bow and arrows, and Viking axes
  • 995-piece, advanced-level build to challenge Beyonders!
  • Combine with other Mega Construx™ construction sets and create your own custom builds
  • Build like a pro, and Build Beyond™!


I have already seen a handful of reviews done on these sets, and I have to say that I am impressed about them in terms of the quality of their designs and pieces. For one, these sets have forgone the use of stickers and it’s for a pretty good reason. If you notice from the official images, these sets boast with so many colorful elements that they all come in printed parts. I believe that this is a very good move due to abundance of printed parts that comes with these sets. It will be a builder’s nightmare if all them comes with stickers instead. Plus, the printed parts look absolutely great, particularly on the Viking Longship Raid.

Another thing that is worthwhile to mention is the quality of the micro action figures that goes with these sets. If you’re already familiar with Mega Construx’s line of microfigures then you’re probably aware that their main selling point is the impressive articulation that they have, allowing you a ridiculous number of ways in which you can pose them. Couple it with the impressive craftsmanship and detailing on these and you have an excellent variety of micro-scaled action figures. Plus the sheer number of accessories that these microfigures have, stand out in comparison to any existing LEGO minifigure.

Now let me say again that I am not in anyway letting go of my love and fascination for LEGO. But seeing the level of detail and beauty that these latest Mega Construx ProBuilder sets have, and the unparalleled articulation that its microfigures features, then I wouldn’t mind giving them some airtime here in the blog.

So what do you think brick fans, will you pick these sets up? Let us know in the comments below.