The LEGO Group Named as One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies

Here’s another win and recognition for LEGO. After last February’s achievements at the Toy of the Year Awards, The LEGO Group (TLG) has been selected to be part of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies.  The prestigious listicle highlights some of the companies that redefined and shaped their respective industries and has proven to be of significant, positive impact on the lives of consumers.

Roughly presented in five categories (Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disruptors), TLG managed to be recognized as one of the companies that broke new grounds even in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what Time Magazine has to say:

The LEGO Group: Fostering Creativity

During worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns, LEGO creations have stacked up in homes with children. The company reported a 21% jump in sales, resulting from the immediate demand for in-home entertainment and the company’s pre-pandemic push to boost online sales globally. While its flagship product remains the classic brick, the 88-year-old family-owned company is evolving to recognize the diverse needs of young consumers with new offerings like Lego Braille Bricks and pandemic-inspired online content and hybrid learning resources. As families continue to hunker down, Lego love appears to be growing. “I have never gotten so many letters … [about] how important LEGO play has been,” CEO Niels B. Christiansen tells TIME.

Though LEGO has been in the business of making plastic bricks for more than 80 years, its innovation and forward-thinking strategies have proven to be invaluable in times of crisis such as this. And now that the world is under the grips of a disruptive pandemic, it’s great to know that the LEGO brick is still around to give some sort of respite from the daily stresses that we encounter. Kudos to The LEGO Group and to the millions of LEGO fans who made this possible.

Add Some DOTs and Ninjago Flair in Your Next Line of LEGO Apparel

By now it’s quite clear that LEGO is very intentional in promoting the LEGO lifestyle. And after its successful collaboration with Adidas in the form of the ZX8000 sneakers, the LEGO Group has announced its next line of LEGO apparel with the famous sportswear maker.  The Adidas x LEGO DOTs, and Adidas x LEGO Ninjago collections feature not just a pair of trendy Fortarun sneakers, but also a complemental clothing line.

Read on for LEGO’s official press statement, and check out some of these product images.


HERZOGENAURACH & BILLUND, February 24, 2021: The LEGO Group and adidas today announced the next drop from the continued partnership between this industry-leading sportswear brand and beloved toy company. Get ready for a cool new apparel collection featuring a variety of sleek colors and designs inspired by LEGO® DOTS® and LEGO® NINJAGO. The collection will be available to adidas Creative Club members from March 1st, and broad distribution from March 4th through

The collaboration between the two brands is a multi-year partnership that aims to infuse more fun into the lives of kids and adults through playful products across apparel, hardware, and bricks. It kicked off with the AZX800 sneaker in September 2020, and since then, fans have been able to celebrate their creativity and passion for the two iconic brands in completely new ways. Most recently we saw an endearing line-up of children’s clothes and shoes all wrapped in the original four LEGO colors (red, yellow, blue, and green), and now we can add to the assortment two new collections inspired by DOTS and NINJAGO.

The adidas x LEGO DOTS collection is all about the endless creative potential of children. The collection enables them to express their personality, create their own style and show the world who they are, using colorful and fun patterns. The playful designs will spark imagination and convey a simple message to children that it’s their world, they make the rules and can make it as vivid as they like.

The adidas X LEGO NINJAGO collection includes pieces that celebrate the 10th anniversary of this LEGO play theme as well as the timeless world of classic NINJAGO. With this range, kids can leap into action and master their journey the ninja way. With vibrant designs that represent the elemental NINJAGO powers, the collection enables kids to express themselves and be a ninja. To ‘Be Ninja’ means: mastering ninja skills, being a good friend, confident, inclusive, and true to oneself. The details in the collection represent the process of mastery, the process of becoming a ninja, supporting kids in their own journey.

For more information about these LEGO-inspired apparel, including their retail price, be sure to check them right here.

LEGO Consults the Fan Community For Their Next LEGO Technic Set

The LEGO Group is once again tapping the LEGO fan community for inputs, and this time, for its next LEGO Technic set. Releasing it through an online survey form, LEGO is now asking the help of fans to pinpoint the next big thing in LEGO Technic.

Asking for feedback from the LEGO community is not actually new for LEGO. The LEGO Ideas platform, for example, is a great way of gauging the types of sets that customers may want in the future. However, this is one of those occasions where LEGO directly asks customers what they actually want, and in particular, with regards to what’s next in the LEGO Technic theme.

There are 11 simple questions to answer, asking fans for what particular IP brand would they like to see translated into LEGO Technic, the types of vehicles they wish to see rendered in LEGO Technic, reasons for buying LEGO Technic sets, and if adding Control+ functions will make fans more likely to buy these sets. Fans are also encouraged to share what kind of future technologies they wish to be added into LEGO Technic sets.

The survey will probably take around 5 minutes to complete, so if you can spare a few minutes, you may proceed with the survey right here. This survey link will be available until March 7 so I hope you can find time to fill it in until then. I just hope that LEGO will also find time to release its survey results. It will be interesting to see what other LEGO fans have in mind regarding future LEGO Technic sets.

LEGO Technic Sets
The LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 (42100) is the first-ever LEGO Technic set to incorporate the Control+ system. What other future technologies will this LEGO theme will incorporate? 

For the latest LEGO Technic sets available, and even upcoming ones, be sure to check them out over at LEGO Shop@Home.

WATCH: The Making of LEGO White Noise

If you recall earlier this month, The LEGO Group has launched its very first LEGO White Noise album aimed to promote mindfulness and general wellness among LEGO fans. The playlist – which can be found over at 15 different music streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes – features a collection of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) tracks that helps listeners to slow down and be relaxed while doing their next building project or any mentally demanding task in particular.

This time around, LEGO brings us behind the scenes to see how such amazing, one-of-a-kind tracks were made and engineered using the various sounds created from more than 10,000 LEGO pieces. Watch the video below.

Practically created for LEGO grown-up fans, the track was initially designed to accompany the LEGO Creator Expert Botanical Collection but it can eventually be listened to whatever task you are working on.

I can just imagine the level of meticulous detail (not to mention the arduous tasks of cleaning up 10,000 LEGO pieces, lol) that went in designing, experimenting and engineering this LEGO White Noise playlist. To be honest, I never thought hearing the sound of LEGO clicks to be so relaxing.

The LEGO White Noise album and playlist runs for almost 3 hours and a half of pure LEGO soundscape that consists of clicking LEGO bricks, swirling studs, falling LEGO pieces, and much more.

Be sure to check with your favorite music streaming service to find out more about this beautifully crafted mindful mix.

ICYMI: You May Want to Pick-Up This 2022 LEGO Wall Calendar

It has been a long time since LEGO Stores gave out their official LEGO Calendar. And without any indication of making a comeback, it’s nice to know that we can still have some LEGO-themed calendars adorning our walls and rooms anytime soon. Thanks to Chronicle Books, we can look forward to a copy of the 2022 LEGO Wall Calendar.

This Chronicle Books offering is a collection of postcard-like images of everyday things transformed impressively into LEGO bricks. For $15, you’ll get 24 pages of vibrant brick artworks similar to what we can find from LEGO Still Life With Bricks: 100 Collectible Postcards. Besides the monthly LEGO builds that are showcased for each month, this eye-catching calendar also has additional pages for September to December of this year.

This latest offering from Chronicle Books is still slated to be released on July 27, but you can pre-order your copy as early as now over at their website. Just click on the link below to know more.

2022 LEGO Wall Calendar

This vibrant, easy-to-read monthly wall calendar offers a full year of LEGO® inspiration and creativity.

Capturing the playfulness and creativity at the heart of the LEGO brand, the LEGO 2022 Wall Calendar reimagines everyday objects and scenes using LEGO bricks, transforming handfuls of bricks into minty toothpaste, eggs and bacon, lush houseplants, and more.

  • 24-page 12 x 12 inch month-by-month calendarPerfect for hanging at home or over an office desk
  • Features unique art made out of LEGO bricks
  • Must-have for LEGO fans and thoughtful present for design and art lovers

Celebrate the Lunar New Year With These LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival Sets

Though 2021  might saw most of our friends in Asia celebrating the Lunar New  Year indoors due to the current pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to share precious quality time with our loved ones. And one great way for LEGO fans to do so is to have some pile of LEGO bricks and come up with your most creative, Lunar New Year-inspired sets. And to jumpstart these building projects, here are some LEGO Chinese traditional festival sets that can inspire you to make your indoor Lunar New Year celebrations more brick-building fun.

In case you haven’t checked them yet, you may know more about these LEGO Chinese traditional festival sets via these Amazon affiliate links below. Two of these sets made their debut this year in the form of the Story Nian (80106) and Spring Lantern Festival (80107) sets, so it’s nice to see LEGO gradually building this subtheme.

Happy New Lunar Year everyone and keep on building!

Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101)


Dragon Dance (80102)


Dragon Boat Race (80103)


Lion Dance (80104)


Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)


Story of Nian (80106)


Spring Lantern Festival (80107)


LEGO Partners with DQ Institute to Teach Children About Digital Citizenship

In this day and age of unprecedented internet activity, it is a breath of fresh air to have an advocacy that centers on helping children and perhaps adults as well, to understand what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. This is precisely what LEGO had in mind when it recently struck a partnership with DQ Institute – a leading think tank and advocacy group that promotes online safety and responsible digital skills.

LEGO DQ Institute

Taking it a step further from its advocacy of using renewable and sustainable resources in its products, LEGO now sets its vision on helping children and their parents understand what it means to be digitally intelligent. DQ or Digital Intelligence includes building empathy towards others online to be aware, sensitive to, and supportive of one another in an ever-growing online community. And what better way to teach these life lessons is through the introduction of LEGO’s new online hero minifigures. These new characters are currently up over at LEGO’s Safer Internet Day minisite, teaching children several aspects of digital intelligence. The site begins with a quick quiz to help children and visitors know more about what type of online hero they are and presents them with scenarios where they can flex their DQ or digital intelligence. You will be guided throughout by Captain Safety and will be introduced to his team of online heroes.

LEGO DQ Institute

Frankly, it will be nice if LEGO will eventually come up with physical counterparts of these new minifigure characters, and perhaps see a set or two dedicated to these LEGO DQ Institute characters:

LEGO DQ Institute
Sir Hug A Lot – who embodies online empathy.


Butterclops – a representation of online self-awareness.


AeroVision – designed to help children acknowledge the perspectives of other people


Admiral Highfive – a character created to talk about being kind online.


For more information about this new LEGO Group initiative, you may check out their official press release right here.

LEGO Comes to Our Aid by Helping Us Spot A Fake LEGO Webstore

Two years ago, I published an article that that placed the spotlight on various fake LEGO shopping websites that you should avoid if you want your hard-earned money not be put to waste. It’s my little contribution to the LEGO fan community to help us avoid the deceitfulness of these LEGO scam sites. And now that we are in full steam ahead of the holiday season, I’m personally glad that LEGO has officially spoken on the matter by helping us spot a fake LEGO webstore.  Here are some of the guidelines or steps that they’ve released along with a neat infographic. Check these out.

Fake LEGO Webstore

We’re doing everything we can to protect consumers from fraud, and we take the issue of fraudulent and scam websites very seriously. We’re working harder than ever to identify and report as many of these sites as possible and the following simple steps can help you spot a fake, fraudulent, or scam LEGO webstore.

Look closely at the contents of the site.

Spend time looking at the entire website before purchasing anything. Check for incorrect language, fake consumer services addresses, terms and conditions for returns, privacy policy, etc. If you are still in doubt after doing this, try calling the company if a phone number is provided on the page. Often, the phone numbers on fake webstores do not exist or they do not answer calls.

Be cautious of very low prices.

When you see very low prices being offered on LEGO products, it may be a fake webstore that uses the tactic to lure you in to either buy fake LEGO sets or simply take your money.

Pay with debit or credit card.

When buying a LEGO product online, a credit or debit card will often provide greater protection if you’re unfortunate enough to buy fake or non-existent products.

Check customer reviews.

Look at various websites that collect customer reviews – use multiple sources. Check websites that alert about current scam sites.

If you see a potentially fraudulent or scam website claiming to sell LEGO products, please contact customer service at

Remember to shop only at legitimate sites like LEGO Shop@Home and Amazon. Yes, authentic LEGO sets may be hard on the wallet, but an excellent and well-made toy that will last for a lifetime is without a doubt, a worthy investment. Thanks again to LEGO for helping us spot a fake LEGO webstore.

It Looks Like a Great Year Ahead for LEGO and Disney This 2021 and Beyond

Disney is on a roll when it officially revealed during its Walt Disney Co.’s Investor Day presentation, that it has more than 50 new upcoming content in the works in the upcoming years. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its very lucrative Star Wars franchise, plus home-grown live-action and animated films, there is plenty of exciting series and films that fans can expect. If there is one thing certain about this partnership between LEGO and Disney, is that LEGO never fails to come up with a set or two for every major title that Disney releases. And with the introduction of a handful of new Marvel and Star Wars series, together with new Disney titles, there is sure to be a LEGO set currently in the works related to these.

Just to be clear, there is no guarantee at this point if LEGO will eventually come up with a particular set for each of these films and series, but then again the potential is always there given LEGO’s track record of releasing tie-in sets. So with that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at these titles and the wealth of possibilities that a collaboration between LEGO and Disney may come out later on. Comment down below what kind of LEGO sets do you think will be included under these titles.

Star Wars Films

Rogue Squadron – December 2023

LEGO and Disney

An Untitled Taika Waititi Film – ????


Star Wars Series on Disney+

Obi-Wan Kenobi – 2022

Ahsoka – ????

Rangers of the New Republic – December 2021

Lando – ????

Andor – 2022

The Acolyte – ????

Star Wars: The Bad Batch – 2021

A Droid Story – ????

Star Wars: Visions – ????

Other Lucasfilm Stories

Indiana Jones – ????

Willow – ????

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Films

Black Widow – May 7, 2021

LEGO has already released a tie-in set for the upcoming MCU Black Widow film in the form of the LEGO Marvel Black Widow’s Helicopter Chase (76162).

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – July 9, 2021

The Eternals – November 5, 2021

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – March 25, 2022

LEGO and Disney

Thor: Love and Thunder – May 6, 2022

Black Panther 2 – July 8, 2022

Captain Marvel 2 – November 11, 2022

Blade – 2022

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – 2022

Fantastic Four – ????

Marvel Series (MCU tie-ins) on Disney+

Wanda Vision – January 15, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – March 19, 2021

Loki – May, 2021

What If…? – Summer, 2021

Ms. Marvel – 2021

Hawkeye – 2021

She-Hulk – ????

Moon Knight – ????

Secret Invasion – ????

Ironheart – ????

Armor Wars – ????

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – 2022

I am Groot – ????

LEGO Shows Off Its adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO Shoes

LEGO seems to be on fire about its mission of bringing its brand across other facets of every AFOL’s life. From shirts to jeans and storage solutions, LEGO has now partnered with Adidas to launch its first official collaboration under the shoe company’s A-ZX branding. The adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO Shoes may sound like a pair of sneakers that Marty McFly will gladly wear in Back to the Future, and might as well tug all the right nostalgic heartstrings from a true LEGO fan.

This pair of LEGO-inspired shoes are slated to be released globally on September 25 via and is expected to retail somewhere between 120-130 USD. Here’s LEGO’s official video reveal followed by The LEGO Group’s official press release. To know more about the adidas A-ZX series and where you can get this latest brick-inspired pair, you may check it out right here.

adidas Originals and the LEGO Group Team Up for a Special Take on the ZX 8000 Silhouette

Herzogenaurach, September 21, 2020: For the next installment of this year’s A-ZX series, adidas Originals has teamed up with the LEGO Group for a playful take on the ZX8000 silhouette. Demonstrating that you’re never too old to play, this unique release sees the Danish toy company bring its instantly recognizable aesthetics to an adidas archival icon.

adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO

So what does it look like? Designed as an ode to the classic LEGO® brick, this unique ZX8000 sneaker is comprised of a multicolor mesh and synthetic suede upper with a rubber outsole. Meanwhile, taking its bold aesthetics to the next level, the shoe features LEGO studs on the heels as well as co-branded tongue tabs. Then, rounding out the look are co-branded yellow sock liners, 6 different colored lace options, and interchangeable LEGO brick lace jewels.

adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO

Where can you get it? The adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO sneakers launch globally on September 25th through

About A-ZX

In 1984 adidas changed the world of footwear forever. Launching its first-ever running franchise, the ZX series, the brand showed that performance sneakers could elevate runners of all types and abilities. Revered by running purists and sneaker enthusiasts alike, ZX quickly became a modern icon. Over a decade after ZX’s inaugural release, adidas Originals returned with a celebration dubbed ‘A-ZX’. The unique program saw some of the brand’s most esteemed global partners each collaborate on 26 distinct ZX drops over the course of 2008 and 2009. In 2020, adidas Originals is bringing back A-ZX with a bang, propelling the iconic franchise firmly into the future.

adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO

adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO

adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO