Last February, we featured that LEGO has already assigned set numbers for the LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One. The film focuses on the Resistance Rebels that stole the plans for the original Death Star. Their storyline happened between the events of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV – A New Hope.


According to German site Promobricks, some German online toy retailers have started to update their databases to include pricing and piece count for these LEGO Star WArs: Rogue One set and buildable figures. No images or names were included, but only the set numbers that were previously predicted, their piece count, pricing, weight, and other technical details. Here they are:


LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One Sets

  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75152 – (?) 385 pieces; $29.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75153 – (?) 449 pieces; $39.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75154 – (?) 543 pieces; $69.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75155 – (?) 659 pieces; $79.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75156- (?) 863 pieces; $89.99


LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One Buildable Figures

  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75119 – (?) 104 pieces; $24.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75120 – (?) 169 pieces; $24.99
  • LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One 75121 – (?) 106 pieces; $24.99


Again, we don’t have any details yet what these will look like or what will they focus on. A pretty good guess can be found from the photo above from the Nuremberg Toy Fair last January where LEGO showed off some of their upcoming Star Wars themed sets. It was noted by the Star Wars fan community to be an ‘unintended’ leak on some of the major plot points of Rogue One. As you can see, Boba Fett’s famous Slave I ship is prominently seen in the background. It is kind of interesting to consider what prompted LEGO to choose that iconic Firespray-31 Class patrol and attack ship to be the centerpiece of its Rogue One sets. As such, it started a wave of speculations that the legendary bounty hunter will make his way back to the Star Wars fold.

Another highly possible candidate for a set  may include the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. It is a reasonable conclusion, considering that Vader was hot on the trails of the Rebels who stole the plans for the first Death Star as seen in the initial scenes of Episode IV, A New Hope. He is also expected to have a “larger role than originally thought” in Rogue One. It was also hinted that we might be seeing new designs for the Empire’s TIE fighters and its mammoth AT-ATs. Knowing how Star Wars builds on the characters of its droids, a new droid will also be featured in the movie. We’re unsure yet what is the name or function of this droid, but we are told that it will be of great help for the Rebels in securing the Death Star’s blueprints and will definitely be a “scene stealer’ in the film.

We’ll continue to watch over these developments, especially that LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One will be tentatively released on September 30. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on December 16 of this year. Stay tune for more updates only here at the Brickshow.



One of the best of way of learning and staying inspired in your LEGO hobby is to stay in touch with other brick enthusiasts and picking up a tip or two from them. Some forums and groups even have a creative twist on how to get people all fired up for exciting and never before seen MOCs and creative builds. One such group in particular is Builders Lounge, a private community of AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) that “fosters a friendly atmosphere of creative freedom for LEGO builders through constructive criticism, input, and the continuing development of building skills”. Joining the Builder’s Lounge is by invitation only, so being included in its current roster of 452 members is already such a great honor. Check out their Flicker page right here.

However, being invited to join the Builders Lounge doesn’t end there.  Once you’re enlisted as a member, you are expected to sharpen your LEGO building skills by dishing out some of the best MOCs that you have kept under your sleeve. You don’t need to worry if it is not at par with the builds made by veteran forum members because the cool part of it is you’ll get plenty of suggestions, building tips, and techniques from other members that will prove to be useful for your next project.

Iron Builder Summer Hiatus 2014

Other than sharing the tricks of trade, Builders Lounge came up with their very own contest to sharpen each other’s brick building blade. Sounding more like a grueling brick building triathlon, the Iron Builder (IB) regularly pits forum members against current title holders with the hope of bagging the coveted Iron Builder Title. Running for four years now since its inception in November of 2012, the Iron Builder contest seems to have evolved a life of its own via its Flickr page. LEGO fans and enthusiasts are now free to join the Iron Builder group and be part of the IB challenge.
Iron Builder 4.0 - Round 9 - KOS Brick vs 2MuchCaffeine

The rules are simple: you will be pitted against a current or former IB champion where you will challenge each other with some of the best MOCs that you can churn out. The catch? You will do so for a month with MOCs that feature a LEGO ‘mystery piece’ announced at the start of the contest.  This mystery piece must be prominently seen in all the builds that will be submitted. Of course, the audience wants to be entertained so a healthy dose of non-threatening taunts and teases are allowed and even encouraged.  At the end of the month-long MOC throwing and bantering, a panel of judges will review the MOCs that each contestant has submitted. These will be judged based on the following: Building Skills, Presentation, and Use of the Mystery Part. Each criterion has 20 points, giving a highest possible score of 60. The LEGO combatant with the highest number of points acquired from the panel of judges will be considered the winner of that IB round.

Legopard vs One More Brick FINAL results

For this year, we already saw 8 IB rounds that were concluded and a 9th currently on-going. The most recent IB Round saw the German challenger Legopard (aka Jason) being the victor of the nail-cracking, month-long competition over Canada’s pride, One More Brick (aka Tim Schawalfenberg). You might remember that our very own Tom Baker once had an interview with Jason featuring his Monster Maris MOC. We also featured Jason’s LOTR themed pinball machine, and it was a hit! In response, Tim countered with his technically impressive 37th build, the Bicycle with its beautifully arranged wheel spokes.

Here are Jonas’ entire set of entries, all 33 of them.

IronBuilder - February 2016


And of course, even if he did not emerge as the victor, Tim has provided us with a collage of his awesome 48 builds.

Iron Builder Collage


Here are some of our favorite MOCs from Jason and Tim’s entries:


The Monstrum Maris

Monstrum Maris

The LoTR Pinball


LotR Pinball - Video


Steampunk Brass Bug

Steampunk Brass Bug


Starcraft II Siege Tank

StarCraft 2 Siege Tank - Tank Mode


ASUS P9X79-E WS – Motherboard

ASUS P9X79-E WS - Motherboard  


GIGABYTE G4M-XPZ Motherboard

GIGABYTE G4M-XPZ Motherboard


Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod





Cloud 9


Cloud 9


The idea of choosing a LEGO mystery part and building your MOCs around it is a cool contest in itself. You may start one on your own together with your friends, and even have some experienced LEGO builders to judge your work. Be sure to follow the Iron Builder series to keep your LEGO creative juices flowing.


What do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a champion Iron Builder? Share your thoughts on the comments below. 



From first photo stills, to a yellow and black themed movie poster (I thought it would be black and very, very dark gray), our LEGO-lized Caped Crusader, now comes with his first movie teaser. Warner Bros have finally released the brooding Dark Knight’s first official trailer of the LEGO Batman Movie earlier today. Here’s the movie’s official synopsis courtesy of Warner Bros.

In the irreverent spirit of fun that made The LEGO® Movie a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble—LEGO Batman—stars in his own big-screen adventure: The LEGO® Batman  Movie.  But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.


Love the Batcave on this one, especially the array of Batsuits available at our hero’s disposal. Did you spot the Buccaneer Bat and Batman Beyond costumes? Do you think we’ll be seeing another Batman minifig soon?


The LEGO Batman Movie will hit theaters on February 10, 2017. It features the voices of Will Arnett (Batman), Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Michael Cera (Dick Grayson aka Robin), Rosario Dawson (Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl), and Zach Galifianakis (The Joker) directed by Chris McKay.


LEGO Ninjago Poster


Hot off the heels of the LEGO Batman Movie’s official teaser trailer release, now comes what seems to be the first details of how the story of Warner Bros next LEGO movie iteration will unfold.


Hollywood movie tracker, Movie Insider, just released a sampling of what seems to be the storyline of the LEGO Ninjago Movie which is slated to hit US cinemas on September 22, 2017. As you may notice, we’ll be enjoying two LEGO theatrical releases next year, with LEGO Batman Movie opening in cinemas on February 10, 2017. Here are some of the details from the LEGO Ninjago Movie as Movie Insider reports it:


Ninjago is the story of six young ninja tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they’re gifted warriors, using their skill and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they’re ordinary teens, struggling against their greatest enemy: high school. 


Movie Insider also mentions that the LEGO Ninjago Movie has now entered its production stage this month, and we might be seeing more information released in the next few weeks. The movie’s poster above may likewise change anytime soon.


Based on the story line, we’ll be seeing a very different take on LEGO Ninjago  Movie as compared to what we are used to in the TV series. As it seems, our ninjas are off to face another challenge in their journey and this time, it is someone or something that is all too familiar to us.


We’ll keep you posted on the recent development on the LEGO Ninjago Movie so stay tuned here at the BrickShow.

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