LEGO Dimensions Big Announcement Coming On Thursday.

In a very surprising and delightful move, LEGO and Warner Bros. Interactive recently released two teasers over the LEGO Dimensions Facebook page that hints on things to come for LEGO’s toys-to-life genre. The teasers hints on what have been already discussed (extensively) within the LEGO community about upcoming sets that will be included in what has been dubbed as LEGO Dimensions 2. read more

Official Box Art of the LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Ecto-2 (75828) Revealed.

It was roughly 4 days ago when he had our first glimpse of the LEGO Ghostbusters vehicles courtesy of just2good at Eurobricks, and this time, it seems that Amazon Japan has updated its LEGO database with the set’s official box art image. Take a look. read more

This Customized LEGO Dimensions Gateway Features An Impressive Digital Collection Of Micro-scale Creations.

LEGO Rebrick’s Build Your Gateway Contest officially ended its submission of entries last May 16 and since then, an expert panel of judges from the LEGO Dimensions team, including representatives from the LEGO Systems, Inc., WB Games, and TT Games reviewed all 115 entries submitted to determine who deserves the honor of being recognized as the coolest, customized LEGO Dimensions portal ever built. read more

LEGO Team DFB Die Mannschaft Minifigures 71014 Completely Sold Out and Retired Already.

Just barely a month after their debut last May 14, LEGO sadly announced the (very) early retirement of their latest minifigure series, the LEGO Team DFB Die Mannschaft CMF 71014. If you recall our previous news on this football CMF series, LEGO intended to have this set of minifigs exclusively available in territories such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Its exclusivity was quite appealing even among LEGO fans that are not quite fond of the sport. The sad news was delivered by Brickset earlier today, as one of its forum members revealed what seems to be a legit correspondence from a LEGO Shop@Home representative. The following screen grab was said to be taken from a Facebook group page dedicated to trading and selling LEGO minifigures. read more