Yet Another LEGO Ideas Set Achieves 10,000 Supporters: The Boat Repair Shop!

LEGO Ideas certainly has a lot of hype surrounding its future products doesn’t it? What with the Adventure Time Build-able Figures, the Beatles Yellow Submarine and the soon to be released Caterham, it seems that a lot of good products will be hitting the display shelves (and wallets) of collectors very soon. And RobenAnne on LEGO Ideas may of just added another fantastic set to this list! read more

LEGO Speed Champions 2017 Rumoured Set List!

It seems like now is a great time to be both a LEGO and a Car enthusiast, what with the impending release of the new LEGO Caterham set, and now with this exciting news regarding the rumoured speed champions sets for January 2017! I have never purchased a Speed Champions product before due to budgetary restraints, but they certainly have caught my eye before and have proven very popular in the AFOL community. So, I’m sure many will be pleased to find out the new sets will (most likely) be: read more

LEGO Star Wars First Order General now available at Toys R Us!

For all you LEGO Star Wars fans out there, you may be excited to know that the LEGO First Order General Polybag (Set 5004406) is now available in Toys R Us’ across North America, from now until the 1st October with any purchase of $30 or more. The chances of it showing up as a $4.99 Purchase on its own is very likely as well, if it follows the trend of other Polybags released under the Star Wars theme recently. So, this should mean it’ll be available this Friday, which of course is Force Friday; an incentive for you to go to your local TRU instead of the LEGO store this Friday then! read more

We Made It To The Guinness World Records!

The Brick Show Team was in Richmond, Virginia for another fun-filled weekend at Brick Fest Live last Saturday and Sunday and this time, the team was not just there to provide another awesome Brick Show Experience. Together with a crowd of cheering fans and supporters, we’ve set to embark on a new Guinness World Record where one of our team members eventually bagged a title! Read on to know the details. read more