Here’s A Look At The Official Images Of LEGO’s Exclusive July Promotional – The Classic Knights Set 5004419.

We have another reason to be excited this month of July, especially after LEGO published its July Store Calendar.  Starting June 30 until July 10, LEGO VIP members will be treated to an exclusive promotional for purchases of any LEGO sets worth $50 and above. This is one exclusive that is expected to run out fast since it is quite rare that LEGO releases some of its classic collections, similar to their previous Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812) promotional back in 2014, and the Classic Pirate Minifigure in 2015. read more

This Is How To Play With Your Food – In LEGO Style.

We’ve seen many true-to-life renditions of daily objects rendered in LEGO form – from chibi-sized LEGO automobiles to clockwork hearts and even a KFC vending machine. But none comes closer to the delectable accuracy and appetizing builds of these LEGO MOCs. Coming from voracious imaginations of Japanese master builder nobu_tary and Bruce Lowell, these tasty reimagining of hearty meals will surely leave you wanting for more. read more

More 2017 LEGO Mighty Micros Revealed!

Two days ago, LEGO gave us a glimpse of their 2017 DC Superheroes Mighty Micros, expected to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this month. Hot off the trail from this reveal, LEGO has just posted via their Facebook page a variant to their miniaturized, adorable creations.  We now have our first glimpse of LEGO’s Marvel Superheroes Mighty Micros line. Though LEGO has not yet provided the official names of these three pairs, guessing what they might be called based on these images, is a no-brainer. read more

Finally! Here’s Our First Look On The Sonic LEGO Dimensions Minifigure.

LEGO Dimensions Series 2 has been making huge waves in the gaming industry with its tons of great reveals during last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). With a total of 30 licenses under its banner, it’s continually expanding selection of both classic and recent titles make LEGO Dimensions an enticing, and fun video game for the entire family. With more characters to be revealed , we now have our first look at one of LEGO Dimensions’ most anticipated minifigures. read more

WATCH: This 15 Year Old’s LEGO Star Wars Vignettes Are Absolutely Amazing.

One nice thing about last month’s Brickworld Chicago 2016 is that the program organizers are keen in spotting budding LEGO building talent from a mile away. Regardless of age, and as long as natural talent and  deep passion for the LEGO brick is there, you can bet that Brickworld will surely give you the right opportunities to shine. Such is the case of our young aspiring LEGO master builder, Drew from Illinois. Starting his first LEGO experience with the LEGO Creator Dino Pod (4418) at age of 6, Drew has now gone a long way since then. read more