Budget Buying – Avengers : Age Of Ultron

Budgets. Nobody likes them. Budgets can ruin your day. Budgets can ruin your week. Budgets can make it that you can’t get that new LEGO set that you so desperately want. However, there is always a way to navigate around those dreaded spending caps. With the new Age of Ultron sets arriving, it seems only too appropriate to do an article on how to get your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, even with those tricky price restrictions. Jay and Stephen have been doing reviews of all the Age of Ultron sets, so be sure to go check them out first if you haven’t already. A fairly common price limit, or at least to me anyway, is around £55 or $55 ( I know they aren’t the same value but Lego doesn’t seem to know the word “exchange rate”, so…).  This isn’t buying a whole wave and it isn’t only getting one or two sets, which is why I have chosen this price. Now some of you may be thinking “The Avengers Tower, Quinjet and Hydra Fortress are all above this, how can we possibly buy anything worth-wild with this amount?!” Well, I’ll tell you how… First thing’s first, you go with the HulkBuster Smash. This set is amazing on so many levels, with a highly detailed Ultron figure, an exclusive Scarlet Witch, the MK 43, the cheapest way of getting the Hulk, and an all-round awesome mech with tons of posses available. As Stephen says in the review, there really is nothing bad to say about this set. Facebook-20150228-110139

It compliments a small Iron Legion quite nicely too…

So, that 3/5 of your money gone. Now, how to spend that extra 25… Well that is a matter of preference. If you want Thor and Hawkeye, go for the Avengers Hydra Showdown. A small, action-packed set with 2 out of the 9 2015 Avengers. Or, if you want a small army of Ultron drones and the MK45, you get 2 of the Iron Man Vs Ultron. Which is exactly what I did. The set is small, quick to build, contains all exclusive mini-figures and is cheap enough to get multiples of. You could probably just pick this set up with that bit of cash in the back of your wallet. Facebook-20150228-110103 Facebook-20150228-110132

£50 well spent…

Don’t forget, this is just my opinion. If you wanna just go out and get the Hydra Fortress Smash and blow it all in one go, then by all means do it. To each there own. Be sure to check back frequently for more LEGO news and articles!

NY Toy Fair Pictures! (SO MANY IMAGES!)

The time is upon us to once again journey over to the Big Apple to gain first hand views of the all new sets coming out later this year…or more accurately, sit at home without a Valentine’s date and analyse the photos that Jason and Stephen take…or maybe that’s just me.

…Hasbro? Is that you?

Either way, if you are a fan of Jurassic World, Star Wars, BionicleScooby-Doo, Ninjago, Chima or Super Heroes (long list I know), then you’ll be very pleased! We now have photos of all the new Dino sets, the new Ultimate Collector’s Series TIE Fighter, all Scooby-Doo sets and a couple DC and one  Marvel set – Yeah, a bit of a mouthful if you read aloud. I know, great humor right? JURASSIC WORLD 75915-175917-1   75919-1 75916-1 75918-1 (1)   NINJAGO 70735-170736-1   70733-170734-1   70738-170737-1   SCOOBY-DOO 75901-175903-1   75900-1 SUPER-HEROES 76035-1 (1)76034-1 76036-176037-1 76039-1   LEGENDS OF CHIMA 70225-170227-1 70226-1   BIONICLE 70791-1 70792-1 70793-1 70794-1 70795-1 STAR WARS 75095-1swconstraction2 75091-175106-1 75093-175092-1 75094-1 I think the Copy and Paste function just broke on my computer….so, out of all these billions of  images, which sets are your favorite? tell us below!

Brick 2015 Dates Confirmed!

It’s a great time to be in the UK! Now, a fair amount of those who watch The Brick Show are from the USA, so I’m aware that some of you may not be interested in this. That being said, I’m from the UK, so that’s obviously saying that across the pond there’s a lot of viewers too. So, for you fine chaps, you may wanna keep reading.

No, we’re not being paid to mention this…


Brick 2014 was a festival that took place last year in London’s Excel arena, and was easily one of the biggest toy conventions in Europe that year. Jason and Stephen did attend, and presented images of the following Winter wave whilst they were there as well as running a separate booth. Funnily enough, I managed to attend and I recall that I bought a t-shirt from Stephen; little did I know that I would be writing for the guys just a short 3 months later.

Tickets for Brick 2015, which I am eagerly awaiting, will become available for pre-sale on the 10th February 2015  , with prices yet to be confirmed. The event will go from Thursday 10th December to Sunday 13th December.

I think that the guys should be attending, but have not been invited as of yet. There’s a pretty good chance that they’ll be there though. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet the guys this year as a co-worker! Enough about me, make sure that you get your tickets as soon as they’re available, as they’ll sell out quick!

NOTE: A lot of videos have been posted on The Brick Show’s YouTube channel and Facebook page that were filmed at Brick 2014. In fact, as I have been typing this post, another has been uploaded….: LEGO 75,000+ Piece Medieval Castle MOC


Tom’s Top Five : Most anticipated LEGO of 2015

First off, some background information.

So, if you guys haven’t noticed  from the last few articles ; I’m not Jason. No, I’m not Stephen either. Can’t guess? That might be because I’m brand new, and having done nothing previously for The Brick Show it’s understandable that I’m known by literally none of you fine folks. So I’ll give you a formal introduction.

I’m  Tom, and I am a standard TFOL (Teenage  Fan Of Lego) who is aspiring to become a journalist. I sent Jason some examples of some reviews, he liked them, and here I am. I hope to be here some time, and as such I feel it’s necessary for you to get to know me as you have gotten to know the guys over the years. So in the midst of all the set news and reviews, I might do a few little pieces with my own personal touch, so you can know a bit more about my attitude. So here we are with the first of those posts.


A lot of LEGO is coming out this year, so it might be a good idea to give you a run-down of my personal top five LEGO items I’m looking forward to.

#5 : New Video Games!


In 2015, we will be getting both an Avengers themed and a Jurassic Park themed video game. These are both exciting, although I am looking forward more to Jurassic park simply because of the refreshing nature of a new brand, and the Avengers may just be a re-hash of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. After seeing Age Of Ultron my views may change however.

#4 : Avengers : Age of Ultron Sets!



So not only do we get an Avengers game but of course we get Avengers sets. Which is cool. I personally adore these sets based off of the images we have been given, although I doubt I’ll b able to afford many after £270.00 (Yes, I’m British) is subtracted after a certain Avengers mobile command center is released in March…

#3 : New Minecraft sets!

I won’t post any images as they seem to be rather poor quality, but the new Minecraft sets look very good based off of the minuscule detail I can make out from the pictures; wolves, blazes, dungeons, armored mobs, pigmen, and Alex (Who shouldn’t even exist in Minecraft in the first place because Steve is fine and…breathe…). To summarise, they look good.

#2 : Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens sets!

Again, no pictures currently exist of these sets yet, but based off of pure conjecture, I can already tell that these sets will be incredible, and recapture that beautiful magic that the Star Wars theme has been missing since 2005 ; sets being released alongside films is just the best way to do it.

#1 : The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier! 


This set is easily the one that I’m looking forward to the most during 2015, with a release date of March 2015, and (I believe) February for V.I.P users. Literally the only reason why I may have to skip out on this set is because it might physically not fit on my shelf. That’s it. I have  no other complaints at all.

There we have it, my personal Top Five anticipated LEGO products this year. This is just my list, so feel free to disagree. What is your Top Five? Feel free to tell us in the comments!


Blocks Magazine Loses Head Editor

Over the last few months, “Blocks Magazine”  has seemed to be growing in popularity across the world, and I know for sure it is a huge hit with LEGO fans in the UK. If you do not know what Blocks Magazine is, it  is a fan-based magazine dedicated completely to LEGO, bringing new set reviews, product comparisons, MOC techniques and behind the scenes details every month. I’m not being payed to say this, but it  sure is a great magazine. Therefore, it  saddens me to know that the magazine is losing it’s head editor.

It’s a sad sad situation…

Yes, Mark Guest – who LITERALLY  made Blocks Magazine from scratch – is leaving his creation very soon, and now this baby is left without its Father. They are now looking for  a head editor, so if  you would be at all interested in, well, owning a magazine (pretty cool right?) then you can contact them via their website.

The LEGO Ninjago Zukin Minifigure Collection

Here is all six of the new LEGO Ninjago minifigures in their tournament themed Zukin Gi’s.  From left to right we have Cole (black), Lloyd (green), Zane (silver), Jay (blue), Skylar (orange) and Kai (red). Each of these were released in the early 2015 wave of LEGO Ninjago sets.

LEGO Ninjago Zukin Minifigures

Which of these LEGO Ninjago Zukin Gi outfits do you like best on our favorite ninjas?

Mega Bloks Halo Sets Revealed at RTX 2014

Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521

At RTX 2014 this past weekend, Mega Bloks has unveiled the latest Halo Mega Bloks sets that will be released later this year. The first set is an Anniversary Collection Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521 which includes a Mega Bloks Halo Sergeant Johnson figure. The set has 485 pieces and includes 8 figures, many of which Halo fans have been waiting for.

The Covenant Shadow is easily one of the most recognizable vehicles from the Halo franchise and this is the first time that it has been in a Mega Bloks set. The figures included in the set are, as mentioned before, Sergeant Johnson, Elite Honor Guard, two Marines, Arbiter, two Jackals, and the Prophet of Truth.

The Mega Bloks Hierarch’s Shadow Convoy 97521 will be available in August and is exclusive to Toys R Us stores.

Mega Bloks Halo 2 Anniversary Collection Battleground

The second set that was revealed at RTX 2014 was the Mega Bloks Halo 2 Anniversary Collection Battleground set. The set includes two UNSC Marines and two Brute figures with red fins as well as Tartarus. If you’ve played Halo 2, Tartarus is the tertiary antagonist and final boss in the game so it’s cool that we now see him as a Mega Bloks figure.

Spartan Tribute Pack

The final Mega Bloks Halo set that was revealed at RTX 2014 was the very awesome Spartan Tribute Pack. This set comes with a whopping 20 Spartan Mark IV figures in various colors. The colors that the Spartan Mark IV come in include purple, red, blue, white, steel, crimson, zombie, pink, copper, lime, tan, orange, yellow, cyan, smoke, sage, gold, silver, cobalt, and translucent blue.

If you looked closely, all the Spartans are carrying different weapons that have been in the game. Here is a list of the weapons that are included with the Spartan Tribute Pack in no particular order: SMG, Silenced SMG, Rocket Launcher, Covenant Carbine, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun, DMR, Flamethrower, Frag Grenades, Grenade Launcher, Spartan Laser, Smokey Translucent Grey Needler, Translucent Green Energy Sword, and Translucent Blue Brute Spiker.

The Spartan Tribute Pack is also a Toys R Us exclusive and you can also expect this set later this year.

LEGO Releases New Gaming App for iOS, LEGO Marvel: Universe in Peril

LEGO and TT Games have released a new app for all iOS devices called LEGO SuperHeroes Marvel: Universe in Peril. This app is available for $4.99 and also gives you the option purchases other upgrades and abilities for your characters.

Here is the full press release from Marvel:

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril” features an original story crossing the entire Marvel Universe. Fans can take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as they unite to stop Loki and a host of other Marvel villains from assembling a super-weapon capable of destroying the world!

In “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril” players can experience 45 action-packed missions as they chase down Cosmic Bricks across key locations. With more than 90 playable characters, gamers battle enemies using fast-paced combat moves and can activate super moves such as the Hulk’s Thunder Clap and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Players will gain instant access to their favorite Marvel super heroes and super villains, as well as power-up abilities through in-app purchases.

Source: Marvel