Picture of LEGO Winter Village Santa’s Workshop Surfaces

A picture of the coming 2014 LEGO Winter Village release, Santa’s Workshop, has surfaced.


Looking over the picture we can see we will be getting Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and 4 elf minifigures. We also see Santa’s sleigh with 5 build-able reindeer. From the picture, the workshop seems a little small, but we will have to wait to see what the other side looks like before passing judgement. A small toy factory and North Pole sign also are seen in the distance.

LEGO SuperHeroes Dynamic Duo: Funhouse Escape Set Retired

The very popular and what we would consider a classic, LEGO Super Heroes Dynamic Duo: Funhouse Escape set has been retired. We noticed this morning that the Retired Product label was added to the page. We bring this to your attention because we believe that this is one of the best (if not THE best) LEGO Super Heroes set ever released. Now, the funhouse was exclusive to the LEGO Store and Toys ‘R Us. If you still want to buy it, you may want check your local stores ASAP before they sell out.

lego funhouse escape retired


With the retiring of this set, it also means that only 2 sets remain on the market from that initial LEGO Super Heroes wave, which includes The Batcave and Superman vs. Power Armor Lex. It won’t be long before both of those sets are gone too. We would guess The Batcave will stick around the longest as it makes sense that one always be on the market.


Call of Duty Mega Bloks Jungle Troopers Set Coming Soon, Pictures!

Mega Bloks has unveiled a new modern warfare battle pack for the Call of Duty line to be released this spring, the Jungle Troopers set. This set will feature 5 camo-colored soldiers along with a building tropic scene including a rock, foliage, sandbags, care package and all the weapons and accessories you could hope for.

In addition this spring, be on the lookout for another modern warfare set, the Desert Outpost. This will feature 1 soldier and  a small build-able hideout including barbed wire, sandbags and more.

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Which LEGO Thor Minifigure Do You Like Better

In this episode of Minifigure Madness we look at the LEGO 2012 Thor vs. the 2014 Thor. The 2012 Thor minifigure was released in 3 sets and depicts the Thor from The Avengers movie. The 2014 Thor minifigure has so far been released in 1 sets and depicts the character from the Avengers Assemble TV show. Vote below on which one you like better:

LEGO Thor Minifigures

LEGO Benny Coloring Page Now Available + More!

We recently released on of our popular BrickArt videos (see below) highlighting the adorable Benny and his SPACESHIP! As we always do with these videos, we also include a sheet for you to print out and color this artwork. And, if you want to color some of the other characters from the film, view our full selection of LEGO Movie coloring pages.

LEGO Benny Coloring Page