Warner Bros’ “The Billion Brick Race” Loses Director For The Second Time.

The LEGO Movie, a co-production between the Warner Bros. Animation Group and LEGO, was one of biggest animated film franchises to start up in this decade. After all, from its success, we owe other titles such as most recent The LEGO Ninjago Movie and the stupendously popular LEGO Batman Movie with both films launched in 2017. read more

Toys ‘R’ Us Build and Play Event: LEGO Heroes Needed!

We at The Brick Show have covered special events involving LEGO in collaboration with some of its major retail partner brands around the world, like Toy ‘R’ Us. There’s been several TRU events, especially the Build and Play ones, that we reported on. Most of them were in the UK. read more

Uniqlo to Release LEGO 60th Anniversary T-Shirt Line.

Yes, the year 2018 is the 60th Anniversary of LEGO as we know it best, a wide line of toy construction sets centered on their patented design of interlocking plastic building blocks. The LEGO brand has been considered so influential that it’s created its own subculture. read more

Check Out These LEGO Alarm Clocks and Wristwatches from ClicTime.

There have been times when we featured LEGO products here on the Brick Show that were not necessarily building sets or minifigures, but are still recognizably part of the LEGO brand umbrella. These are usually produced by other companies under license from LEGO, in a nice inversion of the usual setup. read more

“Building a Dream” Tells The Story of How The LEGO House in Billund Was Built.

LEGOLAND theme parks in several countries around the world are really great and all, but The LEGO Group is also giving plenty of attention to their one alternative attraction located just right at their doorstep. We’re referring of course to The Home of the Brick, or LEGO House for short. read more