A Closer Look at the LEGO Star Wars Summer sets: UCS Snowspeeder 75144 and Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack 75167.

The excitement of this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando lingers on, especially that LEGO has pulled the veil from some of its never-before-seen upcoming LEGO Star Wars summer sets all slated to be available this summer. Thanks to the good ol’ guys from Rebel Scum, we have several stills of these sets, particularly on two LEGO Star Wars builds that were not previously shown during last February’s New York Toy Fair.

Just in time for next month’s May the 4th promotion, we now have these actual images of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder (75144) and the much anticipated Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (75167). The Snowspeeder is this year’s first Ultimate Collectors Series, which is somehow an offshoot of 2016’s Assault on Hoth (75098). Star Wars and LEGO fans alike were also ecstatic when LEGO announced that it’s putting under the limelight the galaxy’s iconic bounty hunters, and giving them the minifig treatment. We may now have IG-88, Dengar, Bossk, and 4-LOM in their minifigure forms, all in a single set. Check out these images, courtesy of Rebel Scum. For more Star Wars sets unveiled in LEGO’s booth during SWCO 2017, you may check out Rebel Scum’s post. We also managed to take a video of the Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack during the celebrations, which you can find below.


UCS Snowspeeder 75144 (1,703 pieces @ $199.99; exclusively available at all LEGO brand stores or at shop.LEGO.com starting on May 4)

The following images are courtesy of Rebel Scum.


Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack 75167 (122 pieces @ $14.99; featuring the minifigure versions of IG-88, Dengar, Bossk, and 4-LOM and a speeder bike set; this set will be available in June)




7 LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Sets That We Want To See!

This Year’s Star Wars Celebration in Orlando has wrapped up, and there are so many highlights to cover that it is not enough to mention everything in just a single post! Nevertheless, I think very few will disagree that the most ground breaking of them all was the reveal made by director Rian Johnson during The Last Jedi Panel of Day 2’s SW Celebration last Friday. We now have our first official trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, and with it, comes a slew of reviews, frame-by-frame trailer analysis and a handful of fan theories. The Force is undeniably strong with this sequel, especially that the trailer has been viewed more than 24 million times in just two days. Here’s the official trailer of TLJ in case you’ve missed it.

With so many new images and scenes revealed in the two-minute trailer, one can’t help but think what LEGO has in the works (or perhaps concealed) just before Episode VIII is unleashed in cinemas in December. It is interesting to note that Brickset has initially tagged seven LEGO sets under the Star Wars, The Last Jedi subtheme. Since it is highly unlikely that we will get to see them once the May the 4th promotions kicks in next month, and our best guess for their debut could be sometime August or September, similar to the release dates of the Rogue One sets last year.

So let’s take a look at the trailer once more and allow us to offer our wish list of LEGO Star Wars, The Last Jedi sets that we want to see.


Rey’s Lightsaber Training At Planet Ach-To.

Though Episode VII The Force Awakens only gave a few minutes of screen time for Jedi in-hiding Luke Skywalker, the planet in which he imposed his self-exile was given considerable attention. For reasons not yet fully revealed, Luke has chosen the Planet Ach-To to be his sanctuary, and the training ground to hone Rey’s skills on the use of the Force. It will be a great set to have as well if Kylo Ren and the rest of the Knights of Ren will be added into the mix in a sort of an invading party raid, as rumored from several reports last year.


Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter.

Concept art only.

Alright, I think this one is just keeping up with tradition and was not even hinted in the trailer, but nevertheless, a good one to speculate about. We know that almost all harbinger of bad news in the Star Wars galaxy carries with them a TIE vehicle of their choice. From the lowly TIE Fighter Pilot’s TIE Bomber (4479), Vader’s TIE Advanced (75150), and even the Inquisitor’s TIE Advanced Prototype (75082), it seems that every lead baddie in the SW galaxy favors a TIE Fighter when it comes to a head-on dogfight with Rebel or Resistance forces. So why not give one to Kylo Ren? I know he has done so many unspeakable things in TFA (who can ever forget what he did to his dad, Hans Solo?), but since he plays a major role in this latest Star Wars trilogy, then LEGO would give justice to his character by adding at least one more LEGO set under his belt. As of now, there are only two sets where you can find his minifig version: the LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana (75139) and Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle (75104). A TIE Fighter of his own would be a great addition to his nefarious name.


The First Jedi Temple.

This particular shot from The Last Jedi trailer got the most die-hard Star Wars fans squealing with delight. The collection of tomes, flanked by what seem to be roots from a very ancient tree, is a nod to George Lucas’ original plans of telling the Star Wars saga from the third-person narrative of the immortal scribes, the Whills. Eventually, the idea didn’t take flight and Lucas opted for a straightforward, good ‘ol fashioned storytelling. However, it seems that the idea or concept of the Whills was not completely scraped by Lucas, with Rogue One hinting about it when Chirrut and Baze were introduced as the so called Guardians of… you guess, the Whills.

This is at the very least, suggests that we might possibly see how the very first Jedi Temple looks like. It was suggested in the events of The Force Awakens, when his close friend and brother-at-arms of many years, Hans Solo, confirming the matter at one point. Though Ach-To turns out to be the oceanic planet in which the said temple is rumored to be located, the trailer neither revealed or confirmed it. However, the way director Rian Johnson intended the trailer to feel, and the way it highlighted a very interesting collection of tomes within a tree-like structure, shows that the ‘balance’ Rey is seeking is to be found in this place. If LEGO has slated this to become a set, then this will be a very appealing addition to anyone’s LEGO Star Wars collection. It may well compliment a LEGO Star Wars set dedicated to Rey’s training.


Resistance Skimmer/Speeder.

It seems that each film from the latest Star Wars aftermath trilogy brings with it a collection of new vehicles, whether an original one or a rehash of former starships. This shot from the mineral rich planet of Crait seems to be the battleground for an impending standoff between the Resistance and First Order forces. For lack of a better term or name, these Resistance Skimmers seems to be an odd combination of a pod racer and a Snowspeeder, supported by what seems to be a balancing rod of sorts. The trailer has not revealed their offensive fighting capabilities, but we can safely assume that its speed and maneuverability will be its most outstanding feature. As a mid-sized set, this will be a great addition to our current roster LEGO Star Wars vehicles.



At the eventual standoff on Crait, we can see the reason why the skimmers are charging head on. Looming on the horizon is a line of intimidating First Order walkers, said to be larger and more menacing than their older cousins. Rumored to be named as the AT-4X, these behemoths were described as ‘gorilla walkers’, with a characteristic arched back design and significantly larger than the AT-ATs of the previous Empire. It has a lot of potential, since the hulking LEGO Star Wars AT-AT (75054) from 2014 has already been retired and we haven’t seen a rehash of this mammoth walker since then. Furthermore, LEGO passed on the opportunity of releasing this one when it was shown again in Rogue One last year. So it’s not far-fetched to consider that LEGO might be reserving its bricks for the AT-4X very soon.


Resistance A-Wing.

The A-Wing has already left an indelible mark on the landscape of the Star Wars saga for being the fastest ship in the Rebel fleet. Since the days of the original trilogy when these iconic starfighters where crucial in the fight against the Empire in Episode VI, it seems that these space speedsters have been commissioned again to take flight once more. Just be sure to hit the pause button fast enough to catch a glimpse of the Resistance’s rebooted A-Wing.

Check out the A-wing on the left side of the screenshot above.

What is particularly interesting about this newer A-Wing is the different color scheme that it offers. For sure, LEGO has placed the A-Wing plenty of times under the limelight with its handful of offerings: 2017’s A-Wing Starfighter (75175), Vader’s TIE Advanced vs A-Wing Starfighter (75150), A-Wing Starfighter (75003) from 2013, and the A-Wing Starfighter (6207) way back from 2006, but this newer iteration has a slimmer, sleeker design as compared to earlier LEGO versions. I know this might be asking too much since we just had an A-Wing recently as a nod to 1983’s Return of the Jedi, however, given the newer design on TLJ’s A-Wing, then perhaps it will not be a long shot to eventually see this as  an official LEGO set. Granted that it may not be included yet in the first wave of Episode VIII offerings, LEGO will do well by including this in later sets.

Here’s how the newer A-Wing will look like in The Last Jedi.


Resistance Frigate.

Our last LEGO Star Wars TLJ candidate (but certainly not the very least) is another galactic sized set, next only to the scale of the AT-4X. These huge, interstellar ships have been a staple of Star Wars movies as part of the legion of starships deployed both by the Empire and the Republic. In this shot, we get to see the same Frigate class starships fleeing from what it seems to be as the planet D’Qar. As of to date, LEGO has only released two sets based on this Frigate class of starships: the Republic Frigate (7964) from 2011, and last year’s Rebel Combat Frigate (75158). Again, our best hint, if ever LEGO decides to come up with a set based on the Resistance’s newer Frigate, is that LEGO might hold on to this a little longer and include these on a later wave of releases.


So, what do you think of our list? Do you have any other The Last Jedi sets in mind that you wish to see in their LEGO forms? Drop us a note in the comments below, or follow our official Facebook page and join in the discussions. Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi will debut in theaters on December 15, 2017.




LEGO Juniors Reveals Some of the Speeding Cast of Disney’s Cars 3.

Disney’s third instalment of its Cars franchise is set to race its way to theaters in June, and it promises a story plot that pits the iconic red lightning against a speedster that may prove to be way above his technological expertise.

We have no official word yet from either Disney or LEGO with regards to the new characters that we will see in Cars 3 once it makes its debut on June 16. However, we may have a glimpse on what’s in store for good ‘ol Lightning McQueen, thanks to official LEGO Juniors box art images from Brickset. According to them, they have these images already for quite some time but have refrained from adding them to their database. However, upon receiving reports that the LEGO Juniors Cars 3 sets have been spotted on store shelves in a Sears Store in Mexico, they’ve decided it’s time to show these images to the world. Let’s take a look.


Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher (10730)


Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator (10731)


Guido and Luigi’s Pit Stop (10732)


Mater’s Junkyard (10733)


Willy’s Butte Speed Training (10742)


Smokey’s Garage (10743)


Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race (10744)


I have to admit that these sets are good enough to be simply brushed off as any typical LEGO Juniors set, especially when you consider that they come with printed pieces rather than the usual sticker decals. These sets may likely appeal to older AFOLs as well. So what do you think brick fans? Can you spot some of the new characters in these LEGO Juniors sets? Disney’s Cars 3 will speed its way into theaters on June 16.



The Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue Can Be Yours via LEGO’s Twitter Page!

Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando has begun, and LEGO is definitely not missing out on the excitement of the occasion.  A few days ago, LEGO has unveiled this year’s Star Wars Celebration exclusive which is a fitting nod to the very first Star Wars film ever made 40 years ago. The LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue is a special-edition exclusive inspired by the Detention Block AA-23 from the original 1977 film Episode IV – A New Hope. However, this unnumbered set is not that easy to acquire. LEGO has made this so exclusive that you have to be physically present at the SW Celebrations, and even having the chance of purchasing it there must be raffled off (which have started already by the way).

So for those who cannot make it in Orlando and is still hoping to have a piece of the Star Wars Celebration with them in LEGO, there is good news. LEGO, via its Twitter page, has just announced another raffle where you can get the chance of owning the LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue. You can go through the lengthy rule book right here, or you can just simply retweet this post from the official LEGO Twitter page as you can see below. No purchase is necessary to enter the raffle.

To enter the Prize Giveaway, follow the instructions on the LEGO Twitter Website www.Twitter.com/LEGO_Group. To enter, simply RT (ReTweet) clearly designated competition tweets posted by @LEGO_Group during the entry period. Potential Winners will be chosen by random draw from among all eligible entries received, to be conducted by members of the LEGO Social Media Team. Random Drawings occur daily during the entry period.


May the Force be with us (and bring home the prize)! Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando is now happening at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and runs until Easter Sunday on the 16th. For everything awesome built out of LEGO bricks, be sure to stop by the LEGO booth (#2630) and for other cool Star Wars toys and stuff, be sure to check out Wildcard Toys’ booth near the stage of the Convention Center.


LEGO Super Heroes GOTG Vol. 2 Mini Milano (30449) Now for Sale at Toys R Us in the UK.

For those of you who can’t wait to have their hands on the coolest brick-built ride on this side of Marvel galaxy, then you’ll be happy to know that the LEGO Superheroes Mini Milano (30449) is now up for sale at Toys R Us in the UK for £4.99, or roughly $6 USD – and of course, you have to be in the UK to actually purchase this polybag. If you recall, we first knew about the Milano’s LEGO micro-scale version when we first featured it in February. True to form and coming in at 64 pieces, the Mini Milano is a perfect replica of its larger cousin as seen in the LEGO Marvel Superheroes The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081).

There is no word on when it will be offered in local TRU stores in the US since LEGO has already slated it as a LEGO Store promotional for the month of May. The Mini Milano is available for FREE in all LEGO Brand Stores in the US starting May 8 until 21, with every single receipt purchase of $35 or more.


Here’s a little more about the famed ship of Marvel’s most adorable motley crew.

Have lots of construction and building fun with the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy The Milano. Embark on an exciting cosmic adventure with this micro-scale version of Star-Lord’s Milano spaceship from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, featuring six adjustable wings and engines.

Featuring everyone’s favorites from the Marvel universe, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes brings such heroes as Spider-Man and many other characters from the Marvel universe to your child’s play room. Building each play set will really test their construction skills and their ability to follow instructions, but the fun doesn’t end there. All of these characters need voices and your child’s imagination will give them stories to tell and parts to play, whether they’re saving the world or doing battle with each other. With inspiration from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to learn, play, create and build, every day can be different!

  • Micro-scale The Milano spaceship
  • The Milano features 6 adjustable wings
  • Pieces: 64


Thanks to Bricks Fans for the tip.



Robin Invites You To Pre-Order The LEGO Batman Movie.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has just announced the home theatrical release of The LEGO Batman Movie – from googly-eyed perspective of Robin, that is. Everything is simply awesome with the LEGO Batman Movie, including the announce video that the Boy Wonder shared to his Bat-Dad.

The LEGO Batman Movie is slated to be released in Digital HD on May 19, and for those who would like to get the digital copy ahead of the physical DVD/Blu-ray, you may pre-order TLBM via Amazon. For those who would like to add more to their TLBM memorabilia, Target is offering an exclusive, The LEGO Batman Movie Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD Edition that includes a collectible LEGO Batgirl minifigure which we featured previously, coupled with other limited edition postcards. This Target exclusive is available for pre-order at Target and will be released on June 13.


Official Box Art Images of LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man: Homecoming Sets Revealed!

We first saw them back in February during the New York Toy Fair, but even then, LEGO was a little shy in showing all of its wares as far as being cautious about showing too much on what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the reveal of this year’s first MCU-related LEGO set with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we now have our first look at the official box art images for Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you recall, LEGO was still keeping a particular set – or a minifig to be exact – under wraps probably for reasons that it may become too much of a spoiler. However, thanks to images posted by Brick Heroes, we now have a look at the mystery minifigure that comes along with LEGO Marvel Superheroes Beware the Vulture (76083).  Included also in this reveal are official images of the ATM Heist Battle (76082). Check these out.


LEGO Marvel Superheroes ATM Heist Battle (76082)



LEGO Marvel Superheroes Beware the Vulture (76083)



As we can see, the not-so-surprising minifig in this set is none other than the Shocker. Played by actor Bokeem Woodbine, Herman Schultz or more commonly known as Shocker to Marvel fans, is one of the film’s hardcore criminals. Equipped with a tech suit that allows him to send lethal shock waves towards anyone who comes in his way, he has proven himself to be a formidable foe against the web slinger in the comics, and together with the Vulture, will probably give Spidey a really hard time throughout the film. Frankly, I hardly see this set as a spoiler and his minifig version does not offer too much of a hint either, save for his shocker-gauntlet thing. The main selling point of the Beware the Vulture set is definitely the Vulture minifig itself, with its brick-built flight suit. I really do hope that the Vulture’s minifig can be posed together with his suit, but considering the overall weight of all those bricks (I like how the designers used the modified gray tiles by the way), I find it difficult to imagine how.

The ATM Heist Battle set on the other hand is relatively small, considering the piece count being at 185 pieces only. However, same as the Beware the Vulture set, I believe that what makes 76082 attractive are the minifigures of the bank robbers that goes along with it. They both come with dual printed heads that shows regular bad guy expressions, and their masked versions as well that takes a hint from the Hulk and Captain America. Both sets also offer newer versions of Spider-Man equipped with the new Power Blast minifig feature.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing into US theaters on July 7. But before that, be sure to see first the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 next month, on May 5. The last MCU film of this year is Thor: Ragnarok, which LEGO has dedicated two sets as well.




LEGO Ninjago Movie Books Revealed – More Details on our Ninjas, Garmadon, and a Stash of Cool Sets.

Amazon UK has recently posted several books dedicated to the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie. This collection of books (a sticker collection, and two readers) reveals interesting, high-resolution details on how we can expect the minifigures may look like, together with some of the mechs and vehicles that we want to see as an actual LNM set. I am not really an over-the-top Ninjago fan, but seeing the details on these LNM characters and vehicle designs, makes me more excited to see the actual sets.


DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Ultimate Sticker Collection



DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Shark Attack



DK’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie Secret Ninja Force

Other than the exquisitely detailed minifigures of our young Ninjas, what I find equally impressive are the host of Garmadon’s marine-costumed henchmen. Aptly named to strike terror in the hearts of men (or minifigs), Garmadon’s Shark Army features several baddies donned in various sea creature outfits – a hammerhead, great white, puffer fish, octopus, and a jelly fish-like bubble head gear – all armed with melee and long range weapons such as fish nunchuks, starfish shurikens and fish launchers (hate to be on the way of those smelly weapons).


Their vehicles are awesome in themselves, especially Garmadon’s dark and menacing mech.


What I appreciate most about the LEGO Ninjago Movie are the highly detailed sets that were featured in its first official trailer. Though these sets look great on film and is most likely to be trimmed down a bit once offered to the general public as an actual LNM set, such down-scaling does not significantly reduce the impressive details on them. Two of these were partially revealed during LEGO Rebrick’s latest contest: the Green Ninja Mech Dragon (70612) and the Kai’s Fire Mech (70615), and this time we get to see another yet to be named tank-like battle vehicle which you can see below.

As we noted before, each of our young heroes also gets a makeover, with new costumes and hairpieces that complements their progress as a ninja and their coming of age.



These LEGO Ninjago Movie DK books are expected to hit store shelves in the UK on September, and August in the US. The LEGO Ninjago Movie will swing into action in theaters on September 22.




Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Told In LEGO.

The final trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is finally out, and with less than a month before before we see the  galaxy’s rowdiest, mix-tape rockin’ superhero team of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Huxley Berg Studios decided to add a little LEGO fun to the band’s (misadventures) by retelling the entire final trailer using LEGO minifigs and bricks. The minifigs are so much impressive in themselves I can’t help but wish to have all them. Watch this.

MCU’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes gate-crashin’ in theaters on May 5. LEGO has dedicated three sets under this Marvel Superheroes subtheme which you can find below. Click on the links to know more.


The Milano VS the Abilisk (76081)


Ayesha’s Revenge (76080)


Ravager Attack (76079)

LEGO Rebrick Teases the Latest LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets.

We’re still a few months away from the theatrical release of LEGO’s third cinematic offering, The LEGO Ninjago Movie, and thanks to LEGO Rebrick, we now have confirmation on how some of its sets will be like. In its latest stop-motion contest entitled “Ninja for a Day”, LEGO Rebrick has announced that it will be giving away a LEGO NInjago Movie mystery set valued at $300 USD, while at the same, teasing on two of the fourteen sets that are expected to be a part of the LEGO Ninjago Movie theme. Deadline for submission of entries is on May 10, 2017 where six grand prize winners will be chosen to bring home tons of uber cool LNM sets and memorabilia. Here’s the complete announcement from LEGO Rebrick:


What does a day in the life of a Ninjagan (a resident of Ninjago city) look like? How does a ninja spend his/her day? Show us in this stop-motion contest for a chance to have your brickfilm featured in the LEGO NINJAGO Movie!


Contest Description

Create a 15 second to 30 second LEGO stop-motion brickfilm that will depict a snapshot in the life of Ninjago city. A thriving pan-asian metropolis that blends the best of a dozen cultures into one population of happy Ninjagans. The city itself is built upon it’s history so that the lowest levels of Ninjago appear ancient with each higher level becoming more and more modern until the top layer resembles modern Hong Kong or Tokyo.

The citizens enjoy this mashup of cultures eating Pad Thai Sushi Tacos and shopping at Gong and Guitar Center. It is an island metropolis and thus has a thriving wharf-seaport. The infrastructure and mass transit is varied so that a citizen can travel on foot, via roads, aboard a suspended hanging train or even float upon a series of elevated canals that connect the city.

In addition to tai chi at sunrise, getting a tan on Ninjago beach or having a bite at one of the festive culture-blending food carts, the one thing all Ninjagans have in common is the need to rebuild their city after the Evil Lord Garmadon attacks (and the Ninjas defend their city with their giant vehicles and mechs, typically destroying many structures in the process!) This happens frequently so LOTS of rebuilding is always taking place. Ninjagians take the destruction in stride, rebuilding their city with flair and always a dose of LEGO humor.

We will be looking for Ninjago action and humor, creative and cool rebuilding, attention to the Ninjago Movie theme, and overall Ninjago look and feel.

The top brickfilms will be featured and credited in the Ninjago Movie in Act One. The winners will be required to deliver their video file stripped of all audio to WB for integration in the Ninjago movie. The winning brickfilms might not be shown in their full length in the movie.

As an important note for this contest, please only include entries with music or sound you have created yourself. Unfortunately we will disqualify all entries with copyrighted or free sound audio.

Before you start please check out the entry guidelines and how to enter in the RULES.


Contest Prizes


There will be six grand prize winners. The grand prize winners will receive:

– The possibility to have their entry featured in Act One of the Ninjago Movie with credits
– The full LEGO Ninjago Movie assortment
– One exclusive LEGO Ninjago mystery set valued at $300 USD – to be revealed at a later date
– The Art of the Movie book signed by the filmmakers
– Signed LEGO Minifigures from the movie


I have a strong feeling that these prizes are enough to convince any Ninjago fan to join. Though set 70615 (Brickset refers to it as the Kai Mech) is a bit toned down as compared to the actual mech seen in the trailer, looking at the box art, it is already a very impressive build. There is no information regarding its confirmed set name and piece count, but it comes with six minifigures including Kai, Zane, two civilians, and two of Garmadon’s costumed henchmen.

As much as the mechs and vehicles featured in TLNM’s trailer are exquisitely impressive, such level of detail will be probably close to impossible to achieve as an actual set, both for practical and economic reasons. It is simply too large of a set if LEGO will be faithful to its design as we saw them from the official trailer. However, 70615 is pretty cool in itself being on a minifig scale. My best guess is that it probably stands at around 10 to 12 inches which accounts for the rather wide feet and legs to support the set’s weight.

We don’t have an official image of the Green Ninja Mech Dragon (70612), save for its piece count coming in at 544 pieces, and having Lloyd, Master Wu, and Garmadon included in the set as minifigures. What I find intriguing is the announcement of an ‘exclusive LEGO Ninjago Mystery Set’ valued at $300. Given its price range, we can only speculate as of now that it may come in 3,000+ pieces, making it the largest set ever made under the Ninjago theme. Currently, it is the Temple of Airjitzu (70751) that holds the title of being the largest set in the theme with 2,028 pieces and retailing at $200 when it was first offered in 2015.

Hope LEGO will be announcing the rest of the sets under TLNM anytime soon. The LEGO Ninjago Movie is expected to hit theaters on September 22, 2017.