LEGO and Chevrolet Teams Up to Give A Hero As Big As Batman The Batmobile That He Deserves.

In case you’re wondering what type of car does our Brick Knight drives, then think no further – it’s definitely a Chevy. A few moments ago, Chevrolet has unveiled its next ‘concept car’ that will certainly befit our Caped Crusader. As part of its promotional partnership with LEGO and Warner Bros, and with the help of students from Detroit’s Cody Rouge community, A World in Motion, and First LEGO League, Chevrolet has unveiled its 17-foot replica of the LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile (70905) just in time for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Photo courtesy of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

Consisting of 344,187 LEGO bricks and weighing in at almost 770 kilos, this life-size replica of the Batmobile has the following specifications:

  • Its 83 inches (6.92 feet) high, 204 inches (17 feet) long and 111 inches (9.25 feet) wide.
  • Total weight is 1,695.5 pounds. Each tire is just over 100 pounds.
  • The interior frame is made from more than 86 feet of square tube aluminum and weighs 282.5 pounds.
  • Total number of LEGO® bricks used to build the Batmobile: 344,187
  • Total number of LEGO® colors used: 17
  • The LEGO® Batmobile took 222 hours to design and 1,833 hours to build.
  • The LEGO® Batmobile was designed and assembled in the LEGO® Model Shop in Enfield, Connecticut, by LEGO® Master Builders Erik Varszegi and Jeff Rushby.

Here’s a speed-build video on how this larger than life Batmobile were brought to life courtesy of Roy Zukerman.

Chevrolet seems to be having fun with when it actually released a sort of ‘product information’ page for its imaginary life-sized LEGO Batmobile. It even has a very comprehensive review of its design, performance, technology utilized, and safety features. It also includes a comparative analysis of the Batmobile against the Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906) and the Riddler Riddle Racer (70903). However, with a hefty price tag of $48 million, it is the kind of ride only fit for a brooding, millionaire (hmm… sounds familiar).

Like any of its new products, Chevy has also come up with a ‘focused group’ meeting to determine what kind of person will own and drive its latest Batmobile. Well, mind you, these are real minifigures and not actors.

It’s nice to know that Chevrolet has also caught on with the TLBM fever, and with the film itself boasting with so many cool rides it may not be a long shot to consider that there might be an actual market for these in the near future – who knows (tongue-in-cheek).


The LEGO Batman  Movie opens on February 10, and stars Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifianakis as Joker, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Mariah Carey as Mayor McCasskill, Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn and Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face.


The LEGO Batman Movie Gotham City Police Department Pack (853651) Spotted in Asia!

Following the tradition of the LEGO Ninjago, Nexo Knights, and City minifigure packs, comes another similar minifig offering under the LEGO Batman Movie theme. The Gotham City Police Department Pack (853651) as posted by Brickset, retails at $14.99 and consists of three minifigures, that of Chief O’Hara and two Gotham police officers plus a Bat Signal that has a slightly different build as compared to TLBM Accessory Pack (5004930).

Thanks to one of our friends over at Facebook, we learned that the said TLBM minifigure pack is now currently available at LEGO Certified Stores in Hong Kong. Yin Ng was kind enough to snap this image which he took at an LCS in HK and shared it with us.

If one of your 2017 goals is to have ALL The LEGO Batman Movie minifigures adorn your shelf or ‘mini’ minifig wall, and you happen to be in Hong Kong as you’re reading this, then it might be helpful to know where to find this to complete your collection. There’s no word yet on when this TLBM minifigure pack will be available in the US and other parts of North America, but we’ll sure keep you posted once news comes in.

Thanks to Yin Ng for the heads-up!

CONFIRMED: Additional Villain Minifigures That Will Be Included In The 2017 The LEGO Batman Movie Summer Sets.

This news has been up and about for quite some time now, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, its nice to know that what we have previously thought and reported regarding the rumored 2017 The LEGO Batman Movie summer sets have been confirmed. Thanks to the heads up by The Brick Fan, we now get to see the (semi?) official images of some of these minifigures.  Let’s take a look.


Polka Dot Man

This minifig version of the classic villain is probably one of the best minifigures ever done in the series. Shame it was not included in the TLBM CMF, but there is still hope of adding them in your collection because rumor has it that he will be added to  an upcoming LEGO set slated to be revealed in Summer. Will he get a vehicle of his own of some sorts? We’ll probably get a hint once  we see The LEGO Batman Movie debut on the big screen.


Bane and Mutant Leader

The villain on steroids has finally got what he deserves  – an actual, bigfig version. First teased by LEGO insider Delta Customs, and finally confirmed by DK’s TLBM Essential Guide, this final piece of info has finally set into stone Bane’s bigfig presence in one of TLBM’s sets. He is joined by another member of Gotham’s rogues gallery by the warmongering Mutant Leader.


Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys

First teased on TLBM’s trailers, the villainess from LEGO Dimensions has crossed over to wreak havoc in Gotham. It’s nice to see LEGO stretching the limits of its licenses and dimensions so to speak, by including elements from its toys-to-life genre, particularly the Wicked Witch and her host of mischievous Flying Monkeys. The Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys are expected to be a part of another yet to be revealed TLBM set expected to be revealed in Summer.

A Look At The LEGO Batman Movie Posters Range.

We’re exactly a month away before we bask under the awesomeness of The LEGO Batman Movie which hits theatres on February 10. Understandably, if you have a movie as grand and big as this one, expect tons of promotions, products and other cool stuff. Other than perhaps the array of excellent LEGO sets dedicated to the film, one particular category of TLBM must-haves that has caught my attention recently is the range of fun and funky posters released by various outlets. So let’s take a moment and breathe in this fine, jazzy work of art beginning with the very first character posters released by Warner Bros online. Some of these posters are now available from local retailers or via Amazon, while some of it we hope to see as a free promotional across LEGO stores, and movie theaters. More info as you scroll down.


The LEGO Batman Movie Character Posters from Warner Bros.

Announced online by Warner Bros last December 19, these posters feature portrait shots of the film’s main characters: Batman, Joker, Robin, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Alfred.


The LEGO Batman Movie Posters from Pyramid International

Announced last December 18 and were released just last week. These posters are currently available for purchase online via Pyramid’s website, or at your local toy stores or stationary shops. They come in various sizes and formats, such as Mini (40cm X 50cm) and Maxi (61cm X 91.5cm) sizes, and Canvas Prints (30cm x 30cm, 40cm x 40cm or 60cm x 80cm). If you noticed, one of the posters shows a bigfig version of Bane as he is seen in the film, aboard his 4×4 vehicle. Hopefully, this is exactly how we will have Bane’s set as we earlier reported.  Some of these posters also feature the reported exclusive minifigures such as the Tartan Batman, Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman, and Batman Battle Pod. Will LEGO release more minifigures of our hero in his other Batsuits? Only time can tell. All images are copyright of Pyramid International. All images are copyright of Pyramid International.



The LEGO Batman Movie Posters from Trends International

Announced last January 3, Trends International has come up with 11 poster variants measuring 22.375” x 34”, featured in a mystery box packaging. They are currently available at Amazon retailing at $11.49 each, and from Trends International’s website. All images are copyright of Trends International.


The LEGO Batman Movie Graffiti Posters

This latest lineup of posters were unveiled by Entertainment Weekly last January 4 and features 12 characters of the film rendered in a cool, graffiti wall art effect over on a yellow baseplate. There is no word yet on when and how we can avail of these posters. On a personal note, this range of posters is the ones that I like best, both for its graffiti effect and the use of a LEGO baseplate for its backdrop.


What is your personal favorite among these hip poster arts? Which do you think is the most ‘batastic’? Share us what you think in the comments below or join in the conversation at our Facebook page. The LEGO Batman Movie will fly into theaters on February 10, both in 3D and IMAX.

RUMOR MILL: First Order TIE Bomber To Be Included In LEGO Star Wars Episode VIII Sets!

The Force is still strong with the very first Star Wars anthology film Rogue One, and even as the smoke has not cleared yet with the film still raking millions in box office and not to mention the impressive LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets that come with it, legion of Star Wars faithful have now set their eyes and hopes in this year’s next big, Star Wars film. Though we’re still roughly 11 months away before Episode VIII hits the big screen, several sites have reported that LEGO has in the works a particular Star Wars set that will pay tribute to one of the most iconic Imperial starfighters.

According to a recent report by Star Wars News Net (via Hound’s Tooth and Star Wars Awakens), LEGO will be offering a set dedicated to the First Order TIE Bomber hinting on the role that the destructive ship will be playing on Episode VIII. If you recall, the TIE Bomber first made its debut in The Empire Strikes Back, and is feared for its ability to drop vast quantities of munitions on rebellious planets and targets in space, delivering devastating attacks with frightening accuracy. Here’s how Hound’s Tooth got hold of this piece of news.

Star Wars Episode VIII will be a great mix of the old and the new. This reflects in the few character designs we’ve seen.  It should be no surprise then, that an old Imperial vessel is getting updated for use by the First Order. That’s right: There will be a TIE Bomber in Episode VIII.

This information comes in the form of a leaked Lego set announcement (via Seeing as the source has been right about Lego before with this winter’s sets, I see no reason to doubt it. 

Next Force Friday, you will be able to find First Order TIE Bombers at your local Lego supplier. Force Friday Lego sets aren’t always a guarantee for a major role in the film… But the vehicle will no doubt at least be clearly visible at some point.


So what do you think Brick Fans? What other Episode VIII vehicles and sets has LEGO been keeping under its sleeve? We’ll be following this piece of news as it develops so be sure to stay tuned here… at…. the… Brick Show!


The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack May Come as an In-Store Activity Gift.

If you recall, one of the more recent The LEGO Batman Movie polybags include the TLBM Accessory Pack that features a redesigned Bat Signal and a Batman minifigure with the new yellow utility belt as seen in the film. When we featured this polybag last New Year’s eve, we are quite clueless on how to obtain this. Thanks to an anonymous tip shared to The Brick Fan, we now have an idea on how to possibly get our hands on this piece of TLBM history.

Last month, you may remember that we posted the LEGO January 2017 Store Calendar which underscores a predominantly super hero theme. One of the promos mentioned in the said LEGO Store Calendar is having your own The Mini Batwing (30524) polybag for FREE for any LEGO purchase of $35 and above. Stephen did a review on this polybag set which you can find right here in case you want to take a look. Now another black and yellow polybag may eventually be yours with – as you may have guessed – The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack. Now there has been no specific mention about this polybag being another promotional in LEGO’s January 2017 Store Calendar, but it may eventually come out as such in all LEGO Brand Stores starting today and until February 26. As you can see from the a portion of the Store Calendar below, there is a mention of an in-store activity where visitors get to hunt for a ‘bunch of different Batsuits hiding all over the LEGO Store’.

Now as it turns out, these Batsuits are made of foamcore cutouts of the Caped Crusader himself and are hidden throughout the store as reported by The Brick Fan. Locating all of the Batsuit cutouts entitles you to a free TLBM Accessory Pack as a reward.

Though this in-store activity is said to target younger LEGO fans and kids, the rules are not that strict to exclude AFOLs. However since the promo period is expected to stretch out until February 26, which is for more than two months, then expect stores to somehow regulate the release of this polybag set and to enact additional guidelines on how it should be distributed (i.e. no repeats for 2nd time participants or customers).

If you live close to a LEGO Brand Store, then you may do a quick trip and inquire the store staff about this promo. Please do drop us a note through the comments section below or through our Facebook page if you can somehow verify this. That’ll be a big help to the rest of our brick-building community. Thanks again to The Brick Fan for giving this tip.

More The LEGO Batman Movie Polybags and Accessories (Yes, Seriously)!

When you have a hero and a rockstar as big as Batman, better expect the red carpet treatment from LEGO. So before we close the year to watch those fireworks, let’s take a look at more polybags dedicated to the Caped Crusader and his uber cool film. Just when we thought that LEGO has already unloaded enough polybags for us to collect, two additional sets (one accessory and polybag set to be exact) surface and have been shared by Dutch toy store Brickshop, and The Brick Fan respectively. Take a look at these images.


The LEGO Batman Movie Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman (5004928) Keychain Polybag


The LEGO Batman Movie Accessory Pack

Image courtesy of The Brick Fan.

Now seriously, I’ve lost count already on how many Batman minifigures are there in the LEGO Batman Movie sets. The Kiss Kiss Tuxedo Batman comes in as a free promotional from Brickshop for every purchase of any TLBM set from their site, while the Accessory Pack is expected to come as a free gift similar to that of the LEGO Calendar. The Accessory Pack comes in at 41 pieces and also includes the new Batman minifigure with the yellow utility belt, and a newly designed Bat signal.

In case you like to plan ahead (and in this case, I’m very sure you are) on how to display your LEGO Batman Movie CMF, then LEGO has you covered. Brickshop has also listed a Minifigure Display Case to flaunt your collection. It is suitable for 16 minifigs, which is 4 spaces short obviously for the LEGO Batman Movie CMF, and will require and additional modular expansion such as the one below.


The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Display Case of 8


The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Display Case of 16

As it seems, there are other accessories lined up to be released under the LEGO Batman Movie theme similar to how LEGO did it with their first major film aptly titled The LEGO Movie. With all of these offerings slated to hit store shelves at the start of the year, and with more than a hundred sets scheduled to be released under various themes, 2017 is pretty much a big year for LEGO.


So on behalf of Jason, Stephen and Brian and the rest of the Brick Show Team, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Thanks to neochan for this original, Deviant Art creation.

Several LEGO Batman Movie Sets Revealed In DK’s The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide.

Allen over at The Brick Fan was kind enough to give us a sneak peek on some of the pages of one DK’s LEGO themed books, The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide. This latest offering from Dorling Kindersley promises to give an inside look at ALL of the LEGO sets (including those yet to be announced) used in the animated film, so it is naturally interesting to know what these new vehicles and sets will look like as revealed in the book. The Essential Guide is one of the several books that DK has lined up in celebration of our black and yellow hero’s own film. It is currently available for purchase via Amazon and retails at $12.99. I suggest that you check it out right away if you have plans of purchasing the book since it’s selling out fast. Here’s a complete description of DK’s The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide.


The perfect companion to LEGO Batman’s first solo movie, The LEGO® Batman™ Movie: The Essential Guide showcases the full range of exciting LEGO Batman sets and minifigures that will be released to tie in with the film’s release. Heroes, villains, vehicles, and locations are all explored in classic DK style, with lively and informative nonfiction text to annotate and expand upon lavish reference images of LEGO Batman sets and scenes from the movie.




These pages from The Essential Guide highlights three LEGO Batman Movie sets that caters to the rogues of the film, plus another vehicle added to the armory of the Caped Crusader’s war machines. As you will notice from the snapshots below, the Black Thunder is described as a modified Batwing as we saw it in the trailer. The build itself is quite impressive, though the predominantly black-colored bricks used in building the set may prove to be quite of a challenge. Included in the same set together with the Black Thunder is Harley Quinn’s cannon truck, with enough firepower loud enough to rival that of the deafening, evil laugh of the villainess. We also get to see Two-Face’s Technic-like wrecking machine which looks quite similar to a LEGO Technic Volvo L350F Wheel Loader (42030).

Aside from being a part-time pizza delivery guy in the Scarecrow Special Delivery (70910), we now see the supervillain with a true ride of his own in his fear gas-equipped Scarecopter.  Lastly, we finally get to see what most Batman fans are waiting for. We now get to see Bane in his impressive bigfig form, and a sand buggy kind of a vehicle to go along with it. I strongly feel that fans will probably pick up this set because of the former.

We hope to see more sets officially revealed by LEGO anytime soon now that DK’s The LEGO Batman Movie: The Essential Guide is finally out. Now that we’re just less than two months shy from the film’s theatrical release on February 10, we can’t wait to see those handsome images.


Thanks once again to Allen of The Brick Fan for sharing these snapshots.



WATCH: This Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Made With LEGO Is Simply Awesome!

What could be better than having Tom Holland play out the latest version of our favorite wall crawler on the big screen? Well, have his minifig counterpart do that instead. This latest brick-built video from Huxley Berg Studios shows that even Tom Holland’s Spider Man still looks good even in plastic bricks. Watch this.

That was absolutely awesome! If you find the bank robbery scene quite hilarious with the Avengers-wanna-be’s being effortlessly knocked out by Spidey, then their minifig versions in this clip had me laughing out loud. It was a clever move for the animators to use the Hulk’s headpiece from his 2012 promotional polybag on one of the robbers.

My first thought was to skip right over to that part where his roommate and friend Ned Leeds (played by Jacob Batalon) mindlessly dropped a completed LEGO Death Star. I was thinking how a massive set such as the Death Star can be rendered in minifig scale relative to the trailer. Well, the result did not disappoint at all. The 6-pack print on Peter Parker’s custom torso was also ridiculously accurate that I find it hilarious.

Even the custom minifig for the Vulture and his flight accessories were brilliantly made. Though it may not seem as big as of what we expect from the two rumored LEGO sets dedicated to the film as mentioned in our previous post, but it does the job of conveying Spidey’s next villain quite well.

These final screenshots are also flawless – nice cinematography on these stop-motion scenes.

If you were impressed (as much I am) with this rendition of Huxley Berg Studios, then check out the rest of their clips over at their YouTube channel. Spider-Man Homecoming (the actual film) is slated to hit theaters on July 7, 2017.





Here’s What We Know So Far About the LEGO Batman Movie Polybags.

It seems that we underestimated LEGO’s plans of giving promotional mileage to its next big, brick-built movie. Without a doubt, LEGO intends to make its next flagship film, The LEGO Batman Movie, as big as its awesome predecessor (cue ‘Everything is Awesome’). When we thought we’ve seen it all as far as the Caped Crusader’s brick film is concerned, LEGO seems to pump in more seriously nice polybags ahead of the film’s February theatrical debut. Before we are overwhelmed by this steady stream of goodies, let’s pause for awhile and a take a look at what these polybags have to offer.

First off, we have The Mini Batmobile (30521) polybag which comes in at 68 pieces and is basically the much smaller cousin of the LEGO Movie The Batmobile (70905). There is no word yet on the street on when and where it will be available, though pricing is assumed to be at $3.99 each as mentioned by The Brick Fan. Stephen has also done a review of this polybag set which you can find below.

Next is the very first LEGO Batman Movie polybag that we reported back in October – the Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522) set. This is so far the only polybag where you can get Batman’s latest minifigure iteration, including his new utility belt element. So if you are aiming to take home and collect this latest minifig version of Batman, then this polybag is definitely the way to go without breaking the bank. Frankly, we don’t know exactly yet how to officially obtain this polybag in the US except through third-party sources over at eBay.

If you’re the purist type, and are aiming to have Zach Galifianakis’ minifig rendition of the Joker without purchasing the more pricey sets, then this next polybag is a must have. The Joker Battle Training (30523) polybag comes in at 49 pieces and features a Joker minifig as he is seen in the LEGO Batman Movie. He also dons those ridiculously long coattails that most minifig collectors would love to hate. The Joker minifig in this polybag comes with an exaggeratingly huge six-barrel gun that also serves as one of the play features of the polybag set. A brick-built practice dummy of the Caped Crusader is also included to entertain the trigger happy Joker. According to just2good, this polybag may be spotted in any LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the US.

Another miniaturized version of one of Batman’s rides comes in the form of the 80-piece, The Mini Batwing (30524) polybag. This one is definitely not hard to find as it comes as a free gift at for any purchase worth $35 and more.

We have another polybag set that comes as a promotional which includes not just one collectible Batman minifig, but two. The Disco Batman – Tears of Batman (30607) polybag is a great deal in itself, not just for being a free giveaway starting February, but you also get two Batman minifigures that you will not find in any other LEGO Batman Movie set.

Finally, when you thought that you have seen the entire Batman minifigures line there is, we are now introduced to another rendition of the Bat and this time, sporting a tuxedo, party getup attire. This unnamed and unnumbered polybag set features another Batman minifig housed in a vault-type casing together with other elements and accessories. There is no word yet on how to obtain this, other than the assumption that it may be an exclusively Asian promotional.


So what do you think of these LEGO Batman Movie polybags? Do you think we should expect more of these kinds of sets before we go and hit the theaters on February?