New LEGO Polybag Promotional Items Now Available At UK LEGO Shop@Home

It looks like LEGO fans have another reason to be happy in addition to LEGO’s Double VIP points launching. If you’re in the UK and you plan to make those big LEGO purchases online at LEGO Shop@Home regional website, then be sure to check your virtual shopping bag because it’s most likely that LEGO is throwing in a couple of new LEGO polybag promotional items as well.

The LEGO Creator Pelican (30571) polybag is yours for free for any single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth £35 and more. This polybag comes in at 62 pieces and valued at $3.99 USD. It is a 3-in-1 set that allows you to also build two animal variants.

New LEGO Polybag Promotional Items

Build a cute Pelican 3-in-1 set with a large opening beak that’s perfect for catching tasty fish! Then rebuild it into a bouncing bunny with posable ears or a busy bird with flappy wings.

The next polybag up for grabs is the LEGO Marvel Superheroes Spider-Man’s Mini Crawler (30451). Coming in at 38 pieces, this polybag comes with a generic Spider-Man minifigure aboard a brick-built mechanical spider. This polybag promo comes free for a minimum purchase of LEGO Marvel Superheroes merchandise or sets worth £35 and more.

New LEGO Polybag Promotional Items

Your little superhero can climb to the rescue with Spider-Man’s Mini Spider Crawler, with posable legs and a spinning function. This LEGO® Marvel set includes a Spider-Man minifigure.

As of this posting, it seems that that the gift with purchase LEGO Ideas Space Rocket Ride (40335) is still available. However, bear in mind that this promo might as well be over soon but if you see this appear in your shopping cart, then there is a good chance that you might still get one of this.

The UK LEGO Shop@Home portal lists both these new LEGO polybag promotional items as available from July 1 to 14 or until supplies last. Bundle this with LEGO’s ongoing Double VIP points promo then this is one great offer that’s hard to resist.


LEGO City Space Satellite (30365) Polybag Spotted

Hot on the heels of LEGO’s latest tease about the next LEGO Creator Expert outer space set, it looks like the latest rehashed LEGO Space theme will be having a polybag to complement its NASA-inspired sets. Spotted by a LEGO fan in Austria, and shared over Reddit, we now have a look at the LEGO City Space Satellite (30365) polybag, as you can see below.

Found this set in Austria for 2€(supposed to release in August) from lego

As shared by Reddit user generic9yo, this particular polybag takes its cue from the famous NASA space station spacewalkers. The obvious takeaway from this polybag is the astronaut minifigure donned with a golden helmet. It’s a great way to stack up on those astronaut minifigs for that latest space mission MOC that you are working on. As of the moment, this minifigure is only made available in three out of seven 2019 LEGO City Space sets, namely together with Satellite Service Mission (60224), Mars Research Shuttle (60226), and Lunar Space Station (60227). It was in 2015 when we last saw this astronaut minifigure, so its a great move from LEGO to re-introduce this little fella.

Similar to previous polybags, the LEGO City Space  Satellite (30365) polybag will most likely be a LEGO promotional that goes with the release of the LEGO City Space sets once they’re made available this summer at LEGO stores and at Nevertheless, we’ll keep you posted once we hear some words about their availability which we expect to be sometime next month.  Thanks to the Brick Fan for the tip, and to Brickset for the featured image.

LEGO Minifigure Polybag for “Shazam!” (30623) Spotted by Bricklink

Observers might have noticed that while LEGO was great with MCU tie-in sets, they haven’t been as focused with Warner-DC. “Avengers: Endgame” had sets and so will “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” Still, what of “Shazam!” which premiered last month? Sure it had a DLC pack for “LEGO DC Super-Villains,” but where are its tie-in sets?

A new product listing by Bricklink reveals that there is one after all. It’s no boxed LEGO building set; instead it’s a minifigure polybag. Numbered 30623, the character inside is pretty much obvious. It’s Shazam himself, smarmy smile and all.

French LEGO news source Brick Heroes even noticed something about the minifigure design for LEGO Shazam! (30623). It’s a retool of the Shazam minifig in “Batwing and the Riddler Heist” (76120), from the “Batman 80th Anniversary” sets. The body’s the same, but the hooded cape accessory and head (evoking current comic-book design) have been replaced.

Now the 30623 minifigure version has a high-collar cape (like the movie) and a LEGO-rendition of Zachary Levi’s face. All told, the film Shazam does look better and more heroic.

There’s no word yet on the polybag’s availability, either for sale or as a gift-with-purchase thing. We can surmise however that the cape looks like other minifigure clothing accessories. That means they’re probably stored in a smaller bag within the main polybag. Once the LEGO Shazam! (30623) minifigure is gotten, the usual caution is expected when tearing the bag open.

New “LEGO DC: Batman” Home-Release Film Coming Up: “Family Matters”

The big-screen “LEGO Movie” franchise is taking stock of itself following the meh reception of “LEGO Movie 2.” But elsewhere, the home media branch of LEGO animation continues unabated. Their “LEGO DC” movies in this vein have seen at least one film released yearly. Last 2018, we got “Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis.” Now we’ve got another LEGO DC adventure coming.

This is “LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters,” focusing on the Dark Knight and his family of Gotham City crime-fighters. A trailer for this home-release movie shows the characteristic blending of family comedy with adult bonuses.

“Family Matters” sees Batman (Troy Baker) make a misstep in putting more time in his “Dark Knight” business. He does this by putting up his company, Wayne Enterprises, for sale. Unfortunately it gets bought by Gotham rogue Two-Face, who uses “Brother Eye” Tech to create an army to rule/destroy Gotham.

LEGO Batman must then work with his costumed partners Nightwing (Will Friedle), Red Hood (Jason Spisak), Robin (Scott Menville), Batgirl (Alison Steiner) and Batwoman (Tara Strong) to infiltrate his former company and regain control. He must also ensure that Two-Face doesn’t discover his dual identity by reinforcing that Batman and Bruce Wayne are different individuals.

What ensues is a madcap adventure with fun gags, clever asides and of course, the expected signature LEGO-environment fun. “LEGO DC: Batman – Family Matters” will be released for home media on August 6. As expected, there will be a LEGO extra included on the Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack: the LEGO Mini Ultimate Batmobile polybag.

Details Out on LEGO Promo for Easter Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958)

While the LEGO “Avengers: Endgame” tie-in polybag we just discussed looks to be available conventionally in Wal-Mart, another recently-introduced poly will actually be a promotional item as they’re wont to be. It’ll probably be the catch too, as a seasonal minifigure in a different package than the usual “hut” box.

By that we mean the LEGO Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958). If you will recall, it’s a chicken-suit guy with roller-skate elements, and a pod with a garden and a skating rabbit. It’s easily one of the quirkiest seasonal products yet announced. LEGO might even be testing to see if they’ll make seasonal pods permanent.

That said, LEGO’s finally announced the promo details for this special poly. Starting Friday, April 5 to the 22nd, LEGO Seasonal Chicken Skater Pod (853958) is available free for any minimum LEGO purchase of $35. This applies to LEGO Store purchases and online on Shop@Home.

Having that last bit of information is quite helpful as there have been Shop@Home-only and store-only promos in the past. Now we can get this singular seasonal polybag from the best of both worlds. Maybe it’ll be a nice one-off thing or the first of something new that collectors can feel proud having one of.

Wal-Mart Carrying “Avengers: Endgame” Tie-In Polybag – Iron Man and Dum-E (30452)

When LEGO reveals polybags tying into major themed releases with box sets, we tend to assume the polys are promotional. So when a LEGO Marvel polybag with an “Avengers: Endgame” theme was revealed on the heels of the movie tie-in announcements, we began waiting for a promo date and the minimum purchase needed for it.

We can probably stop waiting and start combing Wal-Mart stores now. They’ve started stocking their shelves with the LEGO Avengers: Endgame Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) polybag. First revealed on social media last month, we now know a bit about the story behind Tony’s suit.

For those who have seen the latest “Endgame” trailer, we see the surviving Avengers and other heroes dressed in this uniform white-and-black ensemble. It might serve as a sign of solidarity considering how much they’ve already lost to Thanos. This has yet to explain why the Dum-E robotic arm is in the 30452 poly though.

If you need a refresher, Dum-E was prominently featured in the first “Iron Man” film. You’d remember his as the foam-sprayer during Tony’s Mk-II armor tests, and helped created the new arc reactor element in the sequel. What’s he going to be doing in “Endgame”? We’ll learn on April 26.

Seeing as this is a poly, Iron Man and Dum-E (30452) will take effort to track down with all the Wal-Mart stores about. Not all of them might be carrying it too. Interested collectors would have to be upfront in asking the store staff if they’re carrying this $3.99 polybag.

Target-Exclusive LEGO Movie 2 Blu-ray Combo Comes with Free Tie-In Polybag (30460)

Just this week we got LEGO and Warner Bros. announcing the home media release dates for The LEGO Movie 2. It didn’t quite catch on in the cinema, but maybe more people will purchase it for home viewing. Digital format arrives next month while the disc versions won’t be until May. Regarding the physical-copy release, while there’re the expected 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD versions, some retailers like Target seems to offer more. They have their own LEGO Movie 2 Blu-ray Combo Pack which packs a Blu-ray, DVD, and digital versions of the animated sequel all rolled into one. As expected, it also has a LEGO freebie to hopefully sweeten the deal.

But if you’re anticipating something not so regularly seen from LEGO, like a new minifigure, then better lower your expectations. That is, unless you haven’t gotten the LEGO Movie 2 – Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460) polybag yet. But that’s only if you haven’t bought at least $40 worth of LEGO products online from last month.


Still, if you haven’t gotten anything off LEGO Shop@Home in February and are willing to wait, pre-ordering this Combo Pack at Target is a good idea. This Target offering for The LEGO Movie 2 Blu-ray Combo is worth $27.99 (Blu-ray, DVD, & digital), including the Plantimal Ambush (30460) polybag, and will be available starting May 7.

The LEGO movie 2: The Second Part premiered February 8 and has since earned $173.5 million combined on both North American and international box offices. While still positively reviewed, the film failed to replicate the success of its 2014 predecessor, a phenomenon attributed by Warner Animation Group to franchise fatigue.

Two LEGO Polybags Free Gift with Minimum Purchase, One in LEGO US and the Other in LEGO UK

With LEGO, both in stores and on Shop@Home, it’s never very long before a new promotion is announced. One can never receive too many gifts with your total LEGO purchases. Official word has recently come out on two such freebies for two major regions on both sides of the Atlantic.

For LEGO US, they’re bringing back cute polybag released last 2018 back to the limelight. This is the appropriately named Cute Pug (30542), which we also covered in the previous year. A 3-in-1 construct, this 68-piece poly can be either a turkey or koala, or an adorable bulldog with hydrant.


This LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542) can be had once again with a minimum LEGO purchase of $35. This is the best chance to get this 2018 Creator 3-in-1 polybag if you can’t be bother to look for it at Target stores, which had been its original stomping grounds.

Over in LEGO UK, the gift-with-purchase of the moment is a new one for this year, none other than the LEGO Friends Tulips (30408) polybag. It’s easily one of the best basic flower builds released by LEGO yet, with two tulip blossoms in a pot and a helpful pollinating bee.


Shop@Home UK will see the LEGO Friends Tulips (30408) being free with every minimum total LEGO purchase of £35. This promo runs until March 31, Mother’s Day 2019. It’s practically the theme for this gift with purchase according to the UK Shop@Home page. Interested collectors better hope supplies will last.

New LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Edition Polybag Found – Snowspeeder (30384)

You probably haven’t forgotten, but just in case, LEGO Star Wars is 20 years old. This line of licensed-franchise LEGO products is one of their best sellers across all ages. And in celebration of two decades of popularity and success, LEGO has revealed several special anniversary edition “Star Wars” sets.

And there are even polybags coming out for the theme to in tribute to LEGO Star Wars at 20. Last month we saw a LEGO Star Wars Podracer polybag (30461) that serves as a counterpart to the full-set Anakin’s Podracer (75258), also a 20th anniversary edition. It gets a buddy from the original trilogy, though the polybag in question was found at a Target store.

Thanks to information from fellow LEGO news source Zusammengebaut, we know that this new LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Edition polybag is a micro-build of the Rebel Snowspeeder (30384). Like the Podracer (30461), this has an “original” model in the Snowspeeder 20th Anniversary Edition (75259).

About the only difference between the two is that the set and polybag are colored differently from each other, and the latter product doesn’t have the extra minifigures and props. At 49 pieces, this LEGO Star Wars 20 polybag is an even easier assembly job than its Podracer brother (30461).

We’d earlier surmised that the 20th anniversary LEGO Star Wars polybags might be employed first as a gift with purchase for promotions. Having one of them conventionally available on retail means getting one is a breeze. And at $3.99 it’s also no strain on wallets. This info on the Snowspeeder poly (30484) is pretty early that no official image has yet to release for it.

Easter LEGO Seasonal Minifigure Switches from “Hut” Box to Pod with Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958)

Leave it to LEGO to try something different every now and then with their seasonal set releases. We tend to already know what to expect at specific times of the year. We usually get releases of seasonal BrickHeadz, occasionally accompanied by seasonal minifigures in boxes that double as their “homes/workplaces.”

Well, for the 2019 Easter season, LEGO has decided that the “hut” package for their seasonal LEGO minifigures may have run its course. Therefore, they’re changing the container of choice from house-shaped boxes to pods. This was discovered by a Slovenian LEGO fan on Instagram, who found the upcoming set in a LEGO Certified Store.

So, complementing the LEGO BrickHeadz Seasonal Easter Chick set (40350) this year is the new LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958). As expected of seasonal minifigure names, what we have is a guy in a chicken suit. And because his container is a pod, he comes with quite the variety of extra stuff in it.

Chicken suit guy comes with two accessories: a golden trophy cup and a pair of red roller skate elements for his feet. His character pod contains a quaint little Easter garden setup…and a skating ramp, for the use of a white Easter Bunny piece with its own roller skate element.

We don’t have details yet on the Easter Chicken Pod (853958), such as its price and its release date. We’re also not sure if this is a one-off variation on LEGO’s part or if they’re ending the seasonal “minifigure hut” line, replacing them with pods.

But whether this is only temporary or the new state of things for seasonal minifigures, it looks pretty good from what we’ve seen. It also comes across as a big improvement in any case. Whether it’s a fluke, a replacement for the huts, or a new complementary seasonal line, we certainly won’t mind seeing more in the vein of LEGO Seasonal Easter Chicken Pod (853958).