LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi DJ Minifigure (40298) Is Now Available at Toys R Us.

Last week, we reported that the next LEGO Star Wars minifigure freebie will be available as a Toys R Us promotional in the US. Based on Benicio Del Toro’s code breaker character in The Last Jedi, the LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure (40298) is now currently available at all Toys R Us stores in the US as free collectible minifigure that comes with qualifying purchases of any LEGO Star Wars sets worth $30 and above.

Valued at $5.99, the said promotional is available only in-store, which means the LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure will not appear in your cart upon checkout if you will opt to do your purchase online. The promotional will also have a limited run starting today, January 9, until this Sunday January 13 or until supplies last.

So if you want to add the rogue hacker to your collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigs alongside R3-M2 (40268) and Scarif Stormtrooper (40176) from the previous years, then you better hurry to your nearest Toys R Us store. Thanks to The Brick Fan for the tip.


New on LEGO Friends: Clubhouse Pod (5005236) Featuring Stephanie.

Here’s another update following up from our recent feature on the LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Zane Pod (5005230). The Ninjago line isn’t the only one getting some character pod love lately, especially in light of the New Year. Another LEGO label with a new pod coming is LEGO Friends.

Humongous play sets aren’t the only thing in store for 2018 with LEGO’s hip girls-oriented product line. They’ve also got some compact goodies in store. Take for instance this upcoming polybag, LEGO Friends Clubhouse Pod (5005236). It’s filled with plenty of props, a LEGO Friends minifigure and even a pet.

Featured in the Clubhouse Pod (5005236) is sporty Stephanie in the characteristic LEGO Friends minifigure type: larger and more detailed. As is her type, our athletic blonde in the circle of Friends is dressed in simple active-wear, with a shirt for their hometown of Heartlake City, plus skirt and shoes.

Stephanie isn’t all alone in her pod (500526) however; she’s also got her pet hamster figure along for the ride. The other half of the pod is stocked with “mission gear” props not just for her, but for all of the LEGO Friends, almost all featuring grips for minifigure handling.

From a GPS pad to binoculars, Stephanie’s Clubhouse Pod (5005236) is a welcome add-on for any of the large LEGO Friends sets that don’t have her among the included minifigures. She and her collection of gadgets simply bring more fun. Since official images of this polybag, along those with LEGO Ninjago have already surfaced, we can fairly say that this new LEGO Friends polybag may be expected to arrive in stores in the next few weeks.

More LEGO Ninjago Polybags for 2018 – WU-CRU Target Training (30530) and Training Kit (5005231).

Over the weekend we got word about a new LEGO Pod featuring Zane from LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Sons of Garmadon (5005230). Needless to say, LEGO has a whole lot more where that came from in terms of brand new LEGO Ninjago stuff set to come out this 2018.

Case in point, we now have two more polybags in the LEGO Ninjago line for avid collectors to snap up. One is a standard play set with two minifigures, a mini-structure, and props galore. The other is a set that the player directly interacts with.

As reported by The Brick Fan, the first is the LEGO Ninjago WU-CRU Target Training (30530) which is a fairly basic set featuring characters Lloyd Garmadon and Nya in WU-CRU garb, practicing target training. It bears a close resemblance to the LEGO Ninjago WU-CRU Traning Dojo (30424) polybag released in 2016. The target’s a dartboard suspended in a Japanese mon/gate frame that they’re trying to hit with shuriken, though they’ve also got a spear and sword to spar with. It is also interesting to note that having Nya and Lloyd in this particular polybag now completes the ninja’s roster in their new training garb: with Kai in Kai’s Dojo Pod (5004916), Zane in Zane’s Kendo Training Pod (5005230), and Jay and Cole in their black outfits with Jay (853758) and Cole (853759) Dojo Pods.

Next up is the LEGO Ninjago Training Kit (5005231) set. As stated earlier, it’s unique in that the LEGO player himself actually manipulates the set as part of Ninjago training. From the polybag illustration, it seems to involve stacking bricks of different shapes and sizes.

From a certain point of view the whole exercise looks like a round of LEGO Jenga with a Ninjago twist. After all, the player in the illustration was doing his stacking with a pair of chopsticks. Also included are a Lord Garmadon mini-standee and a shuriken, probably the standee’s base.

They’re due to come out anytime soon, so it won’t be long until we get down to the finer details of both; we hope you’ll stick around here at The Brick Show.

LEGO City Become My City Hero (40302) Polybag Official Image + Building Instructions.

If you recall, we previously reported on a new LEGO City polybag that was spotted in Spain’s First LEGO Certified Store last December. The LEGO City Become My City Hero (40302) polybag went for sale at the said LCS, retailing for 4.99 Euros. As it seems, it is an add-on for LEGO City’s more recent Mountain Police subtheme. Now that we have its official image, we can now take a look at the finer details of this latest LEGO City polybag. Check this out.

polybagThis  comes in at approximately 90-130 pieces, with a Mountain Police/Ranger and dog minifigure plus a couple of smaller builds that looks like a hideout for crooks to keep their stolen gold and cash, and some log pieces. We don’t have details yet on this polybag’s availability but in case you want to give it a try and make this set, LEGO has uploaded 40302’s building instructions via its customer service portal. Check out and see if you have the parts to build this one.

Though there is no new element or piece that was introduced in the LEGO City Become My City Hero (40302) polybag, it’s a great way to get an additional Mountain Police and dog minifigures. We’ll keep our radars open once this polybag becomes available in the US, so keep tabs with us here on the Brick Show.

A Closer Look at the LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) Minifigure Polybag.

Since the latest LEGO Star Wars collectible minifigure is now reportedly out in some parts of the world and over at Toys R Us stores, it is somewhat common that we now see this minifigure iteration of Benicio del Toro’s code breaker character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi strewn all over the Internet. The LEGO Star Wars DJ (40298) minifigure polybag is the next Star Wars collectible minifig in a similar vein such as that of the R3-M2 (40268) and Scarif Stormtrooper (40176) polybags which all comes with a connectible stands and background cards, each representing the most recent Star Wars films that were released. Frankly speaking, I am not very much impressed with DJ’s LEGO minifigure rendition, nor his character in the big screen. Nevertheless, the most dedicated LEGO Star Wars fan will probably appreciate taking a look at this latest LEGO SW collectible. Check out the official image below.

As we can see, the minifigure is at its best, a faithful rendition of DJ’s costume as seen in The Last Jedi, having the same brown-over-black color scheme, particularly on his threadbare trunk coat. The minifigure face printing also tries to capture the rogue code breaker’s rugged, unkempt look. Truth be told, I am not that excited with LEGO’s choice of having DJ as a collectible minifigure considering that there is a lot of candidates in the film that has greater potential as a collectible minifig.  I have in mind Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (since we only have her in the Resistance Bomber (75188) set) or old man Luke Skywalker now that he is officially deceased from the Star Wars galaxy, or even better, perhaps a minifigure rendition of the Vulptex: one of those Crystal Foxes on planet Crait which was instrumental in the escape the remaining Resistance Forces.

In any case, if you’re out to collect all LEGO Star Wars minifigures that there is (just like Stephen’s 1,400 LEGO minifigure wall), then adding DJ in your roster is definitely a must.


New LEGO Ninjago 2018 Polybag: “Sons of Garmadon” Turbo Racer (30532) with Building Instructions.

LEGO Ninjago has been one of the most popular and top-selling product lines for LEGO, with some impressive minifigure designs, vehicle models and building sets having come out in years past, especially after The LEGO Ninjago Movie from last year. However, not all LEGO Ninjago stuff is in big boxes.

They come in little polybag packages too, like this recent Sons of Garmadon Lloyd’s Turbo Racer (30532). Not only does it have a simple-to-assemble, yet tricked-out, go-kart vehicle in the vein of LEGO’s Mighty Micros vehicle set line, it also has a Lloyd minifigure garbed in his Wu Cru black costume.

Having already come out in LEGO Stores at the start of this New Year, the LEGO Ninjago Turbo set #30532 is one highly-wanted polybag. It’s probably why LEGO has just uploaded the building instructions for it. The turbo racer’s fairly basic, with room for Lloyd and slots for his weapons. Check out this building instructions and see if you have the necessary pieces to build this chibi-sized set.

This information was brought to us by Brickset. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated by LEGO Ninjago fans who are looking for this Sons of Garmadon Racer polybag, or those who’d like to attempt reconstructing it with their own LEGO pieces. You can download the instructions in PDF format right here.

New LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) Polybag Spotted!

This one came out of nowhere, really. Just when you think that LEGO is now getting ready to put TLBM sets inside the vault, now comes a new polybag that I strongly feel will be highly sought after. Just before New Year’s Day, Hoth Bricks managed to acquire an image of the latest TLBM polybag that will be released anytime soon.

The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) polybag, as the name suggests, is a smaller replica of the larger Ultimate Batmobile (70917) set released last year.  The cool thing about this polybag version is that it managed to replicate not just the Ultimate Batmobile itself, but also three out of four vehicles that made it up: the Batmobile itself, Bat-Tank, and Bat-Wing. Unfortunately, there is no provision for the Bat-Cycle.

Another difference with this polybag version as compared to its larger sibling is that it only allows you to make each of the vehicle at a time, unlike the larger set which divides into four separate vehicles including the Bat-Cycle. This is somehow expected from a polybag at this scale since it is only slightly larger from The Mini Batmobile (30521) polybag.

What I also find particularly interesting is the use of the striking red rims (Front Wheel Casing 3x4x1 2/3 #8 6186110) on this build which can only be found in Lightning McQueen as is seen in the latest LEGO Juniors Cars 3 sets. There is no word yet on when and where this latest TLBM polybag will be released, but I’m sure it will be a popular hit among TLBM fans.

A hat tip once more to Hoth Bricks for sharing this info.


Official Images of 2018 LEGO Polybags Surfaced.

MPBricks (aka mariopower.56 over at Instagram) have released what seem to be official images of upcoming 2018 LEGO polybags set to be released in January. We reported about these polybags last November, though the images we gathered were very much downgraded; but we now have these crisp images that gives us a clearer idea on what to expect from these polybags. Some these were also officially revealed a few days ago like the LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) which is currently offered as a gift with purchase at LEGO Stores in the UK, and the upcoming LEGO City Dragster (30358) which is the January Store LEGO promotional in the US.

Check out the rest of these polybag and set images.

LEGO Creator Yellow Flyer (30540)

LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542)

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (30380)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter (30450)

LEGO Robot and Vehicle Free Builds (30499)

LEGO City Dragster (30358)

LEGO City Road Worker (30357)

LEGO Disney Ariel’s Underwater Symphony (30552)

Other than the Hot Dog Stand and Dragster, we don’t have information yet on which of the rest of these polybags will be offered either for sale or as a similar promotional item. However, what we can be sure is that we will be seeing these anytime soon at any LEGO stores at

UK Promos: Free LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) Polybag for Purchases of any 2018 LEGO City Sets!

The 2018 LEGO City sets have recently gone live at UK’s and in LEGO brand stores in the region, and the best part is, it comes with a neat, LEGO City polybag promotional.

The LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) comes as a free gift with purchase of any 2018 LEGO City sets, due to be out next week in LEGO brand stores in the US, but is now apparently available in the UK and the rest of Europe.

The Hot Dog Stand is one of the free 2018 polybag promotionals – some of which were released already – expected to be given away starting next week in the US. According to the UK LEGO Shop@Home site, this promotional will be available in the region from December 27 until March 4, 2018 or until supplies last. Coming in at 43 pieces, the polybag features a minifigure scale hot dog stand, a dark green dust bin accessory and a minifigure chef.

As a fan of this theme’s polybags, I am actually looking forward on having this one. Furthermore, we also have another LEGO City polybag – LEGO City Dragster (30358) – slated to be released in January as mentioned in the LEGO Store January Store Calendar for the US.

Frankly, I prefer the Hot Dog Stand over the Dragster, so I hope the former will also be available in local LEGO Stores eventually. Thanks to BrickFanz for the heads up.

LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi DJ (40298) Minifigure Will be the Next LEGO Store Promotional Sometime In January.

Last Tuesday, we reported the debut of the next LEGO Star Wars collectible minifigure hailing from the latest episode of the Star Wars saga. Originally discovered via LEGO fan forums, this newest LEGO Star Wars collectible joins the ranks of the LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 (40268) and Scarif Stormtrooper (40176) minifigures that are tied-in with The Force Awakens and Rogue One respectively. Similarly, the LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi DJ (40298) minifigure is also expected to be the next gift with purchase freebie via

Initially, we speculated that this LEGO Star Wars DJ minifigure will be made available once May the 4th seasonal promotions go live. But as it seems, we might be receiving this collectible freebie earlier than expected. According to LEGO German fan site Zusammengebaut, we can expect to have the DJ minifigure as early as next month, January 1 to be exact. The caveat though, is that it will only be applied to purchases that are made via LEGO’s Shop@Home. This is quite unusual though, since most of LEGO’s promotional freebies are both usually offered online and in-store. We will continue to verify this, and we’ll let you know once more information comes in.