LEGO Black Card VIP Members Will Receive Double-Points for LEGO Star Wars Purchases This February.

LEGO and Star Wars together have done so many wonderful things together in several decades of licensing partnership. Look no further than the epic UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) that’s been a sought-after prize for collectors. The fact that it comes with a black LEGO VIP membership card is a bonus. read more

LEGO Store Calendar for March 2018 Now Available.

Hey, it’s the second day of February. You know what that means? LEGO fans and followers of The Brick Show would. It’s that time of the month when LEGO would’ve put up the schedule for their important promotions and events in their LEGO Store calendar, for the month following this. read more

LEGO and Walmart’s LEGO60th Website Offers Brief History Lesson and Classic Set Promos.

Our coverage of the many events relating to the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick continues, this time, with more news of the partnership between LEGO and Walmart. We covered in a previous article some awesome retro LEGO sets now made available in Walmart stores, and now more details have surfaced. read more

LEGO Celebrates it BIG With This 10-Foot Tall LEGO Brick.

LEGO doesn’t mince words (or bricks, for this matter) when it makes a point of publicly declaring its passion for the LEGO brick. Now that we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of this toy icon, LEGO Master Builders made sure that they got their message of admiration and love for the brand across, in a way that people surely took notice. read more

Take a Trip Down LEGO’s Memory Lane With These Vintage Footages of How the LEGO Brick Began.

As you know well by now, the LEGO brick that we all grew up with and loved is celebrating its 60th birthday. Since the day when Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, the founder and inventor of the LEGO brick, filed the original patent on January 28, 1958, thousands of LEGO sets built on that single iconic brick meant countless and priceless smiles among kids and adults alike. Perhaps the coolest thing about the LEGO brick is that even though it has expanded and evolved in a myriad of shapes and sizes, it hasn’t changed in its fundamental design and building principle. Which means to say that the very first brick created in 1958, will still perfectly fit onto modern LEGO pieces that we have today. read more