LEGO Offers Seasonal Chinese New Year Set in the US with Year of the Dog (40235).

Hey, we’re now two days into the year 2018 – at least in the Western or Gregorian calendar sense. To those who observe or at least join in with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, it won’t be until February 16 next month for the Year of the Earth Dog.

Leave it to LEGO to prove itself as a truly international brand by including a seasonal brick set to celebrate the new Dog Year. The 2018 Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) depicts a smiling brown and white dog sitting at attention with its red tongue visible and tail wagging.

This seasonal consideration was started by LEGO back in 2013, when they announced building its first factory in China, geared to their Asian market. That had been the Year of the Snake (10250). Since then, Sheep (40148), Monkey (40207) and Rooster (40234) have gotten Seasonal sets of their own, and Dog (40235) won’t be long coming.

Originally available in Asian LEGO Stores, Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) is going to be the first to be offered internationally, with one free for every minimum LEGO purchase of $88. The number 88 represents fortune and good luck in Chinese culture. It’s an appropriately symbolic promo price limit.

If you or anybody you know was born in the Year of the Dog (2006, 1994, 1982, 1970) then the LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) will make for a wonderful Chinese New Year gift. The set is available from February 16 – Chinese New Year – to the 28th.


First Details from 2018 February LEGO Store Calendar Revealed.

It’s never been too early to plan for tomorrow, or the next month. Just as LEGO kicked off their 2018 Store Calendar last December of the recently-concluded year of 2017, so now in January of 2018 their schedule of LEGO store activities for February has just been put up online.

The Brick Fan has gotten the first images of the February page for the 2018 LEGO Store Calendar, and given us this rundown of what to expect in terms of special promos and seasonal treats. Some of the listed freebies and events also carry over from their beginnings last January.

  • January 19 – February 13: LEGO City Mining Play Event, still ongoing at LEGO Stores until the day before Valentine’s.

  • January 28 – February 14: Free 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) with a purchase of $125 or more. The giveaway ends this month, or while supplies still last.

  • February 6 – 7: LEGO VIP Monthly Mini Model Build – Car and Gas Pump, available to LEGO VIP members.
  • February 14: Free LEGO Friends Sunflower with a product purchase of $20 or more. Like the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290), this is only for while supplies last.
  • February 14 – March 4: Our next LEGO City Event at LEGO Stores, the Mountain Police Building.

  • February 15: For grownup LEGO enthusiasts, there’s an Adults-Only Valentine Themed Building Night at LEGO Stores on this date. All interested participants need to register for the event.
  • February 16 – 28: Celebrate the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Earth Dog LEGO-style by getting a free LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) with a purchase of $88 or more. This too has limited supplies so act fast. However, you may also opt to build one of your own since the building instructions for this set has already been released.

  • February 17 & 24: LEGO Life Meeting

LEGO will follow up their image uploads of the February 2018 Store Calendar with a PDF version soon. We will bring you any additional details about this update as soon as it’s made available.

New LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) Polybag Spotted!

This one came out of nowhere, really. Just when you think that LEGO is now getting ready to put TLBM sets inside the vault, now comes a new polybag that I strongly feel will be highly sought after. Just before New Year’s Day, Hoth Bricks managed to acquire an image of the latest TLBM polybag that will be released anytime soon.

The LEGO Batman Movie The Mini Ultimate Batmobile (30526) polybag, as the name suggests, is a smaller replica of the larger Ultimate Batmobile (70917) set released last year.  The cool thing about this polybag version is that it managed to replicate not just the Ultimate Batmobile itself, but also three out of four vehicles that made it up: the Batmobile itself, Bat-Tank, and Bat-Wing. Unfortunately, there is no provision for the Bat-Cycle.

Another difference with this polybag version as compared to its larger sibling is that it only allows you to make each of the vehicle at a time, unlike the larger set which divides into four separate vehicles including the Bat-Cycle. This is somehow expected from a polybag at this scale since it is only slightly larger from The Mini Batmobile (30521) polybag.

What I also find particularly interesting is the use of the striking red rims (Front Wheel Casing 3x4x1 2/3 #8 6186110) on this build which can only be found in Lightning McQueen as is seen in the latest LEGO Juniors Cars 3 sets. There is no word yet on when and where this latest TLBM polybag will be released, but I’m sure it will be a popular hit among TLBM fans.

A hat tip once more to Hoth Bricks for sharing this info.


Official Images of 2018 LEGO Polybags Surfaced.

MPBricks (aka mariopower.56 over at Instagram) have released what seem to be official images of upcoming 2018 LEGO polybags set to be released in January. We reported about these polybags last November, though the images we gathered were very much downgraded; but we now have these crisp images that gives us a clearer idea on what to expect from these polybags. Some these were also officially revealed a few days ago like the LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) which is currently offered as a gift with purchase at LEGO Stores in the UK, and the upcoming LEGO City Dragster (30358) which is the January Store LEGO promotional in the US.

Check out the rest of these polybag and set images.

LEGO Creator Yellow Flyer (30540)

LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542)

LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Shuttle (30380)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Royal Talon Fighter (30450)

LEGO Robot and Vehicle Free Builds (30499)

LEGO City Dragster (30358)

LEGO City Road Worker (30357)

LEGO Disney Ariel’s Underwater Symphony (30552)

Other than the Hot Dog Stand and Dragster, we don’t have information yet on which of the rest of these polybags will be offered either for sale or as a similar promotional item. However, what we can be sure is that we will be seeing these anytime soon at any LEGO stores at

Designer Video for LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) Released

Whenever LEGO decides to make big building sets, they really sell how size matters. Look no further than the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) which is so chock-full of intricate details while having plenty of room for its accompanying minifigures to roam around in. It’s amazing how many things can go on both inside and outside.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about the Downtown Diner (10260) set, LEGO has just put up online its Designer video, featuring the diner’s creator, senior designer Mike Psiaki. The late December release of the  video, when set 10260 was first announced last November, appears to be LEGO’s new policy, changed from originally putting out an upcoming set announcement and its designer vid simultaneously.

It’s interesting to note however that Mike Psiaki’s designer video for the LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) doesn’t quite delve into the set’s details in all its entirety. A portion of the video has Psiaki talking out about himself and his work as a senior designer for LEGO.

The LEGO Creator Downtown Diner (10260) will come out on January 1, 2018 and will retail for $169.99.

UK Promos: Free LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) Polybag for Purchases of any 2018 LEGO City Sets!

The 2018 LEGO City sets have recently gone live at UK’s and in LEGO brand stores in the region, and the best part is, it comes with a neat, LEGO City polybag promotional.

The LEGO City Hot Dog Stand (30356) comes as a free gift with purchase of any 2018 LEGO City sets, due to be out next week in LEGO brand stores in the US, but is now apparently available in the UK and the rest of Europe.

The Hot Dog Stand is one of the free 2018 polybag promotionals – some of which were released already – expected to be given away starting next week in the US. According to the UK LEGO Shop@Home site, this promotional will be available in the region from December 27 until March 4, 2018 or until supplies last. Coming in at 43 pieces, the polybag features a minifigure scale hot dog stand, a dark green dust bin accessory and a minifigure chef.

As a fan of this theme’s polybags, I am actually looking forward on having this one. Furthermore, we also have another LEGO City polybag – LEGO City Dragster (30358) – slated to be released in January as mentioned in the LEGO Store January Store Calendar for the US.

Frankly, I prefer the Hot Dog Stand over the Dragster, so I hope the former will also be available in local LEGO Stores eventually. Thanks to BrickFanz for the heads up.

More LEGO Harry Potter Sets in 2018!

We’re just counting the days before we officially welcome 2018, and with more than 120 new LEGO sets to debut on January 1 (much of it has been made available already across toy store outlets such as Toys R Us), it looks like LEGO is on full steam ahead with more new sets slated for the second half of the year. We recently had a glimpse of the latest 2018 LEGO Speed Champions and Star Wars sets, and now we’re receiving reports from the rumor mill that another beloved license and film franchise is expected to make waves this upcoming year.

According to a report shared by The Brick Fan, fans of the wizarding world of Harry Potter will be glad to know that there have been talks that hint on five (5) LEGO sets to be released later this year: 3 from the Harry Potter franchise itself, and 2 from Fantastic Beasts. Considering that the latter still has a sequel slated to be released in November, it seems reasonable for LEGO to dedicate two of these sets for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Crimes of Grindelwald. Furthermore, it will be a good move for LEGO to offer these as regular sets since the only Fantastic Beasts LEGO sets that we have been part of the now officially discontinued LEGO Dimensions theme. Currently, we have the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Play the Complete Movie Story (71253) and Tina Goldstein Fun Packs (71257). Furthermore, it will be nice of LEGO if it can also render in bricks a particular scene from the first film, while the second one will be a call out for the upcoming sequel.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Play the Complete Movie Story (71253).

There are still a lot of source materials in the world of Harry Potter that LEGO designers can find inspiration with, and as much as I want to see more LEGO sets in reference to the last four HP films, I feel that most LEGO and Harry Potter fans will opt for a more ‘generic’ type of set that highlights some of the most popular locations in the wizarding world of Harry. Perhaps we can have a larger remake of previous LEGO Harry Potter sets such as the Quidditch Match (4737), a motorized Hogwarts Express (4841), and a grander rendition of the iconic Hogwarts Castle (4842). The possibilities seem to be endless.

Hogwarts Castle (4842).

Lastly, there are also talks of having a LEGO Harry Potter CMF due to be released sometime in August next year. Strictly speaking, this is not a first for the theme. Back in 2002, LEGO released a total of 21 minifigures that were given away for free with qualifying purchases of LEGO Harry Potter sets. These were given in four batches labelled as LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Collection Galleries (1 to 4). Now, if an official LEGO HP CMF is in order, then we can expect a lot of candidates to be included. Topping my list will be Sirius Black (since we only have him in two LEGO sets back in 2004), Bellatrix Lestrange (which only made a single appearance in LEGO Harry Potter The Burrow 4840), and the hilariously mischievous twins, Fred and George Weasley (only available back then as part of the D2C set Diagon Alley 10217). I also wouldn’t mind seeing the house-elf Dobby again in his minifigure form so I’m excited about the possibilities that this new CMF line will offer.

Like any other rumors, we should take this with a pinch of salt. What are your thoughts about this piece of news? Are you excited to see more LEGO Harry Potter sets in 2018? Who is your most favorite Harry Potter character that you would like to see as a LEGO collectible minifigure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

LEGO UK Offers Pick-a-Brick Box at In Line With Boxing Day 2017.

Tuesday, December 26, is the day after Christmas. Over in the UK, it’s also Boxing Day, the “other” day of gift-giving for them and other countries that were part of the British Empire of old. Speaking of gifts, LEGO has some presents to give away at that side of the Atlantic as well.

And this is one of the most generous giveaways you could ever avail of in a whole year of LEGO promos. For Boxing Day, every LEGO set bought from in the UK, France and Germany will entitle the buyer to one free Pick-a-Brick box with their purchase.

These Pick-a-Brick boxes come into play the following year, as from January 1 to March 31 of 2018, they can bring the box they received to their local LEGO store to be filled up with their choice of LEGO building elements like bricks and so forth. The only exceptions are minifigures, keychains and similar accessories.

Boxing Day 2017 is the first time that the Pick-a-Brick box has been made available for online LEGO shoppers. And they potentially would not have to spend more than the usual set prices to get one, what with the nifty discount rates being offered for particular LEGO sets on December 26.

These LEGO Porgs Have Taken Over London – Here’s Your Chance To Bring Home One of Them.

We reported earlier how LEGO was taken over by an irresistibly cute avian-like species straight from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As a part of a promotional campaign, LEGO has teamed up with LEGO certified professional Duncan Titmarsch and his team of master builders at Bright Bricks to create larger-than-life replicas of these beloved critters from the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. These small, adorable creatures from the alien world of Ahch-To are made even more charming thanks to their excellent brick-built rendition. These LEGO Porgs statues were spotted at some of London’s key areas, including London’s South Bank, going to Millenium Bridge and past St. Paul’s Cathedral, to London’s Trafalgar Square, and finally nesting at the LEGO Store in Leicester Square.  For more information on how these LEGO Porg statues were made, be sure to visit Bright Bricks’ blogsite.

If you enjoyed this march of the Porgs and was fortunate enough to spot one of them on these locations, then you might be thrilled to know that LEGO is throwing in one of these LEGO Porg statues for raffle! Yes, one of these 2-feet tall statues (made out of 8,000 LEGO pieces and weighing almost 17 kilos each) can now be yours for free by simply purchasing any LEGO Star Wars products at from December 15 to January 15, 2018.

Valued at £3000 or more than $4,000 USD each, this raffle contest is open to all LEGO VIP members 18 years old and above, residing in the UK, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. Here’s some of the most important contest mechanics as outlined by LEGO, and you can find the whole set of rules right here.

All images posted here are courtesy of Bright Bricks and LEGO.

“These ARE the Porgs you’re looking for…” 

LEGO® brings the internet’s heroes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to London for epic adventure – and gives the public the chance to win their own…

A group of LEGO Porgs – the new Star Wars critters that have set the internet alight – have this week been seen travelling across London and taking in the sights as film fans across the country return to the galaxy far, far away in the latest chapter of the epic Skywalker saga.

LEGO is also giving the public the chance to win one of three of the uniquely built brick birds over the Christmas period*.

From today until the 15th of January, members of LEGO’s free VIP loyalty scheme that buy a LEGO Star Wars set via will automatically be entered into a ballot to be in with a chance to receive their very own LEGO Porg in the new year, the creature adored by stars from the film including Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill and the film’s director, Rian Johnson – who created them himself.

The group (or ‘murder’) of LEGO Porgs travelled from London’s South Bank, across Millennium Bridge and past St. Paul’s Cathedral – before finishing their sight-seeing tour at London’s Trafalgar Square and the LEGO store in Leicester Square.

*Competition terms & conditions

  1. Overview: Individuals 18 and above can enter to win life-sized LEGO Porg
  2. This Sweepstakes (the “Competition”) is sponsored by LEGO System A/S, Aastvej 1, 7190 Billund, Denmark.
  3. By participating in this Competition, Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules.
  4. Eligibility: To enter this Competition you must be an individual aged 18 and above, a resident of United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden or Austria and submit a valid Entry to the Competition.
    Children who wish to participate can ask a parent/legal guardian to submit an entry in the parent’s or legal guardian’s name on behalf of the child. The entrant would be the parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian must meet the requirements for this competition (Official Rules), including the requirements mentioned under section 3.
  5. You are not eligible to enter if you are an employee, partner or immediate family member of an employee of the LEGO Group or any third-party company or agency directly connected with the creation or administration of this Promotion.
    Entry Period: You are automatically entered to the prize draw if you make a LEGO ® Star Wars™ purchase during the validity period. The Entry Period begins at 15/12/2017, 08:00 GMT and ends 15/01/2018, 22:00 GMT (“Entry Period”). Any Entries received after this time shall not be valid.
  6. How to enter: Simply make a purchase, adhering to the above conditions during the validity period.
  7. Limitation on entry: One Entry per person during the Entry Period.
  8. Prize(s): The Winner(s) will receive one (1) LEGO life-sized LEGO Porg. the approximate retail value is £3000. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. The prize is subject to availability and the Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the prize for an alternative prize of equal or greater value. The Prize will be delivered by post to the Winner’s postal address after certification of the Potential Winner(s).

LEGO Porgs from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Invade London for Promotional Engagement.

Those who have already gone to their local cinemas in order to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi would’ve already gotten a good look at that weird-looking creature that we saw in trailers next to Chewbacca in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Merchandising information has already informed us that those big-eyed, big-mouthed alien beasties are called Porgs.

If you’re one of the viewers who thought the Porgs cute in spite of – or maybe because of – their screeching voices, and happen to live in London, then you’re sort in luck. LEGO, being a merchandising partner of the Star Wars saga for so long, has decided to pitch in with promoting the film by putting up LEGO-brick Porgs in certain locations across the city.

About ten Porg statues made out of LEGO were positioned outside some of London’s easily-recognizable landmarks. These include classic structures like St. Paul’s Cathedral to the more contemporary sights like the London Eye.

These promotional set pieces were assembled by LEGO with help from the certified professional (LCP) outfit Bright Bricks. Each individual LEGO Porg is composed of 8,000 bricks and took 20 hours to build, thus 200 hours total to complete the set of 10. A completed statue is 60cm tall and weighs 16.5 kilos.

Porgs were conceptualized by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, as bird-like creatures living in the ancient Jedi sanctuary world of Acht-To. The Porgs seen on screen were real-life puffins overlaid with CGI to look alien. A scene has Chewbacca roasting a Porg on Ahch-To, only to relent from eating it when other live Porgs nearby made him self-conscious. He took some of them aboard the Millennium Falcon later.

London’s flock of LEGO Porgs will be around from December 21 to January 15 next year. LEGO and Star Wars fans in the city shouldn’t miss taking a photo or two of them while they’re around.