LEGO Seasonal Year of the Dog (40235) Set Revealed – Building Instructions Now Available Online.

A few moments ago, I reported that LEGO has recently uploaded a new stash of building instructions for this month of December, including the last to be revealed LEGO Nexo Knights set, Lance’s Hover Jouster (72001). Brickset took the liberty of gathering them in one place so you can have a quick overview of what LEGO has made available on its servers. To our surprise, LEGO has also revealed its next seasonal, commemorative set to celebrate 2018’s Lunar New Year. This year, we saw the Year of the Rooster (40234) as 2017’s seasonal set, and for 2018, we have the Year of the Dog (40235) seasonal set to look forward to. Here’s how the set looks like based on its building instructions as uploaded by LEGO.

Coming in at 155 pieces, it is interesting to note that since 2016’s Year of the Monkey (40207) seasonal set, LEGO seems to have been observing a common design for these Lunar New Year commemorative sets – each of them following a straightforward build, resting on a circular baseplate as pointed out by Brickfinder. Will this be a regular thing from LEGO? I guess only time can tell. The Year of the Dog (40235) may likely come as another LEGO Store promotional (a gift with purchase set) that comes with a minimum purchase amount of any LEGO set. I’ll give you updates as soon as more news comes in, and for the meantime, you may want to check out the parts list for this set below and see if you can build this little puppy using the LEGO bricks that you have.

Thanks you once again to Brickset for the tip.


A Better Look at the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) Commemorative Set.

A few days ago, LEGO partially unveiled a commemorative, promotional set that celebrates the 60th year anniversary of the patenting of the iconic LEGO brick. It’s kind of hard to figure out the details of this latest promotional set due to the rather grainy and pixelated image that we initially have. However, thanks to the recently released LEGO Store Calendar for January 2018, we can have a better appreciation of this set – the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) commemorative set.

Needless to say, this promotional set is expected to be very popular among LEGO fans and collectors in general. For a single receipt purchase of any LEGO products worth $125 and above from January 28 to February 14, buyers can get this collectible set for free. Any devoted LEGO fan will instantly recognize the appeal of this commemorative set since it represents decades of beloved LEGO sets that most of us grew up with. Coming in at 421 pieces, the set features four microscaled versions of the most popular classic LEGO sets. These include the Airport Shuttle 6399 (1990) from the classic Town theme, the Castle 375 (1978) from the classic Castle and Knights theme, the Black Seas Barracuda 6285 (1989) from the Pirates theme, and the Space Cruiser and Moonbase 928 (1979) from the beloved classic Space theme. Each micro build is set on vignette style, brick-built platform, with a 2×2 printed tile piece, bearing the set’s 60th anniversary logo.

Just for comparative purposes, I included the blown up images of these miniature models, alongside the original sets that they represent. They’re not official images yet of the 60 years of the LEGO Brick (40290) commemorative set, as compared to what LEGO usually uploads via its servers, but for now, it provides us a better look at these fine micro sets.

Airport Shuttle (6399) – 1990


Castle (375) – 1978

Black Seas Barracuda (6285) – 1989

Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928) – 1979


What do you think of this latest promotional set from LEGO? Are you excited to add this to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

January 2018 LEGO Store Calendar Now Up!

It’s never too early to make that 2018 LEGO wishlist, especially that the LEGO January 2018 Store Calendar is now available online via LEGO’s servers. With the promise of more than 120 new sets to be available by January 1st, LEGO sets the stage for this new line of offerings by highlighting 2018’s LEGO Creator modular set – the 1950s-styled Downtown Diner (10260).

Same as before, you may also download the January 2018 LEGO Store Calendar in high resolution PDF format, or you may check out its neat details below.

January 1: Get the Exclusive LEGO Creator Expert Downtown Diner (10260).

LEGO opted to reveal early on its next modular expert set coming in at 2,480 pieces and retails for $169.99. The Downtown Diner (10260) is a welcome addition to the growing number of modular sets that LEGO has been offering since the introduction of the Café Corner (10182) in 2007. The best part of this recent offering is that it doesn’t come with the usual VIP early access, so it is available for all once the set becomes available in-stores and online on January 1.

January 1-14: Free LEGO City Dragster (30358) Polybag With a Purchase of $35 or More of Any LEGO Product.

Earlier last November, we reported that LEGO will be releasing a great deal of polybags in 2018 which also includes the LEGO City Dragster (30358). Like any other City polybags, this mini brick-built Dragster will certainly look great in any Race Track MOC. This particular polybag comes with a racer minifigure and a cool red on black color scheme.

January 8-18: LEGO City Great Vehicles Building Event.

Stop by the LEGO Store to help LEGO City. LEGO City Mountain needs great vehicles that will get the job done. Build your great vehicle and race it down a mountainous brick-built terrain. This activity is intended for ages 6 to 14 only.

January 9-10: VIP Monthly Mini Model Build is a Walrus.

To reserve your spot, simply register for the December MMB by visiting starting December 15. The LEGO MMB is meant for children ages 6 to 14, and must be completely built in store.

January 19-February 13: LEGO City Mining Building Event.

Come back to the LEGO Store and help the LEGO City Mining Team against the crooks that are stealing the gold from LEGO City Mountain. Build your own mining vehicle and collect the gold before the crooks get it. Activity is intended for ages 6-14 only.

January 28-February 14:  Free 60 Years of the LEGO Brick set with a purchase of $125 or more, while supplies last.

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the patenting of the iconic LEGO brick, and to commemorate the occasion, LEGO has announced a special collectible set that every true-blue LEGO fan would love to have. We saw a glimpse of this set – though a rather grainy one – a few days ago, but this time, we can now appreciate it in all of its microscaled details. The 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) set can be yours for free, for every minimum single receipt purchase of $125 or more. Valued at $25 and coming in at 421 pieces, this commemorative set features four microscaled versions of the most popular classic LEGO sets: Airport Shuttle (6399), Castle (375), Black Seas Barracuda (6285), and Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928). The box art of this set even features one of the earlier logos adapted by LEGO during its early years. Though the set’s availability is still almost two months away, I am already excited to see how this set will actually turn out once it is built.


Finally, other than the 125 new sets that LEGO promises to release online and in-store once January kicks-in, most LEGO fans will also look forward in feeling their way on each blind bag once the LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 of collectible minifigures arrives in stores.  You may have noticed it by now that the 2nd page of the LEGO Store’s January 2018 calendar features are very first ‘official’ image of the said CMF series, after an image of its flyer/checklist insert has made rounds over the Internet. If TLBM still has a hold on you, then successfully collecting all 20 TLBM Series 2 minifigs is not much of a question.

There are still plenty of other LEGO sets to watch out for in January, and these include several new sets from the LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi theme such as the Defense of Crait (75202), the LEGO Ninjago Ninja Nightcrawler (70641), LEGO Batman Movie The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919), and the LEGO BrickHeadz Aquaman (41600) just to name a few.

So what do you think? What LEGO set are you most excited about in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

Lloyd is Back as His ‘LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Minifigure Polybag (30609) Returns with Target

It’s nice of LEGO to sometimes give collectors who might have missed a promotional product or two in the past another chance (or two) to pick those uncommon items up. Their latest promotional comeback involves their previous feature-length CG-animated adventure The LEGO Ninjago Movie, which premiered last September.

One of the special promotional packages that were released back then was a minifigure polybag of LEGO Ninjago lead character Lloyd Garmadon (30609). Fans of the Ninjago line can now get another crack at collecting the badass ninja hero over at Target. They’re making him available not only in stores but online too.

That seems to be standard operating procedure for LEGO to give rereleases of past promotions to major retailers like Target or Toys ‘R’ Us, if they’re not carrying the items on their own Shop@Home. Those who are looking to pick up the Lloyd (30609) minifgure can do so in two ways.

The polybag in itself is selling at the retail price of $2.99 on Target. Alternatively, if shoppers can rack up a minimum total $29.99 purchase of LEGO Ninjago products, they’ll receive one Lloyd (30609) polybag for free. If LEGO Ninjago’s your thing, here’s your second chance to find the ninja within ya.

LEGO Celebrates the Creation of the Brick with the 60 Years Of The LEGO Brick Commemorative Set!

A rather grainy image of January 2018’s LEGO Store Calendar has surfaced online, and has revealed what LEGO has in store to celebrate the creation of the world’s most iconic brick. 2018 will mark the celebration of the LEGO Brick patent and as it seems, LEGO will be giving away a commemorative set to highlight the occasion.

According to this portion of the January LEGO Store calendar, the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick Set will be yours for free for a minimum purchase of $125 or more. It’s kind of difficult, however, to figure out the official set number, name and piece count based on this blown-up image, but looking at what you can expect from the set, it is quite clear that it also thoughtfully celebrates the 60th anniversary of the brick by offering four microbuilds of LEGO’s most popular classic sets. These include the Airport Shuttle (6399) from the classic Town theme, the Castle (375) from the classic Castle and Knights theme, the Black Seas Barracuda (6285) from the Pirates theme, and the Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928) from the beloved classic Space theme.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Castle and Black Seas Barracuda microbuilds, especially that it looks like each of them will come with a base of its own.

1990’s LEGO Town Airport Shuttle (6399).
1978’s LEGO Classic Castle (375).
1989’s LEGO Pirates Black Seas Barracuda (6285).
1979’s LEGO Classic Space Cruiser and Moonbase (928).

Judging from the looks of it, and even in microbuild versions, these individual sets will be a must for LEGO collectors, especially for those who grew up with the LEGO brick. We don’t have enough details yet based on this image, but as soon as the official January LEGO Store Calendar pops up in sharp PDF formats, then I’ll update you accordingly.

Thanks to Brickset News for the heads up.


LEGO Flyers for VIPs Can Avail of Returning Seasonal Minifigure Gingerbread Man (5005156).

Even casual LEGO fans are well aware of the many special packages the company brings out at the onset of the major seasons and events of the year. Why, just this November they already have announced what’s going to be in store for collectors during the Easter celebration next year.

But really, the current big buzz is for the various special offers flying around during the Holiday season. In this case, we mean it literally with the flying, as in, flyers. LEGO is shipping out some special fliers to their VIP members to announce the comeback of a Holiday seasonal standard.

LEGO VIPs need only to head to the nearest LEGO Store, present their promotional flyer along with any product purchase worth at least $10, and they’ll receive the LEGO Seasonal Gingerbread Man minifgure (5005156) absolutely free. Take note however that the offer will take for only up till December 23.

The LEGO Gingerbread Man (5005156) was first presented in this Holiday offer last year, so this is his second outing as a giveaway for collectors. He’s not alone, either. Shop@Home has the online version, with their return of the $9.99 LEGO Seasonal Snowglobe (40223).

Happy Holidays from us and LEGO!

The LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor (70922) Now Up at!

We’re just counting the minutes away before LEGO opens its Brick Friday doors to its eagerly waiting fans, and one set that we have our eyes on is the technically crazy, eye candy of a set, the LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Manor (70922). First revealed last September, LEGO impressed TLBM fans with Joker’s wacky rendition of the Wayne Mansion, especially with the inclusion of a functional roller coaster ride. The best part of it, The Joker Manor does not come with any VIP early access privilege so when the clock strikes at 11:59PM EST on November 23, you should be ready with that keyboard.

So far, The Joker Manor has received plenty of positive reviews already, with many AFOLs even tinkering with the set’s train or railing system by including power functions to make the roller coaster move on its own. The Brothers Brick has ingeniously found a way on how to do this, and you can check it out right here.

Image courtesy of The Brothers Brick.

Lastly, LEGO is throwing in another freebie to add to your TLBM collection. The rare LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman and Tears of Batman (30607) minifigure polybag comes as a free item if you purchase The Joker Manor from November 24 until December 31, or until supplies last (which I sincerely believe will be out in a matter of hours).

As of this posting, and if you’re doing your LEGO shopping online, you still have around 15-20 minutes to get ready for Brick Friday at Be sure to drop us a note later on, and share with us your LEGO Brick Friday experience in the comments below. Happy shopping!

LEGO and Airbnb Contest Ends This Friday!

If you recall, we previously mentioned about a special tour and accommodation experience that has been offered by LEGO, and global hospitality provider Airbnb, in which a lucky applicant can win for himself and three companions a one-night stay at The Home of the Brick, aka LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

There the winning group would be treated to a unique brick-themed hotel stay, and be able to see whether they can realize what they answered in the Airbnb contest application form: “If you had an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build?”

News flash: this one-of-a-kind experience will happen next week, on November 24. And the deadline for submissions for answers to the promo question on Airbnb is this Friday, November 17. The exact time till the offer ends is at 6:59 AM GMT, so this is something to bear in mind for non-European applicants, as the LEGO House one-night stay is open to fans worldwide.

Just to refresh your memories – in order to qualify, the answer to Airbnb’s question must be between 50 to 500 words. Furthermore, children in your party of 4 must be at least 4 years old.

The winning group’s stay at The Home of the Brick in Billund will be overseen by Jamie Berard, one of LEGO’s Master Builders and prolific set designers responsible in creating some of the most awesome LEGO sets around: the Cafe Corner (10182), Emerald Night (10194), Tower Bridge (10214), and Assembly Square (10255) just to name a few.

Once the group has settled in on the evening of November 24, they will be free to build to their hearts’ content, with Jamie helping them along.

Time is running out! If you’re still down to win a visit and stay in the LEGO House, go to the Airbnb page for this unique experience and answer their question now! Good luck!

Bargain Price for My LEGO World Booklet Collection on UK’s The Book People.

Whether you’re a child who plays with LEGO bricks, or an older rookie hobbyist looking to become a seasoned Master Builder, you’re always curious to learn more about making grand creations out of LEGO.

For LEGO enthusiasts in the UK, here’s where DK Ltd – longtime publisher of LEGO print media – comes in. In an ambitious collection of 25 booklets, they can make your Master Builder aspiration closer to reality, thanks to My LEGO World.

My LEGO World is a 25-volume set of 32-page paperback books that lay out the basics and fundamentals of brick-building for kids and hobbyists who are new to LEGO. Twenty of the books in My LEGO World tackle various ideas, while the other five are nifty catalogs chronicling the most popular minifigures ever manufactured for LEGO.

A lot of the information in these booklets has already been published under different titles, but repackaging them into these slim volumes for My LEGO World is a great way to provide building tips to younger LEGO fans. AFOLs can also appreciate the brevity of the simple instructions they give.

My LEGO World is available in UK budget retailer The Book People. From November 14 to 15, this set will be priced at £27 from the regular tag of £124.75, so visit their website if you’re interested. Listed below are the 25 volumes or titles included in the collection; you might even see one that catches your fancy.

  1. Create a Safari and other great LEGO ideas
  2. Make a Mosaic and other great LEGO ideas
  3. Build a Bridge and other great LEGO ideas
  4. Create a Castle and other great LEGO ideas
  5. Make a Dragon and other great LEGO ideas
  6. Build a Helicopter and other great LEGO ideas
  7. Build a Beach Hut and other great LEGO ideas
  8. Build a Rocket and other great LEGO ideas
  9. Build a Haunted House and other great LEGO ideas
  10. Create a Shipwreck and other great LEGO ideas
  11. Put on a Magic Show and other great LEGO ideas
  12. Make a Mighty Mech and other great LEGO ideas
  13. Build the Wild West and other great LEGO ideas
  14. Make a Space Rover and other great LEGO ideas
  15. Make a Monster Truck and other great LEGO ideas
  16. Build a Butterfly and other great LEGO ideas
  17. Build a Duck and other great LEGO ideas
  18. Make a Town and other great LEGO ideas
  19. Create a Bear and other great LEGO ideas
  20. Build a Pirate and other great LEGO ideas
  21. Meet the Minifigures One of a Kind
  22. Meet the Minifigures All Time Icons
  23. Meet the Minifigures Everyday Figures
  24. Meet the Minifigures Out of the World
  25. Meet the Minifigures Spooky and Scary

Toy ‘R’ Us UK Having Another Make and Take Event Featuring a LEGO Microbuild BB-8.

Toys ‘R’ Us in the UK sure loves their LEGO “Make and Take” events during the weekends. After indulging in the hype of The LEGO Ninjago Movie with a chance for guests to bring home an Ice Tank polybag, now the global toy retailer’s UK stores will be heading back to the galaxy far, far away with their next Make and Take Building Event.

This event has already been held in US and German Toys ‘R’ Us stores, so this time it’s the turn of their British cousins to offer a model of the ball-shaped astromech droid BB-8 for guests to Make and Take.

Quite obviously, it’s not the 1,000-piece, LEGO Star Wars BB-8 (75187) but rather a build-your-own mini version using specific existing LEGO Parts, the instructions to which are available for download online. It uses no unique printed parts and its round body is but a rough approximation of a sphere, but hey, even a rudimentary TRU Millennium Falcon polybag is popular enough to sell out.

Anyway, UK customers who would like to get their hands on building their own mini BB-8 had better make their way to their nearest Toys ‘R’ Store on Saturday, November 18, between 11AM and 1PM (just like last time). It’s likely that the promotional event will also include a scavenger hunt through the store like stateside.

All this of course is in anticipation for the much awaited Star Wars Episode VII – The Last Jedi, which comes to UK cinemas on December 14 and stateside on the following day. Just so you know, the second wave of LEGO Star Wars sets based on the film – while officially not out until 2018 – were spotted in some retailers already.