Latest LEGO Rebrick “Your Brick Selfie Contest” Confirms 23 New BrickHeadz For This Year

A couple of days of ago, we reported on a recent LEGO Rebrick Contest that focuses on the most creative way of giving  yourself a LEGO BrickHeadz treatment. The Your Brick Selfie Contest gives you the chance to render yourself in LEGO bricks and make your very own BrickHeadz version of yourself. Like similar Rebrick contests, the selling point of these brick-building competitions are the prizes at stake. According to LEGO Rebrick’s contest page, the Grand Prize Winner will bring home not just this year’s first round of BrickHeadz sets, but also those that are yet to be announced – all 23 of them to be exact, with 12 of these being retailer exclusives. read more

I Hope This Is Not An April Fool’s Day Joke: LEGO Star Wars BB-8 (40288) Polybag Promotional Arriving In May

We know that there is a new LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod polybag coming out this April, and it looks like there is another similar polybag all set to go in May. Now to be honest, I’m a little hesitant about posting this piece of news, especially that playful fiction has a tendency to become fact in this day of the year. Nevertheless, there seems to be some grain of truth in what the good guys from Promo Bricks have to say. According to one of their most recent reports – actually it was posted yesterday which gives credence to the idea that this is not probably a part of an elaborate pre-April Fools Day conspiracy – LEGO Star Wars fans can expect BB-8 to make a comeback in a TRU-style microbuild polybag. read more

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Infinity War The Death of Loki (76110) Set Description Leaked!

This piece of news came in totally unexpected. We’re now just counting the days before MCU’s Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27, and with a slew of LEGO Superheroes Infinity War sets now available, the impression is that LEGO has already revealed everything that is has to offer. However, as it turned out, LEGO is still keeping something under its sleeve. From the same anonymous and reliable source that provided us with the Russian set descriptions of the LEGO Infinity War sets last November, we now have new information that shows another particular set with a lot of spoiler warnings attached to it. read more

Rumors Of A LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi UCS-Style Porg Is Now Closer To Reality

Over a week ago, LEGO tipster and insider Sir von Lego of Eurobricks rocked the LEGO Star Wars boat with his tease of a soon-to-be released UCS-like set similar to BB-8, but this time, taking cue from a cute and famous creature from The Last Jedi. Fans were almost unanimous with regards to what they think the rumored set is, with the cute bird-like Porgs of the planet Ahch-To being the most likely candidate. Being a rumor for what it is, we also explored other possibilities on what this new LEGO Star Wars set could be. read more

Rumor: Is The Next LEGO DK Exclusive a Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) Minifigure?

If you recall, we featured one particular LEGO book to watch out for this year if you are a DC Super Heroes fan. After the recent reveal of the LEGO Disney Princess: Build Your Own Adventure and the LEGO Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure Greatest Ninja Battles, it looks like Dorling Kindersley (DK) is on a roll with yet another LEGO book that may come with an exclusive collectible minifigure. read more