First Catalog Images of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192).

LEGO has finally released yesterday its presumably last teaser of the largest LEGO set ever, and we can somehow expect that within the next hours leading to the big reveal on September 1, we will be able to see plenty of sightings of this elusive LEGO UCS set. More information (aka leaks) are now slowly trickling its way via social media, and just a few moments ago, RebelScum stumbled upon some images from a particular Italian LEGO Catalog that clearly shows how the box of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) actually looks like. These images were first shared by Windyjago over at Twitter, which you can see below.

Here’s a closer look at the images.

I guess these first images of the MF will finally put all doubts aside, that this next UCS is indeed the remake of the Falcon. We’re not sure if LEGO’s men-in-black enforcers will soon be standing on our doorsteps, demanding to take this article down, but as far as we are concerned these first images seem to have come from a legitimate LEGO Store catalog, as mentioned by Windyjago. If you will notice closely on the right side of the box, you will see the earlier leaked, Chinese version of the MF’s promotional poster/flyer showing the fine details of the set.

As a final note, other than seeing the set’s official images, I am very much interested on the description written on the side of the box. It will probably give us some idea (like they always do in certain commemorative sets) on what motivated LEGO to come up with another re-release, just as this.

The wait is simply killing me…


A Round Up of Everything We Know So Far About the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192).

We’re almost there! In roughly 48 hours, we’ll get to see what is in store in that large, bulky box that LEGO touted as their largest set ever created. For the whole month of August, LEGO was quite deliberate in releasing their scheduled teasers and earlier today, LEGO has revealed their last hint in this series of reveals. Released via their social media channels, LEGO gives fans an idea on how you’ll be able to carry this set if you prefer to purchase this from any LEGO store (that is, if there will be enough sets available for everyone).

Placed side by side with 2016’s LEGO Star Wars UCS Death Star (75159) which can easily fit inside LEGO’s largest yellow plastic bag, this 4,000-piece set just pales in comparison with the mammoth sized set known to most already as the much rumored LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). It is so huge at approximately 18.7 pounds (or 8.5 kilos) that no LEGO plastic bag can handle the weight. In LEGO’s latest tweet, set 75192 is so large that it will require wheels to be transported out of a LEGO store. Now, the only question is, will they give you a push cart if you have the cash to burn and you eventually decide to purchase two or more sets. Hmmm…

Since this is the very last teaser that we can expect from LEGO before the big, official reveal on Force Friday II, our Brick Show Brian has come up with a roundup of all the things that we know so far (see video above) about LEGO’s ‘worst kept secret in all of LEGO history’. Without a shadow of doubt, there are strong evidences to show that this super secret set is indeed an extremely large remake of the Millennium Falcon, which first appeared as a LEGO Ultimate Collector’s set ten years ago, tagged as the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (10179).

But perhaps the biggest concern in everyone’s mind at this point has little to do with how we will be able to carry it out from the store, but more of how we can even have access to it in the first place. Will it be a limited series release? Will there be pre-orders? Are there limited quantities? Will LEGO be able to catch up with the demands even before October 1 arrives when the set becomes available to the general public?

These are very real concerns, considering how the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V (21309) set still appears to be Out of Stock at Moreover, we don’t have any official word yet from LEGO if there will be limited quantities around say 5,000 or so. If that will be the case, then we can definitely expect retailers to run like mad and grab all these ‘gold’ plastics and we may not even see them on store shelves anymore.

We certainly hope that LEGO has a back-up plan of some sorts for this re-release of the UCS Millennium Falcon to ensure that this set will remain in shelves for the next few years. Because even though it has a hefty tag price of around $700 or more and not all people will be able to afford it, the reality is, there are still a good number of people who is willing to spend such an insane amount of money for this extraordinary LEGO set.

So what do you think of all these things, I mean with all the hype surrounding the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192)? Will you even get this set in spite of the outrageous price tag attached to it? Do you want to see Brian give it a spin and review this set? 😉 Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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More Teasers To What Everyone Is Anxiously Waiting For – THE Largest LEGO UCS Star Wars Set Ever Made!

We’re just counting the days before Force Friday II officially kicks off on September 1 – and LEGO definitely knows how to ride the waves and build up the excitement. Since the start of this month, LEGO has been leaving a trail of bread crumbs to what most of us believe to be the comeback of the iconic starship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. The rumor that a reboot of 2007’s LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) is in the works has been lingering for a few months already, and now more than ever, the excitement is almost at a crescendo.

LEGO’s most recent tweet has already confirmed that this is the largest LEGO Star Wars set ever made, in fact THE largest LEGO set ever to be offered to the public dwarfing the current contender which is 2008’s Taj Mahal (10189). At a whopping 7,541 pieces, this mystery set is estimated to retail anywhere between $600 to $700 USD as calculated by Brickset.

In related news, LEGO is now giving away flyers pointing to the set’s debut on September 1 at all LEGO Stores worldwide. If we understand correctly what the LEGO September Store Calendar says, this uber massive LEGO Star Wars mystery set will be available for early VIP access from September 14 to 30, and will be available to the general public starting October 1.

What do you think, will LEGO release another teaser before the set is unveiled on September 1? Are you excited about this? Share us what you think in the comments below.



Another Christmas Seasonal Set Revealed – The Christmas Train (40262).

A week ago, we shared a piece of news regarding this year’s LEGO Seasonal Set Town Square Christmas (40263). This particular LEGO theme has proven itself to be quite popular among LEGO fans, especially with its vignette build design, and decorative value. Perhaps in a similar vein, LEGO saw the attractiveness of these seasonal sets and just in time for the holidays, TLG has not come with just one, but two Christmas Seasonal sets for this year.

Thanks to a lead pointed out by Hoth Bricks, we now confirmation that there are two LEGO Christmas seasonal sets that will be offered this year: The Town Square Christmas (40263) and the newer Christmas Train and Market Stalls (40262). The tip came from a certain Almir Sadovic who posted the following images at the AFOL Facebook group, BrickGeekz.

The first image that we have of the Town Square Christmas (40263) is a bit grainy, but thanks to these images posted by Almir, we can have a closer look at them. If you’ll notice, both Seasonal sets features three minifigures each, and if were to be combined together depicts a festive, Christmas market vibe. I like how the modular stalls are created, with each stall featuring a particular item or product on sale. For set 40263, we have like a desert/pretzel stand, while 40262 features a coffee shop and what seems to be like a bread and pastry shop (not really sure about this though). Each set also features a lamp post which is a nice build in itself – one being a train stop and the other with an attached mail box.

Noticeably, each seasonal set compliments the other with the 40262 featuring a mini train and 40263 featuring a miniature Christmas Tree with detailed railings. Both sets are expected to be available at either in late September or October and will retail at $9.99 each.

In related news, rumor has it that LEGO is about to reveal its second exclusive set as mentioned in their September Store Calendar. We have information from Promo Bricks that this is another LEGO Creator Expert set that will be released alongside the much-talked about (and teased) LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon. The said LEGO Creator Expert set also has a winter holiday motif so it’s exciting to see how this will turn out. If this is the case, this will be the fifth D2C Creator Expert set that we will see with a Christmas yuletide theme similar to the likes of 2013’s Winter Village Market (10235), 2014’s Santa’s Workshop (10245), 2015’s Winter Toy Shop (10249), and last year’s Winter Holiday Train (10254). For those of us who would like to decorate our little Christmas corners with LEGO bricks, then these LEGO Creator Expert sets along with this year’s new Seasonal sets, are must haves to add some sparkle in this year’s festive yuletide celebrations.

Winter Village Market (10235)
Santa’s Workshop (10245)
Winter Toy Shop (10249)
Winter Holiday Train (10254)



What LEGO Anniversary Sets Would You Like to See in 2018?

LEGO is now celebrating its 85th birthday this year, and as a sort of prelude of good things to come, it seems that 2018 will likewise be a great year, particularly for LEGO’s various classic and vintage themes. This piece of news (aka rumor) came from trusted LEGO insider and Eurobricks member Sir von Lego, with his take on what LEGO has in the works in line with the LEGO brick’s 60th anniversary next year.

According to Sir von Lego, there will be five specific sets to be released in commemoration of the iconic LEGO brick. He managed to have a glimpse of what the boxes look like at its early development stage, with all of them blacked out and without images as of the moment. However, what seems to stand out among these is a Creator-type box that looks exactly like a LEGO brick which is quite different from the usual. He also suggested that these five sets may also represent five different themes – which may, or may not represent vintage fan favorites such as Classic, Space, Castle, Town or Pirates. But of course, who wouldn’t want to see these sets again in all their classic glory?

It has been customary for LEGO to reboot some of its vintage sets, either as a free gift or accessory packs, such as the Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812), the Classic Knights Minifigure (5004419), and the Classic Pirate Set (850839) just to name a few.

It is pretty exciting to see what TLG has in store for the 60th anniversary of the iconic LEGO brick. Perhaps a re-launch of one of these classic themes, or perhaps a D2C set centered around these vintage sets? We’ll cross our fingers as we wait for LEGO’s confirmation anytime soon.


Image credits for the 60th anniversary logo shown above goes to Jeep’s 60th anniversary editions.