Here’s Our Pick of the Best Halloween-Themed LEGO Collectible Minifigures Around

Halloween is just around the corner! And if you’re still figuring out how to come up with those LEGO-themed spooky decors, then why not come up with the best Halloween-themed LEGO minifigure costume party instead?

Over the years, we’ve seen some of the craziest and most endearing LEGO minifigures around. From Disney characters to Harry Potter mainstays, LEGO simply doesn’t run out of ideas. But I have to say that for the best part of their minifigs, the costumed LEGO Collectible Minifigures are still the loveliest of the bunch in my opinion.

Best Halloween-Themed LEGO

In the spirit of this wickedly fun season, let’s take a look at some of the best Halloween-themed LEGO Collectible Minifigures around. Arguably, there are plenty of CMF characters that LEGO came out with that added some spooky fun during this time of the year – just consider the LEGO CMF Series 14 Monsters (71010) for example. But still, there are those that stand out and are indeed worth mentioning.

Here’s a rundown of my personal favorites in no particular order. And in case you’re interested, you may find these minifigs for sale over at our official storefront – The Brick Show Shop. We’re currently running a Buy One Get One (BOGO) promo where you can get your second minifigure at 50% off. It’s certainly a great way to gather those collectible minifigures that you are raring to have. Just click on these links and see more details about these LEGO collectibles.

Jack Skellington

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2 (71024) released in 2019


From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (8684) released in 2010

Sally Skellington

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Disney Series 2 (71024) released in 2019

Skeleton Guy

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 14 (71010) released in 2015

Cute Little Devil

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 16 (71010) released in 2016

Wolf Guy

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 14 (71010) released in 2015


From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 1 (8683) released in 2010

The Monster

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 4 (8804) released in 2011

Wacky Witch

From LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 14 (71010) released in 2015


From LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 2 (8684) released in 2010

Vampire Bat

From LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 8 (8833) released in 2012


From LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 4 (8804) released in 2011


Drop us a comment below if you think there are other LEGO CMF characters that should make it to this list. And don’t forget to browse the rest of the minifigures that are up for grabs at our Brick Show Shop.

First Images Up for Mid-Oct GWP Creator 3-in-1 Mystic Witch (40562)

Speaking of LEGO GWPs, here’s another one coming up next for big buyers this October 2022. The more recent gifts currently available come from a variety of LEGO themes. Our next expected GWP for mid-October is no different. Speaking of variety, this one will provide plenty all its own, considering it’s a LEGO Creator 3-in-1. And the timing can be no more appropriate too when we consider the subject of this set. With Halloween coming at month’s end LEGO is offering us this. It even has an age recommendation right for the occasion’s primary demographic.

Courtesy of The Brick Fan, we have this scoop on the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Mystic Witch (40562). As expected, this upcoming GWP set lets builders create an iconic Halloween witch. We’re talking conical hat, broomstick, green skin, the works. You’ll even be forgiven if you can’t decide whether her mouth piece is a smile or a big protruding tooth. And being a 3-in-1 set, Mystic Witch can be rebuilt into two other alternate forms. She can become her own familiar black (well, purple) cat or a cute little dragon. Just like a stereotypical witch to be able to magically shapeshift. It doesn’t get more Halloween-y.

LEGO collectors can have the GWP Creator Mystic Witch (40562) for a minimum total purchase of $100. The corresponding gift period begins this coming Friday, October 14, and will run all the way to Halloween itself. It just doesn’t get more spooky seasonal than this.

2022 LEGO Winter Village – Icons Holiday Main Street (10308) Now Listed

Thanks to its core concept of building and assembling, LEGO has long been crossing into numerous and different niche hobbies. Model railroads? LEGO’s got many sets for that over the years. Their vehicle lines, particularly Technic, could go toe-to-toe with conventional plastic model kits. Even LEGO Botanical with its brick-built blossoms more than hold their own aesthetics-wise against artificial flowers. But the best work LEGO does is undoubtedly with model buildings, obviously. And with the approach of the 2022 Holiday season, their latest addition to the Winter Village set line is ready. In fact, LEGO Shop online has listed it.

Brickset tells us that the 2022 LEGO Icons (formerly Creator Expert) Winter Village set has finally been revealed. If you feel the previous Winter Village sets have been leaning too “residential” then take heart. The Icons Holiday Main Street (10308) is anything but. Build a busy commercial hub for your LEGO Winter Village with two storefronts and some public transportation. Nothing says “traditional” Christmas shopping like a trip to the toy store or music shop. Shoppers with grocery bags can then wait for the Main Street cable car on a roadside stop. And their wait won’t be boring with nearby mailbox, clock post and Christmas tree to liven things up.

Expect the Icons Winter Village Holiday Main Street (10308) to launch next month, October 7. Further product details down below:

Holiday Main Street (10308)

Age 18+ | 1,514 pieces | 6 minifigures | $99.99 | Coming October 7

Packed with yuletide cheer, the LEGO® Holiday Main Street (10308) set is the latest addition to the popular LEGO Winter Village Collection. Build a sweet Christmas village display complete with a toy store, music store and shoppers, plus the store owners and their cozy apartments. Then build the streetcar, ready to take the shoppers home after a fun outing.

  • A festive tradition – Enjoy quality time crafting all the details of this Holiday Main Street (10308) buildable model with a toy store, music store, shoppers, store owners and their cozy apartments
  • Hop on the streetcar – Assemble all the details of the streetcar, ready to transport the minifigures. It’s decorated for Christmas and includes 4 seats for passengers
  • Let’s go shopping – Head to the Santa’s Toys and Games toy store and H. Jollie’s music store to find toys and musical instruments, all waiting to make someone’s Christmas dreams come true
  • Time to relax – When the working day is over, the store owners can relax in their apartments. Discover cozy details with a tree, presents and bed in the toy store, and a dining area in the music store
  • 6 minifigures – Bring the LEGO® Christmas village display to life with the set’s ensemble of minifigures. There are 2 shoppers, a child mailing a letter to Santa, 2 store owners and a streetcar driver
  • Powered Up compatible – Motorize the model by adding LEGO® Powered Up and the option to add your own track and lights (all sold separately)

Early Image of 2023 LEGO Chinese New Year Seasonal “Year of the Rabbit” (40575)

With the 2022 Holiday season less than 4 months away, it’s no surprise we’re already seeing LEGO “seasonal set” reveals. You have to know what’s coming early to plan for what you want to get when the season comes, after all. But among the upcoming sets for Christmas, there’s already a buzz for one Chinese New Year seasonal. Why’s that? Well, if lunar reckoning puts the next Chinese New Year in late January 2023, the timing is quite reasonable. Stone gives us the first images of the expected new Chinese zodiac animal set to grace lunar new year celebrants.

With the Year of the Tiger 2022 almost done, it’s time for LEGO to join the hype for the Year of the Rabbit. Check out the aptly named seasonal set (40575) with an adorable black-and-white (with pink and brown accents) bunny. Sitting on a leafy green pedestal, Year of the Rabbit boasts an articulated neck and poseable ears. In true seasonal set fashion, the box has a dedication space if you plan to give this set away. The buildable rabbit even comes with a red envelope if the giver is feeling extra-generous to the receiver.

Considering the timing, LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) might probably launch sometime in December this year. Stone Wars however managed to purchase one very early set in a store outside their native Germany. Thanks to them we know what’s coming soon. In fact, LEGO’s Chinese New Year seasonal zodiac animal series is already halfway complete. We might even see this theme line run through before the 2020s are complete.

September 2022 LEGO Set Launch Recap

With September 2022 rolling in this past Thursday, another wave of new sets from LEGO have been launched. Fitting for ushering in the last few months before the Holiday season, several advent calendars became available September 1. According to further details from Brickset, LEGO Marvel also debuted multiple entries this time with more buildable figure sets. The big guns among the new releases would be the newest LEGO Ideas set and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express (76405). On the tinier end, LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 23 became available as well. We can be sure the Holiday-themed products will only increase as 2022 winds down. But for now, let’s summarize the launches:

Advent Calendars 2022
Harry Potter

LEGO Seasonal Sets of 2022 Now Listed

We’re now on the second month of the second half of year 2022. From a normal point of view there’s still quite a lot of the year left. But for LEGO, the Holiday season is more like a stone’s throw away. So, there’s no better time than now to begin hyping up what they’ve got in store for 2022’s seasonal sets. Besides, these seasonal sets are launching before December anyway. Promobricks gives us the lowdown on these LEGO holiday offerings. Interestingly, their European release is right next month, while the US will have to wait until October. Anyway, let’s look at their official product listings:

Wintertime Polar Bears (40571)

Age 9+ | 312 pieces | $12.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with this adorable LEGO® Wintertime Polar Bears (40571) model set. The baby polar bear is having fun on a sleigh, while the adult polar bear watches on proudly. See the polar bears turn when you rotate the base of the model. The set also includes a Christmas tree to complete an enchanting display piece.

Penguin & Snowflake (40572)

Age 7+ | 139 pieces | $9.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Celebrate the holiday season with these sweet Christmas decorations. The buildable penguin and snowflake come with string so you can easily hang them on your Christmas tree – or anywhere around the home. This set makes a great gift idea for kids aged 7 and up, or a treat for anyone who loves the Christmas season or unusual decorations.

Christmas Tree (40573)

Age 12+ | 784 | $44.99 | Coming September 1 (Europe) and October 1 (US)

Create an eye-catching festive display with this beautiful LEGO® Christmas Tree (40573) building kit. The colorful tree is adorned with ornaments and candles and sits on a decorative mat. Add the yellow star to the top for the perfect finishing touch. With this 2-in-1 model, you can choose to build 1 tree or 2 smaller trees.

And these are just the LEGO-original seasonal sets. As for the licensed IPs? Stay tuned.

April 1 LEGO Set Launch, Seasonal Promo Roundup

It’s a new month today, four months now into 2022. That makes it the first of April, but we’re not pulling any April Fools gag here. After all, the first day of every month is LEGO set launch day. Thanks to The Brick Fan, we’ve got this recap of April 1 new LEGO set releases for easy reference. It’s not exactly expansive, but that means we’ll go over them quickly. You can also check the links for our features on some of the sets below:


Brick Sketches

Creator Expert

Infinity Saga
  • Endgame Battle Accessory Pack (40525)

Mech Armor

  • Spider-Man & Green Goblin Mech Battle (76219)

Thor: Love and Thunder

The April 1st launch window isn’t quite beefy product-wise, like we already said. Still, there are enough new sets available now to purchase and get the seasonal promotions on top. In the run-up to the Easter holidays LEGO has your choice of cute bunnies or cute hatchling chicks:

  • Creator Easter Bunny (30583) – minimum LEGO purchase of $40

Both these Easter seasonal sets are available for promotion until, anticlimactically, April 16. That’s because Easter Sunday April 17 serves as the mid-month LEGO launch date for April 2022. We’ll touch upon the sets scheduled to come out then, when the time comes.

2022 LEGO Easter Seasonal GWP (40527) Available Early at Certified Stores in Australia

While LEGO keeps to a timetable in launching their newest upcoming sets, it doesn’t always happen without any deviations. Sometimes some sets or GWPs would be delayed in coming or never show up at all. Conversely, these items might appear on store shelves before their official launch date as given by LEGO. This could happen even in certified or branded LEGO Stores. We even touched on one such case of early availability not long ago. As it happens, a new seasonal GWP set for this year has popped up before its time, just Down Under.

Brickset has it that certified LEGO Stores now have available the Easter 2022 seasonal GWP has appeared in Australia. Said Easter gift with purchase set (40527) can now be found in several Australian certified LEGO Stores. It wasn’t specified however if these items were conventionally purchasable, or have their GWP pricing active. The GWP consists of a buildable Easter egg and two yellow chicks. It’s possible that the egg is big enough to contain the chicks once assembled. Under normal circumstances, LEGO would launch the 40527’s GWP period on April. For Aussie collectors though, they may have an early start.

Don’t confuse this with the purchasable seasonal Easter Rabbits Display (40523), which launched this February.

10-K Support: Norton74’s “Santa’s Cottages” Enters Ideas Review Stage (After Holidays)

We might be able to observe some trends in what product ideas are submitted and supported on LEGO Ideas. For instance, some submissions based on licensed IPs might be posted to celebrate said franchise’s milestone anniversary. These ones tend to gain 10-K support and enter review at least before the anniversary year arrives. For example, we have the Seinfeld set (21328, Ideas #36) from last year. It hit shelves three years after the 30th anniversary of the sitcom it’s based on. Other Ideas submissions tend to be seasonal, popping up at appropriate times of the year. This one gained full support later than the season it’s depicting. But it’s good.

Norton74, a LEGO Ideas 10K Club Member, got his build up to 10,000 supporters well after the Holiday season. It shouldn’t matter perhaps, if “Santa’s Cottage” is possibly announced before the Yuletide this year. This building set puts a modern spin on Santa Claus’ North Pole workshop. Still, builders will get a bright white reminder of where it is. It can be seen in the snowflake-covered trees, frost on the ledges, and the snowy surrounds. The cottage’s snow-white roof can be removed to easily access the interior, which can also be seen from the back.

Inside Santa’s cottage, two floors feature plenty of furnishings for jolly Saint Nick. Through the hobbit-like front-door he can sit down for meals. The dining room leads to Santa’s workshop at one end, and a fireplace in the other. Stairs lead up to his bedroom where he can rest before and after his toy-delivery runs. And do you remember how we mentioned the cottage being modern? That’s because Santa gets around in a rugged off-road vehicle. He shares his domicile with a husky dog and an elf apparently living underground.

2022 LEGO Sets Now Available this February 1

It’s the first day of February, 2022. This also happens to be Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the (Water) Tiger. Granted, seasonal tie-in sets by LEGO for the Lunar Holiday have already been available since mid-January. But since this is the first day of a calendar month, new LEGO sets are launching today all the same. There’s one new seasonal, but for a Holiday that isn’t until this coming April. A new LEGO Ideas also debuts, but the real meat of this release batch is LEGO BrickHeadz. Courtesy of The Brick Fan, here’s a heads-up of new LEGO sets available February 1:

LEGO Ideas #40: The Globe (21332) – age 18+| 2,585 pieces| $199.99

Seasonal Easter Rabbits Display (40523) – age 8+ | 288 pieces | $12.99

  • Stranger Things: Demogorgon & Eleven (40549)age 16+ | 192 pieces | $19.99

  • Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote (40559)age 10+ | 205 pieces | $19.99

Interestingly, double-character BrickHeadz set Woody and Bo Peep (40553) is supposed to launch too. Their product listing on US however is still marked as “Coming Soon,” but “Available” elsewhere (UK/Europe).

We’ll keep an eye on this and update our readers when it changes. In the meantime, Happy Chinese New Year 2022 LEGO Shopping!