It May Not Be Over 9,000 Bricks, But This Brick-Built Vegeta in Great Ape Form Is Jaw-Dropping

If you’re anime fan, than you will probably agree that Dragon Ball Z and its cast of high-flying, hard-hitting, and battle-shouting warriors (yeah, there ARE a lot of shouting in DBZ) has become icons of the anime world. The first season of the classic Dragon Ball Z series introduces us to the Saiyan race, helmed by the self-proclaimed Saiyan Prince Vegeta. His confrontation with Goku during the first season of DBZ gave us a glimpse of his Great Ape form which literally crushed the living lights out of Goku. And this time around, as his way of tribute to the Prince of the Saiyan race, Japanese Master Builder Moko gives his interpretation of a brick-built Vegeta in minifigure scale, and the result is simply awe-inspiring.

If you remember from 2 years ago, I featured Moko in several of my write-ups when he cleverly created his versions of a mecha-riding Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck minifigures, a custom LEGO Transformer Brick, and a LEGO Mechatrobot MOC. Now he is back and this time with a MOC that is grander in scale – in fact, at minifigure scale that makes a custom Goku minifigure seems like an insect in comparison.

Moko never ceases to amaze with his brick-building techniques. His attention to detail in creating this brick-built Vegeta is astounding. The circles around his eyes, the ‘patch’ of hair underneath his tattered clothes, and the smooth flow of his gigantic tail were created by employing ‘organic’ or life-like building techniques using unconventional LEGO pieces (i.e. the emphasis around his eyes were achieved using minifigure arms while the tail’s flexibility is recreated by joining several tire pieces). He even recreated Vegeta’s damaged shoulder guard at properly balanced proportions.

The level of skill and effort that Moko showed in creating this MOC gets even more impressive when you realize that this MOC is at minifigure scale and highly articulated in spite of its massive size. Its jointed parts from the hip down to the ankles allow a variety of lower body poses for this brick-built Vegeta. His hands are superbly designed as well, with Moko giving considerable attention on how to make it life-like as much as possible.

Moko also Tweeted this image to give you a better perspective on how big this version of Vegeta is.

If you like this MOC from Moko, be sure to visit his blogsite for more custom LEGO projects. The site is in Japanese so be sure to have Google Translate ready.

Unikitty! Sparkle Party Season 1 Animated Series Now Available in DVD

It’s always great whenever one character of an ensemble cast in a film or TV series becomes a breakout popular star, to the point that they eventually get a show or movie of their own. Where LEGO media is concerned, among the best-known ones are LEGO Batman and Princess Unikitty from 2014’s The LEGO Movie.The latter not only got to headline her own animated series, Unikitty! on Cartoon Network, but also launched quite a respectable product line around herself and her own circle of characters. Her show premiered with special episodes late 2017, fully starting New Year’s Day 2018. Having racked up quite a number of episodes for its inaugural season, Warner Bros., LEGO and Snipple Animation are ready to make the first part of Unikitty! season 1 available for home media. Season 1 of Unikitty! Sparkle Party is now available in DVD, consisting of 20 of the over 30 episodes aired so far.


Unikitty! stars the familiar voice talents of Tara Strong as the titular character, Grey Griffin as her brother Puppycorn, plus Kate Micucci and Roger Craig Smith. While season 1 has yet to wind down on Cartoon Network, a second season has already been announced by the network back in July.

The Unikitty! Sparkle Party DVD is a great catch for fans of the hyper and cute LEGO unicorn-cat royal and Master Builder to tide themselves over until her major big-screen return next year on The LEGO Movie: The Second Part.

LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown (41632) Revealed

Just two weeks ago, we reported on a rumor that the Simpsons might make a comeback in LEGO brick form which points to the fact that the licensed theme is not over yet, even after the demise of the now discontinued LEGO Dimensions. This rumor has now been put to rest with LEGO finally revealing and confirming that the Simpsons patriarch and the mischievous clown of Springfield now have their official LEGO BrickHeadz version. In a tweet sent out by the LEGO Group just a few minutes ago, we now have our first look at the LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown (41632) dual-pack set.

The tweet mentioned no specific date of release but our best bet will be sometime in January, as this is expected to be part of LEGO’s 2019 wave of BrickHeadz sets. This BrickHeadz version of Homer and Krusty the Clown is numbered #78 and #79 respectively, and is expected to retail like its other dual-pack predecessors for $20 USD. I like how Homer turned out with his signature donut and bulging tummy. His LEGO designers even went far in adding the usual antenna pieces to re-create those lone strands of hair on his head. Krusty’s brick-built hair on the other hand, is superbly designed with those teal pieces ingeniously stacked to recreate his iconic clown wig. Needless to say, this is another LEGO BrickHeadz set that I’m looking forward to have.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown (41632) set is slated to arrive in early 2019 and is expected to be joined by the another dual-pack set, which is the LEGO BrickHeadz Gellert Grindelwald and Newt Scamander (41631).


LEGO Bricktober 2018 Official Images Revealed – Availability in the US Confirmed

After the discovery of the LEGO Bricktober 2018 flyer in Germany, Toys R Us has released the official images of this annual collection of LEGO Bricktober minifigures giving us a closer look at what to expect from them. At first it was thought that the deal is just available in Europe owing to the sad reality that TRU stores in the US are now closed. However, a recent tweet from the LEGO Group suggests that these highly sought after collectible minifigures will also find their way in the US through other retailers. Furthermore, LEGO has previously announced via Twitter that the LEGO Bricktober 2018 sets will be available in Barnes and Noble stores, but later on clarified that ONLY the Harry Potter Minifigures Pack (5005254) will be available at the said bookstore chain.

Regardless of the venue, this is much welcomed news from LEGO regarding the availability of their LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigures. It may be a bit challenging though to locate each of the minifigure pack in varying locations or retailers other than Barnes and Noble, and it would even be convenient if LEGO brand stores will sell them as well. But since these are exclusive and very limited LEGO minifigure collectibles, perhaps looking at it as a sort of a treasure hunt will make the search for them more fun and enjoyable.

For now, let’s feast our eyes on these official images and take a closer look at each of these LEGO Bricktober 2018 sets. A word of thanks to The Brothers Brick for sharing these images and to Brickfinder for additional info.

LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Pack (5005254)

Expected availability: August 28 to September 2

This pack includes from left to right: Flying Instructor and Quidditch Referee Rolanda Hooch, Prof. Horace Slughorn, Madam Undersecretary Professor Dolores Umbridge, and Prof. Severus Snape as transformed by a Boggart.

LEGO Jurassic World Minifigure Pack (5005255)

Expected availability: September 3 to 9

This pack includes, from left to right, a long overdue Dr. Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff Goldblum), Claire Dearing, Owen Grady, and a baby dinosaur with chicken leg piece.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Minifigure Pack (5005256)

Expected availability: September 10 to 16

This pack includes a very nice collection of minifigures unique to Avengers Infinity War: War Machine, Wong, Tony Stark (with sweater showing a partially covered arc reactor), and Bucky in his new White Wolf garb. Among this pack, the last two is a sure grab for me since this is the first time that we will be getting these versions of Tony and the reformed White Wolf all in one place.

LEGO Ninjago Minifigure Pack (5005257)

Expected availability: September 17 to 23

Last but definitely not the least, we have a staple of the LEGO Bricktober series which is LEGO Ninjago. This pack includes unique Ninjago minifigs based on the show’s latest season. This set consists of: Harumi (with Oni Mask of Hatred), Future Jay, Mohawk, and Nya (in Kabuki disguise).


All in all, this year’s collection of LEGO Bricktober 2018 minifigure packs is a sure win, with each set containing unique and never-before seen minifigures that will surely catch the eye of the most dotting collector: Prof. Horace Slughorn, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and the Avengers Infinity War versions of Bucky (aka Winter Soldier/White Wolf) and Tony Stark (with his sweater on). Will keep you posted for any developments regarding their availability so be sure to keep us under your radar.

LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey (41624) and Minnie (41625) Official Images Released

After their official debut in Toys R Us stores in Canada, German LEGO fan site Stone Wars has just released official images of the latest LEGO BrickHeadz sets that Disney fans in the US are raring for. The LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey (41624) and Minnie (41625) represents two of the most revered Disney icons, with each BrickHeadz set coming in at 109 and 129 pieces respectively.

The LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey (41624) and Minnie (41625) also commemorates Disney’s humble beginnings 90 years ago to become the colossal House of Mouse that we know today. Though LEGO has not released any official word about the sets’ exact release date save for a brief teaser announcing their arrival, the word around LEGO fan circles is that they will on their way to store shelves on August 1 together with other BrickHeadz sets slated on this date.

For the mean time, let’s take a closer look at Disney’s most famous and endearing couple in LEGO BrickHeadz style.

LEGO BrickHeadz Disney Mickey (41624)

LEGO BrickHeadz Disney Minnie (41625)

These latest LEGO BrickHeadz sets follows other sought after collectibles such as Elsa (41617), Anna & Olaf (41618), Hermione (41616), and Harry & Hedwig (41615). For an updated listing of all known LEGO BrickHeadz that were now released so far, including those that we will watch out for, be sure to check out this neat graphic right here.

Ninjago Season 9 First Episode On Cartoon Network To Premiere In August

Since May, LEGO has been hyping the 9th season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on Cartoon Network, with a rather dramatic trailer that illustrated the dire circumstances of the main characters, separated between two worlds with an ascendant Lord Garmadon about to cement his rule over all. The thing is that nobody knew then when Ninjago season 9 will premiere.

At first, the announced Ninjago panel for SDCC 2018 didn’t offer any clues on the show, and even floated speculations that the ninth season might be the last, with the wording of the panel’s official description. But before the panel played out on Sunday, July 22, one of the LEGO Ninjago series’ co-creators finally dropped a hint about Season 9.

Tommy Andreasen went up and revealed that “Hunted”, the latest season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjiztu will premiere next month on Cartoon Network. Specifically, it will begin on August 11.

Just as a refresher: Ninjago season 9 – “Hunted” sees Lloyd and Nya trying to fight an increasingly futile rebellion against Lord Garmadon, with most of their friends banished to another dimension filled with dragons and dragon-slaving tribes, where they must try to survive and find a way to get home.

Perhaps Andreasen’s dropping of the start date for Ninjago season 9 on Cartoon Network will whet fans’ appetites for what other things will be revealed about the show and its future direction in the panel proper. You can count on us to deliver the goodies when they come to light.

Another SDCC 2018 LEGO Exclusive Reveal: LEGO DC Black Lightning Minifigure

After the reveal of this year’s first LEGO SDCC exclusive minifigure in the character of Sheriff Deadpool, we now have our second one coming from DC Comics, or more specifically from CW’s rendition of him. Revealed via Twitter, the LEGO DC Black Lightning minifigure features the television version of the retired superhero Jefferson Pierce who has the ability to harness and manipulate electricity at will. This is the first time ever that Black Lightning is in LEGO minifigure form, though he is not the first CW character to be given the honor of having the said LEGO SDCC tribute. Starting 2015, we have the characters of Arsenal, Atom in 2016, and Vixen from last year given the SDCC exclusive LEGO treatment.

LEGO DC Black Lightning

True to form, Black Lightning’s minifigure comes with finely detailed printing against a black background. The level of detail on the head piece is also spot on, with emphasis on his blue goggles that goes very well with the blue and yellow streaks of lightning on his torso.

LEGO DC Black Lightning

This SDCC exclusive, LEGO DC Black Lightning minifigure will be available for convention attendees via a lottery system, on July 20 from 10AM to 12NN, while Sheriff Deadpool will be on Saturday, July 21 also during the same time. This leaves us with the last minifigure reveal coming from the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. This minifig is slated to be available on the last day of the comic-con, July 22, and will be revealed anytime soon tomorrow or on Saturday.

More at SDCC 2018: Unikitty! New Episode Premiere and Q & A Panel

We’re literally counting the remaining days before the 2018 San Diego Comic Con kicks off. For those who are lucky to be going there among the LEGO fandom, there are already a whole lot of awesome things in store. From an advance screening of LEGO DC Super Heroes: Aquaman – Rage of Atlantis, to a panel for LEGO Ninjago, and one for the LEGO DC Super Villains game, it’s all there. But more is still in store. Following in the heels of the production team and voice talent for LEGO Ninjago showing up in their panel, the team for Unikitty! is also getting a Q&A portion. Unlike with Ninjago though, Unikitty! is nebulous on who among the show-runners and cast they’ll have appearing for the Q&A.

Said portion will come following a live screening of the latest episode in the Unikitty! series on Cartoon Network. The Q&A might also be a good time for SDCC attendees to ask about what role Unikitty might play in the plot of 2019’s The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. Here’s a complete description of SDCC 2018 Unikitty! panel.

Your favorite character from The LEGO Movie, Unikitty, is bringing her joyous kingdom to Comic-Con! Make sure to bring plenty of sparkle matter, positive vibes, and all your questions; producers and members of the voice cast will be on hand to share a new episode and answer your questions.

The Unikitty! new episode showing, and the post-screening Q&A panel with yet unspecified producers and voice cast, will take place on Saturday, July 21, the penultimate day for the San Diego Comic Con. In the meantime, several LEGO Unikitty! sets are already up in ahead of their arriving at stores this coming August 1.

LEGO Ninjago Panel to be Featured Once More at SDCC 2018: No Mention of Any New Season for the TV Show

LEGO Ninjago has always made its presence known at San Diego Comic Cons and this year is no less different. Almost like an annual tradition, the LEGO Ninjago panel is expected to be a part of SDCC 2018’s programming in which LEGO fans can likewise enjoy.

Slated on the last day of the comic book convention on July 22, the LEGO Ninjago panel will include the show’s co-creator and veteran producer Tommy Andreasen, LEGO Senior Design Manager Michael Svane Knap, Lead Writer Bragi Schut, and voice talents Brent Miller (the person behind the Zane’s voice), Kelly Metzger (voice of Nya), and Vincent Tong (voice of Kai). The panel will be moderated/hosted by Brian Bowler from the LEGO Group.

Traditionally, the LEGO Ninjago panel shares and discuss the details of where the franchise is heading for the following year. However, the panel’s official description is not really clear about this, and instead states that they will “talk about their favorite memories and other reflections on creating LEGO’s longest running and most successful show.” Is this a sign of things to come? Are we about to see the end of yet another LEGO TV show? Though these are just speculations, it is kind of hard not to consider this possibility since there has been no indication or rumor of any future LEGO Ninjago sets except for an anonymous source that claims across some LEGO fan forums that LEGO is planning to have a re-release of some sort of its previous LEGO Ninjago sets.

lego ninjago panel
The Fire Temple (2507) from 2011.
lego ninjago panel
The Earth Dragon Defense (2509) from 2011.

If I will correlate that with what we can expect from LEGO Ninjago panel in this year’s SDCC, could it really be possible that in keeping up with their “favorite memories” of the long-standing TV show, they will also make mention of the LEGO Ninjago sets that are most memorable to them and hence, an announcement of a “re-release” of these sets? Is not really far-fetched if you consider the circumstances. But bear in mind that these are just speculations, and whatever is the case we just have to wait until July 22 to see what LEGO has in store. The San Diego Comic Con 2018 will be from July 19 to 22 and is attended by thousands of pop culture fans, and home for exclusive merchandise such as LEGO sets and minifigures that you can never find anywhere else.

UK’s LEGO Masters Airing Soon In Germany and Australia

LEGO builders in the UK have had the pleasure of having a LEGO-themed reality TV show in the comfort of their homes. Entitled as LEGO Masters, the show is produced by Tuesday’s Child and airing on Channel 4 since its 2017 launch. It’s proven popular enough that two overseas versions are now on their way.

You know a reality TV show is going to be big internationally when its distribution rights are picked up by the Netherlands-based Endemol Shine Group. That major production company is now developing LEGO Masters shows for two countries in two regions: Australia in the Asia-Pacific and Germany in continental Europe.

First announced to go international back in April, the competition-based reality TV show will soon be having local versions airing on both Australia’s major Nine Network and RTL Television in Germany. Just like with the original UK show, the localized LEGO Masters will have contestants building their best LEGO MOCs in a weekly elimination contest format.

LEGO Masters

Endemol Shine CEO Lisa Perrin is confident in her group deciding to launch the LEGO-themed show internationally with localized versions. “LEGO is a globally renowned and much-loved phenomenon that appeals to people of all ages and LEGO Masters most definitely has the same pull,” she said.

In addition, Perrin believes the family-friendly format of the TV contest will catch the attention of German and Australian viewers like it did with British audiences, and more markets could follow with their own versions. The original LEGO Masters show will air a second season on Channel 4 later this year.