LEGO Gives Another Hint About a New LEGO Stranger Things Set

After releasing a cryptic, brick version of one of the clips in the Season 4 trailer of Netflix’s Stranger Things, LEGO seems to bring us closer to the possibility of seeing a new LEGO Stranger Things set anytime soon. LEGO seems to build up the hype when it responded to a LEGO fan’s comment over the latter’s tweet last weekend.

Of course, this could mean a ton but given that the context of the comment at that time was all about the likelihood of having new LEGO Stranger Things set or sets soon, then we can somehow have a level of confidence that this is something of a remote possibility in the next few weeks.

I’m not saying that this is in a way, a form of official confirmation since this is still part of LEGO’s marketing strategy to build up the hype. For all we know, it could just be a simple confirmation of the partnership between LEGO and Netflix, considering their 2019 collaboration on the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set which is also believed to be scheduled for retirement this year. It may be a way of supporting the series’ 4th season run. But this response from the LEGO Group’s social media handler seems to give more weight to the possibility of related future sets being on their way.

Are we to see more LEGO Stranger Things sets for this year? LEGO seems to say “yes”. 🙂

The LEGO fan community (aka that sector where the leaky faucet reigns supreme) seems to be relatively quiet, suggesting that whatever is on our way, it is still a closely guarded secret as formidable as that of the Hawkins National Laboratory. Whatever happens, I guess I will take LEGO’s word for it, and we ought to keep our eyes and radars open for any info that will point us in the direction of these possible future sets.

So what do you think about this latest hint from LEGO? Any guesses on what’s in store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) Officially Revealed

Following the teaser it released last weekend, LEGO has finally unveiled the LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) and has listed accordingly over at LEGO Shop@Home. Based on the iconic Warner Bros. TV series from the 90s, this latest brick rendition also celebrates the upcoming FRIENDS: The Reunion Special which will stream at HBO Max.

LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292)

This set brings to life those memorable moments of the gang over at Monica’s and Rachel’s, and Chandler and Joey’s apartments. Coming in at more than 2,000 pieces, this set is quite huge and offers tons of references and play features that loyal fans of the show will quickly recognize. We have a turkey figure that represents the one that Monica wore on her head, Phoebe’s creepy terrible art piece, and even that moment when a cat attacked Ross while Joey and Chandler are both busy taking care of their adopted chicken and duckling. Needless to say, it’s a great follow-up set to the LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) from two years ago.

These and much and more are all featured in the new LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) set is slated to be available for all LEGO VIP members for $ 149.99 starting May 19, with a general release on June 1. Be sure to add this set to your LEGO wishlist by clicking on the affiliate link below. And while you’re at it, be sure to drop a comment and share your thoughts about this latest 18+, collectible set.

LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292)

2,048 pieces | $149.99

LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292)

LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292)LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292) LEGO FRIENDS The Apartments (10292)

If you’re a fan of Friends, you’ll be right at home with this latest LEGO® homage to your favorite TV series. So many classic storylines have taken place within these walls. Now you can relive your favorites with this LEGO The Friends Apartments (10292) building kit. Enjoy the build, faithfully recreating the apartments. Then explore all the details, with references to best-loved episodes like Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey, Chandler and Joey’s reclining chairs, the chick and the duck, Phoebe’s dollhouse, and many more.

7 minifigures
You’ll find all the gang, plus Janice, included, each wearing authentic costumes like Rachel in her classic tartan skirt outfit and Joey wearing all Chandler’s clothes. With so many details, this LEGO Friends set looks fantastic on display.

A project that’s full of surprises
This Friends TV show LEGO set is from a collection of building kits for adults who appreciate great design. It also makes a top gift for those who love collectible Friends memorabilia.

  • Build and display a faithful LEGO® version of Joey and Chandler’s apartment and Monica and Rachel’s apartment, plus the adjoining hallway, with this Friends TV show LEGO set.
  • Packed with authentic details and references to classic Friends episodes, this LEGO® The Friends Apartments (10292) building kit for adults will make the day, month, and year of any Friends fan.
  • With 7 minifigures and tons of delightful accessories referencing best-loved moments from the hit TV show, this set looks amazing on display.
  • Offering an immersive build for adults, this set is the perfect way to celebrate your love of the Friends TV show. It also makes a top gift for anyone who loves Friends collectibles.
  • Measures over 4 in. (10 cm) high, 25 in. (64 cm) wide, and 12 in. (31 cm) deep. For a smaller display, the carpets lift out to create fun mini models.
  • Can you spot all the iconic moments celebrated in this set? Like the time the cheesecake falls on the floor, when a cat attacks Ross on the balcony, or when Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head.
  • You’ll be right at home exploring the authentic furniture and decor within this set. See Joey and Chandler’s reclining chairs, Monica’s green Ottoman, plus Gladys, Phoebe’s creepy painting.


LEGO Teases New Licensed Sets Slated To Be Revealed Soon

In case you missed it, LEGO released a couple of teasers over the weekend that hints at two upcoming LEGO sets based on existing licensed titles. Shared over its official Twitter page, these new LEGO licensed sets will most likely cater to adult fans of LEGO and will build on what its predecessors have offered before.

Both released in 2019, the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) and LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) are some of LEGO’s licensed sets that have the more serious LEGO collector in mind. The former is a form of collaboration with Netflix particularly in promoting one of its hit series Stranger Things, while the latter is a celebration of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV series, one of the most popular sitcoms of our time.

The popular LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) released in 2019 will eventually be followed by another similar set.
And likewise, the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) will be followed by another mystery set that is a tie-in to the upcoming Season 4 of the Netflix franchise.

And after two years since their launch, LEGO’s recent tweets came in as a welcome surprise that hints at the continuity of these themes. Check out these LEGO teasers below.

These teasers don’t say much about the kind of sets that we can expect from LEGO coming from these themes. The LEGO Stranger Things post is simply a brick/minifigure version of a clip from the series Season 4 trailer as you can see below.

Image credit: Netflix

The LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S. post is a reference to the gang set on a minifigure vignette of what seems to be their apartment. Well, to be frank, a quick search for #legoleaks will give you an idea about what to expect from this upcoming set. And from the get-go of this LEGO teaser, we can assume that the Central Perk set will be joined by another similar set highlighting their living quarters, and is a pretty large set for that matter.

We do not have an official reveal date for these but knowing how LEGO markets its new sets or these new licensed sets, in particular, we can surely expect an official reveal anytime soon. So what do you think the next LEGO Stranger Things is all about, and will this next LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S. set be on your LEGO must-have list? Let me know in the comments below.

A LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch Set Is About to Be Revealed Any Time Soon

The first episode of the Disney+ series, The Bad Batch has already streamed and the reviews are all over the top with the show receiving an average score of 96% over at Rotten Tomatoes, and 9.2 at IMDB. Needless to say, it looks like a very good start for Disney, and for LEGO as well since rumors have it that a LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch set is most likely on its way.

German online LEGO retailer JB Spielwaren shared via Instagram an upcoming promotional that may saw the reveal of the said tie-in. Now to be fair, the said Instagram post did not mention a specific LEGO set to be revealed. But another related incident has shown a strong possibility of such kind of a LEGO set reveal. An advertisement released by the German LEGO online store has inadvertently unveiled the LEGO Star Wars Bad Batch Shuttle (75314) set. The image quality itself is not ideal but enough to give us an idea of what to expect from this new tie-in set.

LEGO Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The German advert shows us the Bad Batch Shuttle (75314) design features, including two speeders and a collection of unique and colorful designs of the elite team’s minifigure counterparts: Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo.

There is no other information regarding this set except for the possibility that it will be around the 99.99 Euro price point. And since JB Spielwaren is about to make a reveal anytime soon, we might have an opportunity of knowing more about this set in the next couple of days.

The Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a direct sequel to the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series and follows the story of the Clone Force 99 – an elite team of clone troopers with genetic mutations that enable them to take on daring mercenary missions. The show is currently streaming over at Disney+ with new episodes being released on a weekly schedule.

Special thanks to Brick Fanatics for the additional info.

Will the Mandalorian Return With These Rumored 2021 LEGO Star Wars Sets?

Just when you thought that the Mandalorian has retreated from the LEGO spotlight (with a few LEGO Star Wars sets under his belt), it looks like the news on brick street points to the possibility of his return just in time for the holidays. An insider report shared by our colleagues from Promobricks points to the possibility (aka rumors) of seeing the lone warrior from Mandalore returning as part of this year’s LEGO Advent Calendar (75307) set. Additionally, another LEGO Star Wars set dedicated to one of the most enigmatic characters in the series will be included in the rumored LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Forge (75319).

According to the report, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75307) will center on the world of The Mandalorian and will feature not just the holiday versions of the Mandalorian and the Child (Grogu), but also a selection of characters including a Stormtrooper, a Scout Trooper, a Tusken Raider, and the iconic droid bounty hunter IG-11. Some of the vehicles that we saw from the Disney+ series will also be given the LEGO microscaled treatment in this set, particularly the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest, Cobb Vanths Speeder, a TIE Fighter, an X-Wing, a blue Landspeeder, an Imperial Troop Transport, and Moff Gideon’s cruiser to name some.

On the other hand, the LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Forge (75319) will feature the mysterious Armorer, the spiritual leader, and repairer of the Beskar-tempered Mandalorian armor. The Mandalorian Forge will also include the Mandalorian himself, and heavy weapons specialist Paz Vizsla.

Both sets are said to be scheduled for release sometime in September just in time for the holiday shopping rush. Check out the rest of their details below.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75307)

335 pieces | 2999 Euro | Minifigures include the Mandalorian, Grogu, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Tusken Raider, and IG-11 | Release date: September 2021

IG-11 is ready to nurse and protect in this year’s rumored LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.
LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Forge (75319)

258 pieces | 29.99 Euro | Minifigures include the Mandalorian, the Armorer, and Paz Vizsla | Release date: September 2021

The mysterious Armorer is rumored to have her own minifigure version in the LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian Forge set.

Just to reiterate that these are considered rumors until such time that LEGO makes an official reveal. So as a piece of friendly advice, consider this info for what they are, and let’s keep our radars open for more news coming from the rumor mill. In the meantime, you may share your thoughts in the comments section below.

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021 Official Images Released

Dutch online retailer Ottosimon updated their listing once again to now include the LEGO Ninjago summer 2021 range of sets that are scheduled to arrive in June. These sets follow the LEGO Ninjago 15th season storyline where the team’s next adventure sends them off on a journey in the depths of the sea, in search of answers for Nya’s mysterious powers.

Since February, it was rumored that these sets will be featuring an underwater adventure theme, complete with new aquatic creatures, and other mythical sea-dwelling beasts. These are all tied into the ninjas’ quest of answering the mysteries surrounding Nya’s uncontrollable powers.

Now that third-party retailers have been listing these sets already, then I guess it’s just a matter of time before they officially find their way over at LEGO Shop@Home. Needless to say, it’s a great year for LEGO Ninjago as well since the theme is celebrating its 10th anniversary, along with commemorative sets that include collectible golden minifigures.

I’ll be updating this post once LEGO Shop@Home lists these sets on its website. But in the meantime, let’s enjoy these images and other details.

Lloyd’s Hydro Mech (71750)

228 pieces | 19.99 Euro | Minifigures include Scuba Lloyd and Maaray Guard

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021
Ninja Sub Speeder (71752)

356 pieces | 39.99 Euro | Minifigures include Scuba Jay, Scuba Cole, and 2 Maaray Guards

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021


Water Dragon (71754)

737 pieces | 69.99 Euro | Minifigures include NRG Nya, Scuba Zane, Kalmaar, and 2 Maaray Guards

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021


Temple of the Endless Sea (71755)

1,060 pieces | 99.99 Euro | Minifigures include NRG Nya, Scuba Kai, Benthomaar, Kalmaar, Glutinous, and 2 Maaray Guards

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021


Hydro Bounty (71756)

1,159 pieces | 129.99 Euro | Minifigures include Scuba Kai, Scuba Jay, Scuba Cole, Scuba Zane, Scuba Lloyd, Scuba Nya, Kalmaar, Maaray Guard, Wu Bot (2x)

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2021

LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends Set Arriving For Summer 2021

Dutch online store Van Der Meulen has posted two new LEGO Disney sets that are both quite interesting. Though listed as 4+ sets, I’m sure that most LEGO minifigure collectors will grab copies of these once they are made available this summer. These LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends sets feature an entirely new pair of Mickey and Minnie minifigs, plus some exciting characters as well.

These new LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends set also include Goofy and Pluto in their minifigure versions. If you recall, Goofy first arrive in LEGO minifig form when he was exclusively added in 2019’s D2C (direct-to-consumer) set, the app-powered LEGO Disney Train and Station (71044). The set was understandably pricey given that it is a functional train set. And if you missed out on that one, LEGO Disney minifigure collectors will certainly appreciate what LEGO did here by adding Goofy in a typical LEGO set. Additionally, the inclusion of an updated version of Pluto as a LEGO minifigure is long overdue, with the loyal sidekick first having a minifigure of his own more than 20 years ago in sets such as Mickey’s Car Garage (4166) and Mickey’s Mansion (4167). Though I must say that I prefer the previous, more classic version of Pluto than that of the upcoming one. The previous version seems to be more streamlined and closer to Pluto’s actual animated version. Additionally, Mickey and Minnie also look cute in their firefighter costumes.

LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends Fire Truck and Station (10776)

144 pieces | 49.99 Euro | Minifigures include Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy

LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends


And lastly, this next set brings the Disney couple into space with the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse’s and Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket (10774) set. Another 4+ set, this offering features a recolored version of their minifigure heads that resembles an astronaut’s headgear. Their torso also comes in new astronaut uniform prints, equipped with space exploring accessories.

LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse’s and Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket (10774)

88 pieces | 19.99 Euro | Minifigures include Mickey and Minnie in their astronaut uniforms

LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends


UPDATE: This particular set is not yet listed over at Van Der Meulen, but was spotted by Brick Fanatics over at LEGO’s customer service portal for online building instructions. The listing seems to be taken down already, but with quick LEGO fans getting a snapshot of what it has to offer. Special thanks also to Stone Wars for the additional info.

Another 4+ set is also on its way that features both Donald Duck Mickey Mouse in one collectible building set. Other than these new minifig renditions, collectors will be happy to know that this set also offers our very first sheep figure which is more likely a single-brick version of the farm animal. The set also features a buildable tractor, farmhouse, fences, cart, and a collection of barn animals such as a horse, rabbit, and chicken.

In a similar vein, the girls are having their R&R time over at the beach, chilling out with their very own ice cream shop. The LEGO Disney Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop (10773) features new minifigure versions of Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse befitting of a summer getaway. The set also comes with a buildable converter, an ice cream shop, and a beach lounge chair with an umbrella.

Last on our list is a set that brings Mickey flying in the sky. The LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane (10772) features a pilot version of Mickey Mouse complete with a new goggles minifigure head print, and an aviation jacket printed torso.

 LEGO Disney Mickey and Donald Farm (10775)

118 pieces | 29.99 Euro | Minifigures include Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse


LEGO Disney Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop (10773)

100 pieces | 19.99 Euro | Minifigures include Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse


LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane (10772)

59 pieces | 9.99 Euro | Includes a minifigure pilot version of Mickey Mouse


All in all, this next wave of LEGO Disney sets is sure to catch the eyes of the discerning LEGO minifigure collector despite its 4+ branding. These sets are not yet listed on LEGO’s home shopping portal but same as before, I’ll keep this post updated once more information comes in. Stay tuned!

More LEGO BrickHeadz Disney 2021 Sets Arriving This Summer

It’s a long time coming, but it’s nice to see that Donald’s LEGO BrickHeadz version will finally have a partner that has been on the wishlist of LEGO BrickHeadz fans for almost a year. Thanks to a now-removed reference from the LEGO Customer Service portal, we can confirm that there are two LEGO BrickHeadz Disney 2021 sets that will be arriving this summer.

This particular reference came in the form of building instructions that were posted quite too early. And thanks to these building instructions, we can have a good look at what’s in store with these sets.

First off, we will be having a new LEGO BrickHeadz Daisy Duck (40476) set, expected to retail for 9.99 Euros. The set comes with two 1×4 printed tiles and a nice brick-built pink ribbon accessory. Needless to say, this particular set will go very well with the LEGO BrickHeadz Donald Duck (40377).

Next is what seems to be the second of its kind following the same set concept as that of the LEGO BrickHeadz Harry, Hermione, Ron, & Hagrid (40495) set. And from the Disney subtheme, we got a Duck Tales-inspired set in the form of the LEGO BrickHeadz Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie (40477). The set features the entire gang, with the siblings following the same build identifiable only through their colored tiles.

We do not have further details about these LEGO BrickHeadz Disney 2021 sets such as their piece count and retail price except for the possibility that they will arrive in June 2021. I will update this post once official info comes out from LEGO Shop@Home. In the meantime, be sure to keep tabs with us here on our blog site for more LEGO-related news.

Thanks to Promobricks for the heads-up.

Record-Breaking 57 Product Ideas Qualify for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review

They just keep on coming, and I love it! The LEGO Ideas fan submission platform has just concluded with another record-breaking high, with a total of 57 product ideas qualifying for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review stage, as announced over their blogsite. These 57 submissions managed to get the necessary 10,000 fan votes needed to progress for this year’s first LEGO Ideas review.

Since the start of the pandemic, the LEGO Ideas platform saw a steady increase of fan submissions, largely as a result of increased LEGO building at home. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous related article, this is a testament to how LEGO building as a hobby, turned out to be a positive outlet for most LEGO fans as we strive to cope with the series of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.

I’ve always been a fan of LEGO Ideas, and I’ve covered and supported some of its fan submissions that eventually found their way to becoming official LEGO Ideas sets. And I also intend to continuously cover every LEGO Ideas fan submission that reaches that 10K support milestone. However, the recent influx of review stage qualifiers is just kind of hard to keep track of! I guess I just have to double down on keeping them on my radar. It will always be a pleasure to see the creativity of the LEGO fan community spring into life, so be ready with the scroll wheel because this will be a very lengthy list.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that there was a particular fan submission that didn’t make the cut even though it managed to reach 10,000 supporters. The Stadium Tour did not eventually qualify for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review because it failed to follow the platform’s stipulated guidelines, particularly on “intellectual properties”.

As a last note, the Third 2020 LEGO Ideas Review Stage is about to be concluded, with the announcement of the winner slated to happen sometime this summer. We have to wait a lit bit more to see which among the 25 qualifiers in this particular review stage will go on to become an official LEGO Ideas set. For now, let’s take a look at what these new 57 product qualifiers for the First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage has to offer. Which is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

1. The Princess Bride: The Guilder Frontier by FSLeinad

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review

2. Tutankhamun by Swan Dutchman


3. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Halloween Town by Tvrulesmylife

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


4. Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda) by Artem Biziaev


5. The Polar Express by Minibrick Productions

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


6. Steampunk Airship by BrickHammer


7. Baba Yaga by Artem Biziaev

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


8. The Office by SoGenius106


9. LEGO DNA Double Helix Discovery by LegoDNA

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


10. The X-Files: I Want To Believe by BrentWaller


11. Metroid: Samus Aran’s Gunship by L-DI-EGO

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


12. The House of Chocolate by Lepralego


13. Chitty Flies Again! by Norders

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


14 Among Us: The Skeld Detailed Map by VaderFan2187


15. Welcome to the Black Parade by VNMBricks


16. Succulent Garden by Succulent Joe

First 2021 LEGO Ideas Review


17. The Village Post Office by Bricked1980


18. Train Bookends by Jimmi-DK


19. LEGO Viking Ship by JonasKramm


20. Jazz Quartet by Hsinwei Chi


21. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Paradise by TiagoCatarino


22. Medieval Marketplace by DominikQN


23. Bike Lanes by MarcelSteeman


24. Working Bowling Alley – With Functional Pinsetter & Ball Return! by LEGOParadise


25. Asterix & Obelix by ZetoVince GP


26. LEGO Bookends by farmfarm


27. The Shire, The Hobbithole of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins by TB Brickcreator


28. The King’s Castle by BrickHammer


29. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by FACEBRICKUP


30. The Trulli of Alberobello by Renato Lovicario RennaWSL


31. Ancient Greek Temple by HP_Brixxter


32. The Karate Kid “Wax On, Wax Off”by Delusion Brick


33. Claus Toys by Bricky_Brick


34. The Sewing Workshop by Bricky_Brick


35. My LEGO Totoro (Feat. Cat Bus) by legotruman


36. NASA’s SLS & Artemis by Matthew Nolan & Whatsuptoday & Albinolan


37. The Lisbon Tram by Bricky_Brick


38. Via Rail Canada – The Canadian by NickLafreniere1


39. Castle of Lord AFOL and the Black Knights by SleeplessNight


40. SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy (BFR) by haymaw99 & khehmeyer


41. The Simpsons – The Krusty Burger by FastBrickStudios


42. LEGO Modular Expansion Pack by Fargo73


43. 4½-Litre 1927-31 Bentley ‘Blower’ by bencroot19


44. Fantasy Castle by LEGO Monkey


45. The Castle of Brickwood Forest by poVoq


46. Violin by SAMUEL HO


47. Marine Life by Brick Dangerous


48. LEGO Astronaut by legotruman


49. The Office by Lego The Office


50. Winter Snow Globes by legotruman


51. A Map of Middle-Earth by Artem Biziaev


52. Retro Arcade by If You Build It


53. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs by Hanwasyellowfirst


54. A Nice Day At The Farm by Adri Clo


55. The Forth Bridge by michaeldineen7


56. Scania Next Generation S730 by mpj83


57. Modular Portal Testing Chamber by Angry4rtichoke


LEGO Masters US Season 2 Contestants Revealed

We’re just a month away before we see the return of the grandest LEGO building contest on television. In its first season, we saw Tyler and Amy emerge as the ultimate LEGO Masters with their final build, The Treasure of the Griffin. And this time around, another batch of 12 teams will be vying for that coveted brick trophy, and $100,000 to become the ultimate champion in LEGO Masters US Season 2. The US version is released by FOX with LEGO Batman’s Will Arnett returning as its host. Its first episode is scheduled to air on June 1, 2021 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

Read on for the LEGO Masters US season 2 press release. Here’s also a look at the twelve pairs of contestants taking up the challenge.


Paired in Teams of Two, 24 LEGO(R) Enthusiasts Impress with New Elaborate Builds on the Season Premiere, Airing Tuesday, June 1, on FOX

Bringing imagination, design, and creativity to life, Season Two of LEGO MASTERS – hosted and executive-produced by Will Arnett – premieres Tuesday, June 1 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, when 12 new pairs of LEGO(R) enthusiasts go head-to-head, with infinite possibilities and an unlimited supply of LEGO(R) bricks. The new duos are set to compete against each other in even more ambitious brick-building challenges – including an earthquake tower challenge, a demolition derby, a LEGO(R) fashion show, and more – to be crowned the country’s most talented amateur LEGO(R) builders. In each episode, Arnett, alongside expert Brickmasters and LEGO(R) employees Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard, will encourage the builders, introduce incredible challenges and put their creativity and skills to the test. The competing pairs who impress the Brickmasters the most will progress to the next round, until the finale, during which the top teams will face off for a $100,000 cash prize, the ultimate LEGO(R) trophy, and the grand title of LEGO MASTERS.


Bryan & Lauren

From Laguna Beach, CA | Siblings

LEGO Masters US Season 2


Caleb & Jacob

From La Crosse, WI | Brothers


Dave & Richard

From Chicago, IL and Brooklyn, NY respectively | Friends

LEGO Masters US Season 2


Jack & Dawn

From Milton, OH and Coopersville, MI respectively | Siblings


Maria & Philip

From Grand Rapids, MI | Married Couple

LEGO Masters US Season 2


Mark & Steven

From Atlanta, GA | Brothers


Natalie & Michelle

From Tulsa, OK and Mesa, AZ respectively | Friends

LEGO Masters US Season 2


Paras & Moto

From Boston, MA and Denver, CO respectively | Friends


Susan & Jen

From American Fork, UT | Friends


Syreeta & Randall

From Queens, NY, and Chicago, IL respectively | Friends


Zach & Tim

From Gaylord, MI | Father-Son


Zack & Wayne

From Stockton, CA | Brothers