LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit Animated Special to Air on NBC

The third installment of the Jurassic World saga from Universal Pictures is still a long ways off, but its recent sequel Fallen Kingdom is still quite fresh in the minds of moviegoers, enough that LEGO has announced new sets to come out in 2019, plus an animated special to boot. Said animated special was to be aired late this year, and at last LEGO has fleshed out information about it. The title is LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit, to be aired on NBC network. LEGO posits this special as taking place before the events of Jurassic World in 2015.

The LEGO Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit follows Claire Dearing, operations manager of the Jurassic World theme park, as she receives orders from her boss and park owner Simon Masrani, to transfer three dinosaurs to a secret exhibition area that houses a new attraction, touted as the greatest thing since the discovery of dinosaurs.

Claire thus takes animal behaviorist Owen Grady from his current assignment of teaching his baby raptors in order to transport the dinosaurs in question. But that mission’s a bit tougher than expected; and there’s something about the new attraction that’s more than meets the eye (though it’s not Transformers-related, sorry).

We can expect this LEGO Jurassic World animated special to premiere on NBC in two parts, on November 29. The Secret Exhibit will then be uploaded on several streaming platforms (NBC app and Hulu among them) on November 30, and will finally be available on DVD in January 15, 2019.

Latest “Doctor Who” Episode Has 13th Doctor Mentioning Herself as a “Doctor of LEGO”, Among Other Fields

Never let it be said that American pop-culture franchises have a monopoly on licensing for LEGO products. One look at specific lines like LEGO Harry Potter is enough to prove that generalization wrong. Another big franchise originating from the UK that had gotten its LEGO limelight was BBC’s Doctor Who.

In past years, two incarnations of the Time Lord known only as The Doctor – Matt Smith as the Eleventh and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth – got official LEGO minifigures, whether as part of a now-retired LEGO Ideas set or as a franchise tie-in for the now-cancelled LEGO Dimensions online game.

The Thirteenth and current Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whitaker, has yet to get a LEGO rendition. But on the fifth episode of her ongoing series, “The Tsuranga Conundrum” which aired on BBC One November 4, she had a line of dialogue that referenced the toy brand in a nice shout-out.

In that episode, The Doctor was asked perhaps one likely query given to all her incarnations about just what sort of doctor they all are. When a medic in one scene asked if her Doctor title is one for medicine, The Doctor quickly rattles off her various “fields of expertise”, in this order: “Medicine, science, engineering, candyfloss, LEGO, philosophy, music, problems, people, hope, mostly hope.”

Jodie Whitaker has the great honor of playing the first known female regeneration of The Doctor in all the decades of their collective adventures. Her show, the 11th series of the Doctor Who revival, airs every Sunday on BBC One.

Show-runners of “LEGO Star Wars All Stars” Appearing for Autographs and Q&A Panel at Anaheim this November

If any of you LEGO and Star Wars fans out there were intrigued by the first trailer for upcoming LEGO Star Wars All Stars 3D-animated series on Disney XD, that’s probably because it was developed by the same minds behind an earlier DXD LEGO Star Wars show, The Freemaker Adventures.

That probably explains why Roger/R0-GR, the patchwork old Trade Federation battle-droid of the Freemaker siblings was included in the character roll call for LSW All Stars, a nice shout-out from the two series’ common show-runners Bill Motz and Bob Roth. These two are aware that fans have a lot of inquiries about the new show, so they’re getting ready to tell all/some and sign autographs.

Anaheim toy store Bricks & Minifigs will be playing host to a poster signing event and Q&A panel for LEGO Star Wars All Stars creators Motz and Roth next month.

While LSW All Stars won’t start in earnest until November 10, shorts for the series have already begun uploading on the official Disney XD YouTube channel for viewers to get tastes of what the new show has to offer before the full premiere. As for the Bricks & Minifigs event with the show-runners, you may check the store’s official Facebook page for more details. The event kicks off this Saturday, November 3, starting 10AM PDT.

LEGO Star Wars All Stars Animated Series Coming to Disney XD

A simplified description of the current atmosphere of the Star Wars franchise is that it’s both caught between two camps (“it’s okay” and “everything sucks now”), and that it’s “tired” (Solo’s bad box office was officially due to movie fatigue, having Disney-Lucasfilm announce that they’ll space films further after IX). But where LEGO Star Wars is concerned, everything looks promising. The sets are selling good and the minifigures are sought after. Now LEGO’s going to bring Star Wars to the TV in the form of LEGO Star Wars All Stars, a 3D animated series coming on Disney XD and DisneyNOW.

From the trailer they posted, it looks like LEGO Star Wars All Stars will cover all characters throughout the prequel, original and sequel sagas of the massive space opera franchise. That includes (young) Han Solo and Lando, Leia, Admiral Ackbar, Rey and Kylo Ren, and Roger (Roger) the Federation battle droid.

Seeing all the comical takes on various Star Wars plot lines as interpreted in LEGO builds and minifigures is sure to be a treat even for the burned-out main-media followers, as LEGO Star Wars All Stars promises to be the epic series that keeps on giving.

Catch the series starting next month on Saturday, November 10.

“LEGO Masters Australia” to Have LCP Ryan “Brickman” McNaught as Judge

LEGO Masters has been quite the popular and successful reality competition on UK television with support enough from a LEGO fandom audience to earn a second season, and a trip overseas for localization in mainland Europe and Australia courtesy of Endemol. The latter version’s already revealed its host. Now it’s introducing one of its judges.

It being aired on the Land Down Under, it’s only natural perhaps that the new LEGO Masters will find a judge for the contest from the best of the best of its already-established giants of LEGO building. Thus there can be no real surprise that Ryan “Brickman” McNaught was chosen.

McNaught is a LEGO Certified Professional (LCP), a trusted business partner of The LEGO Group that has turned their lifelong hobby into a well-paying career. He is one of only 14 LCPs and the only one based south of the equator. Samples of his work include brick exhibits at Dreamland theme park and a display model of Australia’s Parliament House.

Like its original British version, LEGO Masters Australia will have eight building duos being given 2.5 million LEGO bricks and time to make the sweetest construct they could, according to a different theme every week. Ultimately one winning pair will win the AU$100,000 grand prize.

LEGO Masters Australia, with Brickman as judge and Hamish Blake as host, will premiere on Chanel Nine network in 2019 with its German counterpart. The UK original is due to start a new season itself.

Host Revealed and Casting Starts for “LEGO Masters” Australian Version

Back in July, it was revealed that LEGO Masters, the brick-building reality competition for LEGO fans produced by Tuesday’s Child for Channel 4 in the UK, has been picked up by reality programming distributor Endemol Shine Group, with the intent of having localized versions produced in countries around the world.

The first two countries to take up that gauntlet have been Germany and Australia, the latter intended to be aired on major network Channel Nine. Just over three months since the news broke, Channel Nine made a little teaser on Wednesday about their own LEGO Masters show, particularly about who they’ve tapped to host it.

Australian comedian and actor Hamish Blake is set to be the host of LEGO Masters Australia, as was seen during a trade show where Channel Nine was previewing its upcoming new programs. Blake got on stage wearing a life-sized minifigure bodysuit and introduced himself by taking the smiley headpiece off.

This version of LEGO Masters has already begun casting for contestants, adults and minors in solo or teams, all ready to face the various large-scale LEGO building challenges that await them to be crowned the LEGO Master of Australia. The show starts sometime in 2019.

2019 LEGO Ninjago Sets Teased

If you recall from last July, we reported on a certain rumor that the upcoming 2019 LEGO Ninjago sets will be based on previous releases stretching back to 2011 when the theme was first introduced. Speculations regarding a Ninjago re-release were further flamed when during SDCC 2018, it was revealed by the LEGO Ninjago panel that there were no new season on the works for next year. Instead, the panel became a sort of a trip down Ninjago memory lane where the panelists talked about their most memorable episodes from the franchise during the past 7 years. This lead many LEGO Ninjago fans to think that there might be no new and unique tie-in sets to expect come 2019.

Fast forward to October, the recent update to the LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja app were rolled out both on the App Store and Google Play, and somewhere along its cache of bikes are images of two of the most familiar rides in Ninjago. Here is a screenshot of Kai’s Fire Cycle and Zane’s Snowmobile as seen from the app.

Kai’s Fire Cycle as seen in LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja app.
Zane’s Snowmobile as seen in LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja app.

If you’re a long time fan of the franchise, it will be relatively easy for you to see that these two virtual bikes are very much the same to actual sets seen in LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle (9441) and Fangpyre Truck Ambush (9445). Both of these sets were released in 2012 as part of a series of sets in line with LEGO Ninjago Rise of the Snakes story arc.

Kai’s Blade Cycle (9441).
Zane’s Snowmobile as seen in Fangpyre Ambush (9445).

It is also interesting to note that a rumored list of new 2019 LEGO sets to watch out for also made mention of a Kai’s Blade Cycle and Zane’s Snowmobile (70667) set. It is not far-fetched to consider that we might be seeing these cool Ninjago bikes again, but this time, combined in a single set. It should be noted that the same list also includes sets such as Fire Temple (70680), Jay’s Storm Fighter (70668), Samurai Mech (70665), Cole’s Earth Driller (70669), and The Golden Dragon (70666), all of which are very similar to LEGO Ninjago sets released between 2011 to 2013.

Fire Temple (2507) from 2011


Jay’s Storm Fighter (9442) from 2012


Samurai Mech (9448) from 2012


Cole’s Earth Driller (70502) from 2013


The Golden Dragon (70503) from 2013

The way I see it, there is nothing much to expect from these 2019 LEGO Ninjago sets if indeed they are the exact same copies of their predecessors. However, it will be nice of LEGO if they can probably throw in some new pieces or new iterations of Ninjago minifigures, and not just to rehash another re-release. I’m not really sure if LEGO Ninjago fans will agree, but the way I see it, the LEGO Ninjago theme has reached a certain plateau or saturation point where the stories behind the theme might need a reboot of some kind. For sets that are dependent on an original LEGO theme or story, it is definitely a challenge to keep it more engaging and interesting. Undoubtedly, LEGO Ninjago is one of LEGO’s original and longest running fantasy-themed line, and it’s kind of difficult to imagine that it might suffer the same fate like that of Bionicle and Nexo Knights. We just have to wait and see in 2019.

I’m an Uber Fanboy Once Again With This Custom LEGO Transformers Devastator!

My faith in humanity is restored! OK, that’s a bit overboard – but you couldn’t blame me if you see an incredibly, exquisitely and wonderfully executed custom LEGO Transformers Devastator such as this by Alex Jones. I feel transported to the 80’s once again, with the same intense childhood wonder when I first saw the Constructicons combine and become the formidable Devastator.

The color scheme in Alex’s creation is simply spot on and triggers those happy memories of admiration to these green-colored combiners. Nothing beats the original.

With three years in the making, this custom LEGO Transformers Devastator is worth the wait especially considering that each of the six Constructicons can easily transform to robot and alt mode and vice versa. Plus the choice of using lime green and dark purple for their color is just so perfect.

According to Alex, everything in this build is made from authentic LEGO pieces save for the Constructicon heads and custom stickers. He also included a 2×3 light brick in Devastator’s head that makes the iconic robot more intimidating. If you want to see more of Alex’s custom LEGO Transformers Devastator, be sure check out the rest of his gallery right here.

Now if only LEGO can come up with this, I will surely get this right of the bat next to LEGO Ideas Voltron. Well, I guess any true LEGO fan can dream of being in LEGO Cybertron every once in a while. Thank you Alex for sharing your creation!


Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory Features a Custom LEGO Brickfast

This past Monday began the last stretch of the CBS sitcom that, from 2007, has managed to endear itself to television audiences: The Big Bang Theory. September 24 was the premiere of the show’s twelfth and final season, and promises to (figuratively) go out like the explosion in its title. Why are we talking about this? That’s because part of the plot for S12 – Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory offers a big shout-out to LEGO. The reference can’t get any louder when the episode starts with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) greeting Amy (Mayim Bialik) in the morning with a custom LEGO brickfast in bed.


Oh yes – the plate on Sheldon’s hand contained the usual custom LEGO brickfast of AFOL Champions: with bacon, eggs and pancakes made entirely of LEGO bricks, as confirmed by Bialik in her blog, mentioning that it was probably put together by an anonymous production staff builder.

That’s not the end of it though. Recall that Sheldon and Amy are on honeymoon at this point, and they’re going to have it at…wait for it…LEGOLAND Resort New York! Funny thing is that the theme park on Goshen, NY shouldn’t be open until 2020. And the visit’s off-screen, too.

big bang theory lego billboard

LEGO and The Big Bang Theory have been in a real awesome partnership ever since LEGO Ideas churned out a (now-retired) set based on the sitcom (21302). Then in 2017 the show along with some of its fellow Warner Bros. TV productions received brick-built billboards courtesy of LEGO. That’s cool.

Here’s hoping we get more TBBT-LEGO shenanigans before the sitcom’s grand finale sometime next year.

It May Not Be Over 9,000 Bricks, But This Brick-Built Vegeta in Great Ape Form Is Jaw-Dropping

If you’re anime fan, than you will probably agree that Dragon Ball Z and its cast of high-flying, hard-hitting, and battle-shouting warriors (yeah, there ARE a lot of shouting in DBZ) has become icons of the anime world. The first season of the classic Dragon Ball Z series introduces us to the Saiyan race, helmed by the self-proclaimed Saiyan Prince Vegeta. His confrontation with Goku during the first season of DBZ gave us a glimpse of his Great Ape form which literally crushed the living lights out of Goku. And this time around, as his way of tribute to the Prince of the Saiyan race, Japanese Master Builder Moko gives his interpretation of a brick-built Vegeta in minifigure scale, and the result is simply awe-inspiring.

If you remember from 2 years ago, I featured Moko in several of my write-ups when he cleverly created his versions of a mecha-riding Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck minifigures, a custom LEGO Transformer Brick, and a LEGO Mechatrobot MOC. Now he is back and this time with a MOC that is grander in scale – in fact, at minifigure scale that makes a custom Goku minifigure seems like an insect in comparison.

Moko never ceases to amaze with his brick-building techniques. His attention to detail in creating this brick-built Vegeta is astounding. The circles around his eyes, the ‘patch’ of hair underneath his tattered clothes, and the smooth flow of his gigantic tail were created by employing ‘organic’ or life-like building techniques using unconventional LEGO pieces (i.e. the emphasis around his eyes were achieved using minifigure arms while the tail’s flexibility is recreated by joining several tire pieces). He even recreated Vegeta’s damaged shoulder guard at properly balanced proportions.

The level of skill and effort that Moko showed in creating this MOC gets even more impressive when you realize that this MOC is at minifigure scale and highly articulated in spite of its massive size. Its jointed parts from the hip down to the ankles allow a variety of lower body poses for this brick-built Vegeta. His hands are superbly designed as well, with Moko giving considerable attention on how to make it life-like as much as possible.

Moko also Tweeted this image to give you a better perspective on how big this version of Vegeta is.

If you like this MOC from Moko, be sure to visit his blogsite for more custom LEGO projects. The site is in Japanese so be sure to have Google Translate ready.