Building Instructions Shared for Castle Byers Make-and-Take During LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810) Launch

So, how’s that LEGO Stranger Things hype, huh? It’s now a day since the late-night/midnight launch events in NYC and London. The Upside Down (75810) was a massive hit with everyone who saw it. And attendees of the respective events had a great time with the crowds, spectacle and entertainment.

Part of the activities offered during the launch of 75810 was a Make-and-Take event. Those who joined in got the opportunity to build a miniature of another famous landmark from “Stranger Things.” Who can resist the sight of Castle Byers, the little fort in the woods? Can anyone not be charmed by a LEGO interpretation?

A Reddit user has done LEGO and “Stranger Things” fans a solid by posting the Make-and-Take build’s instruction sheet. Like all M&Ts of the sort, the instructions are but two pages long. They should be easy to follow for curious builders who couldn’t be there for the actual launch events.


Even if a LEGO fan needs to hunt down some parts listed online, he won’t need to spend much. A calculation done on the Reddit post claims the total for all bricks to be roughly $5 only. About the only details permanently missing from self-builds of LEGO Castle Byers are the label-stickers for the signs.

Back with the star of the shows last Tuesday-Wednesday, VIPs can get LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810) now. The rest will have to wait until June 1. We also invite you to look back at the nifty and fun promo teasers LEGO presented before/after the set’s official reveal.


One Last Teaser and an Appropriately Eighties-Style Designer Video for LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810)

By now, the facts are all laid out. In LEGO Stores at the Flatiron district and Leicester Square the eagerly-awaited set has come. LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down (75810) has been everything it was hyped to be and much more. Check out our coverage of it to be sure.

We probably don’t need to reiterate much from our feature article. Everybody now knows the intricate detail and snazzy design mechanics of The Upside Down (75810). The promotional blitz LEGO unleashed ahead of its reveal has done wonders. And now, it’s time to wrap up our coverage of that too.

One last teaser that came out before the launch events on both sides of the Atlantic appeared on LEGO’s Facebook. We see a brick-rendered recreation of the wall-alphabet communication rig used by Joyce. Lights played by LEGO stud pieces spell out an urgent message from the company, meant for fans.

The real kicker however is the non-routine designer video for LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down (75810). Remember the earlier LEGO teaser with the retro-grainy 1980’s TV commercial? They carry over the aesthetic for the vid featuring set designer Justin Ramsden. The bonus: it’s set up like an eighties late-night talk show with a host!

You can see more details of the LEGO Stranger Things – The Upside Down set (75810) on its Shop@Home listing. It’s priced at $199.99 and will become available on June 1. As for the hit Netflix series it’s based on, season 3 of “Stranger Things” will arrive for streaming July 4.

LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) Set Officially Revealed

By now the trail is pretty much clear. And after several teases on social media, it looks like LEGO has finally lifted the mystery surrounding its latest offering. Coming in at 2,287 pieces and retailing for $199.99 USD, we now have the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set inspired by the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. Check out the following crystal clear images and official product description.

LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810)

Ages 16+. 2,287 pieces
US $199.99 – CA $269.99 – DE €199.99 – UK £179.99 – FR €199.99 – DK 1799DKK

The ultimate LEGO® Stranger Things model to build and collect!

Fans of the global hit Netflix original series will appreciate the authentic details of this highly collectible LEGO® Stranger Things toy – 75810 The Upside Down. This sturdy, brick-built model can flip between the real world and The Upside Down. The design of the model’s building instructions makes it a great shared building experience with friends and family. The Byers’ house features Will’s bedroom, the living room and the dining room. The Upside Down version of the house, from an alternate dimension, features all the rooms from the real-world model but with a dark, vine-covered, dilapidated look that fans will instantly recognize from the series. With 8 Stranger Things figures, each with its own accessories, this playset makes a great gift for Stranger Things fans who will love to build and display this model to show their passion for the series.

  • This LEGO® Stranger Things toy includes 8 instantly recognizable Stranger Things minifigures from the hit Netflix original series: Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon.
  • The Byers’ house features a front porch with furniture, living room, dining room and Will’s bedroom.
  • The living room features authentic details from the series, like the alphabet wall with a light-up function, couch, coffee table, telephone, axe, ‘have you seen me?’ flyer stickered element and a bear trap to catch the Demogorgon.
  • Will’s bedroom plays a central role in the series, which this model faithfully replicates, including details like Will’s boombox, bed, desk, desk lamp, drawings and movie posters.
  • The dining room includes an armchair, boxes that store Christmas lights, fantasy game rule book stickered element and a potted plant.
  • The attic space includes a Mind Flayer drawing stickered element and a wizard hat for ‘Will the Wise’.
  • The Upside Down set captures the look and feel from the Netflix original series, including creepy vines, dark coloring and a dilapidated look.
  • Chief Jim Hopper’s police truck includes a removable roof for easy access to the interior and a pumpkin element as a reminder of Season 2.
  • Accessory elements include Lucas’ slingshot and flashlight, Dustin’s walkie-talkie and compass, Mike’s flashlight and walkie-talkie, Hopper’s coffee mug, Joyce’s flashlight and drawing of ‘Will the Wise’, and Eleven’s waffle.
  • This Stranger Things collectible includes over 2,200 pieces and comes in 11 bags, so the real world and The Upside Down can be built at the same time for a shared building experience.
  • Measures over 12” (32cm) tall, 17” (44cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep.

The LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set will be available for an early release for LEGO VIP members on May 15, and at all LEGO stores and beginning June 1. The set measures 44.6 x 32.8 centimeters, and uses some interesting pieces and building techniques to replicate the rotting, deteriorating aspect of the Upside Down. The set also features a kind of flip action that lets you switch between the normal and Upside Down worlds. The reverse side of the set also underscores some of the most significant parts of the Byers home, including its famous Christmas lights and alphabet wall. I’m quite intrigued about the stability of this set, and on how this will manage to stand on its own. I’m also interested to see how the Demogorgon will fair in its LEGO minifig form. Word also has it that this will be the only licensed set under the Stranger Things theme, so it might be better for LEGO fans of the hit Netflix series to keep a close eye on this.

In case you don’t know yet, the cool builders behind Build Better Bricks also has their own custom brick-built version of the Byer’s House available in their site. Be sure to visit B3’s website to check out the building instructions for this custom set.


LEGO Ideas Flintstones (21316) Creator Andrew Clark’s Other Submission: “Thunderbirds are Go” Needs 2-K More Support, with 80+ Days Left

Last year, LEGO Ideas member Andrew Clark hit a home run. His product idea for a LEGO Flintstones set got support, passed review, and became an official set released this March. What might be next for him? Well, Clark has another product idea close to 10-K support. But it’s got less than 100 days left.

This other submission is based on “Thunderbirds are Go.” That’s the CGI-animated remake of the iconic 1960s British sci-fi “Supermarionation” series “Thunderbirds.” Clark’s product idea is a micro-scale multi-vehicle build set. Its central feature is the Thunderbird 2 carrier, able to transport any of 2 smaller vehicles in its pod.


Said sub-vehicles are the search-and-rescue mini-sub Thunderbird 4 and the Mole tunneling driller. Clark’s LEGO Ideas images include the Elevator Car from the original 1960s show. He has retained that despite its not appearing in the “Thunderbirds are Go” reboot.


Also included are micro-figures of the Scott brothers: Scott, Virgil (Thunderbird 2 pilot), Alan, Gordon (Thunderbird 4 pilot) and John. Later updates by Andrew Clark add retro-style International micro-figures including support member Brains. Then there’s the bonus Virgil Tracy minifigures (in retro/remake styles) plus an adjustable Thunderbird 2 cockpit chair for him to sit on.



Extra bits include some 1×3 LEGO bricks printed with the International Rescue acknowledgement call-sign “FAB.” Next are variable 2×3 printed tiles for Thunderbird 2’s carrier pod: 3 for Elevator Car and 4 for Thunderbird 4. Clark’s submission stands at 7,960 supporters with 87 days left.


LEGO Teases More About the LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) Tie-In Set

There’s no other way to describe it: LEGO has been a teasing teaser that teasingly teases lately. Yes, everybody’s on tenterhooks regarding their upcoming tie-in for Netflix’s Stranger Things, and LEGO sure know how to work build on the excitment with their teaser-filled promotional blitz. Eventually, the teasers are finally giving fans a trail of bread crumbs in deciphering the set’s details. The clincher in this case would have to be LEGO’s recent Instagram post of a familiar vehicle from the show. It’s none other than Mike’s good ‘ol bicycle (rendered in LEGO form), and seemingly stuck in the mysterious Upside Down realm which is already a give away on the set’s official name. The LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) is set to be released on May 15, initially available to all LEGO VIP members.

The upcoming LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set has already been revealed to include some of the show’s most noticeable characters such as Dustin and the terrifying Demogorgon.  Additionally, it is also rumored that this is the only LEGO licensed set to be released from this theme, so it expected if Stranger Things fans will really look forward to have this one-off set. That’s too bad in my opinion, but if it’ll only be one LEGO tie-in, then it should be all good for all true-blue fans of the show.

We can expect LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down (75810) set to make its debut at the Leicester Square LEGO Store in London on May 15. The LEGO Store in Flatiron, New York on the other hand, will have its own late-night event slated on the 14th.

With that, let’s wrap this up with some more LEGO Stranger Things teasers we’ve seen recently.

  • Mike and Eleven on LEGO Facebook


  • Leicester Square LEGO Store front, courtesy of Twitter user @NXOnNetflix

  • Something is Coming on LEGO Twitter

Tease Some More: LEGO Stranger Things Previews Just Keep Coming Ahead of Launch

As the 15th of May comes ever closer, things have been getting even Stranger. LEGO Stranger Things is the hot new upcoming licensed franchise for LEGO. It stands to reason that it’ll get a lot of attention in terms of promotion. Following the announcement of details for its London launch, LEGO now reveals how this will go in New York.

Lest you forget, ahead of the midnight launch of LEGO Stranger Things at the Leicester Square Store, its NY counterpart at Flatiron will have a late-night event of its own on the 14th. There’s also a new teaser on Twitter.

Rather than a mockup of an ostensibly 1980s LEGO commercial this teaser references a memorable still-life scene from Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” but rendered in LEGO. If you need help, the Morse-code caption reads “Coming/SE/Soon.” With that, we’ll now discuss what new details the Flatiron District LEGO Store has for getting the LEGO Stranger Things set.

We already know the event schedule of 9 to 11 PM (EDT) on May 14. Aside from being able to buy the new set, guests can participate in a “special building experience.” A LEGO mural is also on hand for selfies. Participants will also have refreshments while they hang out with fellow “Stranger Things” fans.

About the only thing the NY launch event lacks is the opportunity to have their LEGO Stranger Things sets signed. The lead designer’s over in Leicester Square. Oh well, at least the US is getting the hot new set early.

Signing Event for LEGO Stranger Things Sets Slated Next Week

LEGO Stranger Things: to say that is both weird and exciting as one thinks of the possibilities. The hit Netflix series is both a 1980s nostalgia trip and a scary cool coming-of-age story. It also becomes perhaps one of LEGO’s big-boy (age-wise) licensed franchises alongside LEGO Overwatch and the like. After building a foundation of anticipation with their first teases, LEGO is now ready to promote their LEGO Stranger Things sets. It’s no longer a secret that the theme will launch next week at the Leicester Square LEGO Store. New details have popped up about it though, as updated on the LEGO events page on Facebook.

For starters, not only will the LEGO Stranger Things line be introduced there at London, there will be autographs signed. By that we mean Leicester LEGO Store buyers of the new set can meet their lead designer, Justin Ramden. He’ll be on hand to sign.

One more thing: there will be a suggested dress theme for Londoner guests appearing at the product launch. As if you don’t know, it’ll be an Eighties party there on the 15th, with “tubular” refreshments on hand for all comers.

Collectors should save £179.99 for this LEGO Strangers set. Furthermore, only 400 participants will be able to buy the set at Leicester Square on launch day. Lastly, each buyer can only have two sets max per purchase, to leave enough for everyone on that day. With that, we’ll leave you with this curious “80’s era” LEGO commercial that we think is part of the promotion.

Official Box Image and Product Blurbs for LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar

Set to release this 2019 is “LEGO Jurassic World: Tales of Isla Nublar.” It’s a 13-episode 3D-animated LEGO micro-series following up on the “Jurassic World” LEGO prequel, “The Secret Exhibit.” To tie into the upcoming series, LEGO naturally has sets depicting the events of that show before it airs. We got the first images of these four sets way back in February. This time we have the official photos of the boxes of the LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar sets (from Dutch retailer Mister Brick) so you’d know what to expect from the labeling. Mister Brick also managed to publish the blurb for each set:

Dilophasaurus on the Loose (75934)
  1. This LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur toy set includes 3 mini-figures: Owen Grady, Hudson Harper and a park employee, plus a toy figure of a dilophosaurus that is new from June 2019.
  2. The drone has a cockpit with space for a minifigure, 4 rotating rotors and a net cannon.
  3. The market stall in the shape of a dinosaur head has a sales crate, 4 sticker posters, a flag and various other elements such as a shovel, a broom, a net, 2 hats and 2 popcorn boxes.
  4. The dilophosaurus has adjustable jaws.
  5. The mini figures of Hudson Harper and the park employee are new from June 2019.

Legend of Isla Nublar

Baryonix Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt (75935)
  1. This LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur set for children includes 4 mini-figures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Danny Nedermeyer and Sinjin Prescott, plus a figure of Save the dog.
  2. The off-roader can accommodate 2 minifigures and has storage space at the rear, a towbar for the trailer, a stone-built flashlight and fuel tank, plus a screwdriver element.
  3. The trailer has a buildable antenna and various plant elements on the outside, a door that can be opened and a detailed interior with a buildable computer and bed, plus various other elements such as a coffee cup, a film camera and a frying pan.
  4. The jungle section consists of a buildable palm tree, a hidden treasure chest with reveal function containing 6 precious stone elements and 2 gold ingot elements, plus various other elements such as plants and 2 fish.
  5. The buildable, cast Jurassic World baryoynx dinosaur figure has jaws and an adjustable head, arms and legs.
  6. Press the lever to reveal the treasure chest.

Legend of Isla Nublar

Triceratops Rampage (75937)
  1. This LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur toy set includes 4 minifigures that are new from June 2019: Owen Grady, Simon Masrani, Allison Miles and a tourist.
  2. The Jurassic World egg-spinner attraction has 3 buildable seats in the form of dinosaur eggs for minifigures and a swivel function, plus an entrance gate with 2 flame elements, a waiting area with 2 gates, a waiting board element, a staircase to enter the attraction, garbage can with a lid and a signpost (to the Jurassic World gyrobol, the gift shop and the museum).
  3. Turn the switch on the back of the egg spinner to turn the eggs.
  4. The cast, buildable triceratops LEGO® toy dinosaur is new from June 2019 and has a movable head and legs.
  5. Also including a fence that can fall over with a ‘Danger – High voltage’ board element and a fence with an information board about the triceratops.
  6. Push the pole of the folding fence to play the escape of the triceratops.
  7. The buggy has space for a mini-figure, removable wrench and walkie-talkie elements, plus a carrot on a long stick (to lure the dinosaur).

Legend of Isla Nublar

Rex vs. Dino-Mech Battle (75938)
  1. This LEGO® Jurassic World dinosaur toy set includes 4 mini figures that are new from June 2019: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Vic Hoskins and Danny Nedermeyer, plus the 4 baby velociraptor toy figures Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie and 2 bat figures.
  2. The cast, buildable LEGO® Jurassic World T. rex dinosaur figure has colors that are new from June 2019, flapping jaws and an adjustable head, arms and legs.
  3. The dinomecha has a mini-figure cockpit that can be opened with a detailed dashboard, folding jaws, an adjustable head, front legs, claws, hind legs and a tail.
  4. The volcanic rock, made of LEGO® bricks, has lava elements, an opening function and a treasure chest containing various treasure elements: 11 gold-colored coins, 4 gold-colored bars, 1 gold-colored cup and 4 precious stone elements.
  5. The toy boat has 2 bullet shooters, an anesthetic rifle and a storage box for ammunition with 4 ammunition elements. (the boat cannot float)
  6. Accessory elements: the walkie-talkie from Owen Grady and the soft drink can element from Danny Nedermeyer.

Legend of Isla Nublar

The LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar will premiere some time in 2019.

“LEGO Masters Australia” Gets Air Date, Has Contestants

Last year, the UK reality competition series “LEGO Masters” began to branch out worldwide. Two international editions were announced for Germany and Australia. The latter was picked up by the Channel Nine network, with host Hamish Blake and a panel of judges headed by Australian LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught.

Up until this week the only known info on the premiere for “LEGO Masters Australia” is that it’s this year. Thankfully, Channel Nine has finally broken silence on the date. A new trailer for the program reveals it’s only going to start two Sundays from now. That means April 28.

The teaser rehashes certain scenes from the first full trailer of the show from last month. We get another look at the big brick, minfigure and element depository for the 2-person teams’ use. We also see snippets of either the builds by the contestants or set pieces created by judge “Brickman” McNaught. The space rocket in on scene’s probably his.

Viewers also got to see more screen-time on the part of the teams in competition, from married couples to friends and more. One particularly prominent team is that of a teenager and his grandma. In one scene she reacts funnily to her grandson’s mild oath.

This “LEGO Masters” is brought to Channel Nine courtesy of Endemol Shine Australia. The winning pair that survives all challenges thrown their way will win a cash prize of AUS$100,000.

Batman: The Animated Series DLC Pack Now Available for LEGO DC Super-Villains

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the Caped Crusader, or the Dark Knight depending on your preference. Or you can just call him Batman, sales-wise the top character of DC Comics and one of their superhero pillars. Among the many celebratory gestures by DC and Warner for Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s iconic creation, is a LEGO video game DLC. Finally made available alongside all downloadable content for WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales’ LEGO DC Super-Villains is a level and character pack based on the seminal animated series popular in the nineties. The Batman: The Animated Series DLC Pack adds a new free-roam level depicting Gotham City as in the hit cartoon show, plus character versions of Batman and several rogues as depicted in that same show.


In addition to the Dark Knight himself, the Batman: The Animated Series DLC Pack classic renditions of villains Man-Bat (the bad guy of the series’ premiere episode), Joker, Mad Hatter, Captain Clown (Joker’s android hit-man), the Phantasm (an ex-girlfriend of Bruce Wayne’s and antagonist in the Mask of the Phantasm film), and of course, the character that debuted in the animated series and became a DC household word herself: Joker’s ax-crazy “girlfriend” Harley Quinn.


Naturally, the Batman: The Animated Series DLC Pack is only playable with the LEGO DC Super-Villains video game as a regular download (for $2.99) or via the Deluxe Edition with Season Pass. For a LEGO gamer and animated DC fan, there seems no better way to celebrate eight decades of Batman than this.