2018 LEGO Ninjago Pods Revealed.

It seems that we’re getting our first wave of 2018 LEGO minifigure pods quite early. Just recently, LEGO has uploaded via its servers, several official images of 2018’s LEGO Ninjago Masters Spinjitzu Sons of Garmadon Jay (853758) and Cole (853759) Dojo Pods. If you recall, we have our first LEGO Ninjago Dojo Pod with a Kai minifigure (5004916) last July, and it seems that LEGO is adding more characters to these collectible line of minifigs. read more

Cartoon Network Announces “Unikitty” Animated Series Premiere Dates.

Remember back in October when Cartoon Network showed special previews of a new LEGO (2D) animated series starring Princess Unikitty, the Master Builder unicorn-cat-thingy from The LEGO Movie of 2014? As we reported before, they were but a taste of a full cartoon series about Unikitty and her friends that’s slated to premiere next year. read more

Marvel HQ Presents All Episodes of “Marvel LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy – The Thanos Threat”.

Back in May, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out in cinemas courtesy of Marvel Studios, engaging fans anew in another adventure with the intergalactic mercenaries set to awesome oldie music. A couple months later, in July’s D23 Expo, Marvel announced another collaboration with LEGO for a special animated miniseries. The two companies are old hands in this sort of cross-promotion after all, like below. read more

2018 LEGO Catalogue Reveals Latest LEGO Elves Sets.

Though we still have a couple of weeks to go before the 2018 LEGO Catalogue is released in the US, LEGO fans in the Ukraine had an early glimpse of what we can expect from the said catalogue. They may not have the same prominence like those enjoyed by more popular themes such as City, Superheroes, or Star Wars, nevertheless LEGO Elves have produced some of the most visually stunning sets that I have ever seen. Now, thanks to the Ukrainian 2018 LEGO Catalogue (which you can download here), we now have a glimpse on the next magically colorful Elves sets that LEGO has to offer. read more

New LEGO Powerpuff Girls Sets Reported Coming in 2018.

Last month, LEGO definitively announced the end of the line for the related sets and minifigure packs tied to the multiplatform toys-to-life videogame LEGO Dimensions by WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales. It was a sad development, with the promise of regular product releases over three years ending about one year short. read more