Rumored LEGO Speed Champions Sets Releasing March 2022

LEGO Speed Champions has been on a wild roller-coaster ride of prominence within LEGO’s many themed lines. It hasn’t exactly released lots of set since debuting in 2015. There have been plenty of rumors that the theme might be discontinued. Then again, Speed Champions became a DLC theme for the 2018 Xbox One auto-racing videogame “Forza Horizon 4.” And last month LEGO assured that more sets will come out through to 2023. The latter news should be quite the relief for Speed Champions collectors. Also welcome for them might be the recent rumors of what famous racecars will get new sets in the coming year.

This information we have thanks to from Germany. No less than five new LEGO Speed Champion sets are coming in 2022, four of them in March. Their prices are expected of Speed Champions, with one featuring two cars. Let’s have a look at what sets are supposed to arrive:

All the above sets except 76909 are alleged to be released on March 1, 2022. Do note that they are just mere rumors at this point. Take them with a grain of salt until LEGO gives us official word.

Alternate Names for 2022 LEGO Technic Sets Surface

Hey Bat-fans, did you enjoy the reveal of LEGO’s “The Batman” tie-ins this past weekend? You must have marveled at the featured Batmobile sets, showcasing a different-looking ride for the Dark Knight. A stock car-like chassis for the Batman’s buggy really stands out after fans have gotten used to jet-engine supercars. The larger LEGO The Batman Batmobile is notable due to being a Technic set. And in the wake of its unveiling rumors have arisen about other LEGO Technic releases, particularly for 2022. One such batch of speculated Technic products was shared last month, but there are more of course.

As Germany’s would have it, there is quite the number of LEGO Technic sets due for next year. While they have the same set numbers as the earlier reveal from Instagram’s bricksmelody, they have different names. Now, one name from the old rumor list does describe several of the sets listed by Promobricks, but that’s all. Let’s look at the alternate enumeration to compare:

  • BMW M1000 RR K66 (42130)
  • Chopper (42132)
  • Telescopic Loader (42133)
  • Monster Jam Megalodon (42134)
  • Monster Jam El Toro Loco (42135)
  • “John Deere 9R (?)” (42136)
  • Formula E Porsche 99X Electric (42137)
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (42138)
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (42139)
  • App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle (42140)
  • Formula 1 Racecar (42141)

So there we have a different listing for LEGO Technic sets running from 42130 to 42141. As with the bricksmelody version, these are mere rumors until confirmed or debunked by LEGO. Note that we didn’t list The Batman Batmobile (42127) because it’s confirmed.

“Upside Down”? Next LEGO Ideas Activity Isn’t Just About the “Stranger Things” Set

The Upside Down (75810), a LEGO set tie-in to hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” retires at the end of 2021. Granted, we don’t have to worry about it being the only LEGO Stranger Things product. There’s that social media post last May to consider. But anyway, the Upside Down (75810) counts as one of the most memorable sets to come out in recent years. Changing one’s viewpoint by flipping the whole thing upside-down is a brilliant idea. That idea is being latched on by LEGO Ideas in their latest Activity.

Yep, LEGO Ideas presents the activity “Upside Down.” To be frank, it’s not strictly a “Stranger Things” theme here. In fact, this challenge carries the usual Ideas Activity reminder to tone down on IP use. Then again, the only prize for a LEGO Ideas Activity is seeing your submission shared by LEGO on social media. The activity instruction goes thus: “Is your build the right way up? Or should we tilt our heads? Build something, but upside down!” The steps do come across as rather vague, but that’s part of the fun. Are you a LEGO Ideas member with an idea for a build that “might” be upside-down? Then try your luck with this one.

This activity runs only for a week on LEGO Ideas. Interested builder participants must have their contributions submitted to the Activity Page by October 19.

LEGO Planning Retail Price Adjustment in European Markets Starting 2022

Given how many different LEGO sets there are at any time, actively collecting them isn’t exactly cheap. That’s why one needs to keep an eye on the pricing too, especially when one purchases from retailers. Recently there was a buzz in some European countries about LEGO planning to up retail prices by 2022. German LEGO news sites such as and then published an official statement from The LEGO Group. Initially it sounded like the company was hiking some recommended retail prices (RRP) in Europe next year. However a short time later LEGO issued a follow-up clarification, as reported on by on Wednesday.

Now, LEGO is saying that there will be no RRP increase in European markets in 2022. Their original statement mentioned upping the recommended/suggested pricing for retail partners (even if the retailers have final say). This was supposed to be a move towards “continuity” and “transparency” with retail partners. After all, LEGO offers “good value for money.” The follow-up announcement has LEGO insisting that there will be no RRP hike. It was simply to bring a consistency in retail pricing across multiple countries in Europe. So while some LEGO sets might get pricier, others could actually become cheaper. And the RRP adjustment is just for Europe.

With that in mind, LEGO retailers in the Americas, Asia and elsewhere need not worry for now. Other unaffected sectors are the LEGO Stores and LEGO Shop@Home. While the company did not give a list of affected LEGO sets in European retail markets, there are rumors. One product named by StoneWars to allegedly get an adjusted RRP next year is LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet (76191, seen above). Much as the idea of European LEGO retail prices changing in a finger-snap is hyper-imaginative, let’s just wait.

Rumor of 9 New LEGO Technic Sets Coming Next Year

LEGO Technic is advertised by LEGO as the line that can teach children in construction of complex devices. Their specialized building pieces are thus the go-to for producing complicated LEGO-built vehicles. Whether for pleasure, sport, or work, vehicle sets from the LEGO Technic theme are beautiful art pieces one and all. Owning to the technical nature of their builds, Technic set releases in a year are not really numerous. Fans of the line however will wait excitedly for what LEGO brings out next. Thus, this rumor from a social media post will pique their curiosity.

According to LEGO speed-builder and news hound bricksmelody, at least nine LEGO Technic sets are coming in 2022. In an Instagram post, bricksmelody enumerated the rumored Technic products with their set numbers, piece-numbers and possible prices. The sets range from younger-age vehicles with pull-back function to potentially massive construction equipment. One set is supposedly licensed to a real-life heavy-vehicle manufacturer. Two sets have no names. Here’s the Instagram entry in question, with our own enumeration.

  1. Monster Truck (42132) – 139 pieces, $9.99
  2. Compact Excavator (42133) – 203 pieces, $14.99
  3. Pull-back Hot Rod (42134) – 266 pieces, $19.99
  4. Pull-back Go-Kart (42135) – 268 pieces, $19.99
  5. Racing Water Scooter (42136) – 467 pieces, $29.99
  6. Backhoe Loader (42137) – 893 pieces, $59.99
  7. [To be determined] (42138) – 726 pieces, $69.99
  8. [Licensed] Tractor (42139) – 1,286 pieces, $119.99
  9. [To be determined] w/ Control+ (42140) – 398 pieces, $129.99

You know what comes next. The above information is a rumor at the moment, and we’ll have to wait until LEGO itself breaks any news. Still, new Technic sets are nothing to sneeze at. Some of them have wowed us before, especially the Technic-cars that get life-sized reproductions using actual Technic pieces. Let’s look forward to what the line comes up with next, no matter how long the wait is.

LEGO Shares Fave Submissions to Ideas Activity “The Love of Gaming” on National Video Games Day

As August was coming to an end, the LEGO Ideas page proposed a new Activity. The theme was “The Love of Gaming,” in anticipation for National Video Games Day this past Sunday, September 12. Ideas members were challenged to build play-sets or objects pertaining to gaming and how much people love it. The Ideas Activity period already elapsed last week on September 7. By that time, 24 submissions came in. And on National Video Games Day itself, LEGO shared its top picks from the entries. We’re sure many gamers will agree that the showcased builds encapsulate the love of gaming.

LEGO’s official Twitter page featured four of the 24 entries from the LEGO Ideas activity “The Love of Gaming.” Viewers will definitely resonate with them, representing the evolution of videogames as they do. Brickmaster84 and MichaelStein000000000’s retro arcade machines evoke the early decades. Brick Broadcasting’s gamer nerd (with Player 1 shirt) kind of represents the advent of home consoles. Finally, Monkey Scout No. 2’s build pays homage to gaming of today. Who can refuse the inviting ergonomic design of a Gaming Chair? For a tweet pertaining to National Video Games Day, LEGO was spot on.

And they’re not the only ones. Head on back to the concluded Ideas Activity page “The Love of Gaming.” There are more builds there that will tickle the heart of any gamer. LAN parties, a bleeding-edge gaming mouse, home gaming setups, and even a working brick-built “Pong” game are here. It’s a good way to bask in the aftermath of National Video Games Day, if you happen to observe it.

Four Rumored Upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Sets for January 2022, Among them Two New Hogwarts Moments

LEGO Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary is such a momentous event for LEGO that its celebration could span a year itself. This 2021 alone saw the release of many impressive sets and extras from the line yet. And from the look of things, there is still more LEGO Harry Potter stuff to come whether in this year, or the next. For instance, got word of a possible four more upcoming LEGO HP sets due in 2022. Two of them are new additions to the Hogwarts Moment sub-line. That means Potter-fan collectors could assemble a nice shelf-full of LEGO Harry Potter book/play-sets in no time.

The four rumored LEGO sets Promobricks discovered are Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class (75396), Hogwarts Moment: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class (75397), Hospital Wing (75398) and Hogwarts Suitcase (75399). The first two will apparently be of the same book-shaped play-set as the previous Hogwarts Moments. Set 75396 depicts one of Harry Potter’s least favorite classes as taught by Professor Trelawney. Set 75397 is of course the Voldemort-cursed Hogwarts subject, staffed mostly by incompetents and the secretly-malicious, with rare exceptions.

As for the two non-Hogwarts Moment sets, Hospital Wing (75398) appears to be another Hogwarts set-piece. Similar to Hogsmeade Village (76388), Chamber of Secrets (76389) and others, 75398 takes a castle location and expands it. And the Hogwarts hospital is famous for having Harry as a near-regular patient. The last rumored set is Hogwarts Suitcase (76399), replicating a Hogwarts student’s suitcase in brick form. Apparently this set is customizable in appearance to reflect different owners’ Houses, and has a working lock-and-key mechanism. These rumored sets are coming on New Year’s Day 2022, supposedly.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship (75309) To Be Officially Announced Soon

It looks like we don’t need to wait until Comic-Con@Home to catch a glimpse of this year’s first LEGO Star Wars UCS set. LEGO has posted over on YouTube a scheduled event that will officially reveal the upcoming LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship (75309).

The live unveiling will be done at 15:00 CEST, 14:00 BST, or 9:00 EST.  The reveal will also feature an exclusive interview with LEGO Star Wars designers Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Hans Burkhard Schlömer for a more in-depth look at the creative process behind the making of this set. Here’s the video in case you want to bookmark it or schedule a reminder.

If you recall, the selection of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship (75309) was brought about by a fan vote contest last year over at LEGO Ideas. The LEGO Ideas Fan Vote – Help choose one of the next Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars LEGO Sets asked LEGO fans which among these candidates would they like to see to become as the next LSW Ultimate Collector Series set: the Republic Gunship, Nebulon B Escort Frigate, or the iconic TIE Bomber. Consequently, more than half of the votes eventually went to the Republic Gunship which gives LEGO the impression that the legendary assault transport still has a following among LEGO fans.

Currently, this version of the Republic Gunship (75021) from 2013 is the largest LEGO version of this Star Wars transport coming in at 1,175. Its larger UCS cousin is expected to be somewhat larger. 

Though this is the first time that the Republic Gunship is given the UCS treatment, LEGO through the years has given us several brick renditions of this Clone Wars mainstay. Since 2002, we saw two regular sets and a microfighter added to its roster. And with the inclusion of an official UCS set, the Republic Gunship will certainly be placed on a whole new level among the must-have list of LEGO Star Wars fans.

I’ll give you further updates on its piece count and expected retail price once LEGO makes the official announcement later in the day.

LEGO DOTS Photo Holder Cube (30557) Promotional Set Now Up

If you missed it, the LEGO Online Store has been updated to include a new promotional. From May 23 to June 30, 2021, the LEGO DOTS Photo Holder Cube (30557) will be added to your shopping cart for free for a minimum single-receipt purchase of any LEGO DOTS, VIDIYO or Friends sets worth $40 and above.

This is a welcome surprise, especially for fans of the relatively new LEGO DOTS theme. The Photo Holder Cube was not mentioned in the May 2021 LEGO Store Calendar, so it’s nice to see LEGO throwing in a bit of LEGO shopping incentive.

Coming in at 109 pieces, the LEGO DOTS Photo Holder Cube (30557) features a customizable display set perfect for those small-sized photos or just even a note placeholder. And with the introduction of the latest wave of LEGO Summer 2021 sets, then there’s plenty of reasons to get that next LEGO set on your wishlist. Be sure to visit LEGO Shop@Home for more details.

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021 Sets Now Listed at LEGO Shop@Home

In case you missed it, LEGO has now updated its online shopping portal to officially include this year’s wave of LEGO Marvel summer 2021 sets. Aside from the gargantuan LEGO Marvel Daily Bugle (76178), we now have the Infinity Saga sets now listed over at LEGO Shop@Home.

Click on the following affiliate links to know more about these sets, which are all slated to be released on August 1, 2021. And for those of you who would like to bring home a brick replica of the most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe, you may now pre-order the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet (76191) as well, which will also be available starting August. Read on for more details and let us know which of these LEGO Marvel summer 2021 sets will be the first day buy for you.

Black Panther Dragon Flyer (76186)

202 pieces | $19.99 | Available starting August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

Young superheroes can recreate the high-flying battle action from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame with LEGO® Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flyer (76186) – one of Marvel movies’ most iconic aircraft.

Superior super-hero combat aircraft
This authentic recreation of Black Panther’s legendary aircraft is a stand-out set designed to provide children with the best in both play and display. The futuristic Wakandan flyer includes 4 adjustable wings – which move forward, backward, up, and down – 2 stud shooters, and an opening cockpit in which a minifigure can be seated at the controls. The set comes with 3 minifigures to inspire imaginative play: Black Panther, his sister Shuri and an evil Chitauri warrior armed with a power blaster.

  • LEGO® Marvel Black Panther Dragon Flyer (76186) puts one of Marvel movies’ most iconic aircraft into the hands of young superheroes.
  • Includes 3 minifigures to inspire imaginative play: Black Panther, his sister Shuri and an evil Chitauri warrior armed with a power blaster.
  • The buildable Dragon Flyer includes 2 stud shooters. Kids can move the aircraft’s 4 wings forward, backward, up, and down as they recreate high-speed Marvel movie action, firing stud shooters and dodging the enemy’s blaster.
  • A special birthday, Christmas, and holiday gift for Marvel movie fans aged 8 and up. The Dragon Flyer measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high, 8.5 in. (22 cm) long, and 11 in. (28 cm) wide and integrates easily with other LEGO® Marvel building kits.


Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189)

49 piece | $9.99 | Available starting August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

Help young superheroes develop creative building skills with this classic LEGO® Marvel playset. LEGO Marvel Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189) is designed especially for ages 4 and up. It encourages shared play and supports developmental benefits.

A super start for little action heroes
Created with young builders in mind, 4+ sets are packed with engaging details to ensure youngsters have a great play experience. Inside the box, each bag of bricks contains a complete model and character that kids can build quickly to get the play started fast! The set includes a partly constructed motorcycle to help kids begin construction “by myself”, and a fun, visual guide provides intuitive building instructions – ideal for kids who are unable to read fluently.

Fun for all the family
A LEGO 4+ playset is a special treat for any child, and the rest of the family too. As adults pass on their construction skills, they share precious developmental milestones with their budding builder.

  • LEGO® Marvel Captain America and Hydra Face-Off (76189) is a supercool, super-hero playset specially created to boost the imagination, dexterity, and building the confidence of youngsters aged 4 and up.
  • Includes Captain America and Hydra agent minifigures, plus a buildable motorcycle and a disc shooter with a detachable blaster.
  • Kids push Captain America on his powerful motorcycle and battle an evil Hydra agent – just like in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron – and dream up endless superhero adventures of their own.
  • A large Starter Brick and simple building steps ensure kids aged 4 and up can build with confidence as they assemble Captain America’s chunky-wheeled motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high, 4.5 in. (11 cm) long, and 1.5 in. (4 cm) wide, big enough for epic adventures, and perfectly sized for small hands to pick up and play with.


Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190)

479 piece | $39.99 | Available starting August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

There’s big battle action for young superheroes as they enjoy endless imaginative role play with the awesome LEGO® Marvel Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190).

Gigantic Iron Monger mech
Based on classic scenes from the first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man movie, this exciting and engrossing construction toy launches kids’ imaginations into epic adventures with one of Marvel’s most iconic creations – the Iron Monger mech. The mech’s arc reactor glows as kids twist, turn and adjust the mech’s position to fire a 6-stud shooter on the right arm and a 3-stud shooter on the left arm. Kids can retaliate using Iron Man’s power blasters to rescue Pepper and defeat the mechanical monster.

Cool LEGO Avengers set with super-hero minifigures
With collectible vehicles, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons, and gadgets, LEGO Marvel Avengers building toys let kids recreate the best scenes from their favorite Marvel movies and open up a thrilling universe of imaginative super-hero role play.

  • With its movable limbs and cool weapons, LEGO® Marvel Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem (76190) inspires endless imaginative mech battles on a giant scale.
  • Includes Iron Man, Obadiah Stane, and Pepper Potts minifigures. The mech has a 6-stud shooter on its right arm, a 3-stud shooter on its left arm, and a glow-in-the-dark arc reactor in its chest.
  • Kids put the Obadiah Stane minifigure inside the Iron Monger mech then maneuver the mega, articulated robot in epic battles with Iron Man and Pepper Potts.
  • Marvel movie fans and young superheroes aged 9 and up can be part of the super-hero action with this awesome Iron Monger mech playset.
  • The Iron Monger mech stands over 7 in. (18 cm) tall and features posable limbs and a working suspension that connects the body and shoulders to create realistic movement.


Infinity Gauntlet (76191)

590 pieces | $69.99 | Pre-order this item today, it will ship from August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO® Marvel Infinity Gauntlet (76191) is a challenging construction project that rewards the builder with an impressive display piece that perfectly evokes Marvel’s captivating style.

Collectible Marvel movie model
This LEGO brick recreation of the iconic Infinity Gauntlet featured in the Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies is certain to attract attention and interest wherever it is displayed. With movable fingers, vibrantly colored Infinity Stones, and a descriptive tablet attached to a sturdy base, this golden gauntlet provides an engrossing construction challenge and a finished model that will captivate all who see it.

LEGO brick model-making kits
Escape the busy world and immerse yourself in the relaxing pleasure of adult LEGO building sets, perfect for anyone with an interest in creative construction or comic-book culture.

  • The stunning, build-and-display LEGO® Marvel Infinity Gauntlet (76191) captures forever the captivating style of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame movies.
  • This authentic, golden LEGO® brick recreation of the iconic Infinity Gauntlet includes colorful Infinity Stones and a sturdy stand featuring a descriptive tablet.
  • This 590-piece model allows adult Marvel fans to immerse themselves in creative construction and recreate one of comic-book culture’s most recognizable, and most devastating, weapons.
  • This stand-out, build-and-display piece makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present, or personal treat for any model-making enthusiast or adult fan of the Marvel Universe.
  • Measuring over 12.5 in. (31 cm) high, 5 in. (13 cm) wide and 4 in. (11 cm) deep, this fascinating model provides an attractive conversation piece, whether displayed in your home or workplace.


Avengers: Endgame Final Battle (76192)

527 pieces | $69.99 | Available starting August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

Bring classic Marvel movie action to life with the LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle (76192) playset.

The ultimate Marvel Avengers playset
Kids join an impressive cast of LEGO Marvel characters – Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Thanos, and a Chitauri warrior – for endless superhero adventures at the Avengers compound. The set is packed with features to inspire imaginative play: Iron Man’s lab, where he is constructing the awesome Nano Gauntlet; a leisure and meeting area, where superheroes can convene; a prison cell; and a truck that opens to reveal a time-traveling machine.

Cool LEGO Avengers set with super-hero minifigures
With collectible vehicles, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons, and gadgets, LEGO Marvel Avengers building toys let kids recreate the best scenes from their favorite Marvel movies and open up a thrilling universe of imaginative super-hero role play.

  • LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Endgame Final Battle (76192) lets kids recreate the ultimate Marvel movie action scene, with awesome superheroes, cool features, and amazing accessories.
  • Includes Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Chitauri warrior minifigures, plus a Thanos figure and an Ant-Man microfigure.
  • Kids join a superstar cast of LEGO® Marvel characters at the Avengers compound, which includes Iron Man’s lab, a leisure area, a prison cell, and a truck that opens to reveal a time-traveling machine.
  • A special gift that will delight Marvel Avengers fans aged 8 and up.
  • This versatile playset measures over 6 in. (16 cm) high, 12 in. (37 cm) wide, and 4.5 in. (12 cm) deep and integrates easily with other LEGO® Marvel building kits.


The Guardians’ Ship (76193)

1,901 pieces | $149.99 | Available starting August 1, 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO Marvel Summer 2021

LEGO® Marvel The Guardians’ Ship (76193) is perfect for anyone aged 14 and up who is serious about the Marvel Avengers movies, or just loves making cool models.

Build-and-display Marvel spaceship
Fans can recreate the authentic detail and awesome style of one of the most iconic spaceships from the Marvel Avengers movies. The opening cockpit has room for all the iconic LEGO Marvel minifigures included in the set: Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri warrior. Fun features include a weapon store, computer, and a place for the heroes to snack on coffee and donuts. A rotatable stand allows the spaceship to be positioned for dynamic display and endless imaginative adventures. And, when the action stops, it looks super cool on display in any kid’s room.

Amazing building toys for young superheroes
Marvel Avengers building kits let kids relive scenes from their favorite Marvel movies and open up a thrilling universe of imaginative superhero role play.

  • Indulge a kid’s passion for the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Avengers movies with the stunning LEGO® Marvel The Guardians’ Ship (76193).
  • Includes Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and Chitauri warrior LEGO® minifigures, plus cool weapons and accessories.
  • Transport kids into a universe of imaginative adventures with this rewarding model-making project. And, when the action stops, it looks stunning displayed on its rotatable stand.
  • This stand-out, build-and-display piece for kids makes a great birthday gift, Christmas present, or personal treat for any model-making enthusiast or fan of the Marvel Universe aged 14 and up.
  • The ship (including stand) measures over 9 in. (25 cm) high, 14 in. (36 cm) long, and 23 in. (59 cm) wide, and stands securely on a sturdy, rotatable base.