2018 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) Revealed

Christmas seems to be around the corner as early as September, specially that LEGO has now started rolling out this year’s wave of holiday-inspired sets. After the reveal of 2018’s LEGO Advent Calendars which are now all available at shop.LEGO.com, we now have a glimpse and confirmation of another seasonal set that will soon be available in our local LEGO Stores. The 2018 LEGO Seasonal Christmas Carousel (40293) has just been revealed by a Russian LEGO certified store. Check out the images below.

As we can see from the set’s box art, the Christmas Carousel (40293) is expected to be a limited edition set, following the likes of 2017’s Nutcracker (40254) and 2016’s Snowglobe (40223). Though the Russian LEGO certified store lists the Christmas Carousel for sale, it is most likely to be a gift-with-purchase set once it arrives in the US similar to its predecessors. It also seems to have certain play features that includes a simple rotating mechanism to make the carousel turn. It also has movable gates and removable seats in the form of microbuilds.

We do not have information as of now with regards to its availability, but most probably it will be available sometime in November as part of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals similar during the previous years.

Even After Losing in Court, Lepin Has Just Released Its Fake LEGO Star Wars Betrayal At Cloud City (75222)

I guess shame and repentance are not in the list of words that Lepin learned in the process of doing business. Because in just less than two weeks after the release of the first Master Builders set, the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222), Lepin has just released its own counterfeit version of this set and has made it available for sale via online selling platform AliExpress. This is in spite of the fact that the original set is slated to be released on September 13. This shameless act of copying and selling a fake LEGO Star Wars Betrayal At Cloud City (75222) is further magnified by the fact that Chinese courts has already declared Lepin guilty of violating copyright infringement against The LEGO Group.

LEGO has been actively fighting for its intellectual property rights for the past few years, with one fake LEGO dealer in South Korea receiving a court sentence for selling counterfeit LEGO products. And with its recent win over its legal battle against Lepin, I hope that the full extent of the law will be consistently applied against the copycat company. It hurts LEGO set designers who poured out their ingenuity and creative work in coming up with such excellent sets, and perhaps even more the LEGO fan community who are patiently waiting for the release of these upcoming sets.

Lepin’s fake LEGO Star Wars Betrayal At Cloud City (75222) now made available online.

So if you’re a true-blue LEGO fan, do not support this kind of blatant copyright violation and be sure to only purchase original LEGO sets from legitimate sources such as your local LEGO Store and at shop.LEGO.com, Thanks to Brick Fanatics for the heads up.

Grab These Spooky LEGO Minifigure Key Lights Just In Time for Halloween

It looks like LEGO is adding more Halloween fun this year with the introduction of this next wave of minifigure key lights. Inspired by the now retired Monster Fighter sets, and earlier Collectible Minifigures series, we now have four new spooky key lights to join you in your trick-or-treating night. LEGO minifigure key lights are up-sized minifigures fitted with an LED light at one leg which functions as a cool key chain at the same time. Singapore-based online retailer Toy Station has listed four, monster-inspired key lights which you can find below.


LEGO Lord Vampyre Key Light (inspired by the head vampire himself as seen in 9468 Vampyre Castle and 10228 Haunted House).


LEGO Zombie Key Light (based on 2010’s Collectible Minifigures Series 1)


LEGO Skeleton Guy Key Light (based on 2015’s Collectible Minifigures Series 14)


LEGO Mummy Key Light (based on LEGO’s Collectible Minifigures Series 3 from 2011)

They’re not listed yet at shop.LEGO.com as of this writing, but I hope they will find their way soon in the US and the rest of the world. If you’re into LEGO minifigure key lights and would like to add a functional, brick-inspired swag to accessorize your Halloween evening, then be sure to check with your local LEGO store if they have these already. Drop us a comment if you somehow spot these in the wild. Credit to Brick Fanatics for the featured image above.