“LEGO Star Wars Castaways” Announced for Apple Arcade this November

When it comes to adapting the LEGO Star Wars theme into gaming, one can expect plenty of possible genres. Always to the forefront would be the adventure-driven videogames developed by TT Games and published by WB Interactive. Fans have also gotten quirky titles like the RTS/defense-oriented “LEGO Star Wars Battles”. This particular title launched recently on Apple Arcade after a rough start as a standalone mobile app. Now, Apple Arcade is gearing up to introduce a new LEGO Star Wars game. How do you feel about “LEGO Star Wars” meets reality show “Survivor” minus the shifting alliances and cutthroat interactions?

That seems to be the promise of “LEGO Star Wars Castaways,” another addition to Apple Arcade. StarWars.com tells us that this Gamesloft title will see players as people from all over the “Star Wars” Galaxy, stranded on a mysterious planet. They can customize their minifigure avatar and interact with fellow “castaway” players in various activities.

Fancy a dance party or a buildable Microfighter race? Cool! Castaways can also explore the planet, unlocking secrets of an ancient civilization with ties to the “Star Wars” mythos. What mysteries about the Galaxy does this planet hide?

“LEGO Star Wars Castaways” will go live exclusively on Apple Arcade next month, November 19. Players must have an active Apple Arcade account and pay a $4.99 monthly subscription. They do have the option of a 1-month free trial. Apple Arcade is available on iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Apple TV.

“LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” File Size Spoiled by Xbox Store?

“LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” is the most ambitious LEGO Star Wars videogame ever. How else would you describe a game combining three movie trilogies (plus “Clone Wars”) in one package? The game worlds seemed big enough in the first two games in 2005 and 2006 (adapting the Prequels then the Original). The year 2007 brought a “LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga” combining the previous ones. But Traveller’s Tales and WB Interactive have gone for broke with “Skywalker Saga,” considering the content from nine films and a massive animated spinoff. Somebody on social media just discovered just how big.

Brick Fanatics reports Twitter’s “Freakishly Geek” (@freakgeek_yt) saw data for the Xbox version of “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.” On the Xbox Store, the file size for the game apparently came to a massive 52.16 GB. @freakgeek_yt notes that the game data was for Xbox Series (“Skywalker Saga” also has an Xbox One version). He later updated his tweet, dated October 13, showing that the Xbox Store has erased the file size. It’s now blank along with Release Date. For comparison, the now-cancelled “LEGO Dimensions” videogame, featuring multi-IP crossover characters, only measured 16.13 GB. To coin a very old meme, “Skywalker Saga” is “XBOXHUEG.”

WB Interactive and TT famously delayed the release of “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” from late 2020 to 2022. They claimed improvements to the game experience as one reason. That was no idle boast when one looks at its recent trailers. What is curious is Xbox Store abruptly removing the file size from its title data. Were they trying to keep it under wraps, or was 50+ GB a mistake. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until early next year when “Skywalker Saga” releases. Ah, and no file size info was reported for the other major game console versions.

“LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” Nintendo Switch Port Has Launched

In 2013, Traveller’s Tales and WB Interactive released the latest title in their LEGO-themed videogames. “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” was the first Marvel-licensed LEGO videogame made in the wake of the MCU’s cinematic rise. True to form with its sister titles, “LEGO MSH” went with a wide multiplatform release on PC and consoles. It would even get a direct sequel in 2017 (and an MCU Avengers spinoff a year earlier). Back in August LEGO, WB Games and TT hyped old fans with the announcement of a Nintendo Switch port. The wait is over and that promised release has finally come.

The Brick Fan reports that “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” is now available for the Nintendo Switch as of October 5. From the official WB Games press release, the title brings back the 2013 game and its two DLC updates. Players can once again control up to over 100 Marvel characters in their LEGO-fied comic-book iterations. From the Avengers to the X-Men, Fantastic Four to solo heroes, these Marvels come together in an original adventure. Cosmic-level threats converge on the LEGO Marvel world, from Doctor Doom and Loki to Galactus. The various heroes must unite to protect Earth from impending brick-destruction.

“LEGO MSH” on the Switch already comes with DLCs “Super Pack” and “Asgard Pack.” The latter would bring relevant characters closer to their MCU designs. This aesthetic shift would carry over to “LEGO Avengers” (2016) and “LEGO MSH 2” (2017). The latter would also get a first release on the then-new Nintendo Switch hybrid system. If you missed the original and have a Switch, pick up “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes” now. It’ll tide you over until “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” arrives in 2022.

LEGO and Unity Launch Ninjago Microgame Development Contest on LEGO Ideas

When LEGO drops teasers for new product, game, or media, we do our best to guess what they’re planning. Sometimes we hit the nail on the head; other times our theories go wide. But hypothesizing on advance hints by LEGO is fun too. Take for example their recent teaser about a collaborative effort with Unity. We believed that meant a LEGO Ninjago-themed microgame using the Unity game engine, much favored by indie game-devs. A reasonable guess, to be sure; but what LEGO finally unveiled threw our theory off. They’re not making the microgame. LEGO Ideas members will, in a contest.

Heck, we have the official LEGO Ideas Contest page for it. “The LEGO Ninjago 1-Button Game Challenge” pretty much sums up what interested participants are in for. If they have game coding potential they can download the Unity game engine, and their LEGO microgame template, free. The objective: to create a microgame (short, simple videogame) with only one button as input. Think perhaps of a basic “endless runner” app and you’d get the idea. It can be themed after Ninjago or an original idea. Naturally LEGO Ideas won’t allow third-party IPs for this. Designers can then show off their microgames on the LEGO Ideas contest page via trailers or screenshots.

The contest will award one winner for each of three categories: Ninjago-themed, original, and Unity behavior-bricks. And look at these prizes for the lucky ones:

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (71374)
  • Super Mario Starter Course (71360)
  • Minecraft Abandoned Mine (21166)
  • Unity Pro subscription, valid for one year
  • $200 in Unity Asset Store Credits
  • The important thing of all: Your microgame could be featured on LEGO Retail stores.

Other things

Check out the contest page for links to download Unity’s LEGO microgame for development. The Ninjago Add-On pack also went live on Unity’s Asset Store for participants planning to theme their game after Ninjago. Entries must be in no later than November 4. The Top 15 will be subjected to a fan vote on November 18, with the three Grand Winners announced on December 2.

LEGO Super Mario 64 “?” Block (71395) Set Inspires Game Mod for “Super Mario 64” with Microfig Mario

October 1, Friday, marks the next big release blitz of LEGO products. Among them: the LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395). Most LEGO news sources would have featured this splendid videogame-based set by now. Having five levels of the Nintendo 64 “Super Mario” game replicated would easily grab franchise fans’ attention. The set also features the main game characters as microfigures. The three-piece Mario microfigure even became a breakout favorite feature of the Question Mark Block (71395). If you have doubts about that, then check out this teaser from a tech-savvy LEGO fan. He just put a LEGO-microfig Mario in Super “Mario 64.”

Brick Fanatics just featured a Twitter post advertising another poster’s mod to “Super Mario 64” on the Nintendo 64. It shows a level from the game, but with the 64-bit polygonal Mario avatar replaced by a digital microfigure version. This looks just like the microfig from Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395).

The tweet by @NathanielBandy1 describes the mod image as the work of a @KazeEmanuar, one that releases around this weekend. It therefore comes out a day or two after LEGO launches the Question Mark Block set.

The thing about modding…

While this is fascinating and an indicator of LEGO Super Mario set 71395’s memorability, we won’t discuss this further. Apparently this “Mario 64” mod was done on emulator, which is in a gray area with developers and publisher/manufacturers. Nintendo making “Mario 64” and several other N64 titles playable via Nintendo Switch Online also does this project little favors. Still the fact that, only weeks after its reveal, the Question Mark Block (71395) already inspired game modders, speaks to LEGO’s success in courting “Super Mario” fans. While we wish @KazeEmanuar luck with his mod, we’ll just return to the actual thing now. LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block (71395) comes out October 1 at $169.99.

LEGO Teases Microgame Featuring “Ninjago” Made on Unity Engine Coming Very Soon

Ever since its original introduction in 2005, Unity Technologies’ game engine has been a godsend for game development. In its more recent iterations the Unity Engine saw use in developing mobile games. Both indie teams and major developers rely on Unity, and in fact LEGO has formed a partnership with them. Unity actually hosts a template with which LEGO fans with game-development chops can use to create playableMicrogames.” While the making of microgames has usually been with fan-devs, LEGO itself has dipped into the Unity Engine too. They’ve even teased an upcoming microgame on social media featuring one of their popular original theme lines.

As seen in this September 25 Twitter post from LEGO, a microgame starring “LEGO Ninjago” is apparently coming. The tweet states Wednesday, September 29, as the possible release date for this microgame made on Unity. The accompanying teaser image shows the Ninjago team and Master Wu, framed in shadow.

What could it be about? Looking at sample footage from Unity’s LEGO section, their microgames evoke the feel of Traveller’s Tales and WB Games. For the most part they consist of minifigures roaming a LEGO-esque landscape interacting with other minifigs and brick-built objects. Now replace the generic LEGO designs with the Ninjago aesthetic. Of course, we’re just speculating at this point. September 29 isn’t far off so we’ll see what microgame LEGO has cooked up with the Unity Engine soon enough.

“LEGO Star Wars Battles” Relaunched on Apple Arcade

This past weekend saw LEGO, WB Games and Lucasfilm Games give a mobile game its greatest second chance. The original Android/iOS debut of “LEGO Star Wars Battles” in 2020 wasn’t so hot, closing only months ago. Its publishers however believe the mobile game app had potential. So last month they announced its revival for the subscription-based Apple Arcade platform. And this past Friday, September 24, “LEGO Star Wars Battles” went live anew in its new home. To commemorate the occasion and drum up interest with Apple Arcade subscribers, WB Games revealed a short launch trailer.

The half-minute “LEGO Star Wars Battles” trailer calls on “Star Wars” and mobile RTS fans to “Build, Battle and Repeat” once more. One-one-one multiplayer sees the struggle between the Dark and Light Sides from various “Star Wars” media. Players can collect troops and named characters from the “Star Wars” films, “Clone Wars” series and spinoffs like “Rogue One.”

Choose a planetary battlefield from the “Star Wars” Galaxy and deploy your forces. Construct LEGO-brick structures, defenses and combat vehicles as you command your army to victory. Whether it’s the beaches of Scarif, the ice-fields of Hoth or the Ewok forests of Endor, battle is always waiting.

Check out “LEGO Star Wars Battles,” available now on Apple Arcade for a $4.99 monthly subscription. A one-month free trial is also an option. Apple Arcade is open on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. For more info and discussion, you may visit “LEGO Star Wars Games” social media at Facebook and Twitter .

Mega Construx Series 3 Minifigures for “Halo Infinite” Now Available in The Brick Show Shop

Microsoft Xbox game franchise “Halo” and Mega Brands’ Mega Construx have been a marketing match made in heaven. With the former’s latest installment coming December, tie-in Mega Construx products have arrived early. This year saw the release of several “Halo Infinite” Mega Construx Series 3 microfigures. And it just so happens that our Brick Show Shop has eight of them listed for “Halo” figure collectors. All come from the Mega Construx Series 3 microfigure mystery packs, and not a one costs over $10 too. The catch: we’ve got limited units in stock! So take a gander at our offerings below:

The Brick Show Shop guarantees all items are new. Check out our collection right now, before they all run out! “Halo Infinite,” from 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios, releases on December 8. Catch the game on Windows, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

“LEGO Star Wars Battles” Re-Release Date on Apple Arcade Set for September 24

“If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again.” That must have been on the minds of Warner Bros. Games regarding “LEGO Star Wars Battles.” Released in beta on iOS last year, this mobile game app languished in extended beta before shutting down in July. Then WB Games and TT Games Brighton revealed its revival as a component of Apple Arcade. A renewed promotional blitz again showcased its tower-defense/RTS gameplay in a “LEGO Star Wars” skin. What the dev-publishers withheld from interested Apple Arcade subscribers was when “LEGO Star Wars Battles” will re-launch. We know now.

The Brick Fan has the scoop on a recent announcement from TT Games Brighton and WB Games. “LEGO Star Wars Battles” will come online as an Apple Arcade exclusive this coming Friday, September 24. The Apple Arcade service can be availed of on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. With a $4.99 monthly fee it’s still a notable expense, though interested gamers can try a one-month free trial. If somebody’s an Apple One subscriber regardless of tier plans, they automatically have Apple Arcade. One wonders if its new platform will get “LEGO Star Wars Battles” the needed player exposure. Its original iOS beta didn’t become a full release after all.

“LEGO Star Wars Battles” sees players field armies of the Light and Dark factions in 1-on-1 multiplayer RTS action. Familiar characters and fantastic combat vehicles in minifigure and brick-built form battle across varied battlefields. The objective is to destroy enemy defense towers, build one’s own, and advance forces to capturing the enemy base. Basically RTS veterans would feel right at home. Again, the game goes live for the second exclusively on Apple Arcade September 24. We’ll see if the app has better luck this time.

iOS Beta Game App “LEGO Star Wars Battles” Relaunching Soon for Apple Arcade

“Star Wars” being an “active” franchise thanks to its Disney+ spinoffs, it’s no surprise LEGO Star Wars is similarly busy. From new sets and minifigs to videogames, the Force is strong with this one. Warner Bros. Games has “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” lined up for a multi-platform launch next year. But if you think that’s all the videogames this LEGO line is getting for some time, think again.

Okay, so this one isn’t actually new. “LEGO Star Wars Battles” actually launched in beta for iOS back in 2019. That beta period lasted two years. It  shut down this past July however. Then there came this new announcement.

“LEGO Star Wars Battles,” a mobile real-time strategy game, is coming exclusively to Apple Arcade according to StarWars.com. This was revealed by WB Games, Lucasfilm Games, and the LEGO Group on August 30. Rather than a standalone, “LEGO Star Wars Battles” becomes part of the Apple Arcade service. This means one must subscribe to it ($14.95-$29.95, plan-wise). Then they must subscribe to the game at $4.99/month, with one-month free trial.

Is the game worth it, though? One could look for those who played the beta version on iOS before its recent closure. But if you already like the PvP RTS genre and “Star Wars” as a franchise, this mash-up might do. The official “LEGO Star Wars Battles” blurb talks of buying characters, from faction troops to named characters. That’s pure mobile RTS already. Rather than Sentinel/Scourge or Legion/Hellbourne, we have Light/Dark sides fighting it out.

Aside from just managing troops on the move, the game also allows players to build LEGO-tower defense. They can also put their characters into brick-vehicles, and uses abilities from heavier weaponry to Force powers. Attack, defend, capturing territory…pure mobile RTS mechanics. The fact that you do this in control of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey and more is geek-out bliss.

For now, “LEGO Star Wars Battles” is expected to come to iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV via Apple Arcade. If it becomes popular enough however, there’s a chance of full ports to PC and even videogame consoles. We still have to wait until the game comes out (once more).