LEGO Launches the ARKit2-Powered LEGO Playgrounds App – Now Available at the App Store

LEGO may have the dominant position in terms of customizable building toys worldwide, but it’s also bringing that experience into the virtual world, as it were. We at The Brick Show have featured quite the number of mobile apps co-developed with LEGO that featured computer-generated brick builds that could be imposed on a real background with physical LEGO sets through the “magic” of augmented reality. In fact, we covered the development of such an app between LEGO and Apple, to be rendered on their Augmented Reality Kit 2 or ARKit2 system in June. This month, the result of their work has now been released on the App Store for iOS dubbed as LEGO Playgrounds.

LEGO Playgrounds can be considered the successor of the company’s previous AR-based building app LEGO AR Studio. This one brings the latest advances in augmented-reality interaction, to the familiar system of mixing real and CGI LEGO sets.

Again, like LEGO AR Studio before, this app will be gradually loaded with CG renditions of actual LEGO sets. The first products to be converted thus in LEGO Playgrounds are two sets from LEGO Ninjago: the Dieselnaut (70654) and Dragon Pit (70655), with the promise of more to come in time. LEGO Playgrounds runs on iOS 12, and is now available for download on the App Store. Here’s the official press release from The LEGO Group.


December 6, 2018: LEGO® Playgroundsan app-based channel delivering a variety of experimental LEGO play experiences and scenarios is now available in the App Store.

The portal is one of the latest LEGO digital innovations aiming to enhance the LEGO play experience and provide fans with a fluid and experimental interaction, which unifies the digital and physical LEGO worlds.

Tom Donaldson, Vice President of Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group said: “Children today are mastering the art of finding new moments and forms of play and LEGO Playgrounds will provide a ‘live’ opportunity to test and learn directly with them. It’s truly a unique way to engage with them in a fun and experimental way and bring them close to our innovation process. Having this direct-link to users creates a win for everybody – sharing the latest play experiences is great fun for children and highly useful for our LEGO design and development teams who can take their feedback and use it to make launch experiences even better and more engaging.”

LEGO Playgrounds will bring selected LEGO sets and experiences to life in mixed reality experiments and other playful scenarios directly in the app store.

LEGO® NINJAGO® AR – the first to feature as a LEGO Playgrounds experiment
Using the popular LEGO NINJAGO theme, this first playground uses AR technology to detect selected physical LEGO NINJAGO Dragon
Hunters sets and bring them to life with exciting effects, animations and interactions.

The game uses the multi-user support in Apple’s ARKit technology, allowing two players to connect and play together in the same shared play space.

Users can connect and team up with a friend to battle against the Dragon Hunters, share power-ups and 3D assets, create strategies to withstand the endless waves of Dragon Hunters and even compare high-scores with friends.

LEGO Playgrounds is intended for all ages. However, the first LEGO NINJAGO AR playground is recommended for ages 9+ due to the game-play and storyline complexity.

The LEGO NINJAGO AR Playground uses two sets from the LEGO NINJAGO Dragon Hunters theme: the LEGO® NINJAGO® Dieselnaut (70654) and the LEGO® NINJAGO® Dragon’s Pit (70655).

LEGO NINJAGO AR Playground key play features:

  • Bring Physical LEGO Sets to Life with exciting AR effects, animations and games
  • Play with Friends in the same shared AR space around your set
  • Explore Physical LEGO sets and discover new interactions.
  • Place & Share Objects in AR to create unique game areas with friends.
  • Unlock Power-Ups and level-up your character.
  • Test Your Ninja Skills & Strategies to keep the enemies away and survive as long as you can. What is your high-score?

For the current LEGO Ninjago AR experience available in LEGO Playgrounds, there is an option to play 5 levels without a physical LEGO set. The app will simply look for a flat surface and allow you to play in AR only. Naturally we do encourage players to go beyond and unlock the fun around their existing physical LEGO sets.

The LEGO Playgrounds app will be free to play. There will be no in-app purchases or any ads or marketing messages.

The AR technology utilized in the app will require an iPhone 6s and above, with the latest iOS updates.


The LEGO World of Warcraft Theme May Actually Happen

It seems that the future of a LEGO and Blizzard Entertainment partnership is now getting better and better. After the reveal of the LEGO Overwatch theme a couple of months ago, and with Blizzard’s smash hit first-person shooter game now getting the official LEGO treatment, Blizzard fans have another exciting collaboration to look forward to.  Now, while most of us are still swooning on the first batch of LEGO Overwatch sets, making theipre-orders and basically waiting for their release on January 2019, we’ve now gotten wind of rumors that a LEGO and Blizzard collaboration may be on the horizon. Another Blizzard game might be officially rendered in LEGO bricks, and all signs are now pointing at a possible LEGO World of Warcraft theme sometime in the future.

This comes out the mouth of Matt Beecher, Blizzard Vice President of Consumer Products, in an interview with Forbes. To him, seeing more Blizzard properties being interpreted as LEGO sets are within the realm of possibility. The next, most likely game from the company for that privilege is World of Warcraft. When asked about the likelihood of another Blizzard game turned into an official LEGO theme, Beecher answered,

“It needs to be the right time and place for both parties. I mean, we would definitely be interested in discussing that. With World of Warcraft,there’s a hundred million-plus people that have touched that experience at some point in their life, so there’s a very broad and diverse audience around the world that supports World Of Warcraft. But it obviously would be a mutual decision. We need make sure there’s enough indicators pointing to that it would be a great idea.”

Originating as a real-time strategy game series, Warcraft became a juggernaut franchise with the release of its MMORPG spinoff World of Warcraft last decade. Beecher intimated that Blizzard is interested in discussing the prospects of a LEGO Warcraft line of sets.  According to Forbes, however, Blizzard’s enthusiastic pronouncement was not answered by any comments from LEGO.

But to World of Warcraft players whom most are LEGO fans as well, that sounds like a perfect idea. Imagining minifigures of personages from the games like Arthas, Jaina, Sylvanas, Thrall, Tyrande, Malfurion and so many more, plus set recreations of famous locales and battles, is enough to sate the imagination until such time the proposal is confirmed by LEGO and Blizzard. We’ll just have to wait and see if this will click as much as LEGO Overwatch.

So what do you think brick fans? Are you looking forward to see a LEGO World of Warcraft theme? Let us know in the comments below.  

LEGO DC Super-Villains Aquaman Movie DLC Available Now

Last week, it was revealed that the LEGO DC Super-Villains video game will get a DLC pack that is directly tied up to DC’s Extended Universe. And today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled a brand new trailer that marks the release of the game’s first Level Pack DLC that pays homage to the ruler of the Seven Seas. The LEGO DC Super-Villains Aquaman Movie DLC first downloadable pack – Aquaman Movie DLC Part 1 – is now available for Season Pass holders starting today, while the second half of the DLC, Aquaman Movie DLC Part 2, will be available on January 8, 2019.

Check out the trailer below and some of the DLC’s highlights together of course with Jason Momoa and his LEGO minifigure counterpart.

The LEGO DC Super-Villains Aquaman Movie DLC adds six level packs and four character packs that includes playable characters based on the upcoming DCEU film such as Aquaman, Black Manta, Mera, Orm, King Nereus, Queen Atlanna and many more. If you already purchased a Deluxe Edition of the game, then the Season Pass together with its DLC (Part 1) are now available to download for free. However, you may also opt to purchase the Aquaman Movie DLC as a separate bundle for $5.99 starting January 8, 2019 when the Aquaman Movie DLC Part 2 rolls out.


LEGO DC Super-Villains is now available across major video game platforms including the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Warner Bros’ Aquaman movie is slated to hit US theaters on December 21, 2018

“LEGO DC Super-Villains” Getting DLC Packs Based on Upcoming “Aquaman” Movie

By now, it’s been over a month since WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales released LEGO DC Super-Villains, and thus far it’s been a hit like most of its fellow titles that has shared the same general game mechanics all these years. Its current popularity surely lies in having DC baddies front and center this time.

But as a DC game, even with villains as protagonists, the heroes are still there (the Justice League get five bonus levels even). And since they’re present, they can get DLC that’s tailor-made for them, particularly one hero with a movie premiering not long now.

If you think the Aquaman featured in LDCSV is cool enough now, wait until WB-TT rolls out its latest DLC themed after the DCEU Aquaman movie coming out in December. It’ll consist of new levels and costumes to turn Aquaman into the Jason Momoa version, with similar changes to all characters featured in the movie.

For owners of LEGO DC Super-Villains with season passes they can receive the first batch of Aquaman DLC level packs in December 4. After they’ve played this and watched the film next on December 14, the second DLC pack will come January 8, at which time the two DLC packs will also be available bundled.

The Aquaman DLC includes 4 character packs and six playable-level packs all inspired by the film. LDCSV is available now, for Microsoft Windows, Sony PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The action-packed Aquaman movie packs offer players the chance to control DC’s legendary pair, Aquaman and Mera, in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. It’s up to them to lead their people against Aquaman’s brother, Orm, who seeks to unite the seven kingdoms against the surface world. The packs expand the main game’s already large roster of over 150 iconic DC characters. The first pack adds new playable characters Aquaman (Gladiator), Black Manta (Movie), Mera, Orm (Gladiator), King Nereus and Queen Atlanna. The second pack adds new playable characters Aquaman (Movie), Vulko, Trench Creature, Murk, Brine King and Orm (Movie).

WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales Bringing “The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame” Next Year

Warner Bros. Interactive and Traveller’s Tales are just on a role when it comes to their multiplatform videogame series based on LEGO, its product lines, and its licensed franchises like Marvel, DC, and Disney. This year alone LEGO gamers have enjoyed titles based on The Incredibles and DC’s Super Villains.

Back in 2014 Traveller’s Tales division TT Fusion adapted the hit LEGO Movie into videogame form, sharing the same general themes and mechanics as those of its numerous siblings. With sequel installment The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part coming next year, having WBI-TT make a game sequel sounds obvious.

And indeed the developers aren’t going to keep this development ambiguous. While the information they have announced isn’t much – the teaser image above, a release date, and the game platforms (no real spoiler) – it’s enough to generate interest for the title, considering its predecessor The LEGO Movie Videogame wasn’t as successful compared to the rest.

Gamers can expect The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame from WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales is expected to be released on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4 on February 26, 2019 or almost three weeks after the premiere of the movie itself. The Switch version follows a month later, March 26.

“Packed with fan-favorite and exciting new characters, mysterious locations and action from both the sequel and the original blockbuster The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is a wild adventure for kids to explore…Players must scour the stars for rare items, materials and tools to complete their collections and help their journey across the LEGO universe, experiencing a wide array of amazing environments, wacky vehicles and incredible creatures along the way.”

Arthur Parsons

Head of Design, Traveller’s Tales

“The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is a one-of-a-kind experience full of fantastic characters and open-world adventures with a strong emphasis on creative solutions to puzzles and building within the film’s universe…LEGO fans of all ages will have fun rebuilding their own world using tools to create roads, change the landscape and build structures to unlock more rewards and missions.”

Sean William McEvoy

VP Digital Games & Apps, The LEGO Group

“LEGO Worlds” Gets New Free Content with “Wild West” Theme

When the tandem of WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales gets mentioned, the first thing to a LEGO gamer’s mind is perhaps their franchise titles like the recent LEGO The Incredibles or LEGO DC Super Villains. But even non-franchise “original” LEGO gets love in the form of sandbox title LEGO Worlds.

Released last year, the game has chugged along steadily even while its developers continued churning out franchise-themed titles in the same vein. Updates to LEGO Worlds itself often came in the form of new content in costumes, equipment and locations. And a new batch of additions was added last Thanksgiving.

LEGO Worlds now has some new “Wild West Content” that became available for download since November 22. As the name spells out, players can expect environments such as an old western town, log fort, mountain main and much more. That comes with period appropriate getup, weapons and tools and horse figures to ride on.

LEGO promises a rooting-tooting time as they set up dusty desert rides, high-noon showdowns and whatever hijinks one might get to when in the Old West, especially when everything’s made out of LEGO. LEGO Worlds is available on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

After Windows and Console Debut, “LEGO The Incredibles” Coming to macOS via Feral Interactive

While it may have been overshadowed by the (technically) more “original” LEGO DC Super Villains, another of WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales LEGO videogame releases for 2018 hasn’t been a slouch either. LEGO The Incredibles takes players on a double adventure that spans the two Disney-Pixar Incredibles films for a superhero family-sized epic fun quest.

While already available in Microsoft Windows and the current lineup of home videogame consoles, there’s one platform that LEGO The Incredibles hasn’t arrived in, on macOS. That however is going to change as the Traveller’s Tales LEGO title will be brought to Mac at last.

Handling the macOS version of LEGO The Incredibles is Feral Interactive, which released a statement announcing the fact, along with a trailer showcasing everything players on PCs and game consoles loved about the game, spiced with the promise that soon, even Mac owners can get the Incredible experience as well.

LEGO The Incredibles will be released on the macOS this coming November 21. Aside from the plot adaptations of the original 2004 movie and its 2018 sequel, the game also boasts some cool cameos from characters all over the Disney-Pixar library. One can preorder the game now for $39.99 here.

LEGO-Related Black Friday Deals with Three Major Retailers

Thanksgiving 2018 will be arriving next week, and the Friday immediately afterwards will thus be Black Friday. There are various (often conflicting) explanations on the origin of the name, and its claims of being the “busiest shopping day of the year” are contested, but the fact remains that many shopping deals come out this time.

We can count LEGO among those who have opened up some irresistible Black Friday deals for their own formidable global chain of branded stores. But if you’re looking for LEGO at other retailers that carry them, some of these have their own Black Friday offerings.


Here’s what we might expect from three major retail chains.

  • Best Buy (why an electronics retailer? There are LEGO videogames, of course!)
  1. LEGO The Incredibles$59.99 $29.99 (PS4, Switch and Xbox One regular editions only)
  2. LEGO DC Super Villains$49.99 $19.99 (PS4, Switch and Xbox One regular editions only)
  • Target (big mechanical sets)
  1. LEGO The Ninjago Movie Garma Mecha Man (70613) – $59.99 $41.99
  2. LEGO The Ninjago Movie Lightning Jet (70614) – $59.99 $41.99
  3. LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter (75172) – $59.99 $41.99
  • Walmart (for early-age LEGO fans)
  1. LEGO Classic Creative Box (10704) – $39.99 $20
  2. LEGO Duplo Creative Box (10854) – $39.99 $20

Now, this is likely just the beginning. There are 11 days left before Black Friday arrives, and more retailers with LEGO products in their shelves might yet hammer out some pretty amazing deals of their own.

LEGO Overwatch Sets Officially Revealed At BlizzCon 2018 – Now Available for Pre-Order

BlizzCon 2018 has finally kicked off at Anaheim Convention Center and LEGO Overwatch fans are thrilled to find out what’s in store in the Blizzard sponsored gaming convention.

Other than the humongous LEGO Overwatch D. Va and MEKA statue that will greet BlizzCon attendees, the stage has been finally prepped for the official reveal of the upcoming LEGO Overwatch sets. The best part is, these sets are now officially available for pre-order at LEGO Shop@Home, with a release date slated for January 1, 2019. If these sets are Day 1 purchases for you, then be sure to visit by clicking on the following links.

Tracer vs. Widowmaker (75970)

129 pieces | Age 8+ | $14.99 (USD)

Build your very own Overwatch payload from the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map!

Immerse your favorite Overwatch fan in epic missions with this LEGO Overwatch 75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker set. Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this set recreates the drone satellite from the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map where Overwatch heroes Tracer and Widowmaker battle for control of the payload. With weapons for the heroes and space in the drone satellite to sit a minifigure, youngsters will love playing with this set’s instantly recognizable characters and setting. Older fans will love to show their passion for Overwatch by displaying the set by their gaming setup for all their friends to see.

  • Includes Tracer and Widowmaker minifigures.
  • Satellite drone payload vehicle features a hidden cockpit with computer detailing, opening rear hold, a removable drone ‘brain’ element and a health pack for added play. Also features a checkpoint disc.
  • Overwatch character weapons include Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss and Tracer’s twin Pulse Pistols.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online videos, comics and exciting global eSports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the internationally acclaimed team-based action game.
  • Combines with the 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar set to create even more exciting Overwatch hero action!
  • Drone creative play toy measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 5″ (14cm) long and 3″ (9cm) wide.


Hanzo vs. Genji (75971)

197 pieces | Age 8+ |$19.99 (USD)

Now your favorite Overwatch fan can build the Hanamura dojo with dragon brothers Hanzo and Genji!

Now your favorite Overwatch fan can build the Hanamura dojo in LEGO bricks with LEGO Overwatch 75971 Hanzo vs. Genji. Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch toy recreates the epic face-off for the Hanamura dojo between the rival dragon brothers Hanzo and cyborg ninja Genji. With weapons for the highly recognizable Overwatch heroes and a buildable dojo, kids will love to play out the action from the game, while older fans will want to show off the set next to their gaming setup.

  • Includes Hanzo, Genji and Shimada Henchman minifigures.
  • Hanamura dojo features a weapons stand, health pack, and 2 hidden disc shooters that represent the dragon spirits of each brother.
  • Overwatch character weapons include Genji’s Ryu-Ichimonji sword and Hanzo’s Storm Bow.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch is the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Hanamura dojo building toy measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 8″ (22cm) wide and 3″ (9cm) deep.


Dorado Showdown (75972)

419 pieces | Age 8+ |$29.99 (USD)

Immerse your favorite Overwatch fan in the Dorado map with Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree!

Now your favorite Overwatch fan can build an iconic Dorado building and payload truck with LEGO Overwatch 75972 Dorado Showdown! Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this Overwatch building set features an instantly recognizable building from the popular Dorado map and 3 characters, Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree. With Overwatch weapons, Dorado building, and a payload truck like in the game, fans of Overwatch will want to build and display it for their friends to see, while youngsters will like playing with the vehicle and mini market building from the game.

  • Includes Soldier: 76, Reaper and McCree minifigures.
  • Dorado-style building features 3 windows (2 with shutters), lamps, a lantern, a mini market booth and a doorway for the payload truck to pass through.
  • Payload truck features space for a minifigure, a generator payload that can be taken off and hidden wheels to simulate the payload truck hovering like in the game.
  • Overwatch character weapons include Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle, Reaper’s twin Hellfire Shotguns and McCree’s Peacekeeper six-shooter revolver.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch video game toys are the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Dorado-style building toy measures over 6″ (17cm) high, 5″ (15cm) wide and 1″ (4cm) deep.
  • Payload truck creative play toy measures over 3″ (8cm) high, 5″ (15cm) long and 3″ (8cm) wide.


D.Va & Reinhardt (75973)

455 pieces | Age 10+ |$39.99 (USD)

For your favorite Overwatch fan – 2 iconic tank heroes with D.Va & Reinhardt!

For your favorite Overwatch fan, a buildable mech suit and powered armor with LEGO Overwatch 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt! Each of these instantly recognizable Overwatch tank heroes features an Overwatch minifigure so fans can place the highly-detailed Overwatch characters inside through the hatches that open. Reinhardt features a massive buildable Rocket Hammer and both minifigures have smaller weapons so younger fans can play out the action of the game, while older fans may want to display the minifigures and toys next to their gaming setup!

  • Includes D.Va and Reinhardt minifigures.
  • Va tank model features shooting function and opens so the D.Va minifigure can fit inside.
  • Reinhardt tank model features buildable colossal Rocket Hammer and opens so the Reinhardt minifigure can fit inside.
  • Overwatch character weapons include D.Va’s Fusion Cannons and Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Va building toy stands over 5″ (15cm) tall.
  • Reinhardt building toy stands over 5″ (14cm) tall.


Bastion (75974)

602 pieces | Age 10+ | $49.99 (USD)


A Bastion to build and display for the Overwatch fan!

A fully reconfigurable LEGO Overwatch 75974 Bastion figure for your favorite Overwatch fan! One of the most recognizable Overwatch characters from the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this buildable toy display model can be configured from recon mode to sentry mode without any rebuilding! Fans will love the realistic detail of this Overwatch toy and will want to display it near their gaming setup – an Overwatch collectible for every fan!

  • Reconfigure the Bastion toy from recon to sentry mode – no rebuilding required!
  • Overwatch character weapons include Bastion’s gun and minigun.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift and collectible for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Bastion building toy in recon mode stands over 10″ (26cm) tall and in sentry mode stands over 6″ (17cm) tall.


Watchpoint: Gibraltar (75975)

730 pieces | Age 9+ | $89.99 (USD)

The ultimate Watchpoint: Gibraltar set with Mercy, Reaper, Winston and Pharah for the Overwatch fan!

For the Overwatch fan, the iconic Overwatch rocket and launch tower from one of the game’s most popular maps with LEGO Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar 75975! Based on the internationally acclaimed team-based action game, this building set features an Overwatch rocket that splits into 2 separate rockets, and 3 Overwatch characters including Pharah with her Rocket Launcher, Mercy with her Caduceus Staff and Blaster, Reaper with his twin Hellfire Shotguns, and a Winston big figure with his Tesla Cannon. Youngsters will like playing with the buildable rocket and Overwatch heroes with their unique weapons, while adult fans will want to build and display this instantly recognizable collectible model near their gaming rigs to show their affinity for the game!

  • Includes Pharah, Mercy and Reaper minifigures and Winston big figure.
  • Overwatch rocket can split into 2 with a cockpit in each. The smaller rocket features a trunk big enough for big figure Winston, plus bananas and peanut butter jar elements.
  • Overwatch building toy features launch pad that supports the rocket in the vertical position just like in the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map.
  • Overwatch character weapons include Pharah’s Rocket Launcher, Mercy’s Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster, Reaper’s twin Hellfire Shotguns and Winston’s Tesla Cannon.
  • From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft, Overwatch has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
  • LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
  • Combines with the 75970 Tracer & Widowmaker set to create even more exciting Overwatch action!
  • Rocket building toy measures over 1″ (5cm) high, 14″ (37cm) long and 7″ (19cm) wide with both rockets combined.
  • Launch pad construction toy measures over 14″ (37cm) high, 8″ (22cm) wide, and 8″ (22cm) deep.

BlizzCon 2018 Welcomes You With a Huge LEGO Overwatch D. Va and MEKA Statue

If  you’re attending BlizzCon 2018 today at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, then you might be thrilled to know that a brick-built LEGO statue of D. Va and her mech suit MEKA will be out there keeping a close watch over you and the rest of BlizzCon attendees. This huge LEGO Overwatch D. Va and MEKA statue took 731 hours to build using 145,276 LEGO elements, and weighs in at an enormous 1,256 pounds. You can see the entire process of how to build this impressive build through the following time-lapse video.

This LEGO Overwatch D. Va and MEKA statue is based on one of the official LEGO Overwatch sets that were revealed last week, particularly, the LEGO Overwatch D. Va & Reinhardt (75973). There has been no official word from LEGO as of this posting if ever we will see the official LEGO Overwatch sets at BlizzCon, but we can keep our fingers on this one.

As someone who moderately plays video games, I’m not really into Overwatch gaming. But seeing the huge positive reception that the first-person shooter game has been receiving especially in Asia, and then I guess LEGO made a good choice of being partners with Blizzard Entertainment. We hope to see the actual LEGO Overwatch sets displayed during BlizzCon 2018 other than the recently confirmed, limited edition LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion (75987) which was exclusively offered at the Blizzard Gear Store. Blizzard has already confirmed this set’s availability during at BlizzCon 2018 so in case you missed out on that chance of purchasing one, then here’s your opportunity to grab this exclusive.