LEGO’s website is now 20 years old, and in celebration of LEGO.com’s 20th anniversary, the site featured a special page that chronicles the aesthetic and functional changes of the website over the years. Since LEGO.com went live on March 23, 1996, it went through five significant changes that evolved to the clean and minimalist style of what we see today.

The original website may not be as fancy of what we see right now – boy, look at that Netscape browser – but it featured everything that a site visitor needs given the turtle-like speeds of dial-up modems during that time. By the way, if you don’t know what a dial-up modem is, or if you want to hear how it sounds, just click on the sound icon at the middle of the computer screen as you see it on the webpage.













As an anniversary treat for all fans of the site, LEGO.com cooked up a simple tile-matching game that allows you to compare how different LEGO elements and minifigures looked like in 1996 as they are today.

orange_policebike green_cat blue_kid blue_castle

Matching the correct tiles for five times will give you a free download of the most colorful LEGO sets that were released in 1996. According to Brothers Brick, these handsome wallpapers seem to focus on the Freestyle, Train, Pirates, Technic, Castle, Aquazone, Town, Exploriens, Western and Time Cruisers themes. I tried it for one round and true enough, I was rewarded with this nostalgic Train themed wallpaper.


You may play as many times as you want, though I’m not sure if the wallpapers will be rewarded at random with no repeats, or if it follows a certain order.

If you’re at it already, please drop us a comment and tell us what you think of these wallpapers. What do you think about LEGO’s 20th anniversary website? Do you have anything else that you want to see on it?


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