How Accurate Are The Captain America: Civil War Sets?


LEGO aside, Captain America: Civil War is a fantastic film that I would definitely say is worth seeing multiple times. With amazing action, brilliant acting (with highlights being Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland) and fantastic score/soundtrack, you should certainly get in line for this one. Now, on to the article!

Being in the UK doesn’t possess an awful lot of perks in regards to LEGO, what with the exchange rate and such meaning our prices are ridiculous compared to most other countries. However, despite this, the issue is rather cancelled out  by our advantages in blockbusters; it occurred last year when we got The Force Awakens one day early, and it has occurred again here with the next Disney offering of Captain America: Civil War.


Just like I did with the Jurassic World and Age Of Ultron sets last year, I thought I’d act on this condition by showing what is and isn’t accurate about the sets that were released in conjunction with the film. So, to all whom have not yet seen the film, spoilers will be extremely prominent from this point forward!




76050 – Crossbones’ Hazard Heist

I’ll be going in chronological order, of where the set appears during the course of the film; as such, I’ll start with the set representing the first major action sequence in the film, 76050.


Some surprisingly accurate elements here…
Despite the heavy criticisms this set has received prior to Civil War’s release (some of which for good reason…) the set does actually hold some merit in terms of accuracy. For one, the scene in the film does indeed feature Falcon, assisted by his drone Red Wing tailing Crossbones in his truck. The truck does also have a rotating, man-able turret located on top during the scene, adding to accuracy — although the rest of the 4×4 is complete nonsense in terms of correlation between movie and toy. The reason for this chase – Rumlow possessing a trans-clear vial with contents of the toxic variation – is also on-point, although the housing method for the substance is obviously merely a play feature and is as such not seen on-screen. later in the fight, Red Wing saves Black Widow’s life (albeit not in a fight with Crossbones) so it’s pleasing that her inclusion means this part can at least partly be recreated. Although, her bike is nowhere to be seen in the final cut of the film…

Figure-wise, the only truly accurate one is Sam Wilson’s Falcon, as he features his wings, his drone, his goggles, his grey combat uniform and pistols. Widow, whilst being an excellent figure, doesn’t wear this outfit in this scene but rather civilian clothing (although this Avengers uniform can be used in many more settings so this exclusion isn’t too bad).

Perhaps Crossbones is not as bad as some may think..?
Whilst many, many AFOLs and TFOLs have been against this design for Crossbones due to it holding more comic book resemblance than on-screen resemblance, it isn’t all that bad. For starters, the character does indeed wear a pair of yellow-tinted goggles initially, as well as a gas mask, meaning the figure’s head gear is actually rather respectable; however, this does mean the figure is not accurate to the character’s  fight with Cap, especially due to the lack of arm attachments.

So, this set has a medium accuracy rating, with about 1.5/3 figures being good, and some elements of the vehicles being seen on-screen.

76050 Score —  5.0 / 10


76047 – Black Panther Pursuit

After the brawl with Crossbones that causes major collateral damage, the Avengers begin to fracture into the two opposing sides. When Rogers goes to track down Bucky, a chase ensues between the two former soldiers/friends, and the new King of Wakanda, T’Challa/Black Panther, who is seeking revenge for his father’s earlier death.

Well, the jet does show up later, I suppose…
This is a great set in my opinion, and isn’t too inaccurate. Figure-wise, Black Panther is pretty spot on, but issues are found with Cap and the Winter Soldier. Bucky holds the same issues as Black Widow, as he wears civilian clothing on-screen despite this version making for a better, more widely usable minifig. Rogers has an extremely petty inaccuracy, simply with the lack of the helmet — he takes it off later on, so this doesn’t exactly cripple the figure (Unlike Rhodes in the film…..too soon?)

In terms of vehicles, the motorcycle is the only one to be spot-on. Cap does indeed drive a police truck too, one with a missing windscreen — which oddly enough LEGO got right. However, the big elephant in the room is clearly the jet. It literally isn’t even visible for a split-second during this chase, although there’s a good chance T’Challa arrived to the battle in it since he’s already there when Bucky encounters him. It does also appear later too, as the Panther pilots it to Serbia during the final act, so at least it is in the film.

Perhaps a little less blue…

Overall, a reasonably accurate set in terms of both figures and vehicles, with the only major exception of the jet showing up later in the film anyway. Not too bad.

76047 Score — 7.5/10


76051 – Super Hero Airport Battle

At around the 3/4 point of the film, Team Cap find themselves in Leipzig Airport, Germany, and attempt to reach the Quinjet that Team Stark had arrived in. However, Iron Man, Black Widow, War Machine, Black Panther, Vision and Spider-Man block their path, leading to an absolutely epic clash between the former allies.


To paraphrase Deadpool — It’s almost as if they couldn’t afford any more of the Heroes to show up…
I feel as if this is the set in the wave that does the most justice to the corresponding scene in the film itself, due to the fact that the accurate features seem to outweigh the very minor inaccuracies.

So, perhaps this stubby little Quinet won’t get as much hate now that it’s central to the film’s plot…
In terms the builds, there’s not much missing. The Quinjet is the main plot-point behind the battle and as such has an extremely justified appearance, Giant-Man is pretty much bang on in terms of design and scale, and even the airport control tower appears when Vision collapses it to attempt to block off the hangar. I’m pretty positive there’s some luggage and airport trolleys scattered about the place (can’t guarantee that — I was too focused on the epic clash of heroes to scan for airport equipment), so I’ll assume that appears too.

Yes, he does indeed appear in the film…
Practically the only inaccuracy in this set is the minifigures, or lack of for that matter; for obvious reasons revolving around restirctions placed on sets, including Hawkeye, Spidey, Vision, regular Ant-Man, Widow, Falcon, and Panther in this set just wouldn’t be possible, so this rather large inaccuracy is quick to be forgiven. Agent 13, however, does not appear in this action sequence or in this outfit at all in the film, so if she was swapped out for one of the missing Avengers that would of been preferable.

So, despite this Agent 13 Hiccup, the accuracy of this set seems pretty spot-on when considering figure limitations. This appears to be the best of all 3!

36051 Score — 9.5/10

Overall Line-up Score — 22/30 (73% Accuracy)

So, there we have it, all the Captain America: Civil War sets and how accurate they are to the film. Overall the line was pretty good, and perhaps this rumoured 4th set, which will apparently include Spider-Man, may bump up the average a bit.

What did you thin of this article, and what did you think of the film in general? Be sure to comment below!

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