How Accurate Are The Jurassic World Sets?

So, because of my GCSE exams (or “finals” for the USA), I was busy last week and missed a lot of news : Civil War, Dawn of Justice, LEGO WorldsFirst Order Stormtrooper, Wall-E, Big Bang Theory………but I’m back for good now! Yes, I’ve finished high school and have 3 months before college, which I’ll be spending on writing for you guys! To mark this occasion, I’ll begin with an article that is very topical at the moment ; Jurassic World, and how accurate the sets are, similar to my article on Age Of Ultron.



#1 Pteranadon Capture


Starting with the smallest set, we have the pteranadon capture. This set is quite accurate to the appearance of it in the film, with Simon piloting and an ACU trooper manning some sort of turret on the side, along with the colour scheme. The net is ridiculous however, not featuring in the film and being used for the sole purpose of playability. The pterosaur is also a nice addition, being featured primarily with the helicopter as it is this animal that results in Simon losing control and crashing the chopper.

Overall, quite accurate indeed!

8.5 /10


#2 Dilophosaurus Ambush


This set, however….

Ok,  I can easily see why this set was made; it has an iconic dinosaur from the first film, a gyrosphere (which is a new element so LEGO will want to use it as much as they can) and fills the £30 / $30 price range nicely. I will preface my remarks by saying this is actually my favourite set from this line, with a great, well designed Jeep and an amazing dinosaur. But, the Dilophosaurus never actually appears in the film accept for in a hologram, and this scene is actually completely irrelevant to the film… even the sphere is inaccurate as it should be able to hold 2 figures…not as impressive as the other sets.



#3 Raptor Escape


Back on track with the accuracy, the Raptor Escape is very accurate to one of the early scenes in the film in which Owen Grady (sadly not included, bumping down the accuracy slightly) saves the handler from being eaten by the viscous creatures after he falls in to the enclosure. Barry is included as he too is present in this scene, as well as his quad-bike which features in the Raptor / motorcycle chase later. The designs of Charlie and Echo are also accurate to the film counterparts. Much better than the previous set, overall.



#4 Raptor Rampage


Yet another extremely accurate set! The Rampage has loads of features accurate to the film, from the fact that the vehicle actually appears during the film down to the slightest details like the tracking cameras on the Raptors heads. The motorcycle that Owen rides during this scene is also included, as well as Claire driving the truck – even the unfortunate trooper to be eaten whilst attempting to board the truck is included. However, Grey and Zach aren’t included (obvious due to the price range of the set) but this doesn’t hurt the accuracy enough to warrant subtracting a point – meaning full marks for this set!


#5 T-Rex Tracker


…At least the Dilophosaurus ambush had the gyrosphere….

Seriously…this set is to this line what Jurassic Park III was to the franchise ; The Worst One. Well, in terms of playability, originality and figures it isn’t, but for accuracy it is, because this absolutely never happened in the film. We never see how they get the T-Rex back after the escape into the wild during the first film (yes, this is the original T-Rex from Jurassic Park), so it’s plausible this happened off-screen, but on-screen, we never see anything even close to resembling this happening during the film. Literally the only accurate things are the T-Rex and Hoskins design…so a very low rating indeed for this set.


#6 Indominus Rex Breakout


This set score high on the board, however. The design of the I-Rex enclosure is the right shape as in the film, and includes many accurate features such as the opening doors, feeding crane and cracked glass observatory. I can see why she ate the sibling though, as there isn’t much room in there for 2 dinosaurs ; seriously, it is way too small, although this has to be expected for a set with just over 1,000 pieces;  This isn’t a UCS set after all. The actual design of the Indominus is very accurate, and is about as imposing as the design of the creature on-screen. The helicopter pad and gyrosphere launcher detract from the accuracy slightly, but the absolutely incredible, magnificent turtle neck on Dr. Wu makes up for it…seriously, that turtle neck…anyway, back on subject – quite accurate indeed!



So, there we have it, the Jurassic World line-up. Stick around for more articles posted daily from now on, here on




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