It’s A Minifigure Sale With The LEGO Who Am I? Set (40161).


It was just a month ago when LEGO introduced its own version of the popular Hasbro guessing game, “Guess Who?” with the LEGO What Am I? (40161). This time around, LEGO is now offering this 536-piece exclusive set for sale at a great discounted price of $32 over at – 20% off from its original list price of $39.99.

If you seen the set already, or have read our news report about it earlier last month, you may know already that 40161 contains a total of 16 minifigures – 8 male and 8 female characters. Though the LEGO What Am I? is a great guessing game that appeals to children in general, minifig collectors and those who are working on their latest LEGO City MOCs may also find the set appealing for a whole new set of reasons. For the price of $32, having 16 minifigures and 4 pieces 16×16 dark gray base plates all in one discounted purchase, is one great deal that you don’t want to miss.

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At such a low price for the value of 16 minifigs and additional LEGO elements, expect this exclusive sale to be a hot item. Here’s LEGO’s complete description for What Am I? (40161).


LEGO What Am I? 40161

No. of Pieces: 536

Price: $39.99         Sale Price: $31.99

Give a LEGO® twist to an iconic game

Play LEGO® Iconic What Am I? and ask yes/no questions to guess your opponent’s minifigure or small build—there are 16 buildable and removable minifigures included with the game, or you can use your own to add to the fun! The game also comes with building instructions and rules for playing, and the handy packaging can be used to store the game between uses.

  • Features 2 game boards and 16 assorted buildable and removable minifigures to play with.
  • Ask your opponent a series of yes/no questions to try and guess their minifigure or small build.
  • The game can also be played with small LEGO® builds.
  • The packaging can be used to store the game between uses.
  • Makes a great gift for fans of LEGO® play sets.
  • This item offers an age-appropriate play experience for ages 6 and over.
  • Each game board has spaces for 8 minifigures and measures over4” (12cm) high, 9” (25cm) wide and 4” (11cm) deep.


Thanks to neoape for the heads up!

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